30/12/2013 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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We are back with the late news at We are back with the late news at


10:10pm. the farming industry. We will be


back with the late news Hello and welcome to Look North.


Farmers in East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire are asking party goers


not to release sky lanterns this New Year's Eve. The small hot air


balloons which are made of paper have been linked to fires and the


death of livestock when the fallen litter is eaten by cattle. But


unlike other countries, the Government hasn't imposed a ban.


Linsey Smith reports. A spectacular skyline, or flying


bonfires. These lanterns cause real concern to cattle farmers like Chris


Hewis. I couldn't understand why they were all gathered together


around the hedgerow, and what I found was these three sky lanterns


that were trapped in the hedgerow there. I was alarmed cos it's fallen


just 20 metres short of a straw stack, which would've gone up in


flames. Chris is asking partygoers not to release them this New Year's


Eve. Our neighbour lost a bull. After a wedding in the village,


there was lots of sky lanterns sent off. Shortly afterwards, they lost a


bull ` it died. The results of a postmortem showed that it had the


wire from a sky lantern in it. Lanterns are not just a problem for


cattle. A barn owl died in Gloucestershire after becoming


entangled in the wire frame. Lanterns, on the left, have been


mistaken for distress flares, on the right. It's caused the RNLI to rush


to false alarms. And ?6 million worth of fire damage was caused at a


recyling plant near Birmingham. Moments before it ignited, CCTV


shows a sky lantern drifting into piles of plastic. They're very


cheap, aren't they, they're, what, two for ?1, and they're sold as a


way to make a wish, but frankly, the wish that we've got and that I hope


now that everyone who's listening to this realises how dangerous they can


be, the wish is that actually no`one will use them at New Year


celebrations, and we can bring in a ban through district councils.


Depsite these lanterns being banned in countries including Australia and


Germany, Defra have told us: For Chris, New Year's Day will start


with early checks to his land for lantern debris.


At the moment, it's the only way to ensure his cattle don't get an extra


meal which may be their last. A woman's died after being found


with life`threatening injuries at a flat on Peel Place in Hull.


23`year`old Rebecca Day was taken to Hull Royal Infirmary in the early


hours of Sunday morning, but died earlier today. A postmortem


examination will now take place to establish how she died. A


27`year`old man has been arrested and is being questioned by the


police. A man has been charged with arson


and endangering the lives of almost 1,000 fellow passengers on a North


Sea ferry. Six people were winched to safety after the fire late on


Saturday night just off the Yorkshire coast. 26`year`old Boden


Hughes has been charged with arson and affray.


Prison inspectors say there aren't enough medical staff at Lincoln


Prison to properly meet inmates' health needs. The jail was inspected


by the Care Quality Commission in November. The report also


highlighted concerns about the way prisoners had to queue to get


medication. The Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Trust says it's been


working with the prison governor to make improvements.


Now I'm sure the Christmas leftovers have gone by now, but one company in


East Yorkshire is working flat out to do it on an industrial scale.


Brocklesby in Brough converts old cooking oil and waste food into


biodiesel and biofuels. It's one of only a handful of factories in the


country but it's already a growing industry. Sarah Walton reports.


It's not the most appetising sight, but this is what's left over when


you cook large amounts of meat. Now, it's getting a new lease of life. We


take a range of products from food manufacturers and retailers across


the UK and Ireland ranging from oils recovered from rotisseries within


the supermarkets, right through to oils recovered from frying pans at


crisp manufacturers to produce a biofuel. We use a lot of steam to


heat our products and then centifruges to spin out any


impurities, to leave a very refined oil. Here in the control room, you


can see computers monitoring the reactors. Now, they process about


10,000 tonnes of food waste and 50,000 tonnes of oil every year, and


are operating 24/7, even through Christmas and the New Year. But


while they deal with industrial waste here, we're all being asked to


think carefully about leftovers. Earlier this year, fat washed down


people's sinks formed the biggest blockage ever found in London


sewers, weighing 16 tonnes. Back at the factory, tankers arrive to


collect the final product ` 55 million litres of biofuel a year.


This goes into diesel cars and lorries. Biofuel is blended with


diesel and would be part of the blend you would get at a supermarket


or a filling station around the country. It's a dirty job, but


biofuel production is a growing industry, and there's hope more


companies will start work, turning brown sludge into green fuel.


Let's move to sport now, and Scunthorpe United extended their


unbeaten run to seven games after beating Oxford United 2`0 yesterday.


The Iron now start the new year joint top of the table in League Two


on points, just behind Chesterfield on goal difference. Simon Spark


reports. It took Scunthorpe united 11 minutes


before a cross from Marcus Williams landed perfectly on the head of Deon


Burton. This was Burton's fourth goal in as many games for the Iron,


and the gap could have been widened, but the chance of a penalty after a


handball from Oxford United's Deane Smalley wasn't to be. Instead, the


Iron's second goal would come from David Syers in a much better second


half. Oxford's best chance came when goalkeeper Sam Slocombe received a


yellow card for this foul against James Constable, but managed to


correctly predict a save to stop Dean Smalley's attempt. This victory


puts them second in the table to Chesterfield with only goal


difference between them. A joint top start to the new year.


Some of Tom Huddlestone's hair, which was cut off after he scored


for Hull City at the weekend, is being auctioned for charity. The


midfielder scored his first goal in two`and`a half years against Fulham


at the weekend. After scoring for Tottenham in 2011, he pledged to


raise money for charity by not cutting his hair until he next found


the net. There have been strong winds across


much of our region today. This was the scene at Kilnsea in East


Yorkshire where high winds battered the coast. Elsewhere 48 mile an hour


winds were recored at RAF Scamton, while gusts topped 50 miles an hour


in Bridlington and 53 at Donna Nook. Good evening. Well, as the wet and


blustery weather front today clears away, it's drier and clearer for


much of the night. Cloud thickens up again later. Might see one or two


showers sneaking in to the west by the end of the night. Four Celsius,


your overnight low. A breeze already starting to pick up. Those showers


become more widespread tomorrow morning. Eventually, there'll be a


more persistent band of rain spreading from the west, late


morning, early afternoon, although most places do dry up again by the


end of the day with a bit of brightness. Fresher than today,


maybe not as windy, temperatures peaking at nine Celsius in Lincoln.


That's 48 Fahrenheit. If you're out and about tomorrow night bringing in


the New Year, most places should have some dry weather, still breezy,


maybe just the odd shower somewhere like Sheffield, and then if you're


out and about on New Year's Day itself, well, the next band of wet


and windy weather spreads in from the west, through the course of the


day, before we're back to brighter spells and blustery showers on


Thursday. Bye for Another day off strong winds, heavy


rain and flooding. At least things are quiet at the moment. The rain


has cleared off and the wind is lighter. There might be some ice in


Scotland, but through the night the wind picks up, lifting temperatures,


but more heavy rain pushing in. The rain band is not quite a significant


us today, but it will leave surface water flooding. Some heavy bursts


clearing Northern Ireland by first


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