31/12/2013 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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on the BBC News Channel. I'm back with the News at Ten. Now it's time


for the latest where you evening on the BBC News Channel, but


I'm back at 10pm. Hello and welcome to Look North.


A man has appeared before magistrates in North Shields accused


of causing a fire on a North Sea Ferry. Six people had to be winched


off the DFDS ship just off Bridlington on Saturday night. It


has been revealed that the cost of the damage could be more than


?800,000. Damian O'Neil reports. The King Seaways ferry was 25 miles


offshore on a regular overnight sailing to Amsterdam when a fire


broke out in a cabin. RAF helicopters airlifted six people to


hospital after breathing in smoke. A man was detained on board and this


morning 26`year`old Boden George Hughes from Sunderland appeared at


North Tyneside Magistrates' Court. He is accused of affray and arson.


Hughes appeared in the dock wearing a grey sweatshirt and jeans. He


spoke only to confirm his name and address. The court heard that the


cost of the damage caused by the fire was estimated at ?815,000. He


was remanded into custody and will appear at Newcastle Crown Court on


the 14th of January. The premature death rate for men in


Hull with a serious lung disease is double the national average. Local


health officials say around 7,000 people in the city have Chronic


Obstructive Pulminary Disease. But there are fears that there are


thousands more people with the condition who haven't yet been


diagnosed. More from our health correspondent, Vicky Johnson.


Sandra finds it difficult to breathe because she has COPD, the name for a


collection of chronic lung diseases. But special exercise programmes,


like this one in East Hull, can help. We've proven that we can


actually improve their standard of the lung function, although that's


not a given. They'll also improve on the distance that they're able to


walk. We know we're not going to get any better but we have to cope with


it and these...these show us how to do it. After the end of the session,


you know, like six weeks, you feel a lot better. It's the actual walking


that's getting me, walking round and round. It's getting better in me


legs. But before they can take steps to improve their health, people need


a diagnosis. It's thought many thousands of


people here in Hull don't even realise they have COPD because they


put their increasing breathlessness down to ageing or simply being a


smoker. The sooner the condition can be diagnosed, and treatment begins,


the less chance there is of serious lung damage.


While there is still no cure for the disease, new drug treatments will


offer relief from some of the worst symptoms. A lot of people die in


hospital from these breathing attacks that they get. If we can


prevent the attacks coming on, which is the main thing we're trying to do


with the drug treatment, then that will decrease the mortality from


this horrible disease. Blow! Keep going, keep going. The number of


local people with COPD is likely to remain among the highest in the


country until smoking rates are drastically reduced. Meanwhile,


thousands could be struggling on alone because they've haven't yet


got a diagnosis. A 27`year`old man being questioned


following the death of a woman in Hull has been released on police


bail. 23`year`old Rebecca Day died at Hull Royal Infirmary in the early


hours of Sunday morning. She had been found at a flat on Peel Place


with serious injuries. The police have confirmed her death is being


treated as suspicious and their investigations are continuing.


Fire fighters across East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire have started a six


hour strike. Crews walked out just moments ago, at 6:30. It's the


eighth time since September that industrial action has been taken.


It's because of a row between the Fire Brigades' Union and the


Government over pensions. The resolve of firefighters is getting


stronger. We have massive public support and they realise that they


do not want to see 60`year`old firefighters responding to


emergencies and there are no background jobs. Every firefighter


is still in the service at 60 then they will be in the fire engines.


A lack of volunteers means that street pastors won't be out on the


streets of Lincoln tonight. Volunteers from local churches


usually patrol the city centre, helping anyone in need. But there


aren't enough people available. It's the first time in six years that the


group has been unable to go out on New Year's Eve.


A Lincolnshire Councillor says he will sue the leader of UKIP, Nigel


Farage, over comments he's made in the press about him. Chris Pain


became a UKIP councillor in May but was later expelled from the party.


He's told the BBC that he will challenge the decision to expel him


in the High Court and he'll also sue Nigel Farage for defamation of


character. A couple from Lincolnshire who


raised thousands of pounds for Hull Royal Infirmary are among those to


be recognised in the New Years Honours List. Tony. And Ruth Knowles


from Sutton on Sea will receive the British Empire Medal, as Jake


Zuckerman reports. `` Tony and Ruth. Tony and Ruth Knowles have raised


?134,000 for equipment for Hull Royal Infirmary. Their daughter,


Emma Jane, was treated there for a brain tumour but passed away in


1998. The couple have both been awarded the British Empire Medal. It


means a tremendous amount. And, also, it's not only just for us,


it's for all our friends and everybody that's helped us over the


last 15 years. Also receiving the BEM is Odette Mitchell from North


Ferriby, a volunteer instructor at Hull Kung Fu Club. I don't expect


anything in return, I enjoy doing that. It's really nice to know that


people have appreciated what I've done, yeah. During Odette's time at


the club, dozens of vulnerable youngsters have received her help


and support. Let's find out what the weather has


in store for the rest of New Year's Eve.


Let's find out what the weather has in store Paul Mooney has the


forecast. Good evening. Well, if you're out


and about seeing in the New Year, not looking too bad overnight. One


or two showers creeping into western areas so you're more likely to catch


a shower in Sheffield than you are in Skegness. Most places do stay


dry. It will feel chilly, though. Temperatures down to three or four


Celsius at the lowest. And breezy with it, as well. So we start off


dry on New Year's Day. Make the most of that while it lasts because as we


head towards lunchtime, the next band of very wet weather comes in,


spreading from the West. The afternoon, there, sees heavy


downpours across much of the region. As well as wet, it will be windy as


well. Strong, gusty South to Southeasterly winds making it feel


cool as temperatures only peak at around about eight Celsius, which is


36 Fahrenheit. So that's how New Year's Day is looking. The rest of


the week looks unsettled as well. `` 46 Fahrenheit. Another band of


stormy weather on the way by the time we get to Friday. So keep in


touch with your latest forecast on your BBC local radio station. We'll


keep you updated on the travel news online as well.


46 Fahrenheit. Another band of stormy weather on the way And you


can always get the latest forecast on the BBC weather website.


Take care if you're heading out tonight. That's it from Look North


for this year. We're of course back tomorrow at 1pm. Until then, do


enjoy your New Year's Eve. Bye bye. Good evening. It looks like mother


nature may provide her own pyrotechnics in the run-up to bid


night tonight. We have some heavy showers in western parts, starting


to ease a bit across Scotland and Northern Ireland. But the showers


further south are heavier, with some flashes of lightning as they move


eastwards. They do get a bit more hit and miss as we head towards


midnight, but a greater chance of getting wet in the south as we move


into 2014. Cardiff and London could see heavy downpours. Further north,


you could be greeting the New Year on a dry note. A touch of frost in


northern and eastern areas going into New Year's Day. A few showers


continue into the morning, but on New Year's Day, we have a few more


heavy showers coming in. Rain pushing into the west, where the


ground is saturated already. Persistent rain pushing its way


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