01/01/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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a million New Yorkers celebrated 2014 in the traditional way. There's


more throughout the evening A Grimsby mother whose son was


killed at a notorious accident blackspot near Lincoln says she's


unhappy at the lack of safety improvements at the junction.


Special Constable Scott Bennett died a year ago on the A46 at Dunholme


and his mother says she's still waiting for the authorities to do


something about the large number of crashes in the area. Amanda White


reports. Scott Bennett was working towards a


career in the police when his car collided with a lorry on the A46


near Welton just over a year ago. He walked out of the door that morning


to go to his police training. He basically never walked back in it


again. You know, the devastation this road accident has caused has


just been absolutely phenomenal. ?? WHITE The tragedy was no surprise to


Graham Williamson, who has counted 400 accidents in his ten years at


the garage on the junction. All you hear is metal. It's frightening.


Seriously, something needs to be done, not later, something now. It


needs to be dealt with. There needs to be some sort of calming system. I


don't know. I don't know what to say, roundabout, traffic lights,


whatever. It needs to stop because people... There's going to be more


fatalities. One of the problems with this junction is once vehicles come


over the brow of this hill they are often travelling at speed and


downhill and it makes it very difficult to react to what's


happening at the junction. This is probably one of the worst junctions


we have in the county. We have vehicle activated signs, telling


people to slow down. Little or no notice is taken of those. We do need


something extra at this junction and we are looking at ideas for that.


Will the measures be enough for Scott's family? It is about time


somebody did something about it. You need to stand up and listen to the


people, to the residents of the area and actually do something about it.


How many more deaths do we have to have before somebody takes this on


board and actually thinks, yeah, we have got problem here? For now,


though, the safety of motorists here is very much in their own hands.


Five people have been arrested as part of a murder investigation in


Hull. A man, who's believed to be in his thirties, was found with serious


injuries near the City Centre at just after six o'clock this morning


and died in hospital. Four men and a woman are being questioned as part


of the investigation into the man's death.


It's been a mixed afternoon for our local football sides. In the Premier


League, Hull City lost by two goals to nil away against Liverpool.


Scunthorpe United are two points clear at the top of League Two after


they beat Rochdale 3`0 at Glanford Park. And in the Conference Grimsby


Town and Lincoln City drew a bad tempered game 1`1. Both sides had a


player sent off. Dozens of people braved the wind and


rain today today for the annual charity swim in the sea off Hornsea


in East Yorkshire. Hundreds also lined the shore to support them and


raise money for the local Inshore Rescue lifeboat team. Sarah Walton


reports. It was a Scottish piper that lead


swimmers to the sea this afternoon. Fitting for weather conditions more


suited to the highlands. Not that anyone seemed to mind.


Several hundred people turned up to support the dippers, but it wasn't


long before the wind and rain forced even the hardiest to retreat to the


lifeboat station for warmth. Good bit of fun on New Year's Day!


Get rid of a hangover. WITH AUSTRALIAN ACCENT: Freezing. A bit


different to Australia! I couldn't stand it. I went straight in and


then came straight out. It's a vital part of the community, is the


lifeboat, and for us all to do something like this, it's our chance


to put something back as well. And that effort is greatly appreciated.


We generally raise over ?1,000, which is awesome, so we're hoping


we've done the same today. Everyone's been putting their hands


in their pockets. I think even more so with the weather conditions being


so bad! It's so cold. But after a quick change and a cup of tea, most


said they will be back again next year.


Time for a look at the weather with Jennifer Bartram. Hello. Good


evening. January has got off to a fairly soggy start and we still have


a fair few showers to get through as we go through the night. Some of


these showers will be on the heavy side, perhaps producing a touch of


hail in places, but they will start to dissipate into the early hours of


tomorrow morning. Temperatures overnight getting down to around


five or six and staying fairly breezy. Dry to start with tomorrow


morning. We will see some good spells of sunshine and a


decent`looking day all in all. Temperatures tomorrow getting up to


a high or around seven or That's all for the moment. I'm back


with the late news at 22.40. Hello. It is a New Year but it is


the same old weather. Flood warnings are on the rise. The flood line


number is on screen if you are at all concerned. Still some rain to


come this evening and overnight Still some heavy bursts. It will


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