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On the bright side, the days are That is something! That is all from


us. Good evening to you. Thank your for


joining u the headlines. Police criticised for naming people charged


with drink driving before they go to court.


We are 100% happy it is lawful to do so. It is. Noel practise to be able


to name people after charge. This is what our public want to see.


Killed trying to break up a New Year fight, tributes to this father of


two from Hull. Any problems if you want to be


cheered up in any way, just straight to Steve and he will sort you out.


It is disgusting another human being could do that to someone. Red Arrows


lined up, mark the opening of the 1965 season.


50 years of display, how the Red Arrows will celebrate this year.


And the secret of how Mrs Thatcher kept the perfect hair style even in


a crisis. And the wetter looks unsettled, a spell of wet weather,


becoming drier later. Join me later in the programme, I will have all


the details. Good evening. 74 people who have


been charged with drink`driving have been named and shamed by


Lincolnshire police since the first of December.


The force says that publishing names on the website and social media


isn't about shaming people, but is designed as a deterrent to prevent


accidents. However, the police have come in for criticism, over naming


people before they have been found guilty in a court of law.


The Christmas party season, for police forces across the UK, it is


when their campaign against drink`driving reaches its height.


But this year Lincolnshire police has courted controversy with a new


tactic, it has named those charged with drink driving before they have


been found guilty, in a court of law.


We are 100% happy it is lawful to do so, it is normal practise to be able


to name people after charge. We have not put lists like this out before,


we will look at the results of what we are have done to analyse what


difference it has made. We are happy at the moment this is contributing


to road safety. It's a policy that has received a mixed importance from


the public It is a good idea `` response. It is harsh if they have


not been convicted to be naming people before they are. If they are


innocent it will come out in court, won't it. Here on the Lincolnshire


police website are the names of 74 people charged with drink driving


over the Christmas period. While the police say that this is an important


deterrent, others have questioned the morality of putting the names on


here. Michael Pace is a Lincoln based solicitor who specialises in


road traffic law It brings up the moral question of why are the police


putting themselves in the position of a judge and naming people ahead


of a court having decide they are guilty and dealt with them on that


basis. Should they be doing this? Morally I don't think they should.


The most cent national figures show that 280 people were killed in


drink`drive related incidents in the space of a year. A rise of 17%


compared to the previous year. And across the UK, more than 55,000


drivers were convicted of drink`driving, leading to collisions


like this one near Boston in 2011, that claimed a woman's life.


Despite criticism from some quarters Lincolnshire police continue to


defend their new policy, which they say is helping keep the County's


roads safe. We will be asking for your thoughts


in a ept omit, joining me to discuss this one is Nick Freeman who has


defended motorists accused of drink`driving related incidents.


People see it as unacceptable, why shouldn't they be named and shamed


It is unacceptable. My problem is the timing of it. It is pre`empting


guilt before it has been established. I have no difficulty


with the people convicted named and shamed but at the time they are


named, they are people who have alleged to have committed an


offence, we have a presumption of innocence, it is one of the


foundations of ourening lib legal system and it is important that


remains in tact. At the moment the police seem to be taking the view


that they are entitled, which they are, to name people, and undoubtedly


some of those people will be acquitted. Why can't we wait, why


don't the police promote the fact there will be a hall of shame and


after Christmas when they are convicted, these people can be


displayed in this haul of shame. That would have the same defernt


effect. People said being named would make them think about the


consequences of drink`drive, doesn't that show that the idea is a good


one? I think, if you put to the public what I am suggesting to you,


that there will be a gallery of shame for all those people


convicted, I don't think in any way that dilutes the disincentive, the


deterrent effect. It will achieve the same goal but do it while


preserving that presumption of innocence, it is very important we


don't move towards a police stai state. We don't allow the police to


become judge and jury, there is a terrible stigma sobered with


drink`driving, and it is correct that those people who are convicted


are named and shamed but we don't want the ruin lives and humiliate


them if they are innocent. If one of the drivers charged was almost four


times over the limit, does that person not deserve to be named,


regardless of anything else, that part is fact. We don't know whether


it is fact or not. Do we know whether the machine was working


correctly? You are making assumption theres, we are making dangerous


assumptions because you are alleged to have committed an offence you are


assumed to be guilty. In fact the reverse is true, if you are alleged


to have committed an offence you are presumed to be innocent, when a


court finds that you are guilty, at the appropriate Burdon of proof,


that is time you should be named and shamed. It is an interesting thing.


Should people be named and name shamed before they have appeared in


court? What else would you like to see done to tackle the issues of


drink`driving. 280 people killed in drink`driving related incident. Get


in touch with we will have some of your thoughts


on that one before we finish. Now in a moment on the programme.


Pregnant women miss out as a Hospital Trust admits it can't


afford to open a new maternity unit. He is going to be deeply missed, the


words of Steve Herbert's work colleagues as they paid tribute to


him today. He was a father of two, he was attacked on a Hull street on


New Year's Day as he tried to break up a fight. He died later from his


injury, the police who are investigating his murder say they


have had a good response to the CCTV footage, which they released last


night. Floral tributes now show where Steve Herbert was beaten, and


left for dead on New Year's Day. The 34`year`old father of two was trying


to be a peace keeper. Stepping in to stop a fight.


His death has shocked those who knew him. His kids have lost a great guy.


Whoever it is needs to come forward, they really do lost a great person.


Today, at the bar where he worked as a chef, a collection for Steve's


family. His colleagues told me of the man who was a larger than life


character, whose death has left a huge void. Uncle Steve, that is what


we called him. Understandingle Steve. He is going to be deeply


missed. Any problems if you wanted to be cheered up in any way, just


straight o to Steve and he will sortout out It is disgusting. I


makes me ashamed to be from Hull, for something like that to happen,


and it is just, it is disgusting that another human being could do


that to someone. Especially to Steve.


This CCTV shows Steve just moments before he was attacked. Police are


keen to talk to these four people, who are believed to have picked up a


taxi just moments later. After he was assaulted and left for dead on


the ground, the group of four people ran off and flagged down a taxi,


that was at the junction of Strand Close, what we want do is identify


the taxi driver who picked them up. Floral tributes are growing here at


the site where Steve was attacked. Messages to a gentle giant, a one of


a kind. But what is clear from all of these messages, is that people


are struggling to comprehend how this could have happened to such a


kind man. They have lost their father on a night of celebration,


but New Year for this family has turned into a nightmare.


Caroline is at the scene of the attack tonight. What is the latest


with this investigation? Peter, a 21`year`old man, a 22`year`old man,


and a 23`year`old woman are currently being intervowed by


detectives in connection with the murder of Steve Herbert. Police say


that CCTV footage they released, they have had a huge response from


the public on that, and that has been key in helping them identify


those those people and help them to arrest them. But they have stressed


to me tonight, they are still keen for people to come forward with any


information, that may help them piece together the final moments of


Steve's life, before his death. Steve's family want answers, and


hopefully in time they will be able to make sense of what happened here.


We will continue to follow that story.


Some more news now in brief. The work of the Humber rescues services


has been praised by the Hull West and Hessle MP Alan on Johnson, he


thanked volunteer, he boarded the rescue vessel, for a short trip, on


the choppy waters of the Humber today.


Firefighters across East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire took part in


further strike action the morning. The two hour walk out began at 6.30.


It is the ninth time industrial action has been taken in a dispute


over pensions. BBC Look North has learned that financial problems are


behind the delay in opening a midwife`led birth unit in Hull. The


hospital unit which would offer maternity care without doctors and


cull stands was due to open a year ago. `` consultants. It has left


some angry they can't have the birth they want.


Sulman was born in hospital but what his mum really wanted was to use a


midwife`led unit. She says she wanted a homely environment, with


the safety of knowing doctors were nearby, and was shocked to find that


wasn't available. I just thought it was par for the course an area that


this large would have a midwife`led unit, but it seems to be put off,


and postponed, and I was told July, then I was told August, then no


news. She is not alone. Hannah is 24 weeks pregnant, she is angry there


is no midwife`led you nit to give birth It is important I have the


medical care I do need because of my pregnancy history, but I am allowed


to just get on with what I need to do and have the home comforts round


me. The midwife`led unit at castle hill hospital closed in 2011,


because of concerns is about staffing levels. A unit to replace


it was due to open in Hull last January.


Some midwives who couldn't speak to me on camera have told me they


haven't been told about the process o `` progress of the you nit here.


The NHS Trust says it is committed to providing midwife`led births but


finance has thread problems. It says it has to revise its ams bys for the


unit. It hopes to launch the new unit during 2014. The Royal College


of Midwives says the unit would have financial and health benefits.


They are more likely to need less postnatal pain leaf, they are more


likely to department to looking after and caring for their baby and


breast`feeding in the postnatal period and less interventions for


mums, obviously, equals less costs for organisations It is hoped the


unit will open this year, but with costs and design to be finalised


pregnant women like Hannah may find it is too late for them.


You might want to comment on that. Maybe you are a mum to be hoping to


give birth in the unite. Just a reminder of the contact numbers.


Thank you for watching. Still ahead on the programme


tonight. Grimsby Town look to upset a team three leagues higher in the


FA Cup. And the secrets of this famous hair


do made public after 30 years. Now if you have a picture you are


proud of send it in. This is South Bay in Bridlington. That was taken


by after Fred Button. Another picture on Monday.


It is a lively moment. Let us get the details from Kay. Certainly is


lively, as we go into the weekend, it is going to stay unsettled, those


the winds won't be as strong, we will have spells of rain at time,


once that clears we are looking at the risk of frost, so what is going


on, you can see this waving front through tomorrow morning, that


introduces a spell of wet weather, but the isobars are not tightly


squeezed. Once again, wet and windy weather on Sunday. It will be to the


end of the day. This evening it is windy, a strong and gusty


south`westerly breeze blowing through a scattering of showers, not


even will see one and they will largely die out overnight.


Under clearer skies temperatures will be three or four, so we are


looking at a up the of frost, sportsperson `` especially in more


rural spots. The sun will rise at 18 minutes past eight. Setting again at


five to four. Those are the high water tides. So, a cold and frosty


start and watch out for icy stretches. It will be a fine start


but we see clouds increasing, the band of rain comes from the south.


It will head to the feeft but it will give us a spell of heavy rain


before it clears through, by the end of the day it should be largely dry.


It will feel chilly tomorrow, temperatures probably round where


they have been today, seven or eight. Eight is 48 in Fahrenheit.


But the breeze tomorrow won't be as strong, just a moderate breeze from


the south`west. O so it will be a dry end to the


day, clearing skies so widespread frost into Sunday and we have the


risk of to patch, but it will be a final start until we see the wet and


windy weather. Strong winds on Monday.


Thank you. Now it is 50 year since the Red Arrows first took to the


skies as a display team, and to mark the anniversary of their jets are


going to be given a makeover. Exact details are expected to be revealed


in the next few months but the Lincolnshire based crew are working


on their new routine for their big anniversary year.


This is what the Red Arrows are famous for. Action`packed display,


that entertain the crowds. And they have been doing it for nearly 50


years. They will probably steal the show


where ever they appear. It was a combination of several display team,


and so we have a fairly illustrious history, to respect that in our 50th


display season is a great honour. Over the last 50 year, the Red


Arrows have performed more than 4500 displays, in 55 countries. But it is


not just about the pilots. It takes more than one hundred people to get


the Red Arrows off the ground. Last month, the team returned from a


tour of the Middle East and since ten they have been busy preparing


this year's display. Training is going very well at the


moment. The weather has been kind to us, I am hoping we can push ahead.


It's a massive season for the team. We have been going a long time.


But the future of the Red Arrows has been questioned in cent years, and


the team has recently suffered tragedy, with the deaths of Flight


Lieutenant Jon Egging and Flight Lieutenant Sean Cunningham.


The following year the team performed with just seven aircraft,


before bringing back their signature Diamond Nine formation last year.


Now at the start of their special anniversary year, the Red Arrows are


planning a few surprises. There is certain elements to the aircraft


that may be changing that is significant. We are anticipating


about 80 displays, but intermittent within that season is very special


events that I shall be arranging. So lots to look forward to for


enthusiasts and a busy 12 months for the team.


Wonder what they will do? A big year for them. We wish them well with


their display season. Grimsby Town will be looking to cause an upset


when they take on Football League opposition in the FA Cup third round


tomorrow. The non`league Mariners play Huddersfield Town who are in


the Championship three divisions above them. With more on that and


Hull City's tie against Middlesbrough, here is Simon Clark.


This week a different outcome. Instead of meeting one of their


non`league rivals the Mariners are back in the big type. There is


nothing like a third round FA Cup tie to test you. And despite being


to leaves below Huddersfield Town, this is a club that believes it can


create an upset. I want the players to be confident. We spoke about


that, about being brave and not letting sort of the name of


Huddersfield at least be what beats us, we make sure that it is, you


know, their team that is out there, and make them earn the victory if


that is what they are going to get. The fans that will have bought


tickets up to 6,500 expected tomorrow, think their team could be


the giant killers We have had big nights in the FA Cup, they are


playing good football, and it is just good to watch them. I think it


will be good. It is good for the town when the club get a run in the


cup and we haven't had one for a number of years so, it is a good


thing I think. In Yorkshire, the short back and


sides of star player tud tud could get a cup run in the north riding at


Middlesbrough. Huddlestone hopes it is not a hair`raising game. I think


that have won four out of four in the league, so we know it is going


to be tough. Especially away from home, but as you say, the last few


not so much the result bus the performances like Manchester United,


the Fulham result and performance, we know that we can give them a good


game and we have to go there looking to win the match. Today


Huddlestone's team`mate signed a new two`and`a`half year deal with the


club. He won't play in the cup as he has been out injured since October.


Yesterday the Aston Villa manager Paul Lambert claimed most Premier


League teams aren't interested in the FA Cup. That is not true of


Grimsby Town. Club like that are round which the magic of the cup is


woven. Commentary of the Grimsby Town FA


Cup tie will be available online and for Hull City, there is full


commentary of the build up on BBC Radio Humberside Saturday sport,


that is from 1.30 tomorrow. And in the Conference Lincoln City meet


Luton Town. BBC Radio Lincolnshire will have commentary of the match,


and the kick off is at 1.00. Enjoy your football.


Here is a fantastic story, a retired couple from Hull have won ?1 million


on the National Lottery. Bernard Grundy and his partner have been


celebrating at the KC Stadium after their win on the millionaire Ralph.


The couple were due `` millionaire raffle. They returned home from the


dales because of the bad wetter up in the dale, buying two tickets from


their local shop. They hope to return to the Dales again, this time


to buy a house. Well done to Bernard and Heather: It


is as famous a trademark as a handbag and her suits and was an


essential part of the former Prime Minister's look. Now the secrets of


this famous hair do have been revealed. Despite facing some of the


biggest crises of her leader ship ship in 1984 Margaret Thatcher's


hair was never out of place. But, as Simon Spark has been finding out, it


took some maintaining. 1984 buzz year that included the


bitter battle of the miners' strike. And the IRA bombing of the Brighton


hotel. Today as new documents released from the naver naff under


the 30 year rule give more details of her appointments diary, yet again


the division of those who loved and loathed her has resurfaced. But


despite the opposition, the upheaval. The divide, one thing was


never argued with. Her hair was always immaculate.


Today, we see why. Her appointment diary shows he has


118 hair appointment in 12 months. In June when she was hosting an


economic summit she had hair appointments five days running and


she scheduled them before 8.30 in the morning. It is fair to say not


only was he is a politician but she was an international icon and


somebody who took pride in her appearance, and the fact that she


represented her party and the country, an wanted to make the best


of it. At the twirls and curls salon, we


got further insight. She would have probably had it permed every three


to six months, her roots would have probably needed doing about once a


fortnight and set on a weekly, if not twice weekly basis.


Waste of money isn't it. Our money. Lucky. Who, I wish I could afford it


o `` afford it. I think she needed to in her position. All we can say


the she had got her hair done in Grantham she could have looked as


good as this. Joining me is Michael Brown the


former Conservative MP who was a backbench MP when Mrs Thatcher was


Prime Minister. Good evening to you. Can you ever remember a day when her


hair was anything less than immaculate. Never ever, I have been


searching all my own personal records of myself and others, with


Margaret Thatcher, throughout the whole of her political career, when


I was in the House of Commons, with her, and then after she retired, and


after left the House of Commons, there is not a single photo anywhere


in any archive, Google it whatever, you will not find a photo like


Cherie Blair when she answered the front door after her husband became


Prime Minister. You couldn't resist that one! That Barnet and that


handbag, they, it was like a melt, and it was Margaret Thatcher's


warrior clothing, that she wore into every battle, whether it be against


Arthur Scargill or Communism. What is this about a bee? Did it think it


was a hive? My friend Lord Sherborne, her private secretary,


said he was with her in Downing Street in the study, she was in full


cry, he tried to interrupt her, she said be quiet. In desperation he


said Prime Minister, I think the smell, the sweet smell of your, the


lacquer on your hair is attracting a bee. It is about to go endo your


hair, so finally he managed to shut the Prime Minister up to make sure


that a bee didn't do any damage to her or the hair. But she did shout


be careful, mind the hair. I think it is fair to say you might be


biassed, you two were great friend as well. I was indeed. I kept in


touch wither right up to the end. I had lunch with her just before


Christmas last year, and I believe in your records, there is a picture


of me taking her to dinner in 2009. That is only three`and`a`half, four


years ago, and that hair is the same then as it was 20, 30 years ago.


Yours is a bit all over the shop to be honest. It is. Yes. I am raddled


with age. Age has condemned me from brabg to brown, to white, but


Margaret Thatcher's blonde hair was the same until I last saw her on the


4th December last year. Very good to have you on the programme tonight. I


wish you well. Have a good weekend. Now let us recap of the main


headlines. Flooding as another massive storm sweeps up the entire


west coast of the UK. Lincolnshire police defend naming people charged


with drink`driving before they go to court, saying it is what the public


want. Room 's weather then, cloud and rain


after a mostly dry and bright start. The rain can fall as snow over the


higher ground. Top temperatures in the afternoon, getting up to round 8


C. That is 46 Fahrenheit. Naming and shaping drink`drivers, a


big response from this. Elaine says I can't see the problem with naming


before conviction people arrested and charged with murder are named


before trial and conviction so why not other crimes? James says so now


the police are self appointed judge and jury, short and sweet. Is a


serving officer, has sweet tweeted this. Is it the offence that makes


anyone question naming those in charge, do they feel the same about


those charged with others? Joe says aI degree with the guest, publishing


names before conviction is against our British cons tube, we are


innocent in this country, until proven guilty. Thank you for those.


Have a good weekend. I will see you on Monday.




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