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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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the week. That is all from us, so it is goodbye from me and we can now


Live in one say they fear they will become England's forgotten


community. On the coast the floods have changed the landscape beyond


recognition, and in a few minutes we will have a report from Spurn Point.


First Emma has been finding out how some people who have spent the last


month out of their homes have been coping.


Boston was hit hard by the tidal surge at the beginning of December,


with 500 homes affected. A month on, and flood victims want


financial help. Many have signed a petition asking to be exempt from


paying council tax. Karen was one of then, she is still struggling to get


back on her feet. Don't know whenever I am going to get straight,


because you know, it is just money, all the time, trying to replace


thing. It is not like it is going to be for a couple of weeks. It will be


month before they sort it out. But the council say they can only afford


to reduce council tax by 25% for up to 12 months with a one month


exemption, and that only applies to unfurnished and unoccupied


properties. Here in East Yorkshire this house


was three feet deep in water. Step inside and the devastation is clear


to see. As you can see this is our kitchen,


when the water came in it came to here and it rushed through the


house. It overtook each room. Barry and Caroline's home was badly


flooded after the tidal surge, since then they have been living in a


caravan. They say it is the forgotten village


because the leaf effort has been concentrated on the towns affected.


. It sounds dreadful, they save the towns because there is more houses


damaged, which is natural, but you know, the villages are going to get


hit. It wasn't just Barry and Caroline's home that was flooded on


the 5th December. Most of the houses in this village were under water,


and the majority of the people here have had to move out.


Vicky and her family are also crammed into a caravan and they too


feel more help is needed. We have no seen that much presence of people,


and you know, it is mainly the bigger towns and places like that


that are being, you know, people are going to see. There is not much been


said about us or other villages. In North Lincolnshire 63 families


were flooded out and still haven't returned to their homes.


In in one place people say the floods have brought the community


together. There is a local appeal asking for people to donate


furniture for those who have lost theirs It the community has pulling


to, it has been an amazing group of people helping out, providing meals.


The farmers have been excellent, helping with tractor, helping people


with drive, and the wider community as well. But it will take more than


community spirit for many flood victims to get their lives back on


track. They could be out of their homes for nine months.


Some communities who feel forgotten, we would like to know what you feel


about this one. Should councils be offering financial help or are they


doing as much as they can. Is it what you would expect if you live in


certain area, close to rivers and the sea? Yous on this


`` areas. `` your thoughts on this


The high tides of the last four weeks have changed the shape of the


East Yorkshire coastline beyond recognition. Spurn Point has become


an island, which means that there are new challenges for the local


emergency services. Across the water lies Spurn Point. The sea is on the


left of this picture, the Humber on the right, flows into it. And this


is the road. Like everything else, dumped in a heap by the tidal surge.


Never seen anything like it in my life. Dave is in charge of the


lifeboat station, which operates at Spurn Head. The operational side of


the boat, no effect. But it is everything else. The living, the


shop, the rubbish, the fuel, the electricity, the water. This is what


it looked like before the surge. But the damage inflicted last month now


means even small high tides, as soon on this recent radar are cutting it


in two. The Ordnance Survey has told Look North it may have to consider


redrawing its maps, a familiar landmark has been changed beyond


recognition. Spurn Point appears in geography text book, in CD, it is in


children's exam, it is a recognisable feature. What will


happen now? We have to change our ideas about the way Spurn looks and


the way it operates. The damage is still being assessed, but it having


big implications for those looking after the safety of Europe's busiest


shipping lane. For the lifeboat staff and the pilots access to the


end of the peninsula is now impossible. But both are determined


to keep their services going. They are doing this by relocating


some crew to Grimsby docks I have Al always been a positive person, I


look at this as a challenge. I don't think we will beat nature but we


might claw a bit back. Those who make their living here are


determined not to abandon it. Though they are `` though their battle to


stay in control is looking tougher than ever.


Some incredible pictures there of Spurn Point. Within the last few


moments, a police doner has been removed from an east Hull street


after bomb disposal officers were called in to investigate the


discovery of an explosive substance at a house. It is the second time in


two days that people on Kilnsea Grove have been asked to leave their


homes for safety reasons. Evacuated for the second time in two


days. Kilnsea Grove in east Hull a no go area after the discovery of


yet more of an unknown but explosive substance. Yesterday, reported to


police. Today, as they investigated Sunday's find, the discovery or more


chemical substances. They don't believe it is connected with


Terrorism Acts within the country or outside of the country, but we are


looking into that. I would like to reassure the public that it appears


to be an isolated incident. So this afternoon a rare sight for


any residential area, bomb disposal experts at work. This one of three


trips to and from a home here It has been a scary for family and friends


round the estate. I can't believe something like on a residential


estate like this going on. It is upsetting for everybody.


Especially with litten ones, families with little one, the main


thing is getting down to the nitty gritty. Everybody is safe. Over the


last 36 hours this is what people have had to cope with. After


Humberside Police were called by a member of the public at three


o'clock on Sunday morning, by 9.30 homes were evacuated and three


arrests had been made including a 15`year`old boy. At 7.30 that


evening Kilnsea Grove was re`opened, after officers said that the


substance had been made safe. But by noon today, that cordon was back.


For Steve Candy and his wife Jane, it has been a shock. You expect that


sort of thing when you are Wray y the army but not on a residential


street. Once we found out what happened it was a case of get


everybody out. There is only the three of us, my husband, my son, we


got out and went to my mothers who doesn't live far away. Tomorrow the


hope that these scenes won't be repeated for a third day in a row,


football team have now been released on bail, but police investigations


into what has been found here will continue.


The cordon has been removed. Does this mean people are returning to


their homes? They have started to do so, as you say, literally the cordon


has been brought down since we have been on air, the police happy these


homes are safe and it comes after some considerable disruption to


residents here, as you can see a bit of a party spirit at the moment but


for most, it is a question of getting back to normality which they


have found difficult to do, after this incident more or less repeated


what happened through the whole of Sunday. Thank you.


That is a lively Kilnsea Grove. A NHS tribunal has been hearing how a


hospital worker posted offensive and inappropriate comments about his


patients and colleagues on a social networking site. Paul Nam who worked


in the operating theatres at Lincoln County told the hearing he felt


embarrassed and ashamed about the remarks. He was suspended in 2012


but the Health and Care Professions Council will decide if he is still


fit to practise. Football team have appeared in


court, charged with the murder of a father of two from Hull. Steven


Herbert was attacked on Trafalgar Street on New Year's Day and died


from his injuries. They continue to grow. Floral


tributes for the father of two, killed on New Year's Day.


34`year`old Steven Herbert died after stepping into stop a fight on


Beverley Road. Today, three people appeared before magistrates charged


with his murder. 22`year`old Samuel Jordan, 21`year`old soul how many


Fridays and 23`year`old Tiffany Clark from Hull. They nodded their


heads to confirm their address, and were remanded in custody. They will


appear before Hull Crown Court tomorrow. Detectives are still


trying to trace the driver of a taxi who picked up the defendants here on


Strand Close at five past six on the morning of New Year's Day. They


believe they may hold vital information that could help them


with their inquiries. Drivers using the motorway face


weeks of night`time closures as repair work is carried out. From


tonight until March a section of the M180 will be closed from 8pm to 6am


between junctions two and three. Diversions will be in place. Plans


for a large windfarm project off the Lincolnshire coast have been scaled


down. RWE says it is reducing the amount of energy produced at the


site which was approved last year. It means a proposed sub`station at


Bicker Fen near Boston won't need to be as big as first thought.


It is 18 minutes to 7.00 here. Thank you for watching Look North. Still


ahead. Mixed Fortunes for teams from our area in the weekend's FA Cup


games, and calls for Humberside Airport to be renamed after this


inventor. Now, let us look at the picture for


tonight. Another picture tomorrow night round about the same time.


Good evening young man. Of more interest in Lincolnshire, I forgot


to pension it Norman by hall was the driest place anywhere in the UK and


Lincolnshire was the driest County. You there? I am still awake. I was


thinking about what I was going to have for tea.


Let us look at the headline for tomorrow. Windy but there should be


a good deal of fine weather with sunshine and as we saw throughout


December, it is a very unsettled set up. We get a lot of shelter and any


showers will be fleeting, as they come across the region. We have


escape most of them today, you can see most are in the west, one or two


got through but a few places have stayed dry. We start this evening on


a windy note, but it a mostly dry one, one or two showers creeping


through but they don't get any further east than the wouldingses of


Yorkshire `` wolds. Lowest temperatures six or seven, seven


Celsius is 45 degrees Fahrenheit. So the sun will rise in the morning at


8.15. Your next high water time in Skegness 10.29 in the morning.


So it is another windy day tomorrow, and there will be one or two showers


pushing in from the south`west, but a lot of fine, dry weather, any


showers will be fleeting, we should see some decent spells of sunshine.


Another windy day, but another day of above average temperatures. Let


us look at the maximums tomorrow. Nine or ten Celsius, the average is


nearer seven. That is not bad for the time of year. Wednesday, then,


sunny spell, again a risk of a snuer, it may cloud over at times


but a similar day on Wednesday, Thursday looks dry and so does fry,


although there could be patchy outbreaks of rain on Friday night.


But all in all not too bad a week to come. Just a few showers.


Sometimes people think we make up the e`mails. Mike Jackson says he


can't get a one day forecast right, why does he bother with a five day


forecast. I have not got one wrong this year! It is the 6th. Shopper


says new footpaths are making them feel ill to the extent they could


trigger epileptic fits. The new walkways have been laid as part of


an upgrade on Freeman Street. It has cost more than ?1 million to


generate this area. A huge part was spent on the footpaths but according


to shoppers the patterns are making them feel ill When I am walking down


here, I feel suddenly feel sick, and I feel as if I am going out. A waste


of money. They dazzle you, the black`and`white is all right, but, I


would rather have smooth paths to walk on. It is hoped the upgrade


will reconnect the town centre with the docks area, but now a councillor


who also has epilepsy is worried the patterns could even trigger fits. To


me, it could be potentially a trigger for somebody who has


photo`sensitive epilepsy, and not to consult with people who have got


professional advice, I think was a mistake from the council. Christine


Thompson says she has been made ill, free from migraines from 20 years


she says the patterns have brought on two four day long attacks in a


month. Since they have done them I have had terrible day, really awful


and ended up at the doctor, and I just don't go into free nan street


as much as I used to `` Freeman Street as much as I used to. The


zig`zags what you see, that is how it affected you and I have been


really poorly. Council says it is taking the concerns seriously. We


are concerned here about things like that, and I would urge people to


look to the longer term. The paving is in its newest possible state, it


should start to settle down in the period of time once it gets a bet of


weather and the pattern will become less vivid. So hopefully any nausea


should subside. The main work here has now been


completed, the council says it is not possible to relay the paving,


but experts have told me the patterns are unlikely to trig er


help tick seizures. Nevertheless, some shoppers say they are still


causing them problems, enough to keep some of them away.


Now after Friday's programme many people got in touch about the naming


of people charged with drink`driving by Lincolnshire Police before they


have gone to court. The force says publishing name tons web site and


social media isn't about shaming people, but is designed as a


deterrent to prevent accidents. The police have come in for criticism


for naming people before they have been found guilty. There were many


messages on this story. Thank you for all of them. We read and


listened to them all. Just a few then tonight. Anita in Grantham said


I was led to believe that you are innocent until proven guilty. If the


police are starting to do this with drinking and driving offence, where


will it end? Paul is in Skegness, he says it a good thing to name and


shame drink`drivers, if you blow over 35, you are over the limit, if


you go to court or not. And Francaises "Well done the


police, if they failed the roadside breath test they are guilty. It is


about time they were shamed.". Thank you.


A poet from Lincolnshire has challenged the former Home Secretary


David Blunkett on comments he made about Roma migrants. Benjamin


Zephaniah who lives near Spalding has been meeting people from the


Roma community and in Mr Blunkett's constituency. He. If I meant to say


there would be riots I would have used the word riot. I have always


said things as I see them, but you look back and think, well, in


retrospect, I probably wouldn't have said that. Because I really do need


to ensure that this community pulls together and working tot. David


Blunkett talking to Benjamin Zephaniah. You can see that report


on the Roma community on Inside Out this evening, here on BBC One in 40


minutes time. The two men who have managed Hull


City in the Premier League will face each other in the Fourth Round of


the FA Cup. The Tigers travel to Southend United who are managed by


Phil Brown. The FA Cup third round, it is about sides competing with


illustrious opponents, this happened when a Grimsby Town side led


Huddersfield Town. Former Scunthorpe Utd player Oliver nor wood


equalised. Craig Disley relishing the crowd put his side ahead again.


Then, an astonishing fight back with another player making it 2`2 before


right at the death, a painful own goal from Aswad Thomas I think we


played very well. In the end, I think the best team won. Good


performance Even though we lost we played well. We didn't deserve to


lose. We deserved to win, didn't we. Going into the last I five minutes


of normal time, we were ahead in the game. To end up with not at least a


replay is a bit hard to take. Hull City boss Steve Bruce made a host of


changes and one scored against Middlesbrough in the first half.


Nick Proschwitz made it two and out of the het came south end United. So


the Tigers will travel to meet former boss Phil Brown. I went back


to a fans' presentation where they wanted to honour me. I thought that


wfs nice, the place was full to the rafter, and you know, I was received


well last time I went to the KC Stadium. I don't have any axes to


grind with any of the fans. Grimsby maybe out of the FA Cup but they are


in the FA toy next week. Hull FC have been forced to switch


some if fixtures while the pitch is renovated in the summer. Work will


begin at the end of May meaning they will play their scheduled home game


matches away from the KC. With six months to go until the Tour de


France comes to Yorkshire, the woman responsible for bringing the vent to


the County has defended the money being spent on it. The race will


start in Leeds in June, and ?27 million has been set aside to cover


the dost. Organisers say they expect to match the money made when the


tour came to Kent for one day seven years ago. That generated about ?90


million for the economy and 35 million in publicity value. We have


got it for three days, so it should reap well over ?100 million, so 27


million for a dividend of 100 million and it is a free vent for


millions. Finally tonight do you know who this man is? If campaigners


have their way you will. He is John Harrison, a clock maker from North


Lincolnshire who back in the 18th century changed the way we navigate


round the world. Now a group want him to have his place in history


marked by naming Humberside airport after him.


For 40 years it has been known as Humberside Airport. But to a history


group in North Lincolnshire wants that to change. They want it renamed


after this man, John Harry song, a clock maker from Barrow in


Lincolnshire, 300 years ago, he changed world travel by discovering


a way for ships to use his clocks to work out their position at sea. Now


a history group wants to pay tribute by naming Humberside Airport after


him. Humberside is outdated, it is disliked, it has negative


connotation, John Harrison was a local man who was important to the


whole world, and he ought to be recognised as such. But the airport


disagree, with huge industries planned for the banks of the Humber,


they think it is not the best time to turn their backs on the name In


the fullness of time it maybe something we might look at iment let


us keep our energies focussed, promoting the airport and making


sure companies that want to invest understand our airport is next door


to where the investment is taking place. Other airports have taken on


names of their region's famous son, take Liverpool's John Lennon or


Doncaster's Robin Hood but people seem devied about whether Humberside


should follow suit I don't know who he is. I don't see why they should


name an airport after him. I am happy with it. He has a school named


after him, why not an airport. Campaigners say they would like to


see the name of the local clock maker up there, it looks like it


will be some time before Humberside Airport is called anything else.


What do you think about this one? Anything suggestions? You think the


name a good idea, maybe the John Prescott International? Get in


touch. Your suggestions for a name of who


from the area should be in the title of the airport name. Now a recap of


the main headlines. Chancellor's New Year's resolution to reduce the


deficit means another 25 billion of cuts on the way, and calls for more


financial help for people made homeless by the recent floods.


Tomorrow, a snuer, many areas staying dry, again very mild for the


time of year in the afternoon, the temperatures getting up to round 10


C. And the response on the subject of


flooding and do the flood victims need more help. Vanessa says we got


badly flooded in North Lincolnshire and lost everything. I will cost


hundreds of thousands of pound to repair the damage. Something needs


to be done about the flood defence, a mud embankment is not enough.


Keith says are these people not insured? We were out of our home for


six month, the insurance paid for everything. Do they want everything


done for them? There is a big response on this story. Why don't


Camelot says John allocate some of the Lottery fund towards helping


flood victims. Tracey says Barrow Haven were was affected badly. One


resident I know hasn't even been given a skip. Eric says the


Government doesn't have any money to spare. This next one, there are many


coming in like this. It is from Paul. Isn't it time our Government


stopped sending millions in overseas aid when the flood victims


desperately need help. Surely we should take care of our own


taxpayers first. And finally, I think the councils are doing their


best with the money and resources they have. It is a shame for the


flood victims but I don't see what else our councils can do. If you


were flooded, just before Christmas and you have a story, then, let us


know about it or if you have any story you think we should know


about. Give us an e`mail. Join me for the radio tomorrow if you can.


Plenty to talk about tomorrow lunchtime. Have a nice evening.


Enjoy it. Take TOM: # And if there's


anybody left in here # That doesn't want


to be out there... #


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