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That is all from the News at Six. We can now


Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines: The local


drivers that have been on the roads despite having more than 30 points


on their licence. I think it is a disregard for the


law. It disregards other users. I did not realise that people would


driving with all these points on their licence. They should be taken


off the road. An under`fire hospital admits to


making another major mistake. Lights could be switched off to help


councils save millions of pounds. If they did that, it is dangerous.


They need to increase the lighting. The seaside buildings that are


proving to be a hit for people looking for winter sun.


And we will have a detailed five day forecast later on in the programme.


Thousands of drivers who should have lost their licences many times over


are still on the roads. Research shows more than 10,000 people have


stacked up more than 12 penalty points, which should lead to a ban


in most cases. And it's been described as inexplicable that two


women ` one from Hull and one from Lincoln ` are still able to drive


despite having collected more than 30 points. All the authorities


involved deny that they are to blame for drivers slipping through the


net. Making sure motorists in Beverley


stick to the speed limit today. Those who don't and clock up 12


penalty points face a ban. That's the law. So how are serial speeders,


some with 30 points and more, still behind the wheel.


Tens of thousands of people asked and play sticking two fingers up to


the establishment to all of us who obey the law.


Among those with the most penalty points in Great Britain, a woman


from Lincoln caught speeding three times, with 34 points. And in Hull,


another female driver with 31 points for six offences. And the highest


number of motorists caught speeding in our area was around Lincoln.


Almost 3,000 driver drivers have points.


If you're caught speeding several times in months, it takes a record


`` time for records to get updated, and it is that time of sharing the


information that motorist groups as is to blame for the problem.


Here in Lincoln at this awareness course the dangers of breaking the


limit are spelt out to those caught speeding.


What we want to do is protect our community and our families and our


children. The speed limits are set nationally and are therefore a


reason. It was very effective and thought`provoking. There is still


room for improvement. It certainly For business where driving is part


of the job, penalty points mean higher insurance costs.


Makes you think about what you would in.


It will be a bitter pill to swallow. When a driver has got a certain


amount of points, they are worried about whether they will lose their


job. The authorities insist that the vast


majority of those with 12 or more points are banned. And the DVLA and


the courts are upgrading their computer systems, which should help


to speed up the prosecutions of those who ignore the rules of the


road. I spoke to Richard Monkhouse, who is


the Chairman of the Magistrates' Association, and asked him why


drivers with more than 12 points were still on the road.


It is difficult to say. Some of it might be because they have pleaded


exceptional hardship, that is they have gone to the court and said that


it would have an effect on other people, families and businesses.


That is a fairly small number. I would suspect that, because most of


the drivers who get that level are dealt with by fixed penalties, are


we absolutely certain that every time a fixed penalty of three points


is given, but that is not simply adding onto somebody's points you


what over 12. Somebody watching the TV will be


asking how someone with more than 30 points on their licence, who will be


in court, why are they still driving? That is the point that


people do not understand. You say that they have resumed we


been caught. Most offences are not dealt with in court, but by a fixed


penalty. It is only when somebody argues the case and wants to plead


not guilty that they will normally come into a court, or when we know


that somebody is liable to be banned. Is the finger being pointed


at the DVLA? It is a simple system, you get to 12 points and what band.


That is what should happen. We need to get some analysis so we can


understand what it is about those people who are driving with 30


points or more, or even 12 points or more, how they have got their stop


the DVLA will have those records. The Institute says that the drivers


are sticking two fingers up at the establishment. It looks like that.


They are going through the process, and if they go to court, the court


is a "ace for justice. It is up to magistrates to understand their


plea. In 17 years, I have been involved in it twice.


More than 10,000 people still driving with many points. Do the


authorities need to tighten up on lawbreaking drivers? Should 12


points always mean a ban? Your thoughts on this one. If you want to


contact us, you can e`mail. We will have some comments before we


finish at 7pm. Two 11`year`old girls have been


airlifted to hospital tonight after being hit by a vehicle in south


Lincolnshire. It happened this afternoon on the A15 Main Road at


Thurlby near Bourne. Gemma Dawson is live at the scene. What is the


latest? As you can see, I am not too far


away from the scene, and this is where the road is closed. This


incident happened just before 4pm this afternoon on the main road. The


girls were walking along the road when they were hit by a vehicle.


They have suffered serious head injuries and have been airlifted to


Nottingham. The road is expected to remain shut. Time. Drivers are being


urged to avoid the area. This is a main route to Peter Brock, so


officers want to hear from anyone who saw the incident. `` Peterboro.


We will have more later on. Rail services between Sleaford and


Lincoln have been suspended until Monday because of a bank slip `


which it says was caused by last month's bad weather. Network Rail


says it's detected movement in the railway bank at Ruskington, and are


laying over 2000 tonnes of stone to stabilise it. Replacement bus


services are in place. Trial dates have been set for June


for three people charged with the murder of a father of two from Hull.


Steven Herbert was attacked in Trafalgar Street on New Year's Day


and later died from his injuries. 22`year`old Samuel Jordan,


21`year`old Soul Humphries and 23``year`old Tiffany Clark will next


appear at Hull's Crown Court in March.


A report into a Hull secondary school has recommended it's closure


only a decade after it first opened. The City Council report says the


Endeavour High School should shut completely at the end of the next


academic year. There are hundreds of spare places and inspectors say the


school is under`performing. Lincoln County Hospital has released


details today of what the NHS describes as a never event. It's


because they should never happen. In this case surgical material was left


inside a patient. The hospital was put under special measures six


months ago because of 12 such incidents in three years. Lincoln


County is also struggling to reduce rates of unexpected deaths.


Operations on the wrong part of the body, or Medical equipment left


inside patients are called "never events" .


During the government's investigation into high death rates,


Lincolnshire's poor record was highlighted by the Health


Secretary. United Lincolnshire hospitals, where


there are a staggering 12 never events.


12 months on, there was another failing. Surgical packing left


inside a patient who'd just given birth.


It was not immediately dangerous, if it had been in there for a long


time, it it could have been. Board members were told that


action's now been taken to prevent another such incident. Fortunately,


it was dealt with quickly. But how well is the Trust performing


generally? When the Hospital Trust was put into


special measures last summer, 57 recommendations were made to help


improve care. Today, board members were told that more than 60% of the


most urgent ones had been implemented. Infection control is


still a problem area, with the trust unlikely to meet its own targets for


the number of C Diff cases for the year. The board was also told that


while unexpected death rates remain stubbornly high at Lincoln County


Hospital, improvements have been made at both Boston and Grantham


Hospitals. Managers know that to improve further they need to


introduce seven day working. So that it doesn't matter what day


of the week you come into the hospital, you will have access to


exactly the same services, whether that be diagnostics, support from a


physiotherapist. So we are doing planning work at the moment about


how to into juice that. But all this comes at a cost, and


local officials have to work out how to improve patient safety at a time


when they are facing spiralling debt.


Still ahead tonight: The new manager who's taken Scunthorpe United to the


top of the league. And looking to the stars, the


amateur astronomers hoping for clear skies tonight.


Tonight's photograph was taken by Simon Wright. Thank you for taking


that picture. Good evening. That asked some


e`mails about the naming of Humberside Airport. This man is


saying that it will only be open for a few days a week, only five minutes


a day. Absolutely genuine. I am dressed for work at an airport.


I like it when the colour goes from your face. Here is the weather for


tomorrow. The wind should ease, but this low pressure will bring the


rain eastwards on Wednesday night. If you have stargazing events,


tomorrow does not look bad, but there will be a lot of cloud and


rain tomorrow. There is a scattering of cloud on the latest satellite


picture. For many places, they have had a good deal of dry weather.


There will be one or two fleeting showers, but there will be some good


gaps in the clouds. It will be a frost free night. And a windy night,


with temperatures at seven Celsius. So the sun will rise in the morning


at 817 stop there will be high water in Cleethorpes. And a few showers


around for parts of Lincolnshire. But it will quickly push into the


North Sea. It looks like not too bad a day. All parts will be dry in the


afternoon, with some sunshine. And the wind will ease later.


Yesterday, the average is seven, we will be above average, with 10


Celsius in Lincoln. And then the weather system that I showed you


will come in. Wednesday night will be wet, Thursday will be showery,


then it will get drier and brighter. Friday, fine during the


daylight hours, with some rain after dark. And the weekend will be colder


with a touch of frost. There is a star in the weather


office, but she is only there on Friday.


Street lights could be switched off in parts of Lincolnshire, as the


County Council looks for new ways to save money. Hundreds of lights have


already been dimmed, but now some areas could lose street lighting,


causing concerns about crime and road safety.


County Council looks for new ways to Three quarters of councils are now


dimming lights. Simon Spark reports from North Hykeham near Lincoln.


Should we consider our street lights as essential or something we can do


without? People here have seen their street lights dimmed. Have they


noticed? We did not have a clue. It has been


a big difference. It is one of the cost`cutting


measures that the council have put in place after seeing their


electricity bill rise by ?1 million. Now with the added pressure of


having to save a further ?80 million, they are questioning


whether they can switch some street lights off altogether.


We will look at them and decide, do they need to be on, do they need to


be on all the time at night, or can we reduce the cost by having them


switched off right in the middle of the night. Did they need to be on


between 2am and 5pm? That if the lights were turned off


here, what would people think then? I think that would be dangerous. If


they did that, that is dangerous. No, if anything, they need to


increase the lighting. I would not mind at all. As long as it was


alternate. In Nottinghamshire, they have


recently reversed their switch off policy.


One of the concerns by some residents was that there was an


increase in burglaries. We have to take action to ensure that would


stop. There has also been concern from the


AA and the Royal Society that the prevention of accidents.


Some places were completely dark. There were safety concerns. You need


to monitor closely the impact on road accidents and crime.


But the Lincolnshire Federation say it should not make much difference.


I don't think it will be hugely impacted, but it might have an


impact on the fear. There is a limit on what councils


can do, but now the spotlight will be on what happens next.


If you want to send me an e`mail or text about this, do you agree with


the dimming of the streetlights? Here is the e`mail address.


The size of your telescope doesn't matter and you can even take part


without one. Everyone's being encouraged to look to the night sky,


as the BBC's Stargazing Live programme returns in just over an


hour. And there are plenty of enthusiastic amateurs in this area,


as Gemma Dawson found out. This may look like an ordinary


garden shed. But, as you can see, Paul's made a few alterations. It


took him two days to build and he now spends many evenings here in his


home`made observatory in south Lincolnshire.


I can come out here and stare at the stars and there are so many of them.


Every night, they are in a different position. This thing can see so many


objects up there, there are not enough hours in the But you don't


need expensive equipment like this. Night to see anything. As part of


Stargazing Live we're all being encouraged to look to the skies.


You can go out with your eyes, look up and see a meteor shower or


shooting stars. For that reason, I think it is uniquely engaging


amongst the sciences. I have in my hand a piece of outer


space. Michael's love of the night sky


began as a boy. This is a meteorite that originated from an asteroid. He


is a keen stargazer and has applied to be one of the first residents on


Mars and thinks that space exploration will accelerate


throughout the next 20 years. Many people will see us take our


first steps of this planet. It is a privileged time to live.


In the future, what stargazers will be able to see could be even more


exciting. Yes, a big night tonight.


And if you want to see Stargazing Live, it's on BBC Two at 8pm with


Professor Brian Cox and Dara O Briain. They're at the Jodrell Bank


Observatory. A large response to our story on the


campaign to re`name Humberside Airport, John Harrison Airport ` a


clockmaker from North Lincolnshire who changed the way we navigate


around the world. 300 years ago, he discovered a way for ships to use


his clocks to work out their position at sea. Now the John


Harrison Foundation, which promotes his achievements globally, wants his


name used by the local airport. Well we had lots of suggestions from


you about what the airport should be called ` here are just a couple of


them Meg Smith says, I've never heard of John Harrison, but if they


want to change it, then my choice is Amy Johnson ` she's better known


around here. Mr Gardener says, I think an appropriate name would be


William Wilberforce. He's known all over the world. And Joe says


Humberside Airport should definitely be renamed. "It's ridiculous how


long we've had to put up with this H`word nonsense."


Scunthorpe United's new manager could be in line for a top award,


just weeks after taking the job. Russ Wilcox has been nominated for


the Manager of the Month award after guiding the Iron to six wins from


the last eight games, which has put them top of League Two. Phillip


Norton has been to find out how he's settling into the role.


Another day, another training session for a club that's becoming


known for its emergency managers. This side of it is the biggest


change. The day`to`day running of the club is very similar. So it is


really just the media side. It is enjoyable, because we are winning


Most of them, in fact. Football matches. The Iron are now


two points clear at the top of League Two. But it's not the first


time a new manager has had a wonder touch Back in 2006, after a previous


sacking of Brian Laws, a certain physio called Nigel Adkins took the


helm. As fans sang "Who needs Mourinho, we've got our physio", he


took the club to the Championship. And this season's top scorer, the


aptly named Sam Winnall, says Russ brings belief to the team.


I think the biggest thing he has brought is positivity. He believes


in us and believe that we are good enough to get promoted, and that


belief in us has given us confidence.


So, we will find out a bit more about him.


I like to have a night in with my family. I like to have an adventure


break. Fish and chips. Pop music. I will have a bag of sweets.


He has got the weather right today. A trip to the dentist.


I am quite boring, it is family life. Football is 20 47. My son does


rugby and my daughter does netball. So it is a taxi service at home.


And the meter's running in the hot seat for this busy family man ` the


destination's hopefully a one way trip to League One.


In tonight's football, Lincoln City play Alfreton in the Conference.


Commentary will be on BBC Radio Lincolnshire. Kick off is at 7.45pm.


The first lock of hair that began the


# Belonged to Hull city's player has been sold for a lot of money. The


money raised will be given to Cancer Research UK. Tom has had a lot of


publicity, well done to him. The recent extreme weather has meant


that one of the area's seal sanctuary's is now full with rescued


seals. Natureland in Skegness say they are caring for 16 seals. They


would normally expect three or four at this time of year. They blame the


floods and strong winds that have hit the coast in recent weeks.


We started off with the high tides and the flooding at the beginning of


September, which displaced a lot of the baby seals, and they have found


their way into the area and have been washed up on the shoreline.


Wheels have seals that were born during summer, and they are being


washed up on the sandbanks and the beaches.


Final rehearsals are taking place ahead of the BBC pantomime, Mother


Goose, featuring staff from Look North and Radio Humberside. Some


tickets are still available for the performances, which are next


Thursday in Cleethorpes and the following Saturday and Sunday in


Hull. All proceeds go to Children in Need.


They are shelter from the wind and rain with a kettle and a deck` chair


and Bridlington's beach`huts are all fully`let in January. There's even a


waiting list of people who want to rent one next winter. Amanda White


went to find out why they are in demand, and what people do in them!


Surely there is nothing better than a bracing walk on the beach on a


winter's day. Or, maybe there is, because you can enjoy all of this


from the comfort of a beach hut. It is beautiful. It just goes on for


miles. It is just peaceful. Donna decided to rent of this


property for the entire winter, so she can get away from it all and


teach her to playing new instruments.


In the school holidays, I work. I work all the time, so I don't have


any time to myself stop I do odd jobs in the winter, painting and


decorating. I come down here. It is ideal for me and the children.


Donna is not alone in seeing the appeal of a beam `` winter beach


hut. I had one last winter. On a sunny


day, it is nice to come down. You can have a cup of tea or a hot


chocolate after having a walk on the beach.


Dick B is a recent joys of a winter beach hut. I often bring a kayak


down. So I use this as my base. I call it a seafront apartments.


And where better to have one? I love that. If you have a story you


think we should know about, send it in to us.


It is 6:55pm. The headlines: Storms continued to batter Britain and


there is more to come. More than 100 flood warnings are in place tonight.


And to 11`year`old girls have been airlifted to hospital with serious


head injuries after being hit by a vehicle in South Lincolnshire.


Tomorrow, it will be a risk of some showers and wind, but otherwise dry,


with temperatures at 10 Celsius. The story of the 211`year`old girls


in Lincolnshire, we will have more on that tomorrow. `` on the two


girls who are 11 years old. We are talking about the number of


drivers who have 12 points or more, but still driving a stop to people


in the area are still driving. One man says, what... 12 points on your


license and you should be jailed if you continue driving. Another e`mail


says, driving licences should have bar codes on them so they can be


updated more quickly. Another e`mail says, this is poor management, with


people not talking to each other. How can someone with 12 points get


more? Another e`mail, not only should


someone not be driving with 30 points, they should be in prison.


And another person on Twitter, of course they should be banned with 30


points. The people should think before they act.


Join me tomorrow, if you can. Have a good evening. Good night.


A tenth of a second could be the difference


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