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from the BBC News at Six. So it's goodbye from me. On BBC One we now


join the BBC's news teams where you are.


That's all from the BBC News at Six so


Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight ` MPs


debate whether high`stakes gambling machines should be banned from


betting shops. In some ways, what seems to have


happened is the most risky type of gambling has become most prevalent.


Tributes are paid to two girls critically ill after being hit by a


minibus on their way home from school.


Up in smoke ` campaigners admit defeat over their plans to reopen an


historic railway line. And could a name change for Goole


mean more people want to come and visit?


And a wet nights developing across most of the region. The latest


coming up shortly. Good evening.


They generate more than ?1 billion a year for the gambling industry but


tonight there are calls for tougher rules on a type of betting machine.


Scunthorpe MP Nic Dakin is taking part in a debate in parliament to


restrict the number of fixed odds machines that allow people to bet up


to ?300 a minute. The government says they will look at changing the


rules. Sarah Corker has this report. Described as high`speed gambling,


these fixed odds games are driving profits and betting `` in betting


shops. Place your bets on those numbers. At this bookmakers, these


machines are popular. Players can bet ?100 at every spin of the wheel.


If you want a quick gamble, play the machine, if you want a longer


gamble, horse racing. But some people do get addicted? You can get


addicted to anything. Labour have described them as toxic and they


wanted to be banned altogether and councils should have greater powers


to restrict the number bookmakers in their areas. This is a high`risk


machine which is multiplying on our high streets. In some ways, what


seems to have happened is that the most recent `` the most risky type


of gambling has most prevalent. Councils have powers to tackle the


is you and they should make use of it. I am not arguing that that is


job done, but we have a review under way. There are over 33,000 fixed


odds betting terminals in the UK, making ?1.5 billion for the big


bookmakers. That is up to half of their annual profits. You can go


back each day and think he will win, but you lose more and suddenly you


have nothing. Some people have hardly anything and they Ban it in,


hoping they can win something. Should they be banned? No, I don't


think so. Bookmakers are limited to four machines are shot. Critics say


that they can get round that by opening more branches. They can


create clusters of betting shops on the high Street. If they were to be


done away with totally, there would be a reduction of 25% of betting


shops. It would put some shops out of business? Yes.


Earlier, I spoke to Ciaran O'Brien from bookmakers Ladbrokes. I asked


him how successful these machines had been.


They are very popular with customers and they account for bookmakers ``


half of bookmakers' revenue. There are 30,000 of these machines. Are


they telling people from poor areas into gamblers on the chance of


getting a win for? No, most customers spend what they can


afford. Gambling is in decline, according to the National Health


Service out before Christmas. But a player can spend ?100 every 20


seconds and each machine makes you 825 thousand pounds a week profit.


`` ?825 a week. I think that shows you that the return for the player


is very high. You need to look at this sensibly. Most players spend


about eight to ?10 every 15 minutes. We need to target the problem


gambler, not a particular order. Some people say there are too many


betting shops in deprived areas. There was limiting numbers and we


would be willing to have a dialogue on planning. That is probably a


sensible approach. Our bookmakers ruining the high`street? No, not at


all. We are about 3% of retail, which is not overwhelming. But what


has happened in a few areas is that there is competition because of this


lift on supply. We are willing to have a dialogue on planning. Thank


you. We want to hear from you on this


story. Should there be more controls against these types of machines? Is


it too easy to gamble now or should it be left to personal choice? Maybe


you play the machines? Maybe you got addicted? Do you think the betting


shops are ruining the high`street? In a moment, we'll be live in North


Norfolk at the scene of the helicopter crash that killed four


people last night. Two 11`year`old girls remain in a


critical condition tonight, after being hit by a minibus near Bourne


while on their way home from school. The incident happened on the A15 at


Thurlby just before four o'clock yesterday afternoon. Both girls are


pupils at the Bourne Academy. The head teacher has told Look North


it's the worst possible start to the New Year. Gemma Dawson reports.


Last night this road was closed for more than four hours. Police


carrying out investigation work here after two schoolgirls were hit by a


minibus after getting off their school bus. Today, residents told me


of their shock. The neighbours told me that they have young children,


they were crying. I heard sirens going and I said to my husband, I


hope it is not those two little girls that always waved to me. My


daughter was on the same bus as the two girls who had the accident but


she didn't see anything because she was on the opposite side of the bus.


The two girls had just got off the bus and were heading home from


school. It was their first day back after Christmas. Both are pupils at


the Bourne Academy, which is two miles from here. At the school


today, pupils have been offered support and counselling. This is the


worst possible start to 2014. To have a tragic accident like this, we


are devastated. The chairman of the local parish council told me they


have been campaigning for a crossing here. He says that the whole village


is devastated. People are concerned that this could happen to two young


girls, 11 years old, first year at secondary school. Tonight, people


here thinking about the two girls who remain in a critical but stable


condition. The emergency services are on the


scene of a crash on the A15 at Thurlby near Bourne 24 hours after


the two girls were seriously injured in the same area. Four cars have


collided. It's not thought there are any serious injuries.


Police say they're becoming increasingly concerned for the


safety of a Lincoln man who went missing from a hospital last month.


Ryan Morgan's family haven't seen the 28`year`old since he left the


Peter Hodgkinson Centre at Lincoln County Hospital on 27th December.


His mother says they're extremely worried. Please get in touch with


us. We are extremely worried. We love you. We are not upset, just


very, very worried for you. It is not the same without you, we cannot


go on without you. Let us know that you are well.


A Lincoln hospital worker has been cautioned by a NHS tribunal after


posting offensive comments about patients and colleagues on a social


networking site. Paul Nam worked in the operating theatres and was


suspended in 2012 when his online remarks came to light. The caution


will stay on his employment record for three years.


It has been confirmed that improvements to the A63 in Hull will


not be completed in time for the City of Culture celebrations in


2017. The MP for West Hull and Hessle, Alan Johnson, says he has


received a letter from the Transport Secretary saying the upgrade will


not start until late 2016. A 400`metre cordon remains in place


at the site of a helicopter crash in North Norfolk. Four American airmen


were killed when the aircraft came down near Cley Next The Sea last


night. The Pave Hawk helicopter had been taking part in a low flying


exercise. Investigations are continuing in to what happened. Our


reporter Alex Dunlop is in Salthouse near the scene for us tonight.


Whatever the police been saying about the investigation? They are


saying it is very much in their hands. Then they will hand over to


the American air force crash investigators. The police cordon is


still in place. About half a mile that way is where the accident site


is. Police have been there all day. The bodies of the four servicemen


are still in the body of that wreckage 24`hour zone. For those who


are investigating the crash, who may well know these men, it must be a


harrowing process. A few hours ago, we were given the latest. There are


technical people here, both from the US and the UK military. In addition


to that, or we have people who deal with crash sites from both the RAF


and the US who will be able to assist in the recovery of the


bodies. The Norfolk coroner has been here this morning. She has now given


permission for these four bodies to be removed from the side. Astor when


that happens, it is down to the crash investigators. `` as to when


that happens. I think it is likely to happen tomorrow. Astor how this


appalling accident happened, we have no clue. `` as to how this accident


happened. This is a nature reserve and it could have been due to pilot


error. Investigators are due to the year for the next few days. The cord


and will be up until Monday. The area itself, bearing in mind that


there are no lots of live ammunition bullets around, the area could be


closed to the public for several weeks.


Still ahead ` why campaigners say they've reached the end of the line


over plans to bring back an historic railway.


And could adding "Upon Ouse" to the name of an East Yorkshire town mean


more people want to come and visit? Keep the pictures coming in. If you


have a photograph you are proud of, send it in. We can show them on the


programme. This was taken by Jeff Hall. Thank you very much.


Extra pictures tonight. A big fat moggy! The producer says, what about


the cat is Mike! But the question `` the producer says, what about the


cat? Tomorrow cloudy with outbreaks of


rain. It will improve slowly. This weather front will bring patchy rain


on Friday night. The weekend is looking more settled. A bit colder


but dry with some sunshine and frost at night. Now, we have this system


pushing up from the south`west. It looks like we are in for a wet night


at times. Let us hone in on the details. That rain is already in


some western areas. It is pushing north eastwards. Eating for a time,


but there could be heavy bursts later on. `` easing off for a time.


So the sun will rise at these times. And these are the next high water


times. So rather cloudy in the morning. Showery outbreaks of rain


pushing down from the North West. As we head through the afternoon, there


should be an improvement. Most part becoming dry and brighter. And


improving picture through the afternoon. There will be a strong


westerly wind. Looking further haired, during daylight hours,


Friday is not looking too bad. Dry with some sunshine but it does cloud


over. There will some sun `` there will be some sunshine and outbreaks


of rain. The weekend is looking very pleasant. But there is a risk of


frost at night. There were messages about the shirt


and tie. William says, shocking pink does not even come close. I demand a


pair of shades, do not wear it again. Goodbye!


Campaigners fighting to get the railway reopened between York and


Beverley say the plan has gone up in smoke. It comes after East Riding


Council voted to allow building on the once`protected route. The


council says it was unlikely the ?200 million needed for the scheme


would ever be found. Anne`Marie Tasker is live in Market Weighton,


which is on the route of the old line.


Annemarie, is today Bosman decision really the end of this plan? `` is


today? Campaigners have told me that they


have one last glimmer of hope in that they have asked the local


enterprise Council to maintain `` the local enterprise group to ask


the council to maintain protections. The line has been partially built on


and after today Bosman decision, the rest could have building as well.


Campaigners like a bonfire, claiming plans to reopen in a York to


Beverley rail line have big `` have gone up in smoke. A burn their


position as East Riding Council does `` decided that some of the rail


line can be built on. That route has been protected since 2005. We feel


that if the protection is removed and houses. To be built and the line


`` if the protection is removed, houses will start to be built. The


cost will be too great to reopen it. This was the old stationmaster's


house in Market Weighton. But this part of the railway line has already


been built on. After this afternoon's decision from the


council, the stretch of track between here and York could also be


developed. It shouldn't be protected because in some instances, they go


across perfectly legitimate development potential land around


important towns in the East Riding. We should not prevent the organic


growth `` the organic growth of East Riding towns for something which may


or may not be a feasible scheme at some point in the future. After the


decision, focus will move to the current main route the A1079. Some


people say cannot serve the population. There is an ageing


population around and they will not be able to drive. If they went to


get to the main centres, we need a method of doing that and the railway


seems to be the sensible answer. But after this decision, it seems that


for now the only thing travelling along this old rail line will be


riders and walkers. I'm joined now by the Beverley and


Holderness MP, Graham Stuart. Good evening. Has the right decision been


made today? What you have to remember is that years ago,


campaigners went to see the Labour Minister and it was specifically


ruled out. So the council are saying that they have to deal with the


world as it is rather than as they would like it to be. But they are


not ruling out the potential of a line in future. They cannot keep the


whole line in aspic. I am disappointed but I understand the


pressures they are under and the Labour government categorically


ruled it out before. You were urging the minister to look at reopening in


2006. Has the Minister let down the fastest`growing `` has the


government let down is the fastest`growing population area? I


certainly think the last government did. Instead of focusing on lines on


the map, what we have got to do, what campaigners have to do, is make


the business case. Because where we do make a strong case, then we can


make progress. Because we know we were neglected in the area for a


long time but in three years, the government has half the Humber


Bridge tolls, has built a southern relief road for Beverley and is


looking to improve the A63 in Hull. The truth is that if you make the


right case and you work hard, and I have been working hard with my


colleagues to get the electrification to Selby, then you


can get a change. The council has to deal with the world as it is. And


that is one in which the last government ruled out the line. But


this is a large population area. I use or that the A1079 can deal with


the population in the area? There have been improvements to the road,


and I would like to see more. In answer to your question just now


asked by a local question, we need to make sure that the 1079 can carry


local bus services if we do not have a local bus service `` a rail


service. The Chief Executive of Lincoln


Cathedral has warned of "very uncomfortable" times ahead if


visitor numbers don't increase. Phil Hamlyn Williams has said maintaining


and keeping the historical landmark running could lead to a financial


deficit of ?500,000. But he believes this could be turned around if


visitor numbers and revenue double. We have, over the last few years,


received a grant from English Heritage. That has now stopped. So


now, when I look ahead, I am beginning to see a gap in our budget


that could be as big as half ?1 million. So we are addressing it. We


have 75,000 paying visitors a year. If we could double that, we can pay


our way. Thanks to everyone who got in touch


about the possibility of street lights being turned off in


Lincolnshire The County Council is looking at ways to save money.


Hundreds of street lights have already been dimmed, but now some


areas could lose lighting altogether. Here are some


suggestions from you on what should be done. Olive says, Why can't


councils put solar pods on street lighting and get free lights at


night? Thank you for those.


The draw for the first round of Rugby League's Challenge cup has


been made live on Radio Humberside. 44 teams are taking part in the


first round with Super League sides Hull FC and Hull KR not joining the


competition until the fourth round. You can see full details of the draw


on the BBC Sport website. Finally, it's been done by the town


of Staines in time for London 2012. Now Goole could be about do the same


thing ahead of Hull 2017 ` and change its name! The East Yorkshire


town is hoping to attract some of Hull's cultural trade, and a local


hotelier says rebranding Goole as "Goole Upon Ouse" would help, as


Crispin Rolfe reports. An hotelier with a vision for Goole,


requiring investment. What I would love to do is have apartments and


shops and offices by the dockside and really bring Goole up. But where


will the money come for Howard Duckworth's dream? Well from this...


The UK city of culture 2017 is Hull! And Howard's suggestion to change


Goole's name to Goole Upon Ouse. 70% of the people going to hold macro


will go `` to Hull, will go past Bourne Academy. If they see `` if


they see a nicer name, they could come. And if you think that sounds


radical, it's been done before. After being the butt of Ali G jokes,


Staines in Surrey re`branded itself as Staines Upon Thames to benefit


from the London 2012 Olympic boom. Changing pool's `` Goole's name is


one thing, but there are some restrictions. There are lots of


signs to change and potentially a referendum. So two extra words,


which, whatever their popularity, could come at a cost. If we did


change the name, we would still be known as Goole. As to whether


changing the name of the town would change things all that drastically,


I am not convinced. It is ridiculous. Why change the name? We


have been Goole for so long, what difference would it make? It is


modernisation, what difference would it make?


You might have a view on that. What would you call Goole? Maybe this was


a mistake. Get in touch. Let's get a recap of the national


and regional headlines A jury decides Mark Duggan was lawfully


killed by police ` an inquest find he did have a gun but threw it away


before he was shot. MPs prepare to vote on legislation


that could ban high stakes gambling machines from betting shops.


Tomorrow's weather, mostly cloudy with showers at first. Turning dry


and brighter. Sunny intervals and miles in the fresh westerly wind. ``


and miles in the fresh westerly wind.


Responses on the fixed odds betting machines. James says it is OK for


banks to gamble with billions of taxpayers' money, but get a bailout.


But Joe Public mustn't gamble with their own money. He says Blackpool


works refused `` Blackpool was refused a casino but there are many


in London. Another example of a nanny state. If people are daft


enough to put their money in these machines, then so be it.


This one is really interesting. Steve says, these machines are very


interest `` very addictive. I got hooked on them. I spent ?900


in 20 minutes. They ruined my life. I would tell anyone stay away. A


message there from Steve. And Nick says, taking away the machines will


not solve anything. If people want to gamble, they were


gamble. The only way to solve this is to prohibit gambling altogether.


Gambling is a personal choice, like drinking or smoking. If you don't


have the money, don't do it. Or limit yourself to one day a week.


Join me tomorrow if you can. See you tomorrow.


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