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from the Atlantic. Thank you very much. That's it from us. On BBC One


we can now so it's goodbye from me, and on BBC


One, Good evening and welcome to BBC Look


North. The headlines tonight. Spiralling running costs put the


future of privately run care homes at risk. There is a chronic


underfunding of care nationally. An inquest into the death of a Red


Arrows pilot hears claims of a shocking lack of engineering


resources at the aerobatics team. Campaigners say Government plans to


improve post offices will actually mean a poorer service for local


people. If it wasn't for the post office here, I don't know what we


would do. Why work from Matisse, Dali, Picasso and Warhol have gone


on display at a Lincoln art gallery. Don't forget to join me for the


weather forecast. Red tape and rising costs are


forcing care homes for vulnerable elderly people out of business,


that's according to the owner of one home in Lincolnshire. Now residents


living at the Red House in Stamford face having to move out and their


families are worried about what that will mean for their care in the


future. They claim there's a shortage of residential places in


south Lincolnshire. Tonight the organisation that represents care


homes says it's a story that's being repeated across the country. Sarah


Corker has this report. The cost of providing 24`hour


elderly care has proved too much for this Stamford Care Home. Audrey


Smart moved here after a stroke four years ago ` and is visited daily by


her daughter. We know they are safe, well cared for and we don't have to


worry. You have to keep fighting, because she has nobody to speak for


her. Upsetting news for the 21 residents here, who must leave by


the end of the month. Spiralling staffing costs, red tape and a lack


of funding are to blame the owner told me. There is a chronic


underfunding nationally. Only five residents are funded by the council,


so is this a case of your management by you? No, because we have been


doing this for years. At Red House it costs ?670 per resident per week


for care. For those eligible the council pays ?436 per person ` plus


?109 for those needing nursing care. A total of ?545, a ?125 short fall.


Britain's ageing population is putting increasing demand on nursing


home places and on the NHS, and there are concerns financial


pressures in many are now struggling to cover the cost of care.


Lincolnshire County Council says it has recently increased the amount it


pays for care ` funding which helps Frank Green and his wife Vera. He


makes the short drive to see her here every day. We have been


together now 70 years. It is the problem travelling. There are no


spaces in this area, which means mum will call from a former five hour


visit every day by dad to one or two are visit each week. Estimates


suggest 1500 cares homes are at risk of going bust. The owner here warns


small care homes, offering one to one care could become a thing of the


past if costs continue to rise. I'm joined now by Nadra Ahmed who is


from the National Care Association who represents care homes across the


country. Are you hearing a similar story from members of your


organisation that they are having to close? I think we are beginning to


hear much more of that, because we are beginning to hear that people


are no longer to sit able to sustain that shortfall. That is the worry,


the shortfalls that add up. When you're trying provide a quality


service and you are hampered by the fact you're not getting appropriate


funding, delivered as commissioning it, then you are in that no win


situation, because bureaucracy has been pieced, all the other costs are


increasing, but for the last few years, a lot of the commissioners


are giving seasonal increases. Some care homes have had a bad press


recently, so you must welcome the checks. I welcome checks, because


one bad case actually white site all the hundreds of thousands of care


workers who are doing excellent jobs, an example is this home where


people are so happy. One of them spoils the whole bunch, because


that's what people will focus on. Yes, we should have stringent


regulations and they should be properly implemented, but it is


about people coming into the services and looking at what is


going on, not about paperwork. The paperwork takes people away from the


job they actually started out to do, which is to care for individuals.


They are expensive now, we'll we see less and less of them? I hope not,


because I hope people will see that as a future in this market. I hope


not, I hope people will look at it and invest in this industry, because


it is a great industries to be in. Thank you very much. We want to hear


from you on this story ` do you think more money should be made


available to help care for the elderly?


It is a very emotive issue. We look forward to hearing from you. In a


moment. We speak to a man who tells us he lost almost ?1,000 in 20


minutes on a high stakes gambling machine.


An inquest into the death of a Red Arrows pilot has been hearing how


the aerobatics team had a shortage of experienced engineers. Flight


lieutenant Sean Cunningham died when his ejector seat activated while his


plane was on the ground at RAF Scampton in November 2011. The


inquest at Lincoln Coroners Court has today been hearing from the


ground crew ` those whose job it was to carry out the final safety checks


on the jets. Caroline Bilton was there and joins me from our Lincoln


studio. What has been said today about staffing levels at RAF


Scampton? The inquest this morning heard today


from squadron leader Martin Higgins ` the man in charge of safety. He


had returned to work with the team in the summer of 2011 after being


away for four years. He commented on the dilution of


experience. In fact we heard a number of times throughout the day


of how young the engineers were and that a number of them working on the


hawk jets were fresh out of training school. Later this afternoon an


interview conducted at the time of the incident with Flt Sgt Cox ` a


senior maintenance engineer was read out.


We've heard from the team who carried out the final checks on


Sean's plane on the morning of the incident and nothing untoward was


seen. Sean even gave the thumbs up to the team just moments before his


ejector seat went off. One Corporal Lyndon Picken described how he was


just two feet away when it did. He said he felt the blast and the heat


then he was blown off his feet. The inquest continues. It is expected to


last up to three weeks. Campaigners in a number of East


Yorkshire villages are unhappy at plans to change their post office.


The government wants post offices to open longer hours ` which could see


them move into local convenience stores. But some Sub Post Masters


and Mistresses say it will lead to reduced services. Our Rural Afffairs


Correspondent Linsey Smith has more. For centuries, the Post Office has


been at the heart of many villages. And over the years, plans to close


them have prompted protests. But once again, the Post Office as we


know it, is about to change. That's a worry for Helen Watson. Her family


has run the branch in South Cave for 36 years. You just feel as though


you have worked hard to try and build it up and then they are taking


it away from us. Under these modernisation plans, the Post Office


hope to move almost 5,000 branches into local convenience stores. That


would mean longer opening hours, but the possibility of a cut in the


services being offered. We run an Internet business, and if it wasn't


for the post office here I don't know what we would do. It is an


asset to the village and we should not lose it. We must keep it. If the


South Cave Post Office was relocated to a convenience store, residents


could have to travel eight miles to Hessle to collect undelivered


parcels. And for some services, possibly nine miles to Cottingham.


They may have to travel here to post heavier parcels and you were


complicated banking transactions. Things they can do here at the


moment, but may not be possible when it is in the smallest space. The


change has already happened in North Cave ` and it looks like this. The


Post Office told us this is the largest investment programme in its


history, and they are committed to maintaining services. This


government is committed to keeping our post offices by modernising it.


We will not be closing any post offices. Many want to keep their


post office just as intense. They hope petitions will help. But these


new plans contain no room for nostalgia. Linsey Smith, BBC Look


North. You might have view on this story as


well, is it better to have more post office services in places like


convenience stores or should the traditional post office be


protected? A man who made bombs in his shed in


East Hull has been sent back to jail for ignoring an ASBO which banned


him from his hobby. Paul Smith's interest in explosives came to the


attention of police when neighbours on this street got sick of the loud


bangs. He was jailed in 2012 after devices ` including a pipe bomb, a


rocket launcher and sophisticated trigger systems ` were found in a


shed at his parents' home. Today, a judge at Hull Crown Court jailed


Paul Smith for 20 months. Council tax in North East


Lincolnshire could rise for the first time in four years, and the


council may cut more than two hundred jobs as it tries to cut


spending. Councillors are looking at raising the tax on households by


almost two`per`cent every year for the next three years. A final


decision will be made later this month.


She'd worked in local politics for three decades and Sheila Waudby was


was about the realise her dream of becoming Hull's Lord Mayor when she


died on Christmas Eve. Today all three of the city's Labour MPs


turned out to pay their respects at her funeral. Colleagues described


Sheila, a former school dinner lady, as a "formidable woman who did a


magnificent job for the people of Hull". Phillip Norton reports.


The city she regarded as her family stands still for Deputy Lord Mayor


Sheila Waudby. Politicians and city leaders were among those paying


their respects to the former dinner lady, who would have become Lord


Mayor in a matter of months. It is a very sad occasion. Sheila was a


formidable person and she cared passionately about fighting


injustice and doing well for her community. The service paid tribute


to her dedication to her work as well as her family. Captain John


Watson described her as she was a staunch Labour supporter who had a


great love for young people. The Eastfield MP said she had helped


thousands of people over the years and was respected, even feared,


across political divides. But it was perhaps her daughter who captured


the congregation by saying that she regarded the city as her family.


Thank you for the love and care you gave to mum, she said. I thought


that was a lovely gesture, and its book from her experience of how much


the city meant to Sheila. After dedicating almost three decades to


local politics, it was a fitting farewell to ten one, described as a


remarkable public servant and a phenomenal woman.


The funeral of Sheila Waudby today. Still ahead tonight: Could this


former Lincoln City player cause a cup upset when they face his present


side North Ferriby United? The masterworks from some of the world's


most famous artists that are going on display in Lincoln. Tonight's


photograph. Looking out from Hull Paragon Station on a sunny December


afternoon....taken by Colin Edwards. Today is 60 years since weather


forecast started in the UK and this is what we have perfected.


Bert Ford would have turned in his grave.


Tonight: Cloudy with patchy outbreaks of rain at first, becoming


dry and clear later. Minimum temperature 1C with icy patches


possible around dawn. Tomorrow: Fine and dry with a good deal of


sunshine. Maximum temperature 6C. Moderate westerly wind. Sunday: Mist


and fog lifting into low cloud. Chilly. There could be a ground


frost in rural parts. The sun will rise in the morning at around


8:15am. A lovely bright day. Long spells of sunshine, probably


unbroken. Beautiful conditions along the coast with a moderate wind.


Temperatures cluster Village for the middle of January. Seven degrees is


possible. A widespread sharp frost to come for Saturday night. It may


brighten up in places on Sunday afternoon. Monday looks set to fine


after a wet night on Sunday. Choose state sees warm rain.


`` more rain. On Wednesday's BBC Look North we


were talking about high stakes betting machines and calls for


restrictions to be placed on them. After the programme Steve Hendey


from Hull got in touch about his past gambling problem. He lost


nearly ?1,000 on a machine in just 20 minutes. He told Tolu Adeoye his


story. I started when I was 22. Bad it happens when I was younger.


Steve Hendey first went into a bookmakers three years ago to bet on


a football match. It became a weekly ritual but he soon moved onto the


gambling machines. It was the buzz of winning money. They go in with


?20 and you come out with 120. We think you can do it all the time,


but you can't. What was the point where you thought


you didn't want to do it any more? The ?900 in 20 minutes, it made me


feel physically sick. Do you take responsibility for the gambling?


Yes, it was my choice. I was not strong enough to stop the till I


realised it was a very low point. It's been a year since Steve used a


machine. He says he's come forward to warn others about how quickly the


addiction can escalate. You don't think you will get hooked, but you


will. I am a lot stronger now. How have you managed to stop yourself?


It was mainly that I was losing a lot of money and I was not happy, so


I had to change my life. We had a very big response on that story.


A former Lincoln City player is hoping to cause a cup upset and help


his present side North Ferriby United into the quarter finals of


the FA Trophy. Defender Danny Hone left the Imps two seasons ago and


played for Gainsborough Trinity before moving to Conference North


leaders Ferriby. Our sports reporter Simon Clark caught up with him.


This is Danny Hone who once upon a time proudly wore the red and white


stripes of Lincoln City. But this weekend he'll be back at Sincil Bank


in Ferriby green and white. Ferriby play a division beneath Lincoln but


as the leaders Danny and his team`mates are full of optimism. It


is a big game for the club, but the lads and I just see it as another


game we are right to win. There is no war pressure on us. It is no


different from a normal game and we will go there full of confidence.


The two clubs have very different histories. The Imps were formed in


1884 ` 50 years before the East Yorkshire club. The Imps reached


their highest league position of fifth in division two in 1902.


Ferriby's long non`league heritage sees them achieveing their highest


league placing this very week top of Conference North. There is a golf


from our division to Lincoln, but hopefully we can bridge that. At


Sincil Bank this vital midweek Conference Premier victory over


Alfreton came at a cost. A number of players took knocks and may not be


available to Gary Simpton for the Trophy game. We have had injuries


and suspensions and it has really got to us. This game represents a


genuine step up in class, but whoever wins, they will be in the


last eight of this competition, so the archway of Wembley will start to


come into view. What's at stake tomorrow.


Hull City meet third`placed Chelsea in the Premier League in a repeat of


the opening fixture of the season. Jose Mourinho's Chelsea secured a


two`nil win against the Tigers at Stamford Bridge in August and Steve


Bruce believes tomorrow's match will be just as difficult. The one thing


we have to do is play well because if you play Chelsea in the team they


have put out, they have to defend well and we have to pose a threat,


because the quality is there for everybody to see, and the


outstanding manager, they are rumbling along very, very nicely.


Scunthorpe United have announced the signings of three players. Striker


Paddy Madden and Midfielder Dave Syers have both agreed


two`and`a`half`year contracts at Glanford Park. The Iron have also


confirmed that Marcus Williams, who's been on loan with the club,


has signed an 18` month deal. And BBC Radio Humberside will have


coverage of that match on their FM frequency from three o'clock. Before


that they will have commentary on Hull City's home game with Chelsea


on FM. That's from 1245. Grimsby Town's FA Trophy trip to Maidenhead


will be on digital and the web from three. For the North Ferriby


perspective on their match against Lincoln City you will need to be on


AM frequency. And BBC Radio Lincolnshire will also have


commentary for Imps fans on all frequencies. Their coverage starts


from two o'clock. Picasso, Matisse, Dali and Warhol


are four of the biggest names in modern art and for the first time


from tomorrow you can see works by all of them in Lincoln. After three


years of careful negotiation the city's Usher Gallery has secured the


Modern Master exhibition which showcases some of history's most


iconic artworks. Simon Spark has been taking a look.


Four artistic giants of the 20th Century are being displayed for the


first time in Lincolnshire. More than 50 works on loan from the


Victoria and Albert Museum have been selected to illustrate the use of


print. And who better to display than Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso,


Salvador Dali and Andy Warhol. Yes, it is massively exciting, because I


know from being young at school, these are the names you study and


for us to stand there and see something you have seen in a book so


many times is fantastic. You can see how Matisse has carved into the wood


to produce the lines. These are for real weak prints from Salvador Dali.


These are anti`war old prints, where you can see the commercial process.


This piece from the castle is a drypoint itching. It is amazing, an


amazing collection. It is a really big event. The exhibition previously


enjoyed a sell out run at the V A in London, but you can see it in


Lincoln, completely free of charge. Simon is live at the exhibition


tonight ` how much of an achievement is it getting this art work to


Lincoln? This is a huge thing for Lincoln and


I think this is finally being realised that tonight's launch


party. These are original prints from world`renowned artists and they


are described as representing the most creative and diverse period in


the history of Western art. With a display like this, you need perfect


lighting, perfect temperature and extra security, but regardless of


that, it is free to get in. It is open from 10am tomorrow and runs


white through till the 30th of March.


I reckon there will be some queues there. Let's get a recap of the


national and regional headlines. A police officer admits he lied in


the Plebgate affair that led to the resignation of a cabinet minister.


Spiralling running costs but the future of private care Tomorrow's


weather: homes at risk. Fine and dry with a good deal of sunshine. Highs


of 6C with a moderate westerly wind. We were talking about care home


places just a few minutes ago on the programme. It is always a very


emotive issue with the viewers of this programme. Just a few of your


comments. There is no way to make your home is cheaper, but demand


will increase. One person text it that is taking away the money takes


away the protection. An anonymous text says, I work in a care home and


appreciate the costs and wondering that is available is not enough. I


went into gear to help and be a companion to residents, not to be


bombarded with paperwork and the lack of staff we have. Thank you for


all the messages tonight and this week. Have a very peaceful weekend.


Thank you for watching. I


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