14/01/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Australia. More about the weather where you are on-line. That's


Good evening, and welcome to BBC Look North.


The headlines tonight: The rising cost of stand`in consultants as our


hospitals battle to fill senior medical jobs.


I would have to really consider it in terms of hours. I do want to have


a family at some point in the future and I do not know if it would fit in


with my plans for that. The Lincolnshire teacher


hospitalised after her car was crushed by an African elephant.


The Lincolnshire footballer who believes he's the only openly gay


player in the English game. The quality should be here for


everybody. Like racism, we have got over that, it should be the same


with homosexuality. Move over, Sydney ` why tourism


bosses want the Humber Bridge to be the latest major visitor attraction.


Milder air around rain on the way tonight, that five`day forecast


follows shortly `` Mulder air and rain on the way.


Hospitals in our area are still having problems recruiting full`time


doctors to work in accident and emergency departments. New figures


obtained by the Labour Party show that spending on temporary staff in


hospitals across northern Lincolnshire and Goole has increased


by 25% to more than ?900,000 a year. Our health correspondent, Vicky


Johnson reports. This is the front line of emergency


care. But many of our A simply couldn't function without locums `


they're temporary or freelance doctors who fill gaps in the rota.


It is because fewer graduates opting to specialise in emergency medicine.


Ruth brand is a fourth`year medical student. She admits that while she


enjoys the buzz of the department long nights and weekend working put


her off. I would have to really consider it. I want to have a family


at some point in the future and I do not know if that would fit in. In


the year 2009`2010 ?737,000 was spent on local doctors. I last year


that figure had risen to 920,000. That is a rise of around 25%. With


six out of ten A consultant posts still not filled, that is likely to


continue to rise. Today the opposition blamed the government.


The first warning signs were three years ago. No, the problem was a


historic one. This has the building for the last decade. When my


honourable friend was Secretary of State he failed to make those


long`term workforce decisions. Increasing pay and changing hours is


not the only answer, I am told. I am not doing it because it pays well, I


am doing it because I want to do right by the people of this country.


Pay does not attract me. However they decide to tackle the problem of


getting more doctors to work permanently and A, one thing is


certain, that it will not be a quick fix.


What can the NHS do to get more full`time doctors into A? We


search shows that around half of training posts current legal


unfilled. To try to entice more young doctors to go into A they


are going to do this by introducing more flexible working, by cutting


hours, increasing the holiday pay and by introducing more training. As


the young undergraduate told us, something must be done to encourage


a better worklife balance. `` work`life balance. It takes six


years to train somebody to work in emergency medicine, sword looks like


our hospitals are going to face a further drain on their budgets as


they continue to use hospital will comes `` so it looks like. We want


to hear from you on this story. Do you think it matters whether doctors


are temporary? Maybe you think more needs to be done to make it more


attractive to work in A? You can get in touch on e`mail or


text. In a moment: The council without


enough councillors ` why no decisions can be made in the


Lincolnshire town that's been left underrepresented.


A teacher from Lincolnshire has had a lucky escape after an elephant


attacked the car she was in while on safari in Africa. It rolled the car


several times, piercing her thigh with its tusk. And it was all caught


on camera. Caroline Bilton reports. Getting up close and personal with


the wildlife in South Africa, but within moments this


once`in`a`lifetime experience turned horribly wrong. And it was all


caught on camera by tourists in a car just 100 feet away. You see the


elephant turn and then roll the car over and over again. Inside, a


teacher from Lincolnshire, Sarah Brooks, and her partner. Both no


doubt fearing for their lives. This is where the attack took place ` the


Kruger National Park, one of the largest game reserves in Africa and


a popular destination with tourists. For this couple, it was a holiday


they were lucky to survive ` Miss Brooks was stabbed in her thigh by


one of the elephant's tusks after it penetrated the car. Her partner


suffered less serious injuries. At the school where Sarah Brooks worked


in Spalding, a sense of shock. They say they wish her a full and speedy


recovery. The general manager at the Kruger National Park says the


elephant had to be killed because they could not understand its


behaviour. They later discovered it had been experiencing a condition


where testosterone levels rise, causing male elephants to become


more aggressive. For this couple, this was a close encounter that


perhaps was a little too close. Caroline Bilton, BBC Look North.


Witnesses have described in court today how they saw an East Yorkshire


woman hysterical, upset and not knowing what she was doing after a


fatal car collision with her sister. Rosie Ann Stone denies causing the


death of her sister Jennie last February when their cars collided on


the A165 near Fraisthorpe. Simon Spark has been in court today.


Simon, what have you heard? Peter, we've heard numerous accounts mainly


from witnesses who were in the queue of traffic that followed a flatbed


lorry at 40mph on the A165 Fraisthorpe Straight. From what


we've heard today, Rosie Ann was behind the lorry and over took it,


but at the same time Jennie Stone, her sister, was overtaking from


further back along that queue of traffic. They collided, Jennie


seemed to lose control and ran into a tree. The question here was


whether Rosie Ann was careless in her manoeuvre and whether that


caused the death of her Sister. Today we heard from the lorry


driver, from a van driver and from a driver that witnessed them three


abreast coming from the other direction, a key piece of evidence


came from Sarah Jane Williams, who was directly behind Rosie as she


pulled out in her car. She saw her indicate and checked her own mirror


to do the same, she said it was clear but she double`checked and saw


Jennie's blue car coming at speed. She later described how upset Rosie


Ann was, shouting, "Jennie, what have you done it for, I didn't see


you, what have you done it for?" But the police's view from, senior


investigating officer John Rusted, was that Jennie was in the process


of overtaking and prior to that Rosie Ann had the opportunity to


observe her overtaking in her rear`view mirror. The case continues


tomorrow. An inquest into the death of a Red


Arrows pilot has heard that the number of engineers on the team has


increased since the accident. Sean Cunningham died when his ejection


seat went off while his plane was on the ground at RAF Scampton two years


ago. The coroner heard this morning that a senior engineer has been


employed and is currently being trained.


Police have been granted more time to question a man who was arrested


after a person was found dead in Louth. Richard Samuel Woods, who was


32, was found at a house on Spring Terrace in the early hours of


Sunday. The 23`year`old man was arrested at the scene.


Still ahead tonight: The Lincolnshire footballer who believes


he's the only openly gay player in the English game.


And forget Sydney or the Golden Gate ` why the Humber Bridge could be the


next big tourist attraction. Don't forget to keep your


photographs coming in. If you have one that you're proud of send it in


by e`mail or hard copy. John says, it has been dull, can you


ask what happened to the winter sunshine?


It is always dull in Willoughby! Does that mean that you got it


wrong? Moving on... It was nice in Lincolnshire.


The headline for the next 24 hours is quite a cloudy one, especially in


Willoughby frigate will be some patchy rain at first and then again


later `` where there will be some patchy rain. This weather front will


bring more patchy rain and from the south`west later tomorrow and into


tomorrow it will be mostly dry. It will be a generally bright day apart


from some stubborn cloud persisting across certain parts. That will come


across as in the next few hours, just a touch of ground frost right


now but temperatures are on the rise with some cloud and rain and drizzle


spreading eastwards. There will be some misty nets over the tops of the


walls. By dawn tomorrow morning it will be new verse six or seven


Celsius. The sun will rise in the morning at around ten past eight. A


grade, dull start with outbreaks of patchy rain. `` a great, dull start.


Patchy rain will threaten once more from the south`west. The most


notable feature from tomorrow will be the temperatures. A mild feel


tomorrow afternoon, generally figures reaching ten or even 11


Celsius. A bit of patchy rain on Wednesday night, a dull start on


Friday, otherwise dry and bright. Saturday looks quite damp with


further rain or drizzle at times. One plane today had a vapour trail


and wondered not. Can you ask Paul by?


I have no idea. Koch you on the hop there. `` court


to you. See you tomorrow. He plays in front of hundreds of


people every week, and one Lincolnshire footballer says he


believes he's the only openly gay player in the professional or


semi`professional game. Liam Davis was speaking days after the former


Premier League midfielder Thomas Hitzlsperger came out. The


23`year`old Gainsborough Trinity player says he hopes there will be


many more openly gay footballers in the game by the time he finishes his


career. He spoke to our sports reporter Simon Clark.


It has been quite a week in the life of cafe owner and semiprofessional


footballer Liam Davis. He decided to make his homosexuality public even


though family and most team`mates already knew. The reaction, he says,


has been astonishing. The amount of stuff that has come out from it,


support on Twitter and Facebook, as you would expect, social media in


this day and age, has been fantastic. The number of people that


have been contacting me for articles, TV things, it has been a


lot more than I expected. Only last week Thomas Hitzlsperger


revealed that he was gay, hopefully encouraging others to come out.


Hopefully it will encourage others because they will see that they can


still be professional football players, play at the highest level,


and still be gay. It is not a contradiction, as I proved. The lads


have been relaxed about it. We cannot treat it as something


different because it is just Liam. As long as he performs well on


Saturday that is all we kill about. `` all we care about. Liam hopes


that coming out could help others to deal with their sexuality and sport.


It comes out another sports but football seems to be a still a bit


worried about it. We still need more action from the FA and putting money


into things like campaigns and poster campaigns to say that it is


okayed to be gay in football. Tonight the FA have told us that


those who discriminate against Lyon and other gay players will face the


appropriate sanctions. `` discriminate against Liam.


Simon mentioned Justin Fashanu in his report there, so far the only


gay professional football player to come out while still playing. Sadly


he committed suicide in 1998. I can speak to his niece, Amal. Good


evening. We have 5000 professional footballers, why do think that none


of them have owned up to being gay? I suppose it is something pretty


scary and I do not think that the environment is designed or set or


has been in the past four footballer to decide to want to come out. I


think that after Justin Fashanu and the example that he set, it showed


that there was fear and that if you do commit something bad will happen


to you. It is all revolving around negativity and if you do come, what


will happen and, like Justin Fashanu, but nowadays things are


changing. This is the proof that things are changing. Do you think


that your uncle would think that enough progress has been made? It


does not look like it. It is kind of sad because footballers are advised


by other people like managers and agents. I think that the way that


they are managed as along the lines of, do not come out, if you do then


it will not be good for you. The outcome will not be positive, but


really it is and you should always find the time to be true to who you


are because otherwise you have other types of problems like depression or


other things are having to commit suicide. So you think that these


taunts and abuse that people are worried about, that it would not


happen? We are in 2014, like me there are many other individuals who


share their mentality that if a footballer came out regardless of


whether he was playing retired nobody really cares any more. In


order to make it so that nobody should care, then you have to come


out and be who you are, why pretend? Why do normal street food follows


not want to talk about the subject `` normal straight footballers? You


must be delighted and proud that Liam has come out to talk about it.


I am, I detained him amazing. Who cares? It is none of my business who


you go to bed with that night. If you are a good player then that is


lime and trusted on. It is great for him to be who he is. Do you think


that stories like Liam's will encourage more people come out? Do


you think that football needs to do more to tackle homophobia? Just a


reminder, here is the e`mail address... Officials from Hull City


Council will find out what they need to do to provide a permanent home


for the aircraft carrier HMS Illustrious when it is


decommissioned next year. Business leaders in the city would


like to use the ship as a floating tourist attraction on the Humber.


They'll now get the chance to view the vessel and learn more about the


bidding process. A man has appeared via videolink at


Newcastle Crown Court after a fire on a ferry just off the Bridlington


coast last month. Six people had to be winched off the DFDS ship and


were airlifted to hospital. Boden George Hughes is charged with arson


reckless to endangering life, and affray. He's due to go on trial in


June. We asked for your response to the


news that fracking could be carried out in Lincolnshire. French oil


company Total is investing ?28 million in test drilling for shale


gas near Gainsborough. There was a very big response on this story,


thank you very much indeed. Jenny in Hornsea said, "I'm really


against it because obviously there are grounds for having it banned in


France and other European countries. I think we need to look into why it


has been banned in other countries, look at the scientific evidence and


the debate behind it before any decisions are made." Bill


they are supposed to be the backbone of local Chrissy, town and parish


councils look after a range of 80s. `` of local communities.


According to the locals, all is not as it should be in this small


Lincolnshire market town. They say it's a bit shabby and rundown, as


Mike Chiappini explains. This is another concern I have about the


parish council not maintaining things around the town. This is a


nice sign which welcomes people to Wainfleet as you come in on this


direction. It has been missing from this poll for released 12 months.


Here you can see a pile of rubbish inside the cemetery which would


normally be inside a very large wheelie bin but for some reason that


has disappeared. This is another item which I think that the town


council should be attending to. It was only put up last year.


The problem is that Wainfleet Town Council currently has just three


members and cannot make any legal decisions or sanction any changes


because the council needs at least four members to have a quorum. They


are in a Catch`22, I appreciate that, but they should have seen this


coming, I think, in my opinion, should have seen what is happening


and done something about it before now. But the council claims it is


trying to do something about the situation and says it knows people


interested in joining but is unsure how to bring them in. Whilst we know


that we can advertise we are not sure whether we can legally co`opt


them. That is something that we are asking, can we advertise, but can we


also adopt those prospective councillors, or is that something


that only you can do. East Lindsey District Council says it is aware of


the current arrangement and is waiting to be officially contacted


by the parish clerk. It says it has powers to help the town council to


appoint new members and set the council tax precept. For the time


being, the town council says it accepts residents concerns and is


keen to restore a full council as soon as possible. Amy Cole, BBC Look


North. The Hull City owner says he'll leave


the club if plans to change the name aren't approved. Owner Assem Allam


said there was no doubt he would leave if the Football Association


don't approve his proposed name change to Hull Tigers. Meanwhile


Allam confirmed that a deal to sign Nikica Jelevic will be finalised.


Meanwhile Assem Allam says the club's record deal to sign Nikica


Jelevic will be concluded today and they've agreed terms for West Brom's


Shane Long. Scunthorpe United have made their sixth permanent signing


in the January transfer window. Former Coventry and Birmingham


attacker Gary McSheffrey has been signed until the end of the season,


following his hit hat`trick for the reserve team last week.


There are plans to make the attempt to `` to make the Humber Bridge into


a full`blown tourist at action. `` to rest attraction.


It's not just about getting from one side of the Humber to the other,


people as well as cars like to cross it ` and many had plenty of ideas on


how to improve the experience. I enjoy the exercise and I walk it


several times a week. I would like to see cyclists separated from


walkers. A bit more for kids would be good. A bit of Angie jumping if


you are extreme! A nice cafe and somewhere to sit, if you have been


for a walk around then you will be a bit tired. You can climb Sydney


Harbour Bridge in Australia and its visitor centre has its own cinema.


The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco attracts ten million


people a year with its Pavilion, charting its history and selling


merchandise. And closer to home the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol


offers free tours. I am very pleased to have been invited to open the


Humber Bridge today. But the Humber Bridge hasn't changed since it


opened more than 30 years ago, and councillors want to change that,


with a huge visitor centre. We have got an iconic structure called the


Humber Bridge. What we need to do as a community and take advantage of


the whole City of Culture 2017 is to make that not just an iconic site


but also a site which will create jobs and create a former interesting


tourist centre for people coming into the region. Events do currently


take place to attract more people, like the monthly farmers' market, a


huge party also took place to celebrate its 25th birthday and


there were once plans to illuminate it at night. 56,000 people already


come here, but it's hoped even more will come and perhaps take a selfie.


Let's get a recap of the national and regional headlines.


Coronation Street actor goes trial, he is accused of rape and indecent


assault. And the NHS is struggling to fill


senior consultant post is. We were talking about stand and


doctors at the start of the programme. One viewer says, if I was


a lawsuit usefully injured I would not care if the doctor was a


temporary doctor or not, a doctor is a doctor regardless. One viewer says


that people should not going to medicine if they do not want to work


weekends. Brian says, if people stopped paying locums extortionate


amounts then sends would prevail. And another, A has never been an


area that is popular with doctors, this would need looking into first.


And also we had that very moving film, we were talking to Amal


Fashanu fear, and we have been talking about Liam Davis. Great to


see a local footballer brave enough to be himself. Best wishes to him.


That comes from John. I am sure that we as watching. Thank you for


watching. Join us tomorrow if you can. Take care. Goodbye.


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