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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Mikaeel Kular's community. That's all from


Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight. Claims


hunts are illegally killing foxes with dogs...a decade after the ban.


They are using methods that looked legal, but we see a legal activity a


lot of times. Not guilty of causing her sister's death in a car crash.


But prosecutors say the case was in the public interest.


Bingo halls call for a tax`cut to revive business. And the joke shop


owner who thinks his building is haunted.


And it's a bit unsettled this week. Join me later for the details.


Anti`foxhunting investigators say some hunts are openly breaking the


law and subjecting foxes to extreme cruelty. The League Against Cruel


Sports says it will be monitoring more hunts to gather evidence this


year. It follows the prosecution of four members of the Middleton Hunt


in Yorkshire. But some hunts say the activists pose a danger to


legitimate groups ` whose memberships are standing strong. Our


Rural Affairs Correspondent Linsey Smith is here. Why ` a decade after


the ban ` is there so much confusion about the law?


Peter, when the Hunting Act came into force in 2005 it made the


pursuit of a wild animal by one or more dogs illegal. What is legal


though is using one or two dogs to flush out an animal and then shoot


it. This doesn't just apply to foxes and fox hunting but a decade on it's


still the most controversial aspect of the law, as we discovered when we


went out with hunt monitors. We are here today to look at a fox hunt.


Information indicates they may be breaking the law. He's been verbally


abused, assaulted and tracked. Since the Hunting Act came into force in


2005, Paul Tilsley spends his life watching. And waiting. In a lot of


hunts are blatantly disregarding the law. They are using methods which


make it look legal, but when we go and watch them, we see illegal


activity a lot of times. In fact, most times, we see illegal activity.


This footage shot by Paul lead to four members of the Middleton Hunt


pleading guilty to illegal hunting last year. It shows a hunted fox


hiding in hay bales. It's surrounded. On the left of the


screen the fox bolts the hay bales with the hounds in pursuit. The hunt


master is seen blowing his horn to announce the kill. That is not


uncommon for this area of the country. We get information from


various hunts around the area that what they are doing is stretching


the law or just plainly being illegal. But as this footage from


Boxing Day shows, the investigators have done little to dent numbers.


People may be confused from time to time, but the bottom line is they


have been operating for a long time now under this law and they have


been a tiny number of cases where the hundreds have even gone to


court, never mind being infected. We asked them to speak to us about


allegations and we also asked to attend a hunt, but they all declined


our request. Exact figures that relate specifically to fox hunting


aren't readily available. But when it comes to the Hunting Act in


general, Humberside Police boast the second highest prosecution rate in


the country. But Lincolnshire Police told us although they will


investigate allegations of illegal activity ` they don't regularly


monitor hunts. And whilst that is happening, Paul will not give up.


Just let us know when they are coming our way. We have been out


here waiting for quite a few hours already, waiting for a hunts to go


past that he has intelligence on. They have ten investigators working


seven days a week. Paul suspects a lone rider spots him ` and warns


others of his hide`out. The hunt's usual route is changed. And he's on


the move again. It's a tense situation. The monitors say their


aim is to stop animal cruelty. The huntsmen insist they operate within


the law. Many in favour of hunting have told


us they see the Act as an attack on countryside traditions. They want it


repealed ` so that can once again hunt in peace. Not something the


monitors are likely to let happen. Earlier, I spoke to Jim Barrington


who is from the Countryside Alliance and asked him why some hunts are


disregarding the law. I am not sure that they are. The trouble is people


don't understand the Hunting Act. Police say it is badly drafted and a


nightmare to enforce, so a lot of people who see hundreds


automatically think they are breaking the law, but the vast


majority are not. If they are doing nothing wrong, why did every hunt in


our area refused to let us film or a doctor was in an interview? That is


a matter for them, but the problem is they feel threatened, they feel


they have monitors out on their backs. You cannot always judge that


evidence. But you don't have a problem with the hunt monitors?


If they were unbiased, but the vast majority of them are biased. I don't


think it is a matter for a charity to enforce the law. People think


hunts are breaking the law, then let's have good, sound evidence. The


problem is the Hunting Act creates technical problems. Which accept


hunting is still going on and you don't want us to see it, because it


is a rich man's sport. I don't go hunting, I am from the animal


welfare side of wings. I wish people would read the Hunting Act. Its


changes the use of dogs, it doesn't ban it completely. You once


described hunting is barbaric and bloodthirsty. Nothing has changed,


has it? That is what I said at the time, because I didn't understand


it. I went out and saw it and saw the alternatives. I know the use of


scenting dogs is a unique process and should never have been banned.


If we want to address cruelty, we should look at genuine cruelty,


based on genuine evidence. Would you support a change in the law? Should


it be down to animal welfare groups to monitor hunts? Or should the


countryside be left to police itself?


And this week's Sunday Politics will be debating whether the hunting ban


has become unenforceable. That's from 11am on BBC One. A couple from


Grimsby have been jailed for nine years after stealing almost half a


million pounds from compensation money for their own disabled


daughter. Cathy Watson was sentenced to five and a half years and her


ex`husband Robert Hills was given three years and four months by a


judge at Doncaster Crown Court. Their daughter had been awarded ?2.6


million after suffering brain damage at birth ` the money was to be spent


on her care. A young woman who was found dead at


a house in Sleaford has been named as 21`year`old Emma Crossman. Her


body was found on Tuesday at a house in Leicester Street by police. A


woman has been released on bail after being arrested on suspicion of


assisting a suicide. Thousands of US military personnel


have been at a memorial service for four of their inner men who were


killed when their helicopter came down choosing a training mission.


The investigation is being led by the United States Air Force.


A woman whose brother was killed in Afghanistan has today been found not


guilty of causing the death of her sister in a car crash in East


Yorkshire. Rosie`Ann Stone was driving in a separate vehicle to her


sister Jennie when the crash happened in February. The jury at


Hull Crown Court cleared her of causing death by careless driving.


The Crown Prosecution Service has defended its decision to prosecute


the case. Leanne Brown reports. A family struck by tragedy ` but


today their latest ordeal was over as Rosie`Ann Stone walked away from


court cleared of causing the death of her sister. It was on the 18th


February last year when Jennie Stone died on the A165 Bridlington Road in


East Yorkshire. Both sisters were trying to overtake a lorry in


separate cars when they collided ` Jennie lost control and hit a tree


which killed her. The accident happened just eight months after


their brother Private Greg Stone was shot by the Taliban in Helmand


Province. The jury of six men and six women took four hours to return


their verdict. At the earliest opportunity, Rosie and ran to her


family, who all then burst into tears. At the end of the trial Judge


Simon Jack said, "I have expressed concern to the CPS as to whether it


was in the public interest to have a trial. The CPS were insistent and it


was their decision, not mine." Outside court the police said all


accidents are investigated in the same way. The circumstances of this


case make it infinitely more tragic and extremely unusual, but with


every that Halliday on the road, we have two in their stick frilly,


preparing a report and submitting it to the Crown Prosecution Service,


who will make a decision will stop And the Crown Prosecution Service


released a statement, which said, '"This was a very difficult


decision, but weighing up all the considerations we concluded that, on


balance, the public interest factors tending towards prosecution,


outweighed those tending against. We therefore decided it was in the


public interest to charge Rosie`Ann Stone and for the court to decide on


her culpability." And today she was cleared of any wrong doing.


Still ahead tonight: Why paranormal investigators have been brought to


this shop! If you take a good photograph over


the weekend, send it in. Tonight's is a stunner.


It seems very mild today, let's get the forecast.


There will be rain at times on Saturday and a fair bit of cloud.


What is the bigger picture? A cold front through the evening means it


will turn pressure and brighter on Sunday. We have had a fair amount of


dry weather, but there have been a few showers. Overnight tonight, we


will be largely dry. There could be a little mist and fog forming,


temperatures dropping to four or five degrees. Tomorrow morning, the


sun will rise at eight minutes past eight in the morning. Tomorrow


morning, looking out for that rain. Into the afternoon, yes, there is a


rare amount of cloud, but plenty of us will be dry. Still relatively


mild getting up to around eight degrees. A cold front tracks over


from the West, so it will be wet going into Sunday. Rain will clear


and it should brighten quite nicely. A fresher feel to the day.


The start of next week will be fairly cloudy with temperatures


around six degrees. It's a game that's enjoyed by


millions of people across the country on a weekly basis ` but the


people who run bingo halls say they're paying too much tax. They


want a cut to bring them in line with bookmakers and the lottery. The


Bingo Association says the move would create jobs and help revive


the industry. Tolu Adeoye is at a bingo club in Bridlington ` why does


the industry think the amount they pay in tax is unfair? This is a


multi`million pound industry employing more than 15,000 people.


Many of them feel jobs going clubs are closing because of the amount


taxpayer paying. `` tax they are paying. It's a game that's been


enjoyed across Britain for generations. These sisters have been


playing for decades. We're both Windows, so it is great to have a


place to go and meet people and have fun, maybe earn a little money.


There is not a lot to do for our age group. A teacher out of the house,


keeps your brain occupied, keeps you young. But the group that represents


bingo companies says the Government needs to help revive a struggling


industry. Profits made by bingo companies are taxed at 20%. The


Bingo Association wants that cut to 15% ` bringing it in line with


bookmakers They claim that will make the Government an extra ?10 million


a year and stop one bingo hall closing a week. It would mean we


could reinvest in the building, the staff, the clubs, reinvest in


training and refurbishing. A group of 54 MPs ` including Greg Knight


and Diana Johnson ` are visiting bingo halls to look at the matter.


The Government says its priority is to close the budget deficit. I


mentioned in my report that some MPs are visiting their local bingo halls


to see what is going on and wireless industry should extra help. I do you


feel about the fight to bring tax down? Bingo is a national


institution. 1.5 million people play bingo every week in Britain and it


seems unfair that it is taxed at 20% when other forms of gambling are


taxed at 15%. How likely is it the government will look at this now and


reduce the tax Western Mac the Chancellor is going to look at the


area and that is a good chance he will look at this tax. The revenue


could go up, because more people would play.


A former Lincoln City footballer has been charged as part of an


investigation into alleged match fixing. Moses Swaibu, who played for


the Imps between 2008 and 2011, is accused of conspiracy to defraud. He


scored three goals in his 78 games with Lincoln City.


People in Hull at being asked to sign up to a campaign to improve the


city's help. The council wants people to cut the amount of sugar


and fat in their meals. We are trying to engage with children and


families to think about the things they eat every day, the things they


do every day and make very small changes. Increasing more healthily,


increasing activity stop. There's been a strong response from


you to Lord Prescott's claims that Hull City fans shouldn't oppose


plans to change the club's name. Owner Assem Allam wants the club to


be called Hull Tigers and has threatened to leave if the FA fails


to back his proposal. There is some support for Assem Allam's point of


view. Jason in Hull says, "It doesn't matter a jot what the team


is called. The heritage will always be there. I agree with Lord


Prescott. Keep them flying high and support the business plan as well as


the sport." Darren from Hull doesn't agree with Lord Prescott, saying,


"After having spent so many years as an MP for Hull, I'm astounded he's


still so out of touch with the people of Hull." Steve in Hull backs


the club's owner saying, "These fools, who are living in the past


and potentially may cause Allam to walk, should ask themselves are they


able to fund the club to the same level? If the answer is no then they


need to shut up and accept the change!" And the club have confirmed


the signing of West Bromwich Albion striker Shane Long. He agreed a deal


with the Tigers this morning and joins Nikitsa Yelavich at the club


after his move from Everton. Both new signings could play at Norwich


tomorrow ` a side that Hull manager Steve Bruce has fond memories of,


from his playing career. They gave me my chance, Norwich, to go on and


have the career I have had. I had a wonderful three and a half years


there as a young player, had my family there. BBC Radio Humberside


will have full coverage of Hull City's trip to Norwich tomorrow. It


will be live on their FM frequency with the build up starting at 1.30.


Scunthorpe United against Wimbledon will be on AM from three o clock.


Grimsby Town's home match against Gateshead will be on Digital and


Online. And BBC Radio Lincolnshire will have commentary as Lincoln City


meet Braintree They're currently one of the best teams in British ice


hockey and can make it six games without defeat tomorrow ` but the


Hull Stingrays have spent much of the day showing off their softer


side. The team, which is enjoying its best even run in the sport's


Elite League, have been teaching primary school pupils all about


their game. Our sports reporter Simon Clark went along.


Games lessons, normally taken by a teacher, but that this primary


school, a couple of international sports stars are giving instruction


on ice hockey. There is no ice, so they adapt. Two of the Stingrays are


doing great things on the ice this season. The club is in its highest


position to date. We always thought we had a good team, but now in the


past to three weeks, it is going really well. That is what makes it


fun so far. The drills continue. This is part of a six`week programme


of coaching being ruled out in 30 schools. I would like to play more


if I could. We have had a lot of fun playing it. We have had tournaments


and different kinds of matches to play. Marvellous to see so many


children playing their sports and unusually for this area, a variant


of ice hockey. It is really fun to see the children smiling and having


a good time outside, exercising. Hopefully they will love it and they


will tell their friends and everybody will know about ice


hockey. The players are back on the ice tomorrow hoping for their


six`game unbeaten. A fancy dress shop in Scunthorpe has called in


paranormal investigators after claiming it's being haunted by


ghosts. The owner says there's been years of


strange events and that he's got video of events he just cannot


explain. Simon Spark has been to find out more.


I am carrying these fancy dress costumes and I put them on the floor


with the intention of putting the fancy dress costumes up there. And I


look this way, because I feel like the front door is about to open. And


then I hear a few more things going on over here. And this inflatable


Princess, she falls off onto the floor, so that's me, I made my exit


and I have an early lunch break. What was it that caused costumes to


glide across the floor and inflatable princesses to fall down


in Matthew Stephenson's shop on Monday afternoon? Could it just be


an elaborate hoax with a bit of fishing wire? Well, Andrew Kilbee


from Paranormal Lincs has had a look and doesn't think so. It is


impossible, totally impossible to use a bit of string in this


situation. The way the items on the floor move, pulling on a bit of


string, they would've gone off at an angle. In order to get the items to


move straight, they would have to be pulling from inside the wall. Then


there are the friends who've braved a night there. Stuff flying off the


shelves, creaky noises. So now there'll be a full paranormal


investigation, hoping to answer so many mysterious questions. Like


where did this woman's hand come from? Simon Spark ` BBC Look North,


Scunthorpe. If you have a story you think we


should know about, send us an e`mail and give us a telephone number, and


we may send our cameras. Let's get a recap of the national and regional


headlines. The hunt for a three`year`old ` police say he may


be missing following a criminal act. Anti`foxhunting investigators say


some hunts are openly breaking the law and subjecting foxes to extreme


cruelty. Tomorrow's weather: Rain at first. Turning drier and brighter.


More rain towards the evening. Highs of 7C.


On the subject of fox hunting, or one viewer says, it is simple, ban


fox hunting. Another view it said, haven't people anything better to do


than hunt innocent boxes? Another person says, I totally agree with


the countryside Alliance. They are being monitored by a biased group of


fanatics. Changing the law would not make any difference. Neill says,


boxes are a pest and should be treated as such. A lot of these


animal rights people are fanatics and cannot be taken seriously. If


the law is badly drafted, surely there is room for changing it.


One viewer said, Mr Barrington was sensible and reasonable and has


clearly thought it through. That's all from us for now. Goodbye.


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