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colder. It could be short lived. That is all from the BBC's News at


six. On BBC so it is goodbye from me and on BBC


One, we Get Good evening and welcome to BBC


Look North. The headlines tonight. The great divide. How Hull is losing


out to London in the economic recovery. Give city 's war powers


and responsibilities. Fewer displays and more engineers.


The MoD explains how it reacted to the death of a Red Arrows pilot.


The Roman arch that could be closed to traffic unless more money can be


found to repair it. The footballer sacked for attacking


a fan. The FA is yet to decide if it'll punish his club. Swapping


their Swapping their sequins for overalls


` the celebrity dancers supporting Sports Relief in their home town.


A changeable and often unsettled week. We will have the latest.


Good evening. The minister in charge of developing Britain's cities has


told BBC Look North that Hull is really motoring despite a new report


which shows the city is being left behind in the economic recovery. The


report from Centre for Cities says Hull has missed out on investment


and growth in recent years. But the Government Minister Greg Clark says


jobs and opportunities are being created. In a moment, we'll be


hearing from Mr Clark, but first, our Business Correspondent Paul


Murphy has been looking at the report.


What does it say? Peter, today's report claims many


northern cities are being left behind in the UK recovery. That for


every one public sector job created in London, two are lost in other


parts of the country. That the average weekly wage in Hull is


nearly half of what it is in London. The Centre for Cities believes it's


time governments started giving greater priority to the North.


Give cities more powers and responsibilities so they can affect


their places more, give them more control over services and budgets so


they can spend on the things that matter to them and their people. In


some ways, give them some of the powers that we see London has had


for the last decade or so. There are some positives though. The report


says Grimsby has some of the highest number of start`up businesses in the


UK. I've been to see one of them. This is an unusual start`up


business. But it is a success. He teaches a forum of street gymnastics


cold parkour. I wanted to find something that I wanted to do. You


have to find something engaging to do if you are working. Why is


Grimsby a hotbed of new business? In the town, they claim the business


support network is second to none. I think the difference we have had is


that if you are sitting at home in Grimsby, wanting to start a


business, all you have to do is pick up a phone and you will get a


meeting with someone who will encourage you and ease you through


some of the challenges of starting a business. The report's overview of


the local economy is mixed. But some believe we are turning the corner.


We are waiting for some big investments to come along. Things


are going in the right direction. The regional growth fund is one way


that companies like this one in Hull are trying to compete with the rest


of the country. These are desirable fashion accessories. People look at


manufacturers that can do that kind of leather goods. They want quality,


handmade leather goods. It is only a few weeks since the government to's


city deal gave more power and influence to the region, but


today's report says more must be done.


I've been talking to the Minister for Cities, Greg Clark, and asked


him why Hull is missing out on growth and investment? It isn't. In


the most recent figures for the last year, the fall in unemployment in


Hull is one of the biggest in the country. Actually rivalling London.


I got the impression that Hull has got momentum behind it. I got the


impression that we need 16,500 jobs just for the city to get to the


national average of employment. Don't get me wrong, Hull as well as


some of the other cities across the country have started some way back


for many decades now and we are doing everything we can to drive


that forward. Last time I was in Hull just before Christmas, I signed


a city deal to invest in skills to make sure that the jobs being


created will be filled by people locally. But for every public sector


job created in London, two are lost in Hull. We don't want to be bottom


of the employment league tables. Hull is not bottom of the employment


league table. The most recent figures show that Hull is really


motoring when it comes to job creation. There's a big reduction in


unemployment in Hull. Why doesn't it feel like that? Why will people be


shouting at the telly as they watch you say that? Everyone knows that


Hull, for many years now, has had and has been behind other places in


the country. But equally, I know from my frequent visits to the city


over recent years that there is a sense of greater optimism. Jobs are


being created, we have seen that. They also talk in this report about


the brain drain. If you are a young graduate, you leave Hull University,


you can't get a job in this city, you go to London and that is why it


is happening. It is not true that you can't get a job in the city. If


you talk to some of the engineering businesses in the area, their order


books are starting to fill and one of the reasons that the City Deal


was about investing in skills is to ensure that as people get jobs,


other people come in behind them that have the skills that are needed


to take up the opportunities that they are. `` that are there. It is


important to invest for the future and this City Deal that was agreed


following proposals made by leaders, not just in Hull, but across the


Humber, from councils and businesses from both sides of the Humber,


saying this is what is needed. The government backed that.


Thank you. The ministers saying that whole is motoring, and that you can


get a job here. `` Hull. We'd like to hear your views on this story.


What's your experience of Hull's economy? Is it on the up, as the


Minister says, or are jobs and new businesses hard to come by?


In a moment. Why hospitals hope that letting patients rate their doctor


will improve care. The Red Arrows have cut back on the


number of displays they perform to try and ease pressure on the team


following the death of one of its pilots. Flight Lieutenant Sean


Cunningham was killed when his ejection seat went off as his


aircraft was on the ground at RAF Scampton two years ago. Today at an


inquest into his death, the Ministry of Defence outlined what lessons


have been learnt. Caroline Bilton reports.


This was the man who came to speak on behalf of the MOD. He would set


out just what had changed at RAF Scampton following the death of


Flight Lieutenant Sean Cunningham two years ago. The inquest here at


Lincoln's Cathedral Centre has over the last three weeks heard criticism


of how the team operates, how staffing was worringly low, training


was poor and timetables tight. The MOD says it has addressed all of


the 59 recommendations made in the official service inquiry. Staffing


has changed. Red Arrows displays have reduced by 20% in an effort to


reduce pressure on the team. Engineering manpower has increased


by 25% after it was found the squadron was understaffed by 40


people. Five new training courses have been introduced and the seat


firing handle on the ejection seat has been redesigned, as has the


crucial nut and bolt that prevented Sean's parachute from deploying.


They are currently undergoing trials. Sean Cunningham's family say


they want to make sure the safety of other servicemen and women is


protected in the future. It's hoped today's recommendations will go some


way to achieving that. The coroner has now heard all the evidence in


this case. He will now spend the next two days going through all of


that and he says he expects to be able to conclude earlier than first


thought. We are expecting this inquest to end this Wednesday.


Humberside Police have launched a murder investigation after the death


of a man from multiple stab wounds in Hull. 51`year`old Keith John


Opray was found dead at his home on Wareham Close in Bransholme on


Saturday. Officers are now appealing for anyone who may have seen him in


the days leading up to his death. A 44`year`old man has been arrested


and released on bail. A teenager has admitted stabbing his


grandparents in their bed while he was high on methadrone. The jury at


Hull crown court heard that Irene Dale died in the attack last April.


17`year`old Luke Dale denies murder and attempted murder. The case


continues. Police say they need help


identifying a man who says he does not know who he is. He may have lost


his memory because of some sort of traumatic experience. He gave his


name as Tony Thorpe. The Football Association says it


will read the referee's report before taking any action against a


Goole Town player who confronted fans after being sent off. The club


already sacked captain Karl Colley after he stormed into the stands and


swung a punch at hecklers. Manager David Holdsworth has also left the


club to be replaced by Curtis Woodhouse, as Crispin Rolfe reports.


Sacked for losing his head. The moment Goole AFC captain Karl Colley


confronted a heckler, seconds after being sent off against Coalville.


The man restraining him is now the new manager after David Holdsworth


left the club. Curtis Woodhouse has been a professional boxer in his


time but won't want any more fisticuffs when the two teams meet


again in Coalville in less than a week.


He was being taunted, but having said that, that is no excuse. It is


part and parcel of the game. You are going to get abuse from fans, home


and away, he should just have walked straight down the tunnel out of the


way. Today, the Football Association


said... Goole lost this game 3`0. They will


hope their former captain's actions will not lose them more than a poor


score line. Hospital patients in East Yorkshire


are being asked to rate their doctor's performance in the hope


that it will highlight areas for improvement. Last month, 3,500


people gave feedback on their experience and hospital managers say


the ratings are already showing results. More from our health


correspondent Vicky Johnson. When booking a hotel, many of us


will go online to see how it rates. Now patients are able to do the same


about hospitals and doctors. It's a survey...


Last month, 3500 patients completed these short questionnaires at Hull


and East Yorkshire's hospitals. Feedback forms in general are only


going to give some sort of advice to this hospital how they could treat


people better. It gives them some idea on how long you have waited.


Every day, Rachel Pearce sifts through scores of patient feedback


forms and online comments, most are positive, but it is the negative


ones which prompt change. One of the things patients were negatively


putting on feedback forms was that they never see Ward sisters. Ward


sisters now have their own clinics where patients can speak to them


along with their relatives. For surgeons like this man, the


extension of the feedback scheme will have real benefits for patients


and their doctors. I think patients will be able to


choose the doctor that most matches their needs. Also, those doctors


that are consistently not very good, the whole point is that they need to


have evidence for that. Human nature says that we all think we are above


average at what we do but we're not. Some of us are good and some of us


are not very good. I think this will raise standards.


The vast majority of patients do leave positive comments about their


hospital experiences. It is hoped by broadening this scheme and


encouraging more to take part, it will help drive up standards even


further. Patients here have already shown they like leaving the


feedback. More than 30,000 of them have done so in the last year. It is


hoped that more can be persuaded to give their opinions on those who


treat and care for them. Thank you for watching. Still


ahead. I am here to see in Scunthorpe United can beat third


place Fleetwood town. And the celebrity dancers who swapped their


sequins for overalls to support a BBC charity.


Some pictures are just coming in. It is turning colder.


Did you have a nice weekend? Did you manage to get to bingo?


Why don't you just read the weather forecast?


You should try it, you would like it.


It looks and unsettled and changeable week, dominated by low


pressure. A cold snap on Wednesday night. We have not had too bad an


afternoon. Some showers this morning, but most of us have been


break this afternoon. But the scattered showers will return from


the Southwest this evening and overnight. Some further west might


be on the short side. Perhaps a bit of heel. `` Sharp said, and perhaps


a bit of hahil. It is a breezy and unsettled day


tomorrow. Rather cloudy at times. Bands of showers pushing in from


their Southwest. The further west you go, the more frequent and heavy


doors showers will be. Those temperatures, feeling quite chilly


and fresh long the coast. Highs of 6`7 degrees. Wednesday looks quite


wet at first. Thursday, a little bit colder. On Friday, brighter at


first, but clouding over later. From Mike. Has Paul shaved his


eyebrows? Actually, the same thing. They are falling out like the rest


of their here. It could be the strain of working


with me. See you tomorrow.


A meeting is taking place in Lincoln around now to decide whether to


spend an extra ?80,000 to continue work on one of the city's historic


landmarks. The Newport Arch dates back to the third century and has


already received a ?60,000 Heritage grant for repairs. But structural


engineers have discovered that more work is needed to allow traffic to


continue driving through it. Jessica Lane reports.


The only Roman arch in England which still has traffic driving through.


But there are concerns that if an extra ?80,000 isn't found, the arch


could eventually become unsafe and the traffic stopped, causing major


problems for local businesses. People don't stop immediately, but


they do see things in shop windows and are then liable to come back


another day. If we have got no traffic, we have no customers. In


the past, it has been disastrous for us. Takings have gone down


tremendously. We had the road closed off for the water board once, and


again for repaving the area. The Newport Arch has been standing


since the third century and has been damaged by cold winters and general


corrosion over the years. ?60,000 was awarded by English Heritage last


year, but when that work started, more problems were found. Back in


1964, this lorry crashed into the arch leaving the road closed for


months. It's thought that was when cement based mortar was used on


repairs. That now needs to be replaced with lime mortar. English


Heritage said... The council leader agrees.


It's not going to affect day`to`day spending on services. It is an


essential repair which we must do and make sure we look after a hugely


important part of Lincoln's landscape.


The City of Lincoln Council says closing the road would be a last


resort. It's discussing the money at a meeting this evening. If approved,


they will work out a new timescale for the repairs to get this Roman


arch right up to date. Thanks to everyone who contacted us


after our report on how more than ?150,000 will be spent on


translation services for foreign workers in Lincolnshire.


There was a huge response to that. Hull City will travel to Brighton in


the fifth round of the FA Cup ` their reward for beating Southend


United. Tomorrow, the club is back in Premier League action at Crystal


Palace. But the football action begins tonight as League Two leaders


Scunthorpe United face third placed Fleetwood Town. Our sports reporter


Simon Clark is there. Simon, what kind of form are Scunthorpe in ahead


of this game? This is Russ Wilcox's 12 games in


charge. Hull city and Scunthorpe United played in Essex on Saturday.


Let's head to Dagenham to see how Scunthorpe got on.


This was a match where two points slipped through the fingers. United


stormed into a three goal lead at Dagenham. Dion Burton then made it


two for the Iron before being injured. The evergreen Paul Hayes


scored to make it 3`0. In ever worsening conditions, Dagenham


fought back, scoring two in quick succession. Minutes from the end,


players retired due to a fierce storm. Back on they came and Luke


Norris clinched a draw close to the end leaving the table very tight and


United in need of another win today. Down the road, Hull City were making


light work of heavy conditions at Southend United. After surviving a


couple of scares, Matty Friars opened the scoring. The striker


showed he was back in business with another at the death. City now face


Brighton and Hove in round five. We are in the last 16, it gives us a


chance to progress to the quarterfinal. That would be terrific


if we could get there. We will approach it in the same way as we


have the other cup ties. Tomorrow, the Tigers go to Crystal


Palace with new boy Shane Long in to make his debut.


It is a team that comes up every year and you think they will do


well. They started the season well. The future is bright and I am


looking forward to playing and training. Back at Langford Park, the


keeper makes his 100th appearance for the club tonight. A reminder


that Radio Humberside will have full commentary on that game.


Sports Talk is on air at the moment with all the build`up. Kick`off is


at 7.45. Strictly Come Dancing stars Kevin


Clifton and Karen Hower swapped the glamour of the ballroom for a garage


workshop in Grimsby today. They visited a group in Grimsby which


helps disadvantaged young people get into work. Phillip Norton reports.


Swapping dancing shoes for breaks shoes and a whole different type of


clutch. Today, it was a break from the dance floor to see how Sport


Relief money is being spent in Grimsby. Having grown up here in


Grimsby, it is brilliant to see the evidence and the results of the


money that has been raised being put into helping these guys out.


This project was given ?30,000 by Sport Relief, helping young people


without qualifications or who have suffered other problems to get back


onto the street. Without these, they would have nowhere to go. They have


been told they would never succeed. But they have got practical skills.


I like to do this. It gives me qualifications and hopefully I will


get a job. It was also a chance to put the students' handiwork through


its paces. And the reward... I got my hands dirty and I loved it. It is


a great way of having them stay focused and very positive. The


patients they put into it is incredible.


In 2012, Sport Relief raised almost ?70 million for projects like this.


Well done to them. You can raise money for sports relief as well.


Just go online. Let's get a recap of the national and regional headlines.


Farms and homes remain under water in Somerset. The Government promises


action ` too little, too late say local people.


A Government minister tells Look North that Hull is motoring, despite


a new report saying the city is falling behind in the economic


recovery. Tomorrow's weather. Unsettled with


variable amounts of cloud and scattered showers, one or two on the


heavy side. Maximum temperature six Celsius. Moderate southeast wind.


We had a big response after speaking to the Minister for cities.


The government are blinkered to whole's job market. John says it was


a good point made about Hull University graduates. I had a job


after graduating, but have to look elsewhere for better work.


Mikaeel says Tom thanks for asking those questions. The North South


divide gets wider every day. David says, I am well educated, an


experienced office worker. I have a good CV, but I have difficulty even


getting interviews. The Minister for cities is not on the same planet as


me. Paul says the minister does not know


what he is talking about. He goes on about engineering, but not everyone


wants to do that. Thank you for all of those. Have a


nice evening. Join me on the radio at midday tomorrow. Good night.


Would you mind doing that thing when you gather everyone together?


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