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independent Scotland. That is all from the News at six, so it is time


to One, we now join the BBC's news


teams where Good evening and welcome to BBC Look


North. The headlines tonight. "Pointless and avoidable" ` the


family of Flight Lieutenant Sean Cunningham speak out after the


inquest into his death. The tragedy was preventable. We want to endure


no family has to endure such a pointless death.


Both the RAF and the company who made the ejection seat are


criticised for their role in the death of the Red Arrows pilot. We


have made and will continue to make every effort to make sure such a


tragic accident could never happen again.


Also tonight: Health experts welcome a proposed ban on smoking in cars


where children are present. It's announced the Queen's Baton


will come to Hull on its way to the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.


Another dreary day tomorrow. The very latest five`day forecast


follows shortly. "Pointless and avoidable." The words


Flight Lieutenant Sean Cunningham's parents have used to describe his


death. Today saw the end of a three`week inquest into how the Red


Arrow's pilot died when his ejection seat went off at RAF Scapmton in


2011. Today the coroner said Sean Cunnigham's death was preventable,


reserving particular criticism for the company which made the ejection


seat and the Ministry of Defence. Caroline Bilton was at the inquest


in Lincoln today. Caroline, how significant were the findings?


Well, Peter, he said no stone would be left unturned at the start of


this inquest. All parties in this case were scrutinised. Today, we


learned that mistakes were made. There were failures on many


different levels. It was a job he loved, but it


ultimately cost him his life. Flight Lieutenant Sean Cunningham died


after his ejector seat went off during routine checks on the ground


at RAF Scampton in 2011. At the inquest into his death, it was


revealed the accident could have been prevented. His family have been


coming here every day for three weeks to get the answers there have


been searching for for two years. That weight had taken its toll when


it came to giving their reaction today. Sean was blameless. Excuse


me. His tragic death was preventable. We still find it


difficult to accept so many people could have missed what should have


been obvious to those having a duty to ensure the safety of the seat.


The inquest heard about concerns over pressure timetable.


Had his parachute worked, he would still be alive.


Other foreign forces were informed, but not the RAF. In relation to the


19 missed opportunities to notice the handle was not unsafe, the


coroner said: we have made, and will continue to


make, every effort to make sure such a tragic accident never happens


again. With regards to this nut and bolt and Martin Baker's failure to


notify the MoD of potential risks of over signing, Stuart Fisher said


there was a very serious failure of communication by Martin Baker.


The Red Arrows training session was given today in Sean pot`macro on.


Business has resumed here. The family hope lessons learned from the


death of their son mean these men and women are safer in the country


`` in the future. What changes have there been since


Sean's death? Martin Baker did not respond in a statement today to the


criticism of their failure to communicate. The coroner in tents to


write to the company about that issue. They have redesigned and


developed a new type of bolt and firing handle, and they will be


fitted and operational by the end of the year. The coroner will also


write to the RAF. He says he still has concerns about the ongoing


safety of the handle. HSE is still investigating this case and there


could be a prosecution. Earlier I spoke to Andrew Brookes, a former


RAF pilot specialising in flight safety, and asked him what he makes


of the coroner's conclusions today. It is a sorry tale. He has


highlighted the errors and omissions, and pointed the finger,


and at the end of the day it is a sad indictment. It was unavoidable


accident, but at the end of the day, somebody had to be dragged. The


ejection seat makers have been heavily criticised. They describe


the ejection seat is entirely useless. The handle had been


misaligned. The safety pin was not doing its job. Why was it


misaligned? Sean had something to do with it, his ground crew had


something to do with not seeing it there is a link in this chain. It is


so sad and so avoidable. The parachute didn't apply because


somebody did not tighten it properly. You are a former pilot.


How is seriously are the checks taken? Very. He would have checked


it. He did not notice the problem. The ground crews checked it. It is a


sophisticated piece of equipment. Everybody checks it. Is it safer now


being a pilot? You can take it from the ever will make sure this never


happens again. Everything has been done to stop it from happening


again. The only things I take from it is these things are so rare. This


wonderful piece of life`saving equipment is still there for the air


forces of the world, to keep them safe. Good to talk to you. Thank you


for your time. Health experts from East Yorkshire


say they would welcome a ban on smoking in cars where children are


present. It's claimed that passengers are 17 times more likely


to be affected by smoke inhalation in a car than they would be at home.


The Labour proposal has been debated in the House of Lords today, but one


Conservative peer from our area says the ban would be difficult to


enforce. More from Tim Iredale. Are children being put at


unnecessary risk of harm by the effects of second hand smoke when


travelling in a car? Rebecca is a senior stop smoking specialist who


works with pregnant women and their families in Hull and East Riding.


She says many drivers are unaware of the dangers. Our advice to people


would be to not do it at all when children are in the car. It can be


up to 17 times more concentrated than in any other area. Not many


people smoke in their homes because they realise the dangers of passive


smoking. It is just getting people to realise that so applies to in the


car. Of course, in the past few years, people have been banned from


lighting up imports, clubs, restaurants and other enclosed


spaces. How do smokers in Hull feel about being banned from lighting up


in their cars? You are smokers. To think it should be banned in cars?


It would make any difference to me a lot of people. My sister`in`law 's


most with her kit in the car. We refused to let our children got in


the car for that reason, so I would welcome it. Can't smoking cafes,


can't smoke in shop, so car is a warm place to smoke and it is our


property. Why shouldn't we? Labour want to ban smoking in cars


where children are present ` a move which was debated today in the House


of Lords. But one member from our area claims a ban could difficult to


enforce. There is a view this as an extension of the nanny state and it


is not up to the state to tell people. It is different from getting


drivers to wear seat belts. This is people having an affect on third


parties, children. The Government hasn't ruled out a


ban on smoking in cars where where children are passengers. The Prime


Minister has said he want to listen to the arguments.


We want your views on this. Should smoking be banned in cars where


children are passengers? Or is this a step too far and could the law be


enforced? Almost ?15 million of Government


money has been secured for a new energy park in North Lincolnshire.


The Humber Local Enterprise partnership was one of 12 areas to


get the money. Last month, ministers gave Able UK permission for a giant


business park for energy companies on the south bank of the Humber. It


will employ 4,000 people. Makes it all the more likely this will be


good for offshore wind and renewable assembly. This is the energy vestry.


15 million will help with construction jobs, looking at the


energy supply, creating a quarter of a million square metres, getting the


project going. A man's appeared in court charged


with murder and robbery following the death of a man in Hull.


51`year`old Keith Opray was found dead at his home on Wareham Close in


Bransholme on Saturday. 40`year`old Duncan Keith Heaton from Hull was


remanded in custody earlier today. Still ahead tonight: New claims a


planned renewable energy site could damage the landscape. North Cave


Wetlands, by Leigh Gawley. Looks like it is abroad. People have


let me know you got a mention in the Daily Mail and the times and where


described as a weather expert. First time for everything.


More importantly, you stole my shirt and tie.


I did not. It merges into your head collar and


does not work. The headline is unsettled weather. There will be


some ice on high`level routes. Tomorrow will be another dreary


day. Patchy rain and cloudy. There might be a little bit of sleet.


Commands will be small for many. Patchy rain, then we look to the


West. Atlantic weather fronts coming in. No letters in this unsettled


weather at all. The winds have been coming in from the east. Is there


where a few breaks this afternoon, but the cloud will increase. It


could thicken. A few flurries of snow possible, mainly over the tops


of the walls. Watch out for icy patches. Cloudy tomorrow, dreary and


damp. There may be longer outbreaks of rain. This will revert quickly


back to rain. Ltd brightness, if any at all. Friday, wind and rain blows


sweep in from the west late in the day.


Somebody in Driffield said that Paul's eyebrows are invisible


because they have been leaked by the sun on too many holidays. See you


tomorrow. The latest proposal for a renewable energy scheme off the


Lincolnshire coast has been heavily criticised, despite it being much


smaller than the original plans. A leading county councillor says the


onshore work needed for the Triton Knoll wind farm will 'trash' the


countryside. The developer says plans will go through a rigorous


public consultation. As is unsure, substations are required and miles


of cabling. The developer wants to build this countryside. The idea of


this is angering many. We're not going to let people trash the


countryside because they want to do it. The proposed turbine field is


about 20 miles off the road. The cable will run underground, then


south for more than 13 miles. It was recently and now is that the whole


project will be smaller. That is cold comfort to local residents.


Killing them has a national grid connection point. `` Killingholme.


Developers say they are trying to accommodate concerns about the


countryside. I feel confident about the way we have gone about this.


Once it is working, it is thought that Triton Knoll will develop


enough power for 8000 homes. The decision will not be taken by local


politicians. Ministers in Whitehall will have the final say. Is that it


a process Lincolnshire county council says it will challenge.


Thanks for the e mails and texts after we told you about the Hull


North MP Diana Johnson, who's hoping to limit the locations of lap


dancing clubs. A temporary swimming pool which was


used by athletes at the London 2012 Olympic Games has been installed in


Bridlington. The pool will provide swimming for two years in the town,


while the Leisure World complex is closed for a twenty million pound


refurbishment. Olympic bronze medallist Jo Jackson, used the pool


at the Olympic Park for warming up and training.


In Football, Hull City lost 1`0 at Crystal Palace last after conceding


a goal in the first half. The Tigers also had goalkeeper Alan Macgregor


sent off leaving Steve Bruce unhappy about the decision. He has


retaliated. It was no more than a yellow card in my opinion.


There was better news for Grimsby Town as they won 2`1 away against


promotion rivals Cambridge United. The Mariners are fourth in the


Conference Premier. The Olympic Torch relay was a huge


success travelling through East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire ahead of


the London Games in 2012. It's now hoped that the Queen's baton event


will be able to recreate some of that magic. Today it was announced


that a relay will take place in England two weeks before the


Commonwealth Games in Glasgow ` and it's coming to Hull. Leanne Brown


has more. No`one knows what it says, but in


October last year the Queen put a message in the Commonwealth Baton.


Since then it's been travelling around the world and will visit 70


countries before returning back to the uk ahead of the Commonwealth


Games in Glasgow. At a knitting club in Hull today, 91`year`old Jean


Bishop ` who ran with the Olympic Torch ` welcomed the news it was


coming to Hull. I think it is lovely. It is something different,


for a change. I am looking forward to it. Do you fancy carrying it


yourself? Oh, yes, I am in for anything. Definitely. It would be


lovely to have it all again. I often wish I could have it again. Little


things I felt I did wrong, I could Freeview it. `` I could do it again.


It is my pleasure to declare the 17 Commonwealth Games open.


Once the batton has finished its tour, the Queen will then read out


her message, like she did at the Commonwealth Games in Manchester.


Dame Kelly Holmes is a Commonwealth Gold medallist from those games


which Leanne mentioned in her report there It was in Manchester in 2002


that she took Gold in the fifteen hundred Metres. Two years later she


won two Olympic golds in Beijing. She's a big supporter of the


Commonwealth Baton, and a little earlier I asked her whether the


baton will capture the imagination like the Olympic Torch did two years


ago. You I think what is important to get across is that the Queens


battened relay is different from the torch. The relay means it is going


round 17 nations in total. When it comes to Great Britain and England


in particular, we are going around 15 locations. What is different is


we can pick the location. As you said, we are in Hull. We are trying


to get people to come to those events. We want people to celebrate


sport. It is fantastic for Hull. I wonder


what is written in the pattern for the Queen. You are so important, you


probably know. That is a good one. I am sure we will all find out. It is


a lovely baton. We really want to support team England. England have


some incredible sports people. We won the public behind it. Great to


chat with you. I met you last time you will in Hull in 2006, but I


expect you have forgotten. No. I got a doctorate at the University. I was


very grateful for that. All dressed up in your robes. You look exactly


the same. I wish I could say the same about me. Very good to talk to


you. Have a good evening. Thank you.


Let's get a recap of the national and regional headlines The governor


of the Bank of England says sharing the pound could work if Scotland


votes for independence, but the new authority would have to give up some


powers. Flight Lieutenant Sean Cunningham's


parents say his death was "pointless and avoidable" at the end of his


inquest. Will talk about smoking in cars. The


Lords has voted for a ban on people smoking in cars carrying children.


The government will have to consider what to do next. Big response.


Lorraine says, trying to ban smoking in your car is not only ridiculous


but unenforceable. It is your own private space. Who do these people


think they are? Big Brother gone mad. Mitch said, surely it is a good


idea for any driver. It is selfish. Gary says, of course it should, I


think it will be widely welcomed, but how can it be policed? Graham


says, surely common sense should prevail and the child's health be


paramount. Parents should not contemplate smoking anywhere near


them. Thank you for watching for. Good night.


'The cost of living crisis goes deep into people's lives,


'deep into the way our country is run,


'deep into who our country is run for.


'the solutions need to be deep as well.'


I opened a pub six years ago in Hackney,


about ten minutes' walk from my house.


One of the things that really struck me was that


most of the beers that we sold weren't London beers.


They were international beers, UK beers, but from further afield.


"Wouldn't it be really great to open our own community brewery


"right here in the heart of London, in Hackney?"


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