30/01/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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the BBC News at Six, so it's goodbye from me, and on BBC One we


way. That is all from the BBC News steam at six. Good night from me.


Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight: The


homeless woman given compensation after she turned down a council


flat. I am not being picky. I have gone


right to what I want in my life, and to be happy. They do absolutely have


the right to turn it down but must then be prepared for the


consequences. The volunteers who say they feel


bullied into running Lincolnshire's libraries.


Lifting the limit ` the plans which could mean faster tractors on our


roads. Bringing penguins to Hull ` now


work's under way to build an Antarctic haven. Don't forget the


five day forecast. A homeless women who came to Hull


has been awarded compensation after she refused to accept the council


flat offered to her which she described as "gorgeous." Hull City


Council has been accused of carrying out an "injustice" for the way they


handled Ciccone Owen's case. Now, after failing to tell her the


reasons why they closed her homeless application, the council has been


found to be at fault. Phillip Norton reports.


Ciccone Owen moved to Hull last year with the hope of better medical care


for her mental health problems. She was given a priority status as a


homeless woman, but says the bedroom was too small on the property


offered by Hull City Council. It was a gorgeous property, I cannot fault


the council. It was a brand`new kitchen, the full place was


carpeted, but it was the bedroom, you could not get a decent bed in


there. I could not live there because I would have felt trapped


and it is important for somebody with my health, you have got to stay


out of the house, you cannot stay in there, and sometimes when you are


quite ill, you confine yourself, so I knew that property would be no


good for me. When people register for a council house they are given a


level of priority. As Ciccone was homeless she was seen as a "high


priority" and offered a property. But as she rejected that offer, Hull


City Council wrote, explaining that by doing so she'd be placed in a


lower priority banding. But, the investigation found that the local


authority didn't explain the reasons for why this decision was made. It


also failed to say that Ciccone could appeal against it. The council


have agreed to look at anybody else who they may have dealt with in this


way. They have not explained what the appeal rights are, so they have


agreed to do that, and have identified three other cases are


people were not receiving accurate information. They absolutely have


the right to turn it down, but must be prepared for the consequences.


There are people on the waiting list and there will be somebody willing


to take that accommodation. If somebody will not, then it must go


to Ciccone was offered a new home last week ` but has again turned it


down claiming it was unsafe. Someone else who is willing to take it. I'm


not being picky, I have just got a right to what I want to do in my


life, and to be happy. You know, this is why I have come here, to be


happy, to sort my life out. Ciccone Owen ending that report. Phillip


Norton is at the Guildhall in Hull tonight. We have heard about this


case, but what about the other people who might have been affected?


The investigation found three other people in a similar situation to


Ciccone, they have been written to and made aware of their right. The


local authority also visit has reviewed how it will deal with


situations like this in the future. There are currently 10,000 people


waiting for a council flat or house in Hull. The council says that


should they keep turning down properties offered to them, they may


be removed from the list for a short time.


We want to hear from you on this story. Should the council have


handled Ciccone's case better? Maybe you think she should have accepted


the first property she was offered? In a moment: Extending free parking


to help boost the high street. Campaigners trying to save a


Lincolnshire library say they feel "bullied" into taking`over the


service. Volunteers in the county have until tomorrow to express


interest in running 30 of Lincolnshire's smaller libraries.


The County Council has already received enquiries from groups


wanting to run 29 of their sites. The plans will save the authority


more than ?1.5 million. Gemma Dawson reports.


Meet Michael. He's just one of the volunteers here at Waddington


library... It's run by the Lincolnshire Co`operative with the


help of local residents ` giving villagers the chance to pick`up


their prescription while borrowing a library book... We already run a lot


of community services, food stalls in the community, pharmacies, post


offices in particular are a vital community service, so we felt this


was an extension of our role as a co`operative. They have been running


this library alongside the pharmacy since November 2012 and has now


expressed an interest in running five other libraries across linking


share. `` Lincolnshire. The County Council currently runs 45 static


libraries, but that will drop to just 15. Of the remaining 30, the


Council has now received expressions of interest for 29. People in


Scotter have until tomorrow to submit a bid or risk losing their


library. The Council's also received interest from seven communities who


want to start`up new libraries. This library is one that could now remain


open. Market Deeping Town Council Deeping St James Parish Council have


teamed`up to try and save it. As you can see ` people here are passionate


about their library. But some say they feel "bullied" into taking`over


the service. Finding the volunteers is difficult enough in itself, and


then you have to keep them motivated all the time. It is just not viable.


Volunteers help to run this library. They admit it was hard work at first


but is a big benefit for the village. It takes time and effort.


It is worth doing. It is volunteers like Michael who keep this service


running. I'm joined now by the leader of Lincolnshire County


Council Martin Hill. Good evening. The mayor of market beeping said he


felt bullied into showing an interest in running the library. We


are not trying to bully anyone but we do appreciate volunteers who have


come forward. I think with the support of the county council, it


will save money, save time and we will end up with more libraries and


we started with. 82% of people in Lincolnshire do not borrow from the


library, so the chances are the volunteers come from this other 18%.


What do you think makes people think they can run a library? They will


get support. It is not just the library, but all sorts of local


parish facilities could be run from any building. I think it is


something people are well up for. What if a group came forward and you


do not think they are up to it? Would you turn them down? . Yes. We


have a rigorous process. We just heard about if an interest is not


put in by tomorrow. Would the library be closed? Possibly. The


alternative is a mobile service. We hope they will put something


forward. This is all to save money. Some people will say tonight that


the volunteers are saving money so will they get council tax rebates,


and what service next would you like people to do? Saving money is part


of its. It is a good thing. Government and local councils are


trying to encourage people. We are already doing a youth service. We


will look at working in partnership with local communities and


volunteers. We are seriously looking at that. Very good to talk to you.


A man has been arrested on suspicion of murder following the death of


Keith Opray in Hull. The 51`year`old was found dead at his home on


Wareham Close in Bransholme on Saturday. A 28`year`old man is being


questioned by the police. Yesterday 40`year`old Duncan Keith Heaton from


Hull appeared before magistrates charged with murder and robbery. Two


other men remain on police bail. An investigation is underway into an


incident at Lincoln Prison which left a prison officer with a serious


injury. Lincolnshire Police say four officers were assaulted on the 25th


of January. They haven't revealed the nature of the injury, but say


the Prison Service is helping with their inquiries.


The Football Association has charged former Goole AFC captain Karl Colley


with improper conduct after he confronted a fan at the weekend.The


thirty year old was sacked by the club after this incident when he was


sent off in their game against Coalville on Saturday. He has seven


days to respond to the charge. Free parking is to be extended to


all council car parks in North Lincolnshire. The council says it


hopes the move will revive town centres. The new measures which will


mean the first two hours are free will come into force in all car


parks in the area in May. Here's our business correspondent, Paul Murphy.


For some time, many businesses in Scunthorpe have claimed that a lack


of free parking has been driving customers away. Today, the council


announced it is finally going to give them what they want. It is a


positive message for North Lincolnshire and for shoppers. To


our free parking. We're working very hard with retailers. Other


councillors are softening their approach `` other councils are


softening their approach, including East Lindsey. In Horncastle, they


say they must fight hard not to lose trade. Because we don't have big


names in our town anyway, people think, I can't be bothered, I will


go to Lincoln. That is what they do, I am afraid. Empty shops are a


familiar sight on most high street and Scunthorpe has been badly hit.


Marks Spencer, but Donald and TJ Hughes. There has been an exodus of


retailers from Scunthorpe in recent years. The reason that complex, but


many believe that parking charges have played a big part. Retailers


here are facing further competition when this out of town shopping


centre opened in the autumn. This businessman welcomes the council's


free parking announcement, but he has frustrations as well. It has


happened too late, far too late. We have been campaigning for years


relentlessly. There is not going to be many authorities that will give


free parking throughout all car parks. Are you responding too late?


We are responding when we can afford to respond. Councils bring in big


revenues from car parking. The change in policies reflect a real


concern for the help of this town centre.


You might also like to be in touch about this story. What difference do


you think two hours' free parking will make?


Still ahead tonight: The teenage tennis star who could be lining up


with Andy Murray. I have definitely put in hard work and the best I can


to prepare. Building an icy wilderness ` but who


will live in a house like this? Only double picture. Are you asleep?


No, no. I was going to tell you about how somebody came in the


street and stared at me and said, your eyebrows have gone light.


I think we will draw a veil over it. The headline is very unsettled. It


is going to be cloudy tomorrow. By the end of the afternoon, wet and


windy weather will be spreading in from the West. I think the community


tomorrow tea`time will be particularly white. Another deep


area of low pressure. The weekend, unsettled but a lot brighter, plenty


of sunshine and a few sharp and wintry showers. A lot of cloud


around. A bit of light snow was reported in Waddington. A lot of


cloud. Further patchy rain and perhaps a bit of sleeved over the


tops of the walls. We are looking at close of around three Celsius. The


sun will rise in the morning around six. In the morning, cloudy with


some brighter spells. A bit of brightness coming through. By the


end of the afternoon to the evening, it will be very wet indeed. A rotten


commute at tea`time. Top temperatures around five or six


degrees. That is the forecast. You make it worse for me. You go and


where the same shirt and tie combination as I did.


By one, get one free. We do not share clothes, by the


way. Let us nip that in the bud. Farmers in East Yorkshire claim that


new plans to speed up tractors on our roads won't stop drivers getting


frustrated, but will improve farm efficiency. The Government wants


speed limits increased from 20 to 25 miles an hour, and will allow


tractors to carry more. But as Crispin Rolfe reports from


Driffield, some motorists say that's still too slow. Greater efficiency,


less frustration. Cars overtaking on these roads do it almost as a way of


life. The government is looking at increasing tractor speed limit from


20 open to 25 mph, and increasing the load they can take. We need to


get this corn and vegetables off the land and into storage, using


tractors and trailers. Does five miles an hour really make a


difference? If attractor drives 3000th of an it


the difference is the amount that the tractors carrying. There is an


increase of potentially seven tonnes. It gets it off the road. For


some people, it is too wet, too fast. They say 20 miles an hour is


an appropriate maximum speed for many.


40 mph. I would hope 50. They could definitely increased to 30. Muddy


roads remain a key concern. Mostly, this brings Britain into line with


Europe. The Police and Crime Commisioner for


the Humberside force has proposed that people pay just under 2% more


for policing during the next financial year. Matthew Grove says


the rise will cost about six pence per week on average and will help to


minimise the loss of police officers and PCSOs. He says his plans have


been backed by a public consultation.


Plans have been approved for a new footbridge over the railway line in


Lincoln.This design has been accepted by the City Council. It's


hoped the bridge will end delays for pedestrians waiting at the level


crossing on the high street. Network Rail says people regularly run


around or climb over the current barriers.


Thanks for getting in touch about fresh calls to ban smoking in cars


with children. The House of Lords voted in favour of the move


yesterday, so the Government has now told MPs' they can have a free vote


on the issue when it is debated next month. Health experts from East


Yorkshire say they would welcome a ban.


Teenage tennis star Kyle Edmund will learn in the next couple of hours if


he's to partner Andy Murray in the first round of matches at the Davis


Cup. The 19`year`old from Tickton near Beverley is hoping to be picked


when Great Britain play the United States in San Diego. Our sports


reporter Simon Clark looks at his chances. 2013 was quite a year for


Kyle Edmund. A year which included a senior Wimbledon debut, junior


doubles titles in France and America, and this first ranking


success at Eastbourne. That is what caught the eye of Leon Smith. Two


partner Andy Murray in the singles, sweat has to decide between the more


experienced James Ward and the young chap from Teton. I had a good


pre`season with Andy. I have put in the hard work and done the best I


can to prepare. I can't say I haven't done as best as I could.


After a winter practising with Andy Murray, Kyle has just won a


tournament in America. I did three with Andy. I coped admirably `` he


coped admirably. He has worked hard. Both him and James Ward, they are


both doing a really good job. There is some tactics in it. The captain


has to make a decision what is best for his team. It all started here in


Beverly, where his former mentor Tom Davies marvels at his progress.


There is a fine line between being a good player and making it. He seemed


to be do the right things and doing the right training, winning the


right matches and tournaments. If Kyle should be selected tonight, he


becomes the second member of this club after Colin Gregory in the


1950s to have played Davis cup tennis. There are not too many clubs


in the country outside of Wimbledon that can claim that distinction.


We will follow that with interest. A record`breaking journey across the


Atlantic has now raised more than ?300,000 for charity after adding


more than ?100,000 to the total in the last three days. 21`year`old


Luke Birch from Doddington and his friend Jamie Sparks rowed more than


3,000 nautical miles from the Canary Islands to Antigua. They finished


their journey earlier this week becoming the youngest pair ever to


row across the Atlantic. The finishing touches are being put


to a three`storey swimming pool, diving area and beach complex in


Hull. Sadly, it's not for you and me to enjoy but a family of penguins,


due to arrive in a month's time. The Jentoo penguins are joining the


sharks at the Deep, as Amanda White reports.


It's the mystery of the ocean depths that's been bringing people here for


more than ten years. But now the Deep is surfacing to welcome some


altogether livelier lodgers. These Jentoo penguins live in Edinburgh.


Hull will soon have its very own colony. A bit like an expectant


father, really, so excited and worried at the same time. They are


now over in Texas and we're waiting, praying that they start to mould in


time. Everyone is working 16 hours per day trying to get everything


ready for them. We cannot wait, just wish we had more, really. To make


the new residents feel at home, the team here is sculpting ice cliffs


from polystyrene. As part of a special programme to be broadcast


later this year BBC wildlife reporter Mike Dilger has been


getting stuck in. We have got viewing windows so that people can


see down and watch them swimming. There are icebergs, there is a


balcony that they can go outside on, and behind us, we have got another


beach section where we will hopefully get them nesting at some


point. A fascination for the weird and wonderful creatures here has


kept people coming back for the last 12 years. You have to admit, there


is something rather more appealing about the new kid in town. The


penguins are due to arrive from Texas in the next few weeks. We'll


be able to see them and their swanky new pad in March. Let's get a recap


of the national and regional headlines.


As part of the country are still under water after the wettest


January for more than a century. Compensation for a homeless woman


after she turned down a flat from the council.


Big response on that story for the compensation for the homeless woman


who turned down a flat. Jen in Lincoln says, I sleep on the settee


to let my kids have a bed, sometimes what we want and what we get takes


some time. Patricia says, Ciccone needs to realise because cannot be


true is as. Graham says, the council have left themselves wide open by


not fully correct procedures, but talent offered accommodation should


not be able to attend and parameters on a whim. Somebody in Hull says, I


suffer from depression and been made homeless, and I am lucky to have


been given a place but I would never have dreamt of turning the place


down, when you are homeless, roof is still a roof.


Powerful message there. Briefly, Daniel says, no wonder councils have


no money if they pay compensation to people who turned down a house. It


is ridiculous. Thank you for those and thank you


for watching. Goodbye.


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