31/01/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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That's all from the BBC News at Six, so it's goodbye from me, and on BBC


One we can goodbye from me. And on BBC One we


can now join the BBC's news Good evening and welcome to BBC Look


North. The headlines tonight: The Fire


Union says planned cuts to the Humberside service will put lives at


risk. Cuts have to be made somewhere or


the Budget reduced. Do more exercise ` the call to couch


potatoes costing taxpayers millions of pounds.


I live in Boston ahead of the CDs of high tides. The Environment Agency


is trying to reassure the public. The ?99 coat that's gone on sale in


a local charity shop. After a wet and windy evening, there


is a warning out for eyes. I will be back later in the programme. `` ice.


Good evening. Firefighters say public safety is


being put at risk by cuts to the Humberside Fire and Rescue Service.


It's been announced today that more than 60 firefighter posts will be


lost and the number of engines reduced. Some engines will be


replaced by "Small Fires Units" but the Fire Brigades Union claim these


are little more than a garden pressure washer on the back of a


van. Tonight, the deputy chief fire officer has told BBC Look North the


public are "absolutely not at risk". We'll hear from him. First, Tolu


Adeoye reports. It took more than 20 firefighters to


battle this substation fire near Cottingham in April last year. We've


got sympathy with the authority. It is a different decision they have


had to make. Central government have reduced spending and basically, it


has ended up in this position where they have had to make some cuts. We


are shocked as to how the act has fallen.


Last year, Humberside Fire Authority outlined how it could save


?2.5million from the budget. Today, after a public consultation, it


revealed what would stay and what would go.


There are currently 450 Humberside firefighters. That's being to


reduced by more than 60, but none will be compulsory redundancies. The


11 fire engines in Hull and Grimsby are being reduced by two to nine.


And Grimsby's two fire stations will merge.


Under these changes, both these fire stations will go and be replaced but


smaller fire vehicles that can cope with minor incidents.


These are the fire units that will replace the engines. There was


concern today from villagers in Waltham about the changes. I am


gutted, really. They do do a lot in the village. In the event of a house


fire, you will have to wait longer for the service, I think it is


wrong. It should stay the way it is. The Fire Service says it has no


choice but to make the savings and that these were the best options.


But that's not the end of the cuts. A further ?3 million will still need


to be saved by April 2016. I spoke to Dean Sanders, the deputy


chief fire officer at Humberside Fire and Rescue. He is due to step


into the job as chief soon. I asked him if the cuts were really


necessary. It is entirely down to the cuts in


Aber funding, Peter. We were looking to save ?5.7 million by 2016 and


2017. Much of that budget is Sally, that is where we act. Why cut at


Hull and Grimsby were the biggest populations are and then keep


another two options open instead? The authority has decided that the


cuts that we can bear are better off in hull`mac and Grimsby. `` hull.


Some people say these small five units are not sufficient. They will


only attend house fires were necessary. We will still send two or


three fire engines as normal. But every fire engine will have less


people on them, five of four people. How can you justify that? We


maintain that we need nine people at a house fire. But per fire engine


you are making a reduction. Have you been overstaffed and asked


them? This time we will take the pumps in the vehicles. As safety


being put at risk because you have to save the money? Absolutely not.


We are committed to saving committees and firefighters. It does


not sound like it if you are reducing the number of people on


board. In all there are more able on board our five Asians than in other


similar sized cities. What reassuring seas can you give to


people in Waltham or Cleethorpes who are losing their full`sized fire


engines? The fire cover will come from Grimsby because that is the


quickest response. We are giving them an extra facility in terms of


medical and road accident response by tailoring these small fire units.


But they are losing a fire engine. We are using an on call fire engine.


That is correct, but we're changing it to a different type of fire


vehicle that will be more suited to the rest. If you did not have to


make the savings, would you be doing any of this? It is fair to say that


we would like to keep the service as it is at the moment but the cuts


from central government do not make this possible. Thank you, Dean


Sanders. Are the Fiire Service making the


cuts in the right way? Do you think small fires vehicles will fill gaps


in the service? The number of firefighters per engine in Hull


alone will be reduced. Contact us. In a moment: The new device which


zaps migrains away and could replace painkillers.


A massive land and sea search has taken place looking for a man who


went missing on a fishing trip. He failed to return home last night.


Has two dogs and rucksack were found on cliffs in Scarborough.


The search for Nigel Savage began at first light. His wife reported him


missing to Humberside Police when he read it and `` fields to return from


his fishing expedition. The search has been concentrated along the


Scotsman. They have found his car and his two springer spaniel 's and


fishing equipment but no fat `` so far no trace of him. The area is


being extensively searched by all areas. We have wrapped it up for


this afternoon and all any further information can come forward.


Mountain rescue teams have joined the coastguard in the search for Mr


Savage and there was drama this afternoon when one of their own men


had winched off the beach. DVLA dislocated has shoulder and had to


be rescued. The lease will make a decision something tomorrow as to


whether to resume their search. A former senior detective who worked


on some of the region's most high`profile cases has been charged


with a number of alleged offences including stalking and rape.


57`year`old Colin Andrews was a chief superintendent at Humberside


Police until his retirement. He's still employed as their business


manager. People who don't exercise enough are


costing taxpayers millions of pounds a year. It's the claim of


researchers who say Hull has among the highest level of inactive people


in the UK. They say it's putting a burden on the NHS and leading to


hundreds of premature deaths. They're calling for local councils


to do more to ensure people keep fit. Leanne Brown reports.


Launched today ` this outdoor gym is the latest way to get people moving.


I think there is a cultural problem, one of the things we must do with


our children is to get out and take exercise and it does not have to be


formal. It does not mean joining a gym. It can be as simple as getting


children walking and going into a park. If facilities like this are


free and available that helps. Vicky who works in a chip shop


nearby ` has been stugling with her weight and welcomes the new


facility. Since I have stopped playing rugby, I have put a lot of


weight on. People get caught up in their day`to`day life. It is


difficult, especially with the cost of things today. People cannot


afford to join a gym so that is why the likes of the parks are a good


idea. And the legal `` in the league table


of deaths linked to an activity, Hull is the second worst. `` sects


worst. It is costing the taxpayer in Hall ?23 million a. There are a


number of rich factors associated with an activity. Things like


increased blood pressure, increased risk of diabetes in later life.


Weight gain can be an issue as well. If one knows they must do more


physical activity but we need to look at how we support people and


get the confidence to get out there and do it.


On the high street this shop provides help to locals. They have


seen massive results. I have lost eight stone. I have completely


changed my lifestyle slowly and gradually. At first I wanted a quick


fix but I have realised that was not the way to go.


In this national TV advert, the government's health message is


clear. But it seems to many people are not paying attention. Leanne


Brown, BBC Look North, Hull. I spoke to David Stalker from UK


Active. The organisation that did the research. I asked him if he


thought he wanted local councils to nine people into doing exercise.


Absolutely not, I want councils to make things more available and for


people to get up and take action. Let us get the nation moving bit by


bit. You have had parks and things like that for years, some people


just do not want to take exercise, you cannot bully them. That is


correct, but what we can do is find out what they are interested in and


get them involved. We have not done enough research let us work together


and make a difference. If someone like myself who does not do any


sport or go to a gym, I costing the Council of health authorities? I


would not think so because I think you do other things. We are talking


about people who are not getting any activity for 30 minutes. But you


said this is costing Hull ?23 million, where'd you get that figure


from? From Freedom of Information data. That is the brutal reality of


it. You have an open`air gym today for able to attend, they will either


want to do it or not. They are not suddenly going to say, " I think I


will pop along and do some exercise." Yes, but it makes them


think, does it not? They can get involved in the community and I


think people will use it. Finally, would you say the figure is 30% of


adults watching and Hull tonight, slumped on there so, who do not do


exercise, would you like to give them a lecture? I do not want to


lecture them, I want to let them know about the facilities that are


available to them and hopefully your local authority will work with you


to make things happen. It is both the and our responsibility to make


things work. Thank you for that. As it up to councils to get people


off the sofa and out of the house? Should people take responsibility


for their own health? Contact us. Still to come: Hull City aim to end


their 20 14th goal drought. And how charity shops are going


upmarket in an effort to bring in new custom. `` 2014.


Thank you for all of the pictures, keep sending them to us. This is


Mark Foster's picture of Humber Bridge. It was taken at


Barton`upon`Humber. Have you missed me, Paul said he had


missed me? The weather as the weather!


Unfortunately I could not bring any Australian weather back with me, it


is horrible and their, it is wet and windy and we have the concern for


ice tomorrow. There will be some and treated surfaces, so take care. You


can see the isobars are tightly packed and we are in store for a


windy weekend, particularly on Saturday. You can see all of the


cloud associated with this area of low pressure that is spreading from


the West and producing heavy spells of rain and strong winds. Slowly


this main body of rain will ease away out into the North Sea. It will


be followed by a few showers but it will be dry overnight and our


attention turns to the ice. These are the temperatures in the air so


on the ground temperatures will drop to freezing.


Some icy stretches to start the day tomorrow. It is not all doom and


gloom for the weekend but it will be windy. Tomorrow morning there will


be some sunshine and as we head through Saturday we will see those


showers kicking in and by this time tomorrow the showers will have


merged into longer spells of rain. It will not be quite as cold


tomorrow but factoring in that strong wind from the South East, it


will feel like jelly. Six or seven Celsius. Sunday works to be better.


One or two showers. It will still be windy. We start the day on Monday.


It will turn wet and windy to the afternoon and remains unsettled for


the rest of the week. Paul has just sent me a text message


and says he is in Brisbane! Can you believe it? ! Nice to see you back.


A national expert on headaches who works in hell says rain covers for


migraines and bad headaches will become a thing of the past. Two of


his patients are benefiting from a life`changing machine that zaps away


the pain. Vicky Johnson has more. Excruciating headaches made that


I'm's life unbearable he thought he would have to give up his job at


this potato factory in Lincoln. I went into shock because the pain was


so severe. I collapsed and would be out of it. I had to take morphine


just to give me some kind of relief. But it was not reducing the pain, it


just made it Bible. Recently he and other migraine sufferers have taken


part in a trial and Hull to use this gadget to clear away the pain. It


has just given me my life back. I was not going to appointments with


friends, Bailey got to work. This has just change that. The device


works by sending electrical pulses to the brain to short`circuit the


elliptical storm that causes the symptoms of migraine. According to


recent research 39% of patients were found to be pain`free after two


hours. It also reduced the number of attacks by around 40%. It is like


getting out of prison. Doing a life sentence and walking out as a free


man. I have gone from constant pain to one or two headaches each month.


Whilst this machine is working well, it is a little cumbersome. At this


clinic, the doctor showed what is currently being developed. This is


one which will stimulate a nerve on the right side of the face. Within a


couple of minutes it feature migraine with drugs but not through


tablets or injections, that is a thing of the past. People will be


able to say that they treat their migraine with a device they carry in


their pocket. Darren does not go anywhere without his new head


blasting machine. He is hoping it will soon be available on the NHS so


that others can benefit. The Environment Agency says it newly


repaired flood defences in Boston will hold back high tides tonight


and over the weekend. Water reached its high point a few weeks ago. Our


correspondent is in Boston at the moment. How convinced and the


Environment Agency of these defences? The Environment Agency are


confident in the work they have done over the past few months since that


people search caused that the damage last year. The high`paid has passed


here. You can just see is of the work that has been done by the


Environment Agency. Some of the barriers that have been put in


place. It is estimated that 100 homes are still empty as a result of


that flood damage. Ahead of the high`paid over the next few days the


Environment Agency said it should not pose too much of a problem. I


would like to reassure people that those defences have been designed to


do their job. High`paid 's are coming and this weekend and again, I


want to reassure people that the high`paid itself normally only


happens twice a month and does not cause flooding. We must watch the


weather forecast for the pressure and high winds and this weekend we


do not have the low pressures and the wind is in a favourable


condition so we do not expect to see any further events of the end of


last year. Further out on the coast repairs


have been made to sea defences and at the nature reserve at Gibraltan


Point. Are still in place for Bridlington. The Environment Agency


said a flood alert has been issued for the town, articulate around


Harbour Road and the floral Pavilion. It is monitoring the


situation very closely. There has been a new site for


Lincoln football club's Stadium. Silicon bank is being looked at as a


possibility. Chairman Mr Dorrian says things could rapidly develop.


Hull City has had a slump in form, making January their worst month


since returning to the top flight. They have not scored a goal this


month, can be put it right? Simon Clark reports.


This was the latest clash when the Tigers to a point. Try as they met


they could not find a way past Crystal Palace on Tuesday. This was


despite Jelavic and Shane Long starting together for the first


time. No matter, as the Tigers lost 1`0, tomorrow's opponents Tottenham


Hotspur lost five of the # 5`1 to Manchester City. It is


another game for us and we have done very well at home. We must produce a


big performance to get anything tomorrow. We must produce a big


performance at home but we know we are capable of doing. Let us hope we


can. Being a football manager and a player is tough, but I think being


in the hot seat takes the biscuit. Steve Bruce will know what I am


talking about. To try and remain in the league is difficult but he has


made a good fist of it so far. And this transfer deadline day, Jake


Livermore has been confirmed as staying on loan from Tottenham


Hotspur but Danny Graham could leave. He has played in every game


possible. He is a big player for Hull City. The relationship that


Livermore and Huddlestone have in the middle of the park is fantastic.


When Hull City play Tottenham Hotspur they will have Steve Harper


in goal for the suspended Alan McGregor. Jake Livermore cannot play


against his parents club but it will be all eyes on the new strike


partnership of Jelavic and Shane Long. It will be hoped that they can


stop this scoring who do and make a great impact.


BBC Radio Humberside will have full commentary of Hull's match on FM.


Scunthorpe United's League Two trip to Hartlepool tomorrow will be on


AM. Scunthorpe United's League Two trip


to Hartlepool tomorrow will That kicks off at 3pm. And on digital and


the website will be commentary of Grimsby Town's game with Tamworth in


the FA Trophy. While Lincoln City's Conference Premier game against


Halifax will be on BBC Radio Lincolnshire. Coverage starts at


2pm. When you need ?100 just to buy one


victim it adds fuel to stories that charity shops have become shut


commercial operators on our high streets. One Hull high`street shop


with a ?99 coat on sale has caused A*. For one Yorkshire entrepreneur


of the joy of finding a bargain has led to him creating a website rating


the best charity shops in the country. Whether your taste is


cashmere or cotton, charity shops stock has always promised one thing,


and appealing price tag. This keen shopper thinks there is more to it


and he has completed his own website to help others find the best rated


shops. If we put in courting and you can then read what the viewers think


about the shots and that tone. Charity shops are getting used to


the idea that people Mary then. So far the reviews have been positive.


This shop seems to be very well rated. You can pick up a bargain and


all sorts of things. I got a pair of shoes for ?3. At another shop in


Hull, currently with a four out of five star rating, this is an hate


that cannot be rivalled, a brand`new designer caught with a hefty price


tag to match. We're trying to raise as much money


as they can for the disabled and their families. So when you see a


jacket like this, fantastic quality, we can get a great place for it. Can


you still get a bargain in a charity shop? My friends here and have


agreed to help me. I have got a pair of jeans and a nice shot, both for


?3. I have a lovely grey top that was in the sale for ?1.99. This pair


of French connection jeans was only ?3 50.


It seems the appetite for a bargain buys will keep on benefiting these


charities. A ?99 coat, just tweaking this from


Jim Hogan. He says there is a sofa on sale today for ?700 in a charity


shop. Amanda Knox chase you will never


return to Italy after a court decides that she was guilty of


modelling British student Meredith Kercher.


Humberside Fire service has defended plans to cut more than 60


firefighter posts. They say there is no risk to safety.


Tomorrow is a great start but there will be rain later in the day. Top


temperatures of seven Celsius. We have had a lot of opinions from


you about the Fire Service. Rob says having been a firefighter for 26


years, we have always provided domestic fire cover with four


people. Times change and everyone needs to change with it. Fire risk


as Regis and due to better education and precautions. Thank you for all


of your messages, not just to make but throughout the week. Goodbye.


Next up in the Den, it is Chris and Alex. Hello, dragons, thank you for


having us. I am out. We are not asking for money, we want you to


come on The One


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