12/02/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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flood waters are on the rise. That's


Good evening from Look North. High winds have caused havoc across


the East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, tonight, as roads were closed,


trains delayed and trees brought down. The Humber Bridge and Ouse


Bridge have been closed to all vehicles, this evening, as high


winds batter the country. Gusts of up to 75 miles an hour have been


recorded in the region. Forecasters say although the peak has passed


they are warning there may still be stormy weather into the early hours.


Our reporter Amanda White joins me now. How bad have things been?


Well, we have now seen the worst of the weather now ` forecasters say


things will begin to die down now. But as the day went on, today, the


winds got up and the damage mounted. The winds have been felt the most on


the coast this afternoon. There were gusts of 75 miles per hour in


Holbeach and 67 miles per hour at Wainfleet near Skegness. Just up the


road, 1500 homes lost power at Burgh le Marsh near Skegness at lunchtime.


They all had power restored within two hours. The rough waters of the


Humber and the North Sea at Bridlington earlier today were just


the start. By tea`time, this ancient tree had collapsed in West Hull,


taking a telephone box and a bay window with it.


I'm completely stunned. I'm stunned! I knew the wind was strong, but I


didn't realise it was that strong. I think it's flattened the telephone


box. Earlier in Grimsby, a woman hurt her


head when these trees landed on a van and a car. This tree also blew


over in Butterwick near Boston. Earlier, winds gusted at 75 miles


per hour in Holbeach and 67 miles per hour at Wainfleet. Tonight, the


high winds had begun to cause major traffic chaos. With both the Ouse


and Humber Bridges closed, commuters were stranded both sides of the


water. Police urged against unnecessary journeys with unexpected


hazards caused by the weather. The Hull to Rotterdam Ferry is still in


its berth, its 8.30PM sailing has been delayed until at least


midnight. Well, the problems do seem to be


easing, now, although the rail companies across the region say they


are still facing disruption ` particularly as trains are being


affected further along the routes. And for motorists on the roads,


police say the gusts could still cause problems. It's not clear yet


how long the problems will carry on, but the advice is don't travel


unless you have to and take extra care on your journeys. And Paul


Hudson will be here in a few minutes with a full weather forecast for the


next twenty four hours. Boston Borough Council says it will


apply for tens of thousands of pounds of government funding to help


pay for recovery work following December's floods. Over 500 homes,


businesses and the Boston Stump were damaged following the tidal surge.


The clear up has already cost the authority tens of thousands of


pounds. One example would be Council tax


discounts and council tax holidays, particularly where people are living


in particularly difficult conditions, and in some cases not


living in their homes. We still have over 150 families that are not


living in the houses that they were prior to the event.


A group of Lincolnshire farmers are raising money for people flooded in


Somerset. The social media based group say they've raised hundreds of


pounds so far. They've also arranged to send straw and food to farmers in


the South West of England. Teenagers from East Yorkshire and


Lincolnshire have joined a protest in London calling for the voting age


to be lowered to sixteen. At the moment, young people in


England have to wait until they are eighteen to take part in elections,


but some MPs, including Scunthorpe's Nic Dakin,want to reduce the age


limit. Here's more from our Political Editor Tim Iredale.


What do we want? Votes! When do we want it? Sixteen!


The teenagers who marched on Parliament, today, have no direct


say on who represents them here. Some, including 16`year`old Thomas


from Hull, believe that should change.


I think young people in East Yorkshire really should be allowed


to vote, because they are currently underrepresented. They don't


understand that they have a say in parliament. Giving them the vote at


16 means that they can influence the country, and realise that politics


really does play a part in everything in their life.


Although under 18s in England can't vote under current rules, 16 and


17`year`olds in Scotland will be able to vote in this year's


referendum on independence. Some MPs would like to see the voting age


lowered across the UK. Why not have votes at 16? As someone


that has worked pretty much all my adult life with 16 to 18`year`olds,


my experience would suggest that they have as much sense as us older


people when it comes to making judgements.


But would the majority of people use their vote? It's estimated that in


last year's local elections, 32% of 18 to 24``year`olds turned out to


vote. Compared with 72% of over 65s. I asked college students whether


they wanted to see the voting age lowered.


With the way teenagers are acting in society, putting how the country


runs into their hands is just going to make it go downhill.


I think we should be able to decide what happens in our local community


in East Riding, and in the local government.


Labour and the Liberal Democrats are broadly in favour of lowering the


voting age, but many I'm too young. It should stay at 18.


So, these would`be voters may have to wait a little longer before they


have their say at the ballot box. There are claims that new fishing


rules being enforced on the East Coast will put fishermen out of


business and damage the local tourist industry. Changes are being


made to the way sea fish can be caught, which the Environment Agency


says will make fishing more sustainable. But those affected say


the rules are unworkable and will destroy their livelihoods.


It will put a lot of people out of business. There's six of us fishing


in this way ` very sustainable. It's been going on for years. Everything


has been working fine, and now they're wanting to put these rules


in, which they've no right to do. Humberside Police and Crime


Commissioner Matthew Grove has confirmed that people living in the


force area will pay nearly two percent more for policing from


April. Mr Grove says the rise will help protect some jobs and allow


investment in new technology. He's pressing ahead despite opposition


from the Police and Crime Panel. An inquiry looking into the proposed


Lincoln Eastern Bypass has finished today. Highways and planning


officers have been hearing people's objections to parts of the planned


road. It's hoped the road will ease congestion in the cty.


Let's get a look at the weather now ` here's Paul Hudson with the


forecast. It's certainly been a wild evening


out there. Here are the top gusts that we've recorded. We haven't


beaten the Holbeach 75 mph gusts that was reported this afternoon,


but Leconfield comes in with 70 mph this evening. It has been a very


windy evening. We still have a warning in place, although the top


gusts will start to ease very shortly. That's the weather chart


right now. The winds slowly moderating after midnight. There


will be a few scattered showers, but quite a bit of dry weather, with


lowest temperatures at two. Tomorrow, a much better day in


general. Mostly dry and bright with just one or two wintry showers.


Quite heavy showers pushing across parts of East Yorkshire later in the


day. Temperatures around six degrees. Still a strong wind.


Friday, a bright start and wind and rain returns.


Don't forget to tune in to your local radio station for the latest


on the weather, and the impact it's having in East Yorkshire and


Lincolnshire. That's all from the late team. Look North is back


tomorrow just after 6.25AM ` hope you can join us then. Bye for now.


Good evening. What an incredible day of weather it has been. We saw gusts


of wind up to 108 mph in the West of Wales. The wind is easing down a


notch or two but we still have a high-level amber warning from the


Met Office for the strength of the wind over the next few hours over


quite a large swathe of the UK. Northern Ireland, northern England


and down across Wales, there is still potential for damaging and


disruptive gusts of wind. This huge curl of cloud is bringing wet and


windy weather across much of the West of Europe. It curls back across


the north of the UK and that's the centre of the area of low pressure


with the strongest winds just to the south of that. Let's focus on the


winds over the next few hours. The ease down by a notch or two but


still blustery conditions over most of Wales. High seas around the coast


and gusting up to 70 mph. Easily around the 80 mph mark across much


of northern England. Across the Pennines this evening and overnight,


travelling will be treacherous. Wind and rain at lower levels will


produce a lot of spray. You don t have to go to high up the Pennines


to see that turned to snow. One way or another, further disruption to


travel is more than likely. BBC local radio will keep you up-to date


on where you are and where you are trying to get to. The centre of the


low system moves northwards. Pretty heavy snow developing across the


hills of Scotland with several centimetres by dawn. A bit of snow


for Northern Ireland and wintry showers drifting across the southern


counties. A risk of ice with most races are seeing the temperatures a


degree or so either side of freezing. A cold, windy start


Thursday but I think it be a better day. No persistent rain to be seen.


There should be some spells of sunshine for many of us, as well.


Does it last until the end of the week? I'm afraid not. It goes


downhill on Friday. This low pressure will head our way. Lots of


isobars on the chart later in the day. Gusts of 60, 70 or 80 mph, with


rain spreading northwards. Significant snow for parts of


Northern Ireland and southern Scotland. Windy into the start of


the weekend. Saturday has outbreaks of rain. On Sunday, something of a


respite. The winds will ease down and it should


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