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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight. A


flood expert says some land beside the Humber should be abandoned to


the sea. The local council says communities need protected. However


small, these communities are important and we will fight to make


sure they have the best defence possible. I'm live in the village of


built and where woman has been left terrified following a robbery at


this post office. Businesses in a Lincolnshire town are told to remove


advertising boards from the streets or face legal action.


And the centuries`old tradition that's under threat in a


Lincolnshire village. Another mild day tomorrow. I'll be


back with the rest of the details. A flooding expert says villages


beside the Humber ` swamped by recent floods ` are unlikely to get


improved flood defences, and some land should even have to be


abandoned to the sea and rivers. Last night people in the village of


South Ferriby ` where 120 homes were flooded in December ` demanded


answers from the Environment Agency about when flood defences and


warning systems would be upgraded, but they say they were given few


assurances. Nationally, one in six properties is at risk of flooding.


5,800 homes have flooded in Britain since December. Despite all the


political arguments, research shows spending on flood defences has not


fallen or risen significantly in the past decade. I'll be speaking to the


expert in coastal flooding who says some land should be abandoned.


First, Sarah Corker reports. December's tidal surge was much


higher and more powerful than anyone predicted. Communities on the banks


of the Humber, like South Ferriby, were flooded in a matter of minutes.


We have bank would go up to the top of the village. After the storm come


the questions. Will there be any money to improve defences here? For


the last decade, the policy has been that they will protect properties.


Communities like this one are important, and we are going to do


the best we can to fight to make sure they have the best defence. In


England, more than five million properties are at risk of flooding


Since December 2013, flood schemes have defended more than 1.3 million


homes and businesses. But there's not enough money to help everyone.


Treasury rules state every pound of investment in defences must produce


at least ?8 of economic benefit. The system to calculate the cash looks


are a couple of things including the number of properties at risk and


also the number of deprived households. Cities like Hull will


always do better than smaller communities along the Humber. An


issue put to the Environment Agency at a heated public meeting in South


Ferriby last night. The government has made some money available


straight for repairs and we are already on with those repairs.


Beyond that we will have to look into the strategy to try and find


out where the funding will come from. At a women's group today,


residents told me they want public money shared more equally. There is


more people in a tone, but I don't think they should get more


protection. We all need protecting. But Silvia lives in Barton and has a


different argument. They've built a terrific amount of homes down on the


river bank, but there are hundreds of people down there now. You have


to have a bit of sense. This has been the saviour of our town. And


that's because just three miles down the road... The authorities now face


tough decisions. I spoke to Professor Rob Duck who specialises


in coastal flooding at Dundee University. I started by asking why


he believes that some land should be abandoned? That's quite a difficult


question. I think we've got to look at what we've done to land in the


past, particularly land we have claimed from the sea, maybe


centuries ago, that was once naturally flooded by the sea, we


have to look at where it should be returned to the state it was


originally in. If you live in a small village, what chance have you


got of getting better protection? If you live in a small village, in a


vulnerable area, it is really very difficult indeed. We've got to look


at the nature of the flood protection, and that does not


necessarily mean it is in bank on this. We have to look at moving to


areas that were once flooded but no agricultural land is no longer


flooded in order to protect small villages in these vulnerable areas.


Will people who live in small places like this have to fend for


themselves, have their own stack of sandbags? I think it might be that


they have to fend for themselves to a certain extent but I think what


they should be able to expect is better flood warning systems in


place so that they are aware of when tidal surges are going to take


place. It seems like Mrs versus country. `` town versus country. I


hope it is not like that but clearly with big cities like Hull that need


to be protected, we need to look at the nature of the land that we may


perhaps return to flooding. If it is largely agricultural land it can


hopefully be done with the minimum of disruption to human lives. Thank


you for joining us. Should some land be abandoned if it's too expensive


to protect or should we protect all homes regardless of the cost? You


can e`mail us. In a moment: The Lincolnshire farmer


leading the aid effort for farms flooded in the South. The death of a


22`month`old girl in Hull is being treated as unexplained. She was


taken by ambulance from this house in west Hull to the city's Royal


Infirmary but died a short time later. A man and a woman ` both aged


20 ` were arrested in connection with her death, and have been


released on bail. Police say a postmistress from East Yorkshire has


been left terrified after her shop was robbed by two men armed with a


sledgehammer. They smashed their way through the reinforced screen that


was supposed to protect her at Bilton Post Office. Leanne Brown is


in Bilton, how is the postmistress? As you would expect the shutters


have been down all day. Although she was not injured it could be some


time before she recovers. I'm told it was two men wearing balaclavas


and camouflage jacket that went into the shop with a sledgehammer and


smashed on the protective glass. She had already cashed up but they left


with the contents of the coin dispenser. They came away with a


small amount of cash ` and left behind a frightened community. She


was terrified when we got here. She is quite shaken this morning. She is


not injured but they have used force to smash the glass. Everybody is


surprised when something happened like this. It's left the owner of


the hairdressers next door worried about the safety of her staff. I


feel vulnerable. I've got young girls in here, you never know. We've


just thought about it and I said make sure you keep the doors


locked. Don't put yourself in that position. And for those who live


here ` shock that something like this could happen in their village


Police have been conducting an area search today to gather as much


evidence as possible. It is scary for some people. You have to think


twice about what is going on, look out for each other. It is a quiet


little village. They will be devastated.


They say the best thing they can do for the victim is to catch the men


who did this. This is a very close`knit village and a


spokesperson for the Post Office has said today, "Any robbery is not only


traumatic for those involved but is also an attack on the local


community ` and they're asking anyone who may have seen something


to come forward. Thank you. And detectives in North Lincolnshire are


trying to trace a man who's thought to be responsible for two armed


robberies at the same shop. The man carrying an umbrella and small black


gun went into the One Stop Shop on Eton Court in Scunthorpe last night


` but left empty`handed. Two weeks ago, it's thought a man robbed cash


from the same store. A new tunnel could be dug under the Humber to


carry a gas pipeline to supply a large part of Britain. National Grid


wants to replace the existing pipeline under the river ` which is


in a 30`year`old trench that is being washed away by strong tides.


Work on the tunnel between Paull and Goxhill could start in 2017.


Shopkeepers are standing firm against threats to confiscate their


advertising boards from outside their businesses. The town council


in Stamford in Lincolnshire says signs ` which often obstruct


pavements ` are dangerous and illegal. But traders say they're a


vital way to attract shoppers in tough economic times. Here's our


business correspondent, Paul Murphy. High streets are competitive places


and for many businesses putting out the board is part of the morning


routine. But here in Stamford their proliferation is dividing the town.


The council wants rid of them ` businesses are furious. Ridiculous.


We put something on the Facebook page and we had so much response


saying how ridiculous this is. It just seems very aggressive. We would


like to have a conversation about it rather than just a nasty letter.


Stamford Town Council's letter says it's had numerous complaints about


the increasing number of boards and other advertising clutter. It says


the boards are illegally placed items in hazardous locations and


warns the owners can face legal action if the boards cause an


accident. The council says enforcement action could include


collection and removal of the obstruction. Kathleen is partially


sighted and among those who've complained ` a trip to town, she


says, is like going on an obstacle course. You're frightened of running


into them, because sometimes you might go down the high Street and


somebody has put one out that you don't know about. Then I would not


see it. Retailers now have about two weeks to get rid of their boards.


None from Stamford Town Council wanted to be interviewed or give a


statement. But their letter to retailers says that boards are in


potential breach of the highways act and they intend to clear the


streets. Local businesses accept that the law forbids obstructing the


highway ` but say it is possible to use boards if everyone is sensible


about it. I think the traders will cooperate. If we can agree some sort


of code, then everyone would know where we stood. Then we can police


ourselves. We will look into the insurance and


make sure we're covered but we will stick together and if they want to


take them away we're not going to let them. Revolt? Yes. Picturesque


market town or not, an ugly battle could be looming. I asked retail


expert Kate Hardcastle if shops gained any benefit by putting out


signs. Everybody is trying to do everything they can in retail at the


moment to boost sales, to attract attention, to scream to the buyer,


please you as `` please use us, but one thing I can tell you if there


are far better methods used by retailers that are doing wonderful


jobs and wonderful results, someone like John Lewis, not relying on


promotional boards. You mention there are better ways. What kind of


ways? Working as a retailer, the best way to do it is not to shout in


a football crowd, if that makes sense. By putting a board out there


and hoping for passers`by to be attracted, it is difficult to


attract an audience when they are so wait. It is better to work out who


your customer is and when you have done, appealed to them in a language


and communication that gets to them, via e`mail lists, social


media, perhaps by doing events within the store. They work from


time to time but the more there are, the more crowded the message. Has


the council got this wrong? The council has sent out a very negative


letter and it challenges. The retailers think they need to do


something and times are hard. They need business. If the council had


gone in and said obviously for health and safety reasons for


somebody walking down the street, with a wheelchair or a pushchair,


they have challenging things to negotiate, this is difficult, but


what we can do is offer support in other ways. Then you can list the


ways. You can work with the retailers. You will get a far better


response than sending out a negative letter. What do you think? Get in


touch. Still ahead tonight: Why Steve Bruce is unhappy about Hull


City's FA Cup replay against Brighton. And the centuries`old


tradition that's under threat in a Lincolnshire village.


Stunning picture of the evening sky at Swanland taken by John Wharam.


It has been a dry day today. It is quite nice to see after all the rain


we have had. I need to get running again. I am behind on my training.


You and me both. We need to practice. I have a personal best in


eating chocolate. The next couple of days and not look too bad. It is not


too cold out there. Moving into Thursday, it gets a bit more


unsettled and windy over the course of the weekend, although it would be


quite nice if there was a bit of a breeze. Tomorrow is a bit of a grey


start. It will brighten up nicely through the afternoon. You can see


from the pressure chart, it is not particularly breezy out there. A


light breeze. You will have to wait till Thursday for it to pick up.


Looking at the satellite picture, we have variable cloud, some of it is


thick enough to produce showers. The showers will tend to use a way,


becoming largely drive. `` die away. There will be some breaks in the


cloud and we will see some patchy rain developing. The sun will rise


in the morning at 7:13am, setting at 5:19pm. Tomorrow morning, bit of a


grey start to the day, low cloud about but it will tend to left. The


greatest risk of catching a shower is first thing this morning but it


will be a dry day, brightening up nicely into the afternoon. Some


bright or sunny spells. It will go up to about ten or 11 degrees.


Similar values tomorrow. It will be up to 50 Fahrenheit. Feeling pretty


springlike out there. As we move into Thursday, the breeze will


pick`up, it will be breezy with outbreaks of rain spreading in from


the west. It will get wetter as the day goes on. Blustery at the weekend


with a fair few showers on Saturday. We will do a marathon. We


can do it. We need to start training. See you soon. A


Lincolnshire farmer has taken on the job of leading the aid effort for


farmers whose land is under water in the West Country. Farmers across


Britain have been sending animal feed and bedding to parts of


Somerset which have been cut off for weeks. Andrew Ward from Leadenham


near Grantham was asked by the government to run the relief effort.


Here's our rural affairs correspondent, Linsey Smith. Carrots


and hey, I welcome meal for the flood hit animals of Somerset. Much


of this has been donated by farmers in Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire.


Andrew Ward was directing aid to the most needed. It is absolutely tragic


when you see the water and what they are having to go through. We all


have water and problems in farming, it is one big risk management


operation, but you cannot imagine what they are going through with the


families and emotionally. Last year, the charity helps farmers affected


by heavy snow in England and Wales. He was initially invited to advise


government ministers but this week he has got hands`on. Seems like this


went on throughout the day. Our animals are literally knee deep in


their own mess. It is a godsend. Now they can have tidy bets. There was


not this level of flooding years ago because water management was totally


different. Do we want to feed the nation? Do we want to look after


people? Are we going to forget about human beings and look after


wildlife? As pumping continues, Ed Miliband was the latest politician


to visit. For Andrew it is not politics but pulling together that


is important. Two paintings by Yorkshire`born artist David Hockney


are to go on sale. Room With A View is of Bridlington ` where the artist


has a house and studio. It's been valued at between ?150,000 `


?200,000. The second work called Tyger is expected to reach between


?40,000 ` ?60,000. The Red Arrows have revealed a new tail fin design


` to celebrate their 50th display season. The engineers ` known as the


Blues ` unveiled the new`look aircraft at RAF Scampton near


Lincoln. It features the union flag and is the most significant change


to the colour scheme in the team's history. I always had this idea for


a union Jack on the tail but it was colleague that came up with the


final design and I was really impressed with it. If you look at


the detail, it has the aircraft. It really captures the spirit of the


past 50 years. Hull City manager Steve Bruce says it's ridiculous


that UEFA has forced the club's FA Cup replay with Brighton, which is


to be held next Monday. Europe's governing body doesn't want a clash


with their Champions League competition. They sounded like they


had plenty to celebrate but in truth their side had salvaged a replay


from this game. The Championship side went ahead with this. Seconds


later, Curtis Davies hit the bar, one of two chances off the woodwork.


Steve Bruce must've thought the cup run was over, when five minutes from


time, they equalised. Now they have a replay on Monday, as UEFA Cup band


televised games as the same `` at the same time as the Champions


League. I find it ridiculous. I have to tell you. Surely we could play on


the same night at the Champions League. You would have thought. I


think it is a UEFA rule. UEFA rules that nobody plays on the night of


the Champions League. We have to take it as it is and deal with it as


it comes. Those who faced the journey back to Yorkshire had


something to cling onto. We didn't deserve it but they pay the fans


back. The replay is on. We are still in the cup. Replay. Of course, but


that is all right. Hopefully we can win at home. What a hectic week for


Hull City, who play Cardiff City on Saturday, before that cup replay on


Monday. Where the wheel of Fortune will spin for Hull City or writing


as they bid for a place in the quarterfinal. Grimsby Town are in


action in the Conference Premier tonight The Mariners travel to


Barnet. Kick`off is at quarter to eight, with build up on BBC Radio


Humberside now. She's one of this area's most successful sportswomen,


and today England cricket star Arran Brindle has spoken of her decision


to retire. The 32`year`old announced yesterday that she wouldn't join the


team's tour of Bangladesh, and would instead focus on family and her


teaching career. But, as she told Crispin Rolfe, she's enjoyed her


time at the top. It was very special. Not just winning the test


but scoring runs was great. Ashes victory this winter is built on the


batting of Arran Brindle. For this cricketer, beating Australia home


and away was her final hurrah. She has called time. It is the fact that


it is 15 years. You go through life with different challenges, things


that keeps you inspired. I am at that stage, with my teaching and my


family. England's loss is Lincolnshire's game. She is still


keen to support local talent. They have put a massive amount of sport


money in. To benefit from that shows the standard that can be achieved.


Not all of her achievements have been about cricket. In 2012, she


carried the Olympic torch. The chances are that her tone will still


carry a torch for her. `` town. They're men ` and women `


brandishing sticks, bells and handkerchiefs. Morris dancers are an


English tradition dating back 600 years. But a group near Grantham in


Lincolnshire has started an urgent recruitment drive to find new


dancers in time for its summer performances. Simon Spark has been


along to a practice section. There is something about Morris dancing


that lifts the spirit. Jolly music, jingling bells, waving handkerchiefs


and rhythmic stick knocking. No wonder the appeal dates all the way


back to the 15th century. When you're dancing, it feels like you've


got the world at your feet. You are something else, you are a superior


being. Another superior being is Ashley Jones, who talks us through


one of the dancers. Then we do this. It is a strange movement. These


Morris dancers have troubled minds behind the smiles. They are worried


about how long they can keep their group going. As long as we have


enough people to dance. To be able to dance fully through the summer we


really need more people, we need younger people as well to keep the


side going. To compare it with football, you need 11 players for a


team, you need six dancers for a dance. They have enough at the


moment but there is no new ones coming through. We are worried. It


is a tradition, if you have injury or illness we cannot even turn up


and do it, because we haven't got enough people. They have had one


recruit recently, Jimmy, he is now in his second week. He is learning


his robes, and sticks. In six years I might be able to do it. If you


fancy a way to keep warm without the heating bills and keep fit, and you


don't mind looking the part, this is it. Your new destiny, keeping a


tradition alive. Let's get a reach of the national


and regional headlines. Inflation falls below the Bank of England


target for the first time in four years. Swamped by the recent tidal


surge ` now a flood expert says some land beside the Humber should be


abandoned to the sea. Tomorrow's weather will be a cloudy start with


a risk of a shower. It should brighten up through the day. High


temperature of ten. We have had quite a lot of response about the


flood defences. It is the south`east against the rest of the country. The


vast majority of funding will be used to protect those settlements.


Jenny says we live near Stamford and the boards are needed because so


many shops are down small alleyways that otherwise would not be known


about. David says praise to Stamford Council for cracking down on these


signs. Hopefully they are well insured against any claims. Thanks


for getting in touch with us tonight. I shall be on the radio


tomorrow. Join me then if you can. We will have plenty more news and


weather in the late bulletin tonight. That is at 10:25pm. Get in


touch with me if you can. Goodbye.


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