24/02/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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life changing experience. The question is whether the Games will


deliver a lasting change to Good evening. An East Yorkshire MP


is asking the government for more than ?200 million to improve flood


defences around the Humber. 1,100 homes in the area were flooded


during the tidal surge in December. The MP for Haltemprice and Howden,


David Davis, is lobbying the government to provide money for work


on the defences. Kate Sweeting reports.


For John and Liz Kirk from Yokefleet in East Yorkshire, this caravan is


now home. Now after 11 weeks, it is just really depressing now and it


gets you down after all this time. 1,100 homes in the Humber area were


flooded during December's tidal surge. Now with predictions that


extreme weather will become more common there are calls for the East


Coast to be better protected. We are the second highest flood risk in the


country. That is going to get worse as sea levels go up, then we are


going to get more and more risks like this and we have to do


something about it. The plan is to raise the height of parts of the


river bank which protect thousands of homes from flooding but which


were overtopped during December's tidal surge. There are also plans to


create water holding areas and to remove some flood defences to allow


some areas to flood. This has already been done in Aukbrough,


Paull and Donna Nook, albeit amid controversy, as many did not want to


see that land lost. All of this work would cost more than ?200 million,


money which would largely have to come from the government. It's a big


project. We're looking forward 20 years from now. It's a very


important area, very valuable assets and so it's right to invest a large


amount of money in such an important area.


If it's not done all this land will be reclaimed. Nature will just take


its own back again, won't it? Unless you fight it.


Liz and John hope to stay in this village for the rest of their lives,


and it's hoped if this work is carried out, it will also be saved


for future generations. People living in Grimsby have met


tonight to talk about the planned new series of Skint which could be


filmed in the town. People on the Nunsthorpe estate expressed their


worries about the programme which shows how people survive without


being employed. More than 800 people have signed a petition calling for


filming to cease. Gemma Dawson reports.


Ah, Scunthorpe... This TV show was watched by millions. Scunny is


perhaps best known for the steelworks. Or what's left of 'em.


Skint was based on life on this Scunthorpe estate, but the Channel 4


show proved to be controversial. Tonight people in Grimsby have


attended a public meeting concerned it could be the featured town in the


next series. People here are very proud of their town. We don't really


want that to be hit by a negative programme. The fact that we're


joining together shows that it's no longer down to big decision makers,


it's down to the people, the people's power. It showed that


people are very concerned and they care about their town. We don't want


to be vilified in this way. I'm going home feeling very positive.


There's a huge number of people and everyone with one voice. Loads of


creativity, lots of ideas and a desire to carry this forward. This


is a group that's united and I think that's unstoppable. Channel 4 didn't


attend tonight's meeting because it says it offered to meet organisers


in person as part of a wider consultation process which has


involved community organisations and over 100 residents. But test filming


has already taken place on the East Marsh estate and the Nunsthorpe area


of Grimsby. People need to know the conditions in which people in this


country, which the Prime Minister himself has now admitted is a


wealthy country. The conditions some people have to live in, they need to


see it and know it. If they see it as entertainment then that's their


problem. Channel 4 says it can't definitely confirm the final


location of the next series yet. But many at tonight's public meeting are


hoping it won't be here. Lincolnshire's Police and Crime


Commissioner has apologised to the chief constable he suspended last


year. Neil Rhodes was subsequently reinstated by a High Court judge.


Alan Hardwick says his apology is sincere and unreserved. But he says


his intention was to act appropriately.


The last two remaining flying Lancaster bombers are to fly


together in Lincolnshire. A bomber from Canada will arrive at RAF


Coningsby in August. It'll fly alongside the Lancaster from the


Battle of Britain Memorial Flight. Last year was the 70th anniversary


of the Dambusters raids. Hull City are into the quarterfinals


of the FA Cup after a 2`1 win over Brighton at the KC Stadium tonight.


Two first half goals were enough to give the Tigers the win. Simon Clark


was at the game. Do City have a real chance in this competition now?


They have never won this competition but what an opportunity this season


presents now they are in the quarterfinals. Let me show you how


they got there. First up this from Curtis Davies. Soon after it was to


win this free kick `` free kick took a deflection from Robert Koren. They


spurned and opportunity to increase before Brighton at themselves their


goal. The Tigers held on for a two to one victory. This is what the


fans thought. They made hard work of tonight but at least we're through.


It is absolutely fabulous, I love it, me. I'm thrilled, can't wait for


Sunderland. We've done the double over them, three times will be good


for me. It was very very scary the last ten minutes but absolutely


brilliant. Absolutely brilliant, Sunderland, crack on. Hull City have


only been in the quarterfinals six times. They have only gone beyond


that, 1913 into the semifinals. And if they are in the semifinals this


year it is at Wembley Stadium. The quarterfinal date, the second week


in March. It is turning wetter and windier. Rain spreading in from the


west. The rain tending to clear towards morning. A mild night and


temperatures down to six or seven degrees. The cloud will break up


quite nicely tomorrow and it will get brighter sickly. A decent day,


dry and bright. The risk of the odd shower and not until later on. The


breeze will be quite gusty and now eased out later. Not quite as mild


as today, but at 212 degrees. It will be more like 10 degrees.


Another decent day on Wednesday, bright and easy. Rain into Thursday.


We're back tomorrow at 6:25am with the breakfast bulletins. We hope you


can join us then. Goodbye for now. Good evening. We have a spell of wet


and windy weather working across the British Isles. Today brought many of


us some decent spells of sunshine and it brought us some decent


temperatures. In fact, our warmest day of the year so far.


At the moment, though, things have changed. This is the gap in the


satellite picture. Now, this curl of cloud looks like a snail's shell, it


is an area of low pressure that is sweeping wind and rain across us.


It's pushed into the west already and is now making rapid progress


eastwards, moving into eastern England through the small


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