26/02/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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BBC News Channel, but now on BBC One, it's time for the news where


you are. Good evening. Homeowners and


businesses hit by December's floods are missing out on millions of


pounds of European compensation money, because it's claimed the UK


Government doesn't want it. The tidal surge affected more than ,000


properties in East Yorkshird and Lincolnshire. Euro MPs say loney is


available to repair the dam`ge, but the Government says it won't be


asking Brussels for financi`l help. Our Political Editor Tim Irddale


reports. Could our flood`hit towns and


villages be missing out on lillions of pounds worth of European money to


help them get back on their feet? In barrow on the South Bank of the


Humber they are still counthng the cost of December's tidal surge, the


local pub has been closed for almost three moneys while repair work is


carried out. They expect it to about 500,000, between 4 hundred`400, 00


worth. It will cost us, there will be things we have forgotten about,


so there will be an outlay for u but there we go. One of those things.


Back in 2007, there were sililar calls for flood`hit parts of our


area to receive financial hdlp from the EU. I went to the Europdan


Parliament, on the hunt for our missing millions. Seven years on, I


have returned to Brussels. Where some MEPs are asking once again what


happened to our flood money? We have asked the Liberal Democrats, MEPs


approached the Government, 7th January saying can you ask for money


for the United Kingdom for flooded areas and so far they haven't done,


so which is a Piti. Last ye`r the EU Solidarity Fund paid out more than


?3 hundred million to pars of Europe affect by veer flooding. Including


Germany, trust and the Czech Republic.


I asked a leading Conservathve MEP why our Government wasn't t`pping


into that fund? The Governmdnt has made a lot of enquiries abott


regarding that Solidarity Ftnd. It is there to help victims of major


disaster, Why aren't we getting It Because we have to look at the


balance of whether it's a good thing to ask for it or not. Or whdther we


should be supplying... Surely it's a good thing By taking that money it


may mean that is coming out of moneys that are going to be paid to


us out of other funds, therd are a lot of complications about that


Those complications will probably be little consolation for commtnities


who have paid a heavy price for this wint tiers veer weather.


Ge winter's veer weather Til is live in Barton`upon`Humber this dvening.


. . Do you think the Governlent will change its mind? It is unlikely


that is despite being questhoned being asked in the House of Commons


from Diana Johnson among others for who wanted to know why flood`hit


communities here were not entitled to this EU money. The reason behind


it dates back 30 year, to the famous rebate negotiated by Margardt


Thatcher, the money we can claw back every year from the EU f thd


Government taps into this Solidarity Fund it means less money back to the


Treasury and it says the Government says they are better off with local


councils deciding which flood`hit communities get financial hdlp,


without going cap in hand to Brussels.


People living in East Lindsdy will pay more council tax from April The


authority says it's putting its part of the council tax bill up by 1 99%.


It says it's doing so to protect services and deliver a balanced


budget. The European Parliament has approved


increasing the size of health warnings on cigarette packaging


Health professionals in Hull say stricter laws will help to reduce


the number of young people taking up the habit. There will also be a ban


on packets of ten, and menthol cigarettes will be phased ott. The


regulations will come into force in two years' time.


Police are investigating thd death of a 25`year`old man, after what


officers describe as a drink`related incident in Scunthorpe. The man who


has been named locally as Ddrick Hare, was taken to hospital in the


early hours of Sunday after attending a house party. He died


this morning. Those who knew him have paid tribute to him. Hd was a


lovely boy, quiet boy, wouldn't hurt a fly, he only come in here a couple


of times, played a couple of gapesles pool. He was well liked.


But a really nice lovely box. Just such a shame.


Flower growers in Lincolnshhre say the industry is the latest victim of


the unpredictable weather. The county's daffodil crop has


flowered at least two weeks early, following unseasonably high


temperatures. Our Business Correspondent Paul Murphy rdports.


Nearly half of the UK's daffodil crop is grown in this fertile corner


of southern Lincolnshire. This is spring dawn. But at the momdnt, it


is growing too quickly. The industry is nervous. There is just too many


flowers on the market, you know there is a market for all of those


flowers, providing they are spread out over about ten weeks but if they


all come in five`week, therd is too many. Daffodils require a precise


consequence of cold and then mild weather, to make them commercially


viable. It is fair to say that in crept years this industry h`s


struggled to achieve that. The changing climate means growers


must try to stay one step ahead of the weather.


Where Where we used to look for varieties that were early, we are


now tending to look more for those that are late, so that we c`n extend


the season, towards the end of April, beginning of May.


And retailers need to keep ` careful eye on how the season is gohng.


Daffodils start off in the Scilly island, then Cornwall, and then


currently we are souring thdm from Lincolnshire, and eventuallx toward


the end of the season, they come from Scotland, so there will be


availability for a long perhod but it is where they come to us from.


Growers are fearful the market could be flooded with daffodils in the


coming week, not great for profits. But perhaps good news for those


buying for Mother's Day. Let us take a look at the wdather


now. Some rain on the way tonight, tomorrow that rain soon cle`rs and


it is bright, with sunshine. The rain courtesy of this weathdr front


into the North Sea midday on Thursday, but this feature could


bring more rain through the course of Friday. Five fine at the moment,


but cloud, wind and rain will spret in from the west during the early


hour, turning wet indeed, temperatures down to four or five


degrees Celsius. So Thursdax off to a wet start, that rain will pretty


quickly clear into the North Sea by mid`morning. All parts will be


bright with sunshine. One or two showers following from the west We


have top temperatures round eight or nine degrees sells UK, some


uncertainty about Friday, it looks cloudy with some outbreaks of rain.


That is the forecast. That hs all from the late team tonight. We are


back tomorrow at 6.25 with our breakfast bulletins. Enjoy the rest


of your evening. Buy for now. `` bye for now.


breeze blowing as well. Tricky into the weekend. And now we have the


national forecast. Good evening. We know it has been a


wet winter but it has also been mild and across England and Wales,


lacking in snow. The last day of the season which we measure on Friday,


might provide a bit of it. Friday's weather is coming from the small


area of low pressure. These tiny low-pressure systems are difficult


to track and a subtle change in position could have a big impact.


Tonight we have more straightforward, a weather front


spreading out rakes of rain across most areas. Turning windy as well.


The rain will be heavy but will move through quickly because of the


strength of the wind and it will be a mild night for most. The rain is


lingering across Scotland and eastern England for the morning It


will continue to be


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