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military activity in the area tonight. That is all from us,


Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight: The


father hoping for changes to immigration laws which could mean


he's reunited with his family. It is painful, it is not good. I am sure


30,000 other people would totally agree with me.


A council becomes the first Conservative`run authority in East


Yorkshire and Lincolnshire to increase council tax.


Why this man's role in World War I earned him a place in the record


books. The '80s pop star who's swopped Top


of the Pops for an East Yorkshire classroom.


It is the first meteorological data Spring tomorrow. Join later in the


programme for the details. A Lincolnshire man who can't bring


his wife and children to live in the UK could benefit form a legal


challenge to immigration rules. Steven Hodgkin from Stamford met his


partner in Thailand and they have two daughters. But the Home Office


has turned down his visa request for them saying he can't prove he earns


enough money to support them. Now a challenge to those Home Office rules


could see his family and thousands of others reunited. Gemma Dawson


reports. Photos from his recent trip to China. `` to Thailand. This the


first time Steven had seen his family in two and a half years and


the first time he'd ever met his youngest daughter. Now back home in


Stamford, Steven is missing his girls. It is painful. You have to


deal with it. Steven told me his partner Aeerat's visa application


was refused because he was told he had insufficient funds to support


her. Under the current rules, only British citizens or those with


refugee status who earn at least ?18,600 a year can sponsor their


non`European spouse's visa. This rises to ?22,400 for families with a


child, and a further ?2,400 for each extra child. The government says


restriction like this are needed to help them meet their pledge of


reducing migration from outside EU. Figures published yesterday suggest


it's falling. Where we have direct cleavers on the non`EQ, we are


seeing continual force, down by 12%. Next week, the Home Office will


appeal a judge's recommendation to reduce the salary requirement to


?13,000 a year. For Steven, a lower limit would help. It should be OK.


It is early days, I am starting a new business. Hopefully, it'll OK.


But it might be quite high for a lot of people on the minimum wage.


Earlier, I managed to speak to Steven's partner Areerat from


Thailand. She told me she just wants her family reunited. I want him to


take care of his family. Steven's now saving for his next trip to


Thailand. But it could be another six months before he sees his family


again. Earlier, I spoke to the immigration


lawyer Vijay Jagadesham. I asked him if families should be separated


because a partner doesn't earn enough money. Absolutely not. It is


not a question of these individuals not earning enough money. British


citizens want to bring over their families, they earn more than the


minimum wage income but because it is below ?18,600, they cannot bring


them over. The minimum wage income is more than enough. These


individuals want to look after their families, their children, it is not


a question of them not owning enough. But the government is trying


to keep migrant numbers down, isn't that why the figure is set where it


is? They are doing it in the wrong way. They are targeting British


citizens who want to bring their wife, their children over, and to


penalised individuals for what I think is an ill thought out and ill


considered page to bring down migration numbers is not the right


way to approach this issue. The recent figures have gone down for


outside of the EU. They go up again if the salary was brought down to


13,000? not necessarily. It seems the figures have gone down because


less students are coming here, that is potentially bad for our economy,


universities will be receiving less revenue. These families coming over


would not be a burden on the state, they would be hamming `` coming over


here to working families. They would also not be allowed to access


benefits or anything like that, they would just be here with their


families. The spouses here would have to provide for them. We're not


talking about a burden on the state at all. And for some families,


heartbreaking. absolutely. You hear very sad glory is about children,


reduces and children who cannot be with their mother, their father,


because of these ill thought out and ill considered rules. Thank you.


We want to hear from you on this story. Should the amount of money


you need to earn before your family can move here be lowered? Maybe you


think it doesn't matter how much you earn? Your thoughts on this one.


The leader of North Kesteven District Council has defended the


decision to raise council tax, becoming the first Conservative`run


authority in East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire to go against the


government's advice. Bosses say the increase of almost 2% will help keep


vital services open. Jake Zuckerman has more. This centre in North


Hykeham opened in 1994 and said the council is long overdue face`lift.


We are looking to refurbish this leisure centre which will have an


improved reception area, cafeteria, new fitness gyms, larger studio


space. It is one of the products the Council would like to spend money


on. The government has called on councils to freeze their council tax


bills but last night, Conservative run Northcutt Stevan chose to ignore


the advice and raised next year's bills by 1.3%. we don't always


follow the government line simply because they say so. We try to do


what is best for this district and for the residents. The council says


it has made savings by changing the way it leg`spins but to maintain


services, it has raise council tax. The District Council says their


planned increase in council tax is modest and that they do have one of


the cheapest levels of council tax in the country but here on this


streets of North Hykeham, not everyone is convinced by that


argument. I'm not very happy with it. Other councils can keep their


tax down, why can't they? It is terrible. It doesn't worry me too


much. This will add between ?2 ten and ?2 70 a year on bills. The


council was offered a government grant of ?48,000 in return for


freezing council tax but that is for one year only. The 1.3% tax increase


gives the district and extra ?93,000 every year. The council remains


unrepentant, saying this decision is the right one for people in North


can Steven. `` North Kesteven. Jake is in North Hykeham. Jake, how


do the Conservative run council defend going against the


government's advice? The defence is that it is simply the right thing to


do. They say that if they keep on freezing their council tax, their


finances will fall behind inflation. They say they will be forced to


raise council tax to catch up and if that happened, it would be a much


larger jump which would prove more painful in the long run. All


councils are expecting less money from the government at the next


couple of years and this is not the only council in Lincolnshire to


raise its council tax next year but it is the only Conservative run


authority to go down this route. With a talking about council tax on


the programme last night after Hull City Council voted to increase the


amount of people `` the amount that he will have


It is one of the big stories we have been talking about. If you have a


few, send us an e`mail. A bridge linking two sides of Boston


town centre has been officially opened. Around 30 children were the


first to cross the bridge, which cost three quarters of a million


pounds. But it will now be closed again temporarily while a handrail


and lighting is fitted. This project has been some time in coming. It


represents a huge investment of money into Boston and it also


delivers something that says a lot more about the town, it is linking


the two areas of the town, it is through place in what was here with


something very proud of it. The Humber port operator ABP is to


continue its objection to an offshore wind manufacturing centre


being proposed by a rival company ABLE UK. ABP has now sent a petition


to Parliament raising concerns about ABLE UK's Marine Energy Park near to


Immingham which was given planning permission last December. It's


claimed the Marine Energy Park could create more than 4,500 jobs.


A direct rail service between Cleethorpes and Kings Cross could be


running by 2017. GNER has announced its applied to operate a new direct


express train service on the East Coast main line. It would mean up to


four trains a day to Cleethorpes via Scunthorpe and Grimsby, restoring


direct links to the captial. Watching.


Still ahead tonight: After a dramatic draw last time out Hull KR


look for their first Super League win of the season.


The '80s pop star who's signed up an East Yorkshire school choir as his


backing singers. Lots of people last night spotted


the Northern Lights. I was not one of them but we have some fantastic


pictures. Three of the best once the night.


Thank you very much indeed for those. Let's get the forecast now.


Thank you very much indeed for those. Let's get the forecast It


could be possible. There will be some cloud spots further north. For


the weekend, it will be fairly chilly. We are looking at the risk


of overnight frost. Plenty of sunshine tomorrow, the risk of a few


showers and it turns wet and windy later as we had through Sunday. The


area of low pressure could give us a few showers tomorrow but it relies


on this next area of low pressure which sweeps through Sunday evening


and that will introduce a spell of wet and windy weather. We had a fair


bit of cloud across the `` Lincolnshire. This evening, the odd


isolated shower but they will be few and far between. There will be some


clearer spells and where we hold onto those spells, we are looking at


a touch of frost. There could be a few patches of mist and fog.


Temperatures down to freezing. Tomorrow morning, the sun will rise


at 651 `` 6:51am. These are the high water times. The chilly start of the


day tomorrow morning. Any mist and fog patches will quickly clear. For


most, barely dry, variable cloud, every is the risk of an occasional


isolated shower, especially as we had through the afternoon. A little


bit of a chilly field to the day despite it being the first major


article day of spring. `` first meteorological. Generally the chilly


field the day. As we had through Sunday, cloudy start. The winds. To


pick up later through the afternoon into the evening, a spell of wet


weather. It's hoped the centenary of World


War I will help get recognition for a man from Lincolnshire whose role


in the conflict earned him a place in the record books. William


Robertson from Welbourn was the only man to rise through every rank in


the army. And as Caroline Bilton reports, he came from humble


beginnings. In 1887, young man set forth from this glitch. We are


taking you to Lincoln. Today, that city honours this great soldier.


This is the man they're honouring ` Sir William Robertson ` the only man


to rise through all the ranks in the army from Private to Field Marshall.


He came from here ` the tiny village of Welbourn in Lincolnshire, son to


the local postmaster. Over 3,000 people attended his


memorial held at Lincoln cathedral in 1934 ` a mark of how highly he


was regarded. Today, though, few know of the man who became the


brains behind the army. This is an album put together by my grandmother


about him. His full of clippings from throughout the war and before


the war. This is one of him with the king. In the village where he grew


up is the school which bears his name and today William Robertson's


great grandson has come to visit to learn more about his grandfather's


humble beginnings. How does it feel to be his great`grandson? Is amazing


to have someone like that in your family, to achieve someone ``


something that no one else has done before, going from private to Field


Marshal. But those achievements aren't shouted about in the village


where he was born. Here it is, the house of your great grandfather.


What do you know of his life here? There were nine siblings, only three


bedrooms, and apparently, they would have kept a peak in the back and


growing their own vegetables. Doesn't bring your family history to


life Richard Mark yellow physically see this, it is bringing it to life.


After World War I, William spent much of his time unveiling memorials


like this one in Southampton. This rare footage gives us the chance to


hear his voice. In memory of 1855 men, women and boys who, for the


sake of their country and their homes, gave all they had to give,


their lives. But one memorial had particular resonance. After the war,


he returned to his home village to unveil this memorial. He had


unveiled many before but this has significance because he knew the men


whose names were carved on this stone, he had grown up with them, he


had gone to school with them, and here he was meeting the mothers of


those men who had died under his leadership. He was a man who had


sensitivities as well as having this resolution to climb the Army ladder.


I think there is more to the man than simply being this soldier and


strategist, I think he sold `` saw the human side of the story equally


well. Sadly, through time, Sir William Robertson has become a


forgotten figure of World War I. It's hoped this centenary his


achievements will be remembered once more. It is pleasing to me to know


that people will be talking about him, showing an interest and today,


I met people and saw a school named after him. His memory is still


alive. Fascinating. If you want to hear more stories from the home


front, go to the BBC website. Hull Kingston Rovers play the Super


League leaders Castleford seeking their first winds of the season


tonight. In what's been a troubled week for the game, with Bradford


Bulls losing points for going into administration, Rovers played their


part in the game of last week by securing a dramatic point at


Huddersfield. With news of the Robins and Hull FC's prospects at


Warrington, here's Simon Clark. The British game needed a boost and in


some ways, whole Kingston Rovers provided it. Rovers showed that grit


and determination to come from 24`6 down to tie a game with


Huddersfield. With Bradford Bulls facing an uncertain future, the


sport is under the microscope. One of Rovers new recruits is impressed


by the competition. and thought they were pretty good. The competition is


strong. There are some big players over here. It has been pretty


tough, actually. There is a belief from the boys that they can compete


against quality sides and is it is up to us to carry that on. Hull FC


played well in parts. Overall, there were no complaints from their 34`22


feet by St Helens. `` defeat. we have concentrated a lot on the


attack in pre`season and I am sure once we see some of that desperation


that we defended with last year, everybody buying into what we are


doing, will be better for that. Little things we need to work on. We


know we need to put things right and we are doing that this week,


hopefully. This is a week additional `` rugby league would rather forget.


Wigan were beaten in the World Cup challenge and then, the former


champions Bradford City web. Points for going into Administration and


the new owners threatened to point `` pull`out. Everybody in the


condition was to put the last seven days behind them and get back to


play. You can hear commentary of Hull KR's


match on BBC Radio Humberside tonight. Kick`off is at 8pm. On


Sunday, they will also have full commentary of Hull FC's visit to


Warrington. They are on air from 2.30.


Hull City boss Steve Bruce says they still need to win at least two more


matches to ensure they avoid relegation from the Premier League.


After beating Cardiff four`nil at the weekend, City are now six points


clear of the drop zone. They go into tomorrow's game with an excellent


record against north east clubs, and are hoping for a double against


Newcastle. If we can beat them, we have now got 33 points with ten


games to spare. That is a huge achievement and it puts us in a


really strong position because I have always said that you need ten


wins and if you get those, and newly promoted club, you are very


unfortunate if you get relegated from that situation. You can hear


commentary of that match on BBC Radio Humberside tomorrow.


Scunthorpe United's trip to Newport will be also featured.


He made his name with the band, the Christians in the eighties with hits


including 'Ideal World' and 'Born Again.' More recently East Yorkshire


musician Henry Priestman has enjoyed success with his debut solo folk


album. On his latest record, he's worked with the gospel choir at


Longcroft School in Beverley. They'll perform with him at a


concert tomorrow night as Tolu Adeoye reports.


Top of the Pops, 1987, the Christians perform on stage with


Hull`born Henry Priestman on the keyboard. At a special concert this


weekend ` he'll be sharing the stage with a few more people than usual.


# I believe that life goes on. #. Pupils from Longcroft School in


Beverley will perform a song they've recorded with him for his latest


album. I did a workshop last year and accidentally got the choir to


sing on a song of mine and it sounded so good, I thought I have


got to have them on my album. They are print. The hairs on the back of


your neck stand up. When they come in on the Corvus, it is brilliant.


It has been an amazing X hearings, especially working with someone like


Henry Chu is actually famous. It is great to spend time with a real


musician. Green`macro it is it really interesting to be able to


perform. And we got time off school so that was fun. Since the start of


his career Henry's worked with the Sex Pistols and The Who, sold


millions of albums with The Christians and enjoyed critical


acclaim for his debut solo record. He now lives in Liverpool but says


East Yorkshire will always be home. It feels great to come back to


somewhere near where my mum lives and be with local kids, it is


fantastic. They are giving me a leg up and I hope I am giving them a leg


up. Tomorrow night's gig in Cherry Burton is a sell out ` and from the


sound of the things those whov've managed to get a ticket are in for a


top performance. Good luck to Henry and everyone


involved. I am sure the pupils of Longcroft School will be tuned into


night to see themselves on the television. So, good luck for


tomorrow night. Let's get a recap of the national


and regional headlines. Tension rise in Ukraine as men with guns and


russian naval flags patrolling two airports. Russia is accused of an


armed invasion. The Lincolnshire dad who hopes


changes to immigration laws will mean he's reunited with his family.


Tomorrow's weather ` any early mist will clear to leave a mostly dry and


bright day with sunny spells. There could be a few scattered wintry


showers. Highs of 7C (45F). So first day of spring. We have that


story of Steven Hodgkin, separated from his partner. Very emotive


messages here. People have asked why he doesn't move to Thailand. Another


woman says myself and my daughter had not seen my husband in 15 months


Chu to these new rules. 18,600 is too high. Where our our rights to


family life? More families could be together if the figure was put down


to 13,000. Someone else says if you enter a relationship with an non`EU


national, you know how things can turn out. Someone else says I am


incensed at how Steven Hodgkin are being treated. People from the EU


can come over with no job, and with the house to live in. Someone else


has ever young man isn't earning enough to allow his family to be


with him, it says a lot about our government and their supposedly


minimum wage. Thank you. Good


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