04/03/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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not shared the further east you go into the Russian speaking areas.


Good evening. A row over a patch of land on the banks of the Humber


could jeopardise the creation of thousands of new jobs. That's the


warning from Able UK, which has planning permission to develop a


multi`million pound wind energy park near to Immingham. Rival port


operator ABP is objecting to the plans because they have their own


ideas about how the land should be used. Now the Government has been


asked to step in. Here's our business correspondent, Paul Murphy.


Marked in blue on the photo, this patch of land is known as the


Killingholme Triangle, and Able UK has been given special powers to buy


it. It needs the land to access a proposed jetty in the river, but the


fields are owned by rival operator ABP, and they are now objecting to


the Able UK plan, and say they want to use the area for their own


riverside development. Anything that frustrates the development, and


everything that slows progress, is really only going to play into the


hands of our continental competitors. We need to be ready,


certainly in 2018, possibly 2017, and delays now could be potentially


fatal. Able submitted its planning application back in December 2011.


The Government approved the plans just before Christmas 2013.


Yesterday was the closing date for final objections, and ABP sent two


petitions to the Government. It all comes as the Humber is trying to set


itself up as the go`to place for wind turbine manufacture, and there


is worry that this plan could all now unravel. The renewable sector is


marching on. We want to make the Humber the centre of the renewables.


That is the determined policy of the Government. I want to do all I can


to assist that, and any delay is unhelpful. ABP of course has every


right to object, but it is in danger of becoming a lone voice on the


Humber. The local enterprise partnership has described ABP's move


as "disappointing", and has urged it to reconsider its position. We're


actually engaging with Able. We are trying to reach a compromise,


because if we can do that, then this procedure can be dropped, and we can


all move forward. But it is important that we both compromise.


The Government will now decide whether ABP's objection is a valid


one. But if that decision takes too long, then Able UK's plans for this


estuary and the jobs it is promising may start to look a little less


likely. A teenager has been taken to


hospital after an assault in Grimsby. Humberside Police say the


16`year`old boy ` who is not thought to be from the area ` has serious


injuries to his back, hand, and head after the incident on Macaulay


Street in the early hours of the morning. He's in a critical but


stable condition in hospital. A Lincoln man who attacked a


21`year`old, leaving a claw hammer embedded in his skull, has been


convicted of attempted murder. Birmingham Crown Court heard how


Matthew Probert, who's from Scunthorpe, had to be treated in two


hospitals after the assault outside a bar in Lincoln last year.


23`year`old Kris Bradley was found guilty of attempted murder and will


be sentenced at a later hearing. An inquest into the death of a


Lincolnshire man has heard concerns about the care he received while at


Lincoln County Hospital. Ray Law, who was 60, died two days after an


operation for prostate cancer in 2010. Today, Professor Andrew


Bradbury, who had prepared a report for the coroner, said he was


surprised and concerned that Mr Law was not transferred to a high`


dependency unit after surgery. People in Revesby near Horncastle


are being asked to check their outbuildings as concern grows for a


vulnerable woman who has been reported missing. 52`year`old Denise


Gray, who's American, disappeared yesterday afternoon. Police teams


searched through the night with dogs and heat`seeking equipment in


freezing conditions. She led the campaign to scrap Humber


Bridge tolls for hospital patients ` but Jenny Walton, from Kirmington in


North Lincolnshire, has lost her 20`year battle with cancer. Her


husband has told BBC Look North he's proud of the legacy she's left


behind ` and that lowering the tolls "wouldn't even have been dreamt


about" without Jenny's work. Anne`Marie Tasker reports.


Jenny Walton had cancer for more than 20 years, and regularly crossed


the Humber to hospitals in Hull. Travelling from her home in North


Lincolnshire, she knew first`hand just how expensive it could be to


get life`saving care. Her husband, Trevor, says that is why she started


the campaign to scrap the Humber Bridge tolls back in 1999. That


campaign actually started in this room that we are in now. It would


not have happened without Jenny sticking her heels in in the first


place. It would not have even been dreamt about. Regardless of how long


it took her, or what she had to do, she was going to make it happen, and


she did. Jenny Walton won the support of council leaders and MPs


for her campaign. She organised protests, and set out the case to


abolish the tolls at a public inquiry. Jenny Walton campaigned for


13 years before she saw Humber Bridge tolls halved. When they were


reduced in 2012, a pledge was made that hospital patients in the South


Bank would be able to cross the bridge for treatment for free. But


that is something they are still waiting to see happen. The Humber


Bridge Board has told us it continues to review its


concessionary arrangements on a regular basis, and hasn't confirmed


or ruled out any changes to these. But Janet Sanderson, who worked


alongside Jenny supporting cancer patients in Northern Lincolnshire,


says scrapping tolls for patients is still something they would like to


see done. Once Jenny got hold of something, she wasn't going to let


go until she got what she wanted, and halving the Bridge tolls was an


incredible achievement. She always wanted to get it down to no Bridge


tolls, and hopefully, we can pick that up on her behalf and carry it


on into the future. That is something Jenny's husband also wants


to see achieved in her memory. Time for a look at the weather with


Paul Hudson. Good evening. Another pleasant day


to come tomorrow for most of us. Sunshine at first. It will tend to


cloud over later. With the south`westerly breeze, we could have


temperatures up to 11 degrees. Fine tonight. Long, clear periods. That


means we're in for a widespread ground frost, even a tough of air


frost in one or two places. There will be some mist and fog in places.


There is a look at tonight's towns and cities temperatures. Rurally,


the temperatures around freezing. A grey start in places tomorrow


morning. Otherwise, it is fine and bright with some sunshine, and fog


patches soon lifting. Through the afternoon, cloud will generally tend


to increase from the west, but apart from the odd spot of rain, it should


stay dry. Highest temperatures around 11 degrees Celsius. Thursday


looks dry. Brighter at times. Always a lot of cloud. That's the forecast.


That's all from the late team. And with more on that, here is the


National forecast. Good evening. The skies across


England and Wales are clearing. It will turn cold once again. A


different story for Scotland and Northern Ireland. But ahead of that,


the skies


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