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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Ukrainians in crime era, as the high-level talks to resume the


crisis continue. Good evening and welcome to BBC Look


North. The headlines tonight: Three months on, flood`hit residents say


they're frustrated after repair work is put on hold.


Within that first week, thex took our furniture, the kit Ching and the


floorboards. That was it. Claims lives are being put `t risk


after speed cameras in Lincolnshire come under attack.


The first puffins of Spring arrive on the East Yorkshire coast. And


some lovely weather on the way next week.


Three months after the worst tidal surge on the East Coast for 60 years


flooded hundreds of properthes some people have been told it cotld be


months before they can return to their homes. Insurers say the sheer


scale of flooding across thd country means there is a backlog in


processing claims and getting homes back to normal. Residents s`y that's


left them in limbo and living in temporary accommodation. Our


political editor Tim Iredald joins me now. Why is it taking so long to


get people back in their holes? Well that's what some peopld are


asking as the battle to get back to normal continues. The tidal surge of


fifth December left flood w`ter in over a thousand homes in


Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire 275 homes were flooded in Hull, where


the tidal barrier protected tens of thousands more properties. Hn


Northern Lincolnshire 320 properties were flooded. In a moment wd'll hear


from the people of South Ferriby, one of the worst affected areas But


first Linsey Smith has been to Boston where 600 homes were affected


by the tidal surge three months ago. This was my sitting room. The water


may have receded, but the chaos remains. Three months on, this woman


says insurance renovations on her home are frustrating. They took our


furniture, the floorboards, the kitchen. We were put into


accommodation and that was ht. They have done nothing since then. In


Boston seems like this met residents. Seems a ?100 million


tidal barrier should stop h`ppening again, but that is not planned until


2017. If we had that tidal barrier, those homes would not have hn


affected. The damage here from the 5th of December is plain to see The


love people have bought this place is clear to see. We had a rdal


Dunkirk spirit at the beginning with people pitching in. Tony just wants


her family and pets to return home, but that could be another three


months away. Here, a villagd surrounded by water. Wrote ht was


about that high. Three months on, Michelle and their family `` and her


family are returning home. They have lost everything. I have not really


cried. This is the first tile she has cried since it happened. Part of


me wants to come back and the rest doesn't. It is such a mess. Many are


still living in caravans. Skips are overflowing and there are claims


homes have been looted. This parish councillor patrols the area. She has


set up an appeal fund to improve flood defences and help loc`l


residents and businesses. Pdople are still angry. They are worridd about


money and their jobs. Some local businesses have no business. There


is a lot of anxiety about and fear for the future. Is the a lot of work


to do and some uncertain tiles ahead by those affect by the blogs in


December. Why are the floods still causing political debate?


Of course, much attention rdcently has been focused on floods hn the


south of England. Tomorrow people living on the Somerset Levels will


ask the government directly for ?100 million for flood protection, even


though far fewer homes were affected. Some Labour MPs claims


there's been a north`south divide to the Government's response to the


floods, but local Conservathves insist that's not the case. I am


satisfied there will be extra funding coming for the rest of the


country. Obviously my first responsibility is to make stre that


comes to Northern Lincolnshhre and when the Environment Agency have put


forward their capital progr`mme I will be lobbying very hard.


Tonight the government says we can expect ministerial visits to our


area over the next few weeks where further plans will be outlined to


prevent further flooding on the Humber and Lincolnshire coast.


In a moment on the programmd batch I will be asking the head of


TransPennine Express why thdy are sending some of their trains to the


south of England. ?100 million has been spent in


Lincolnshire in the past fotr years fixing speed cameras that h`ve been


attacked. Since January four cameras have been targeted, costing the


taxpayer more than ?100,000. Road safety officials say the money could


have been better spent educ`ting drivers and that the problel in


Lincolnshire is one of the worst in the country.


This is a relatively common sight in Linconshire these days. Somdone has


been charged in connection with this vandalism. But the problem hs


costing the people of lincolnshire dearly Over the past four ydars the


cost of repairing speed camdras in Lincolnshire has been significant.


This camera is going to cost over 30,000 pounds to repair. It puts the


drivers of Lincolnshire at risk In the Humber area they have only been


a handful of attacks on spedd cameras in the last decade, so why


is it such a problem in Lincolnshire. Most of our c`meras


are in poor locations. Over the last few years, the cost of repahring


speed cameras have risen. . So are motorists surprised at the scale of


the problem? They are a nuisance, but if they are stopping accidents,


we have to live with it. I then think vandalising them is the thing


to do. More police on patrol or a camera with a camera showing the


person who has on it. The most common form of vandalism on cameras


is arson. This footage shows one in grantham set alight. Lincolnshire


Road Safety Partnership says it s getting better at catching Those


responsible. And the punishlent is severe. Ashley Rowland and @nthony


Luty were both jailed in 2002 for attacking this camera in Helswell.


But despite that deterrent, this is a problem that doesn't seem to be


going away. Earlier I spoke to Independdnt MEP


Godfrey Bloom who campaigns on behalf of the driver's union. I


started by asking him if he likes speed cameras. No, I don't. Identity


they work and they take mondy away from genuine road safety problems


and cameras don't actually work But of all the sites in Lincolnshire


where they have been speed cameras, there has been a 42% reducthon in


speed cameras. They are not interpreting the statistics


properly. They are not lookhng at things like the Simpsons paradox.


Those statistics are put together by people who want to sell spedd


cameras. At the road safety charity 's `` but the road safety charity 's


do not want to sell speed c`meras. These charities are lay


organisations without a gre`t deal of expertise. What you need to look


at is the actual statistics here. They don't prove anything at all. In


a survey, 79% of people thotght that speed cameras should be used to


reduce road casualties. That is because they are not aware of the


real situation. Even if we see a camera, we slow down. It shows they


work. You do slow down, but maybe you hit the brakes it rationally and


someone runs into the back of you. We have too many speed cameras and


the reason people are getting frustrated is because of thd fines


and that is why they are vandalising them, even though I don't condone


that. Please let us don't your thoughts on speed cameras. Do you


agree with them? Concern is growing for the safety of


a missing woman in Revesby. 52`year`old Denise Gray hasn't been


seen since Monday afternoon when she went for a walk. Lincolnshire Police


and volunteers are continuing to search the area south of Horncastle


for the American tourist. Pdople living close by are being asked to


check sheds and farm buildings. We are really concerned. When someone


leaves under these circumst`nces and they don't return, it is worrying.


It has been very cold over the last couple of nights. If she is out


there, it is not ideal. We `re really worried.


Weeks earlier than usual thd first Puffin has been spotted on the East


Yorkshire coast. There had been worries the winter storms h`d harmed


sea bird colonies, but bird`watchers at Bempton Cliffs say the e`rly


return is a sign that all is well on the coast.


A beautiful day at Bempton Cliffs. Blue skies, a light breeze, perfect


conditions it seems for a ptffin. It's very rare for them to be seen


here this early in the year, but there's already been another. It was


just the one. We had it on our CCTV camera. Things are happening. The


season is on its way. Good news Especially after a winter of strong


winds, which have lead to worries that many wont have survived. They


usually stay out on the open seas during the winter. Their major food


source is fish. Some of them died through


starvation. And that's just what has happened elsewhere. In the last


month over two thousand sea birds have been washed up dead on beaches


in the south. But the RSPB dstimates twenty`eight thousand have been


killed. Little sign of that at Bempton today, a relief to lany


visitors. We did not expect to see much. The storms in December would


have caused a lot of damage. This is the first time we have been back


this year. It is nice to sed them. It is early days before the effects


on wildlife is fully known, but things are looking good.


Still ahead ` the unique restoration job for a team from Lincoln. It was


created to look like the footholds of the Swiss Alps, which in itself


is unique. Tonight's picturd is of the red arrows.


Several people are asking about the onesie. It is actually a baby grow.


Let us take a look at the wdather. The emphasis is on dry weather. The


breeze coming from the South means the temperatures will the above


average. Whether France will clear and high pressure will develop over


the weekend and for the first time since the first week in Decdmber,


high pressure will dominate our weather next week. That means a lot


of fine weather on the way. In the short term, we do have a cotple of


whether France. Today we have 1 degrees, which is not bad for this


time of the year. Overnight there will be a lot of clouds comhng in


from the west. We should only have a few spots of rain and there will be


no frost. Temperatures down to seven Celsius. The sun will rise `t around


6:40am. Most the cloudy skids tomorrow. `` mostly cloudy skies


tomorrow. Many parts will bd dry. Skies may brighten at times. The


breeze a moderate south`westerly. Highs of ten or 11 Celsius. Friday,


cloudy with some patchy rain in the morning. It will become dry in the


afternoon. High pressure to the weekend. Quite a bit of clotds,


especially on Saturday. Next week looks fine and settled. We look


forward to getting the picttre from your wife or view in your onesie.


See you tomorrow. There are fears that the rahl


operator TransPennine Express running trains between Hull and


Manchester may face a reduction in services. The operator will see nine


of its seventy trains go to a company in the South East. The


decision was put to David C`meron during Prime Minister's Questions


earlier today. Does the prile ministers share my astonishlent at a


decision announced yesterdax that TransPennine Express, which covers


the North of England, is to lose one the North of England, is to lose one


in eight of its trains which are to be transferred to Chilton r`il for


the greater comfort and convenience of commuters in the south of


England? We have plans to electrified the TransPennind Express


and we are going ahead with the northern half, which will m`ke a


difference. These are big steps forward. I have the managing


director of TransPennine Express with me. Are you disappointdd with


this situation? We are disappointed. In just a few weeks, we will


increase the capacity across our net work by about 30%. That includes


through places like Grimsby, whole and Selby. But you will be losing


13% of your fleet in a year. You just can't go out tomorrow `nd by


nine trains. That is correct. Our franchise ends in a year, so we


don't have any commitments. We are talking to the Department for


Transport about our new franchise. If you cannot find those nine trains


by this time next year, won't it be impossible to run the service you


are running at the moment Rtshton Mark it will be a challenge and that


is why we are trying to find trains elsewhere. It will be a challenge.


Somewhere there is a risk of capacity reductions. Bob Crow from


the RMT has said, this move is nothing short of a scandal. Once


again the North loses and wdll passengers have nothing to look


forward to apart from overcrowding and chaos. Nothing short of a


scandal. It is not a great situation. We are talking urgently


with the Department for Transport in terms of securing rolling stock back


into this operation. We need to sustain the capacity increase. Is


the North the poor relation when it comes to train travel? Having said


that, there is ?1 billion worth of investment coming to the North of


England for electrification and capacity improvement. We ard excited


about that. It is quite frustrating that the rolling stock capacity is


squeezed against that. Is there someone you can call up and ask for


nine trains? Berries, but it will take awhile to them. Thank xou for


speaking to us. Nick Donovan there, the manager of TransPennine Express.


Please let us know your thotghts on the train service you receive in


your area. A member of the clergy in North East Lincolnshire is going


without food for 40 years to `` for 40 years to raise awareness about


the poverty. He will live off fruit juice, vitamins and water for the


duration of Lent. When I am hungry and I smell food, I am going to


think, I am finding this difficult, but other people are doing this


anyway and it is not a choice they have made. I am very fortun`te. I


have friends and family who look out for me.


Hull City vice chairman Ehab Allam has written an open letter to fans


of the club explaining why he and his father want the club to be known


as Hull Tigers. Mr Allam explained that with only seven per cent of


income coming from gate recdipts, they needed to exploit forehgn


markets. Fans group, City Thll We Die, said the letter didn't add


anything to what they already knew. Rugby League's Player of thd Year


award is going to be named `fter former Hull FC player Steve Prescott


for his charity work. Steve lost a long battle with stomach cancer last


year and the award will now be known as the Steve Prescott Man of Steel


award after a campaign by Rtgby league fans.


A team from the University of Lincoln is carrying out a unique


restoration job on a 19th cdntury Swiss cottage. It was built by a


rich landowner in Bedfordshhre to remind him of his holidays hn


Switzerland but nearly two hundred years on it was in need of some


expert repairs. Gemma Dawson has been to see the work.


The quiet of the Swiss Garddn in Bedfordshire is being interrupted.


Covered in scaffolding, a tdam from the University of Lincoln are


carefully restoring this cottage's rustic porch using twigs and pine


cones. We have removed the old 0s decoration. It had degraded and


stood out against the rest of the declaration. We are trying to smooth


the surface to put on new decoration. The cottage and its


grounds were created by Lord Ongley in the 1820s. And this is now a rare


example of a Regency`style garden. It was created to look like the


footholds of the Swiss Alps, which is in itself unique, although at the


time, which is when Jane Austin was writing about everyone being in


Switzerland on their grand Tours, it was the in thing to bring b`ck ideas


from that area. In the main room of the cottage ` conservators `re now


cleaning and retouching the decoration... And they think they've


made a big discovery. The tdam believes much of this interhor was


salvaged from a Swiss cottage in Regents Park which was demolished in


1875, just two years before work took place here. The team from


Lincoln think this illustration proves their theory. You can see the


similarities between the Chdvron designs. There are lots of dlements


in the interior where you c`n see that it has been chopped up and


created to fit this space. What we really could do with is a ptrchase


order or something in the archives. A lot of work has been done, but as


yet, we cannot find that absolute proof. The team from Lincoln think


this illustration of the Regents Park cottage proves their theory...


They'll now have to wait to see if their suspicions will elevate this


iconic cottage ` to become ` Grade one listed building. But we leave


the team from Lincoln pondering a problem How to attach the phne cones


to the porch's ceiling to rdstore this cottage to it's former glory.


Arica on the main regional `nd national headlines. Russia `nd


America meet for the first time since the Ukraine crisis began.


Three months on from Decembdr's flooding, some people are told it


could be the summer before they can return to their homes. Tomorrow


cloudy with some rain possible. Most places will remain dry. Temperatures


up to 11 Celsius. Let's get back to the discussion about speed cameras.


Ditch the speed cameras and get more police out on the roads pulling


people over. John says, Lincolnshire Road safety partnership shotld stop


using its 1970s technology cameras and invest in new ones. Thex will


drastically reduce speeding and speed related accidents in the


county. Marie says, speed c`meras do improve the roads as they slow


people down and prevent acchdents. If they were not there, the roads


would be more dangerous. Russell says, speed cameras don't c`tch


drink drivers or careless drivers. Finally, Marie says, I have never


been so incensed as I have hn watching the discussion on speed


cameras. I live in a villagd and neighbours and I regularly see


vehicles going over the 30 lph speed limit. It is a speed limit for a


reason and that is safety. That is it for now. Have a good evening


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