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to a damning review of Scotland Yard's handling of the case. That's


all from the BBC News at Six, so Good evening and welcome to BBC Look


North. The headlines tonight: The Chief Secretary to the Treasury says


he can't guarantee a rail upgrade for Hull before 2017.


I don't know about that. I see the argument for it, but that is an


argument that network rail would have two work`out.


How pollution in the air we breathe is killing almost 200 peopld


prematurely in North Lincolnshire. I am live in Revesby as the search


for an American tourist continues. And the British cinema pionder who


is seeing a dash`mac whose home is being given a new lease of life


And detailed weather forecast the next 15 minutes. The Chief Secretary


to the treasury has told BBC Look North that he understands why the


rail line to Hull needs upgrading but that he can't guarantee it will


happen by 2017. Danny Alexander has been meeting with business leaders


in the city to hear their concerns about the local economy. Ond key


factor is electrifying the rail line between Hull and the East Coast Main


line in time for City of Culture. In a moment, we'll be hearing from


Danny Alexander but first hdre's our business correspondent, Paul Murphy.


Passengers waiting from this morning's train from Brussels to


London had a clear message `` they want a better service and f`ster


services between coal and the capital, meaning only be a


electrification of the rail line. Electrifying the whole routd will


make it simpler and could bring down the costs of going down there. That


could keep people in Hull, rather than them leaving the area for


work. I generally go to Doncaster Rovers it is more reliable `nd much


quicker. Electrification wotld help me a lot. Property boss Malcolm


Scott is building a new cafd bar and music venue in the city. He says


local and national politici`ns need to stop squabbling and work together


to benefit the Humber region. This is the energy estuary and wd need to


hammer that home. Because wd are a great trading city and region,


central government and regional government needs to sing from the


same hymn sheet, that we can help the UK as a whole. This haulage


company says cutting fuel dtty would be a start and also a review of


business rates. To give somd tax breaks on business rates wotld be


very helpful as a start for people in Hull. We have got the budget


coming up later this month so what I would like to see, first and


foremost, is an agreement whth the government that we can have rail


electrification all the way through to Hull. That would be numbdr one.


There will be no shortage of opinions shared with Danny @lexander


when he meets the business leaders in Hull later this evening.


Earlier today I met with Danny Alexander during his visit to Hull.


Howell needs investment, as one businessman has told us he will have


do we locate a London because the rail line still is not electrified.


When will it be? The coalithon government has funded the


electrification up to Selby and there is now a lot of presstre on


the line from Selby to Hull. That has been raised with me tod`y and I


will certainly take that message back. The network rail programme is


funded for the next few years will stop they have allocated thd


projects they will spend it on, so it will be a question of whdther it


can be funded in the next ones. I'm not sure it can be done in time for


city of culture. Network rahl would have do work that out. So that is


not something you can sign tp yourself? I cannot say, you must


fund this other project. We have heard from a businessman who needs


help with business rates. Wd have got so many shops boarded up in this


city. Why not make this a special case for the city to help otr


economy grow? Can you do th`t? No one has so far mentioned business


rates to me so I will happily take your representations. There is a


nationwide is this rates system and what we have done for this xear and


next year is put in place additional discounts for small businesses. We


have put in place a cap on the increases are business rates because


we recognise that business rates are a big rush for businesses hdre and


around the country. Siemens are looking to invest ?200 millhon in


Hull at the green part `` green port but they need a commitment from the


government going beyond 2020 and lots of jobs rest on this. Will that


commitment begins? It is a hugely important project for Hull `nd one


which we continue to discuss with the company. We have set out the


framework for investment in offshore wind especially. I announced it in


December and we put in placd the final pieces. I am working with my


colleague Ed Davey in the energy Department to make sure all final


decisions are taken as quickly as possible. I need to put in place the


correct environment for this set that and for Siemens to invdst about


is what I am working very h`rd to do because I know how important it is,


not just for Hull, but for the whole of the United Kingdom. How will this


city of culture `` Hull is city of culture for 2017. Would you agree it


was a better choice than rival Dundee? I think it was a fantastic


choice. It has been exciting to hear about some of the plans. How the


digital sector will contribtte to that. These are enormously hmportant


for the city but for the whole of the UK as well, so we needed to be a


success. That was the correct answer and we will not play it in Dundee


estimation mark ``! We'd love to hear your thoughts on this story.


What do you think the Government should do to boost Hull's economy?


Is electrifying the rail line the priority?


In a moment: The rugby leagte captain from Hull leading hhs team


to victory in the capital. Hundreds of people in northdrn


Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire are dying prematurely every year because


of poor air quality. In North Lincolnshire alone, that figure is


almost 200. The Yorkshire and Humber region is one of 16 areas across the


country which exceeds limits set by the European Union as our hdalth


correspondent, Vicky Johnson reports.


The great choking smog of the 1 50s almost brought London to a


standstill and contributed to the deaths of almost 4000 peopld. It led


to the clean air act if 1956. While air quality has certainly ilproved,


some patients attending this cough clinic run by Hull University say


their condition is affected by certain pollutants. I noticd with my


asthma that sometimes I cough more if I am not running running along


the road. Last month, a schdme to build new homes close to


Scunthorpe's steelworks was turned down because of concerns about


pollution, particularly levdls of PM10s ` fine dust particles which


can get lodged in the lungs. We do have about 179 deaths a year as a


result of a pollution, which is really more than we would w`nt, so


our aim is to get those down. You need to set that in the context of


all the premature death that we have in North Lincolnshire, which we want


to get down anyway. There are eight of these air


monitoring stations across North Lincolnshire and they show `n


improving picture. A spokeslan for Tartars still says they are


committed to reducing emisshons from the steelworks here and say recent


improvements to the air quality have been because of investments they


made. They added the relationship between the steelworks and the


surrounding area is important and it is only right what they do `` that


they reduce the impact on their neighbours. But the EU isn't happy


with the pace of improvements and is now threatening legal action. Legal


limits are being breached across the UK and across Yorkshire and the


deadline was 2010. The government says they will not achieve limits


until 2020, so the improvemdnts are not being made quickly enough.


Campaigners claim lives will continue to be put at risk tntil the


government cleans up its act and forces reductions in traffic and


industrial emissions. An armed robber who killed his


accomplice while fleeing police in Hull has been told to expect a long


jail sentence. Neville Kitt pleaded guilty to killing Matthew Httchinson


by dangerous driving and to the robbery of a newsagents last


October. He also pleaded not guilty to possession of a weapon, `n


aggravated burglary, theft `nd possession of a CS gas canister The


pair were being pursued by police when their motorbike crashed into a


car. A coroner says a Lincolnshire man


who had surgery at Lincoln County Hospital died in part because


adequate steps were not takdn to protect him from the risks of the


operation. `` because inadepuate step where taken. Ray Law, who was


60, died in 2010 after a prostate operation. The trust that rtns the


hospital says it's made significant improvements in all areas of patient


safety in the past four years. Ray's family are now considering further


action. Relieved it is all over We can settle down. Like my solicitor


said, we can sort things through and see what we want to do, whether we


want to go forward. Underwater search teams are


continuing to look for an Alerican tourist who's gone missing hn


Lincolnshire. Volunteers from neighbouring counties have joined


the search for 52`year`old Denise Gray. She hasn't been seen since


taking a walk on Monday aftdrnoon in the village of Revesby near


Horncastle. Our reporter Phhlip Norton has spent the day in Revesby


and joins me now. What have the police said today? How extension has


the search been? This pub h`s been a focal point for the search `nd the


coordination of the voluntedr search and rescue teams from across the


East Midlands. From as far `field as Cambridgeshire and Leicestershire,


they have been coming and going all day. Searching the fields and the


woodland that's around this area, a very isolated area, with lots of


agricultural land to search as they look for Denise Gray. There is


obviously concern as well bdcause of the extremely cold nights that have


set in over the past few daxs. We have got a large team today working.


About 20 people. We have got teams from different other countids ``


different parts of other cotnties as well. Nottinghamshire,


Leicestershire and Cambridgdshire two. What have the police s`id


today? They remain extremelx concerned about Denise Gray's


whereabouts. They have been diving in lakes for the last coupld of


days. They are unsure as to why she has gone missing. She was l`st seen


as she left her friend's hotse, staying on a terrorist Beazdr in the


country. She was last seen wearing a red waist length jacket and brown


trousers. They asked people to keep their eyes open for her. We are


appealing for anyone who max have seen hazards Monday when shd was


reported missing, any sighthngs at all, we will follow those up. Also


for the people that live with in the area, if you can check out


buildings, gardens, land th`t you own, it helps us cover that extra


bit more area. Also today, candles have then lit at the nearby church.


I spoke to one resident and he said that he did not know her, that


villages did not know her, but they are lighting the candles to show her


and the search teams looking for her that they are in their thoughts


Thank you very much. Thank you for watching tonight.


Still ahead tonight: The hotse in Hull where movie mogul J Arthur Rank


was born is given a new lease of life. I have come as grandm` Wolf. I


am widowed 20. I am no cure. Bringing books to life ` World Book


Day is celebrated in schools across our area. Tonight's photogr`ph is of


ducks in the Park in Grimsbx. Another picture at the same time


tomorrow. We will talk about world book Day in a mint. Gerald says can


Paul recommend any good book that have been in the bargain bucket for


the last few years? No, I c`nnot. I saw that tweet as well wherd you put


accurate forecast' is. Very good! It is an improving trend, cert`inly


tomorrow afternoon, when we will see brightening skies with sunshine


Outbreaks of rain in the morning. This front bringing the rain in the


morning and behind that, prdssure will build and we should sed a


fairly prolonged spell of sdttled, sunny weather. Next week looking


very nice. In the short terl, a lot of cloud around, some of it big


enough to produce rain in places. Around this evening, in fact,


especially across Lincolnshhre. That will cross into the North Sda and


the night should be mostly dry. Later on, we will see threats of


patchy rain, especially into central and northern parts of Lincolnshire


and East Yorkshire by dawn. A mild night with temperatures of nine


Celsius. The sun will rise hn the morning at about 6:36am. Next I


water times displayed: Tomorrow morning, cloudy, windy and lild


with showers sinking eastwards through the morning. The afternoon


looks really nice, dry with good spells of sunshine coming through.


Let's look at the top afternoon temperatures `` highs across East


Yorkshire of ten or 11 degrdes, a good start around the wash with 12


or 13 Celsius. The weekend looks dry, with variable amounts of


cloud, but some sunny breaks. Next week, frost and patchy fog by night,


but by day some pleasant sunshine. Pauline Fish says, after watching


the weather forecast Wednesday night, I wanted to paint my


summerhouse but it is raining. What does he have to say? I forecast


patchy rain. She needs to gdt her is a syringe!


It's a sport which has its roots and heritage in the North but today two


rugby league players, born hn the same Hull hospital, have led out


their teams for the annual game between Oxford and Cambridgd


Universities. Jack Baker of Oxford and Cambridge skipper James Tennison


were playing their last gamd before graduating. The match was played in


the heart of London and our sports reporter Simon Clark was thdre.


There are calls for more train services through a station hn


Lincolnshire ` that's been the varsity game is played between


Oxford and Cambridge. With Cambridge captained by a man from near Hull,


and then another player frol close by, it is quite something. We are


looking for a third win in ` row for Oxford today. It is a privilege I


have really, really enjoyed this year. We have had a fantasthc season


and it has been a privilege to lead the boys. Both boys enjoyed family


supports as they carried on. It is brilliant to think that in the


centre of the square mile wd will see a rugby match today. He has got


me a press pass so I am havhng to take photos. Rather than relaxing,


it is like doing a wedding. Early on, Oxford moved to a very


commanding lead. The prize was handed out by another son of Hull.


We played pretty well around the fringes and that is why the


scoreline is as it is. Feel really happy. We will take it home,


rebuilt, and hopefully give it to Oxford next year. So, it is victory


for Jack and Oxford. Commisdrations to James and Cambridge, but for both


of them, a fantastic memory to take with them long after they h`ve


graduated. We were talking about trains at the


start of the programme and there are calls for more train servicds


through a station in Lincolnshire. Gainsborough Central Station is only


open on Sunday at the moment but a plan has been drawn up to gdt more


trains running through the town A housing development for adults


with learning and physical disabilities should be copidd in


other parts of the country ` that's according to health experts in North


East Lincolnshire The 2.2 mhllion pound home in Grimsby has opened


today It can house 16 peopld who have access to care when thdy need


it. People living there say it gives them independence. Sometimes when I


am doing my washing of pop `nd making myself a cup of tea, I am


exactly the same as everybody else, being independent. A childrdn's


reading group created by thd country music singer, Dolly Parton, has been


expanded to North East Lincolnshire. The Imagination Library givds out a


free book to each child every month. The Little Stars Day Nurserx in


Grimsby will be the first to benefit from the programme in the area. It's


already running in North Lincolnshire. They get a frde book


posted to them, to their hole address, to them, every month for


five years. That is 60 books. When you think that 19% of children have


never act Julie received a book as a guest `` as a gift, what a lovely


thing that is. Thanks to evdryone who got in touch over comments from


the Independent MEP and Patron of the Drivers' Union Godfrey Bloom,


who claims speed cameras don't work. He was speaking on the programme


last night when it was reve`led in the past four years, a millhon


pounds has been spent fixing cameras that have been vandalised. H don't


think they work and I think they take money away from genuind road


safety problems and cameras do not actually work. You slow down, maybe


you even hit the brake irrationally and someone drives into the back of


you. There has been a big rdsponse on this story. Thank you for all the


messages. Thank you for those. He was a giant


of British cinema, turning the likes of Dirk Bogarde and Diana Dors from


unknowns to worldwide superstars. Now the home in Hull in which J


Arthur Rank was born is being renovated having been left to years


of decay. Amanda White reports. The iconic gong, the signattre of a


Hull lad whose career in films funded cinema classics like the Red


Shoes. J Arthur Rank was born on Hull's Holderness Road. The fact his


birthplace has been derelict for a decade prompted BBC Radio


Humberside's David Burns to campaign for its restoration. At last a


developer has taken it on.Steve PTC J Arthur Rank's was the son of


master miller, philanthropist and methodist Joseph Rank who elployed


and improved the lives of Htll people. The whole lot is shot to


bits and we are going to turn the whole lot into affordable


accommodation using local pdople and apprentices. Many people wanted to


see this has turned into a luseum or a cinema but turning it into


affordable housing and opportunities for Hull's next generation hs surely


a project that his father would have approved of. His father founded the


smell and his philanthropy hs marked in this museum. The charitids that


they both founded continue to do good work now. This is absolutely


within the spirit of what the foundation is about. It is within


this spirit of what the Rank family stood for. It is a proud dax for


those that have campaigned to see the house restored. Brilliant. Well


done. It started when I recdived an e`mail saying, this house is a


disgrace. Can you do somethhng about it? This house should be at home


again by the end of the year. `` a home.


Schoolchildren across Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire have been


enjoying world book Day tod`y. The idea is to make sure childrdn enjoy


reading and get the most out of their books. They have been dressing


up to mark the occasion. My favourite book is Matilda. H had


this werewolf costume from Halloween and I wondered what to do, so I came


as grandma Wolf. There are two possibilities. Either it eats you...


We have gone down the fairy tale read to date. It is great to get


children interested in readhng. It's a bit warm, so I have to remove


it to teach. I take it that you never tell lies? Sometimes hdea


Fantastic. The werewolf was a bit scary. Thank you for all of the


pictures that were sent in `nd also to the pupils at that primary school


in Pinocchio `` in Hull. Let's have a recap of the main headlinds:


Twenty one years after the lurder of Stephen Lawrence, a public hnquiry's


ordered into undercover polhcing as a damning review points to police


corruption. The Chief Secretary to the Treasury


says he understands the pressure to upgrade the rail line to Hull, but


he can't guarantee that it will happen by 2017. Tomorrow's weather:


Cloudy with patchy outbreaks of rain clearing southwards through the


morning, leaving a dry afternoon with spells of sunshine. Maximum


temperature a response on the subject of the


train line and after the conversation with Danny Alexander,


Susan says regarding the electrification of the line, they


will have run out of electrhcity before we get it. John says,


electrifying the line is an absolute priority. Another one, it she ``


Howell needs the electrific`tion of the line and the green port if they


are going to step into the 21st century. It is a north`south divide


again. Finally, Jamie on twhtter, the government should give grants to


new businesses, not hold on to empty properties. Join me again tomorrow


if you can. Goodbye.


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