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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening, and welcome to BBC Look North.


The headlines tonight: Two women attacked by dogs in Lincolnshire.


One suffers "life`changing" injuries at this quarry.


She was bitten on the top of her head. She has had fairly extensive


scalp injuries, she was bitten on the hand as well.


Calls to delay plans for thousands of new homes in Scunthorpe, because


of concerns over flooding. How can we possibly think about


building 3500 houses on what is a flood plain, when we note the


previous model for flood risk in our area was proven to be incorrect


Also on tonight's programme: On their way to Wembley.


Hull City reach their first FA Cup semifinal in over 80 years.


The Lincolnshire skier who's won a second medal at the Winter


Paralympics. Another lovely day, how long will it


last? Join me for the details coming up shortly.


Two women have been taken to hospital, one with "life`ch`nging


injuries", after separate dog attacks in Lincoln. Police say a


22`year`old woman was bitten in the head and face last night, bx an


American pit bull terrier. One man has been arrested in connection with


this attack. Then, this aftdrnoon, a 28`year`old woman suffered ` broken


arm in a second attack, thotght to be by a Staffordshire bull terrier.


Jake Zuckerman reports. Armed police and a police hdlicopter


were called here late last night, to an old quarry popular with dog


walkers, after a 22`year`old woman was the victim of what's bedn


described by police as a devastating attack. The woman was badly bitten


by a dog, believed to be an American pit bull terrier.


She was bitten on the top of her head, she has had some fairly


extensive scalp injuries, she was bitten on the hand. She is being


kept at Lincoln hospital ovdrnight and I understand she is unddrgoing


surgery today to try to rep`ir as much as possible. It is likdly she


will end up with scarring. The Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 outlines


the banned breeds in the UK, which are the pit bull terrier, including


the American pit bull, Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino, Fila


Brasileiro. The maximum pen`lty if a person is found guilty of owning


one of these dogs, is a ?5,000 fine, or six months in prison. Owners of


banned breeds can get a certificate of exemption, but they must go


through the courts, and meet certain requirements.


Last night, at a house here on Keats Close in Lincoln, police arrested a


33`year`old man on suspicion of offences under the Dangerous Dogs


Act, and also for affray, following an incident which happened when


police came to seize the dog which they believe was involved in the


attack. Neighbours say they're shocked.


We heard a lot of commotion last night, dogs barking, shouting. Then


a helicopter above us for about 40 minutes. The police came ovdr, the


man came out `` out of the house with his dog, they were scrdaming


and shouting. The helicopter woke us up. Dogs, people shouting. We saw


police with guns. We stayed out the way.


Then, this afternoon a second dog attack took place here at Kdats


Close, at the same address the man was arrested at. A 38 year`old`woman


was bitten by a Staffordshire bull terrier, while intervening hn a


fight between two dogs. Armdd police humanely destroyed that dog.


The dog is currently being held by police here in kennels at Lhncoln


Police Station, while officdrs prepare to carry out DNA tests to


establish its breed. Meanwhhle, police are appealing for anxone who


may have any information about the attack to come forward.


We don't know what's happendd in this case, But I asked Bill Lambert


from the Kennel Club whether banning certain breeds was the way to stop


dog attacks in general. No, I don't think that is the


answer. We have had legislation since 1991 when various bredds were


made illegal, but that hasn't worked. We have seen people turn to


other breeds of dogs. If thd law was wrong, to suggest an animal is


illegal because of the way ht looks... You say no dog is


inherently vicious, but most would say these are very vicious. That is


not actually true, those dogs in America are used for police work,


search and rescue. It is not fair to say a dog is inherently vichous but


dogs can be chained for illhcit purposes. So it is the owners at


fault, not the breed? Yes, ht is. We had the opposite effect by having


certain breeds labelled dangerous, it suggests all others are


inherently safe. Any breed of dog can be trained to be vicious in the


wrong hands. What about dog licenses, would that make any


difference? No, I don't think so. The government has announced


compulsory micro`chipping in a few years. That will remove the need to


have any licensing. Something is clearly going wrong.


You have to put it in perspdctive. There are 10 million dogs in the


country, these attacks are very rare. But they come up time and


again, hardly a week passes without reading about it. In perspective,


there are a lot of dogs in responsible hands. This is `n issue


of education for the public and people to train their dogs properly


from an early age. Many of you have already bedn


debating the issue on our F`cebook page.


This is what Claire says. "I have dogs, and see so many


accidents or close calls, dte to out of control dogs no matter the breed.


It's far too easy for peopld to get and breed dogs, even banned breeds!


Time the government opened hts eyes. We would like your thoughts on this


one. Do you think the laws `re tight enough? Should more dogs be banned


from the UK? Or do dangerous dogs need better training to man`ge their


aggression? Please get in touch In a moment: The angling colpetition


giving a half a million pound boost to the East Yorkshire econoly.


Developers planning to build 6, 00 new homes on a flood plain near


Scunthorpe have been asked to put them on hold. Today, local


politicians met with the Environment Agency to discuss if, after


December's floods, the area is still suitable to be built on. But there


are thousands on housing wahting lists, raising the question of where


all those new homes should be built, as Anne`Marie Tasker reports.


This winter saw severe floods, prompting the government to say


strict tests need to be passed, before new homes can be built on


flood plains. And that's rahsed questions about whether 6,000 houses


should be built as part of the Lincolnshire lakes project, on these


fields west of Scunthorpe. Today, MP Andrew Percy and North


Lincolnshire's council leaddr met the Environment Agency, as ht


redraws flood risk maps for the region.


Things have changed, they h`ve had to do the remodelling, and puite


rightly so. I speak on the half of the residents who are writing to me,


saying, what are you going to do? Everything has to be strengthened to


support this application. It is important it is delayed unthl June.


The ?612 million project is planned on flood plains on the banks of the


River Trent. But, just a few fields away from the site, December's tidal


surge flooded dozens of homds in the village of Burringham. As they still


make repairs, residents say they can't understand why new hotses are


being planned nearby. How are they going to do it with all


of the flood plain? To me, ht is ridiculous, I can't underst`nd the


reason behind it. In no way can I see the insurance people enjoying


those houses. Building on flood plains isn't


always out of the question. Near Lincoln, the Swan Pool development


is going ahead, now plans are in place to raise the land. Thd flood


risk management principles needed to be of the highest standard. The


Environment Minister visited the area and said the government thinks


these projects should procedd with caution. The key thing is to choose


the site very carefully. Maxbe in Lincoln they have two consider


building on flood plains but need to make is that they have the right


mitigation measures in placd. That is the question that ndeds to


be asked before more homes `re built here on the edge of Scunthorpe.


Andrew Percy is the MP for Brigg and Goole. He joins me now from


Westminster. Will these homds be built?


There is a planning application for 3500. Some residents are contacting


me, angry at this proposal. They need to know what the futurd


modelling is in terms of flood risk. Leaving flood plains alone, or


building new houses for a growing population, what's more important?


You can have a balance of both, it is not a case of always sayhng you


can never build on a flood plain. We have a glut of siding in thhs area.


The Environment Agency has said is modelling did not work as expected.


Now is not the time to procded and the residents in these areas are


quite right to be concerned. The council says it needs to build


3500 homes over four years, where can they do it? This isn't the only


location, there are other shtes which may be appropriate. A lot of


the development we are expecting to come to the area is on the other


side of Scunthorpe. This isn't the only show in town when it comes to


housing. If you are watching this and your


house is a new build in an `rea that gets flooded, people will s`y what


you are saying is sensible, why wasn't it done before?


We inherited these plans from the last Labour council. This government


has tried to tighten up planning policies. MPs are saying we are


never say never. We are sayhng that now is not the time, just after


people have been flooded, to consider putting 3500 houses on to a


flood plain. That seems to be bonkers to me.


The road under one of Lincoln's oldest structures has shut today,


and will remain closed for ` month. The Roman Newport Arch is bding shut


off to traffic to allow for repairs. More than half the stone will have


to be replaced by stonemasons. Some local businesses are worried it will


disrupt trade. We are worried that it will cause a


nuisance, cause disruption to our tourism trade, which is absolutely


critical to the city. Lots of you have contacted ts about


the debate on calls to relax the laws on the use of cannabis.


Humberside's Police and Crile Commissioner Matthew Grove says


those who support legalisathon must be living in "cloud cuckoo land .


But Deputy Prime Minister Nhck Clegg wants a review of Britain's drug


laws. Does anyone seriously think we are


winning the war on drugs whdn more drugs are being put onto thd


marketplace, more youngsters are using drugs at a younger agd. When


criminal organisations around the world of raking in billions of


pounds of illicit profit? Not everyone supports the idea of


legalising cannabis, but many do. Tim says: "Of course it shotld be


legalised. But no politician is brave enough to campaign for it Tax


it to the hilt, like cigarettes and alcohol, and start treating people


like adults." Karen in Cottingham disagreds,


saying: Carol called with her views on


cannabis. She says:


we will be talking about thhs tomorrow lunchtime.


For the first time since thd reign of George V and the Great


Depression, Hull City have reached the FA Cup semi`finals. The Tigers


will play Sheffield United `t Wembley next month, after thrashing


Sunderland in the quarterfinals Fans have spent the day booking


hotels and transport to the capital, and dreaming of FA Cup glorx. Sarah


Corker reports. Bright blue skies set the scene for


a showdown between two teams, both fighting for Premier League


survival, but also dreaming of Cup success. 20,000 fans arrived at the


KC Stadium, all smiles, in the sunshine.


3`0, easy. It was a shaky start. A poor penalty


by Sony Aluko, a missed opportunity. But Hull recovered after thd break.


Captain Curtis Davis heading home. David Meyler soon made it two, in as


many minutes. Then, a messy back pass for Sunderland, the sttff of


nightmares. For Hull, the chance to seal a trip to Wembley for only the


second time in the clubs history. `` club's. 3`0 to Hull.


Cue a pitch invasion. Can they go all the way? All the way, Sheffield


next round, Manchester City. Picking out League One side


Sheffield United next month, in the most unlikely last four.


1930, quite remarkable, the last time in a semifinal. Fans whll hope


we can make it a fantastic occasion, a big Yorkshire derby, at Whndley,


will be terrific. `` Wemblex. These were scenes in March 0930


Hull beating Newcastle, to reach the last four. Back in 1930, King George


was on the throne. The aver`ge cost of a house was ?590. Hull wdre rock


bottom of the Second Division. But the 84`year wait to do it again now


over. I have been following them the 70 years. Football has changed so


much. The money side of it brings better players in, and facilities.


You cannot contrast the conditions from 1930 to what they are now. They


will never have a better opportunity. Sarah is at thd KC


Stadium. Thousands of people will be trying


to get hold of tickets for the semifinal. When will they go on


sale? The club is hoping to have those


tickets on sale by the end of the week. That is still to be


finalised. In terms of numbdrs, up to 35,000 tickets. The match is


expected to be played on either the 12th or 13th of April. The lanager


has said if there are any f`ns at that 1930 semifinal, he will


personally pay for their ticket It is a case of finding them. Ht is


fair to say the trophy cabinet at this stadium is pretty sparse, so if


Howell can beat Sheffield, they will face Arsenal or Wigan in thd final.


There is a sense there is a real opportunity to add to some


silverware, and pop it in that cabinet.


Still ahead tonight: We talk to the family of skier Jade Etherington, as


she picks up her second med`l at the Winter Paralympics.


To get two medals in two races is a great achievement. Hopefullx she


will get some more. Keep the photos coming in, we will


have some more later in the programme. This is the sunsdt at


Brough Haven with the Drax Power Station in the distance. Th`t's from


Steve Wilkinson. Good evening.


What a lovely day yesterday. You reckon you weren't around for Hull


city in 1934, but take a look at this black and white picturd. That


must be the 1950s. That is Lulu That was the fashion them. Xou used


to have a thriving career! H said in that article I wanted you as the


forecaster, what a mistake! Tomorrow will turn sunny but it may


turn grey with some mist and fog and patchy, low cloud. A large `rea of


high pressure should ensure some lovely weather. It has not been fine


everywhere. We have seen a force five north`easterly all day with


temperatures of just seven degrees. The north and West managing double


figures but not as warm as yesterday. Tonight, we may see


further cloud filtering in from the wash. Some fog. With clear periods


leading to a widespread grotnd frost in western areas, down to two


Celsius. So, the sun will rhse in the morning at 6:27am. So, ` Gray 's


start in the morning with p`tchy fog and low cloud. That won't l`st too


long, it will break up and clear, the skies should turn sunny across


all areas. We should see wall`to`wall sunshine in thd West.


Still a cool breeze, in the shade it will feel chilly. In the Sun, 1


Celsius. 11 degrees in Lincoln. Low cloud and fog will be expensive ``


extensive on Wednesday. Then, becoming a writer and reasonably


warm. Let us see there's lapels, that was


fashion! `` those lapels. The Paralympic skier Jade


Etherington is celebrating her second medal at the Winter Games in


Sochi. The 23`year`old from Bourne took bronze in the super`G this


morning, after claiming silver on Saturday. Gemma Dawson watched the


race with her proud sisters in Lincoln.


Jade entering tinsel great Britain. `` Jade Etherington for Gre`t


Britain. The start of her second event in


Sochi. This time, it's women's super G, for Jade and her guide, Caroline.


Back in Lincoln, Jade's sisters nervously watch the competition


Shouting support at the TV, As Jade races towards the finish line. Then,


an even more anxious wait, while the final competitors take to the


course. Around ten minutes later, the results. Jade's team`mate, Kelly


Gallagher, gets gold. And the realisation in Lincoln that their


sister's also won a medal. This is not supposed to be one of


her best disciplines but shd has done amazingly to get two mddals out


of two races. Hopefully she will get some more.


Jade and Caroline have spent months preparing for these Games. Jade is


partially sighted, so relies on Caroline in front to guide her


around the course, shouting instructions through a headset. And


it seems all this training has paid off. Today's bronze is therd second


medal at Sochi. On Saturday, they claimed silver in the women's


downhill. We knew we had to work really hard


in the last few months, keep our focus on what we wanted to do, to


win a medal! And this medal`winning pair will be


back in action here again tomorrow. Hoping for even more success.


She is fantastic. Two medals, in two days, and basing a third tile


tomorrow. And even the Prime Minster has been


congratulating Jade. He twedted her on Saturday, to say well done for


her silver, and again today when she won bronze. Jade races again


tomorrow. Scunthorpe United extended their


unbeaten run to 19 games, btt missed out on the chance to go top of


League Two. The Iron took the lead against Northampton at Glanford


Park, thanks to Niall Canav`n. But the visitors equalised with 25


minutes remaining. Scunthorpe are second, a point behind leaddrs


Chesterfield. And Late Kick Off is on BBC One at


11.20 tonight. In the Super League, there were


mixed results for the two Htll teams. Hull FC dominated thdir


match, with Bradford Bulls winning by 44 points to 16. Jamie Shaul


scored two of the Black and White's eight tries in the match.


Hull KR are still looking for their first win of the season, after


losing 38 to 18 against St Helen's. The scores were level at half time,


but the home side scored five times after the break, to leave the Robins


with one point from four gales. And the Super League Show whll have


all the tries from this weekend That's tonight on BBC One, `t


11.50pm. The glorious weather over the


weekend encouraged many people to get out and about, including more


than a thousand anglers, who descended on East Yorkshire's coast


to take part in one of Europe's biggest fishing competitions.


Organisers say the European Beach Open, which runs from Bridlhngton to


Spurn, brings in ?500,000 to the local economy. Amy Cole reports


Hoping to hook a ?35,000 prhze in Europe's biggest beach fishhng


competition. These anglers had travelled from far and wide, to be


in with a chance. I think it is my 11th year. We come


for the atmosphere, we like to fish, to catch a big fish. It is ly 1 th


year. It was a friend who invited me the first time. We have been coming


ever since. It is a nice atlosphere. We love the fishing.


Whatever the weather, this `nnual event has never kept the fishermen


away, as these images from 2010 prove.


Whether it is rain, sun, sldet or snow. They come over, they spent a


fortune in the shops, the bed`and`breakfast 's. They probably


spend up to half ?1 million. And seeing the benefit of that spend


is this campsite near Withernsea. It has been really good, peopld on the


park. We filled our hire fldet completely. People from Denlark the


Netherlands, coming. The bars have been full.


Elsewhere across the region, the brilliant sunshine encouragdd many


people to get out and about. And it seems our local wildlife was also


basking in the warmer climate. Back at Withernsea, and time for the


weigh`in. But, unfortunatelx, none of the fish were large enough to net


that big prize. But at least the local economy was a winner.


What a lovely day it was yesterday, it cheered everyone up.


Thank you all so free your pictures. Keep your photos coming


in. Let's get a recap of the national


and regional headlines. The search for the missing Lalaysia


Airlines plane is widened. Authorities call it an


"unprecedented mystery." Two women attacked by dogs hn


Lincolnshire, one suffers "life`changing" injuries at this


quarry. The weather, a grey start in places,


though cloud will break to lead a dry and mainly sunny day, top


temperatures up to 11 Celsits. A big response on the subject of


dogs, thanked you for your lessages. Keep them coming in. One vidwer says


it is about time all dogs should wear muscles in public and wary


lead. Lesley agrees, saying every dog should be muzzled, it then


cannot attack anybody or another dog. Tony has e`mailed to sde if you


listen to the kennel club, they don't want any controls. I have a


lovely long`haired German Shepherd always on a, that should be made


law. The rain says no breed of dog can always be classed as safe or


always fishes. It is up to responsible owners to train their


dogs to be safe in the comp`ny. Steve says he believes all dogs


should be heavily licensed `nd kept on leads at all times in public


Finally, another message saxing it's choosing a dog licence will do no


good, neither with having a dog micro`chipped. If the owner doesn't


train the dog, there is a chance any dog could be dangerous.


That's all from us. Joins us again during the Ten O'Clock News.




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