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. The headlines tonight: The woman in charge of


Lincolnshire's ambulance service says response times are still not


good enough. As surety concerns and I would want to reassure people that


every focus is going in to improve those response times. `` I share the


concerns. Anger at plans to close the only


public toilets in Grimsby. They should ask people what they want,


not what they wanted to do themselves. They never ask the


people. Also on tonight's programme: Three years since the death of Amy


Winehouse, her former mother`in`law offers help to the parents of drug


addicts. And the Lincolnshire skier now on


the verge of a third medal at the Winter Paralympics.


The Internet craze that is sweeping the Christian world. `` the


equestrian world. More sunshine to come tomorrow but


there will be frost. Good evening.


Getting it right on ambulance response times in Lincolnshire


remains our top priority, that's the message from the woman who runs the


service. Chief executive Sue Noyes insists patients are seeing


improvements. The East Midlands Ambulance Service has been fined in


each of the past three years for missing its targets and a planned


reorganisation has been put on hold until that improves. Our health


correspondent, Vicky Johnson, has today met senior managers from the


Trust to find out what the future holds for patients.


Peter, it's worth remembering the plans to reorganise the East


Midlands Ambulance date back to 2012 and were the Trust's response to its


consistently poor performance. But the Being the Best project meant


plans were approved to close ten ambulance stations across


Lincolnshire. Campaigners have been strongly opposed, including Guy


Grainger, who's raised concerns about cover in Market Rasen. We


should be having two ambulances in the area on stand`by at all times.


Rather than bringing those ambulances in over at least 15 miles


to have to respond to those incidents. What it means is that we


will be looking at a redesign of that strategy. Where appropriate,


there will not be station closures. Streamlining the estate strategy in


accordance with those comments. Last year, EMAS were fined ?3.5


million after failing to meet response times. Of ten ambulance


trusts in England, EMAS was one of only two to miss targets. The


service is supposed to get an ambulance to 95% of all


life`threatening emergencies within 19 minutes, but EMAS missed this


target by more than 3%. We are just below on the red one. But we have


seen some significant improvement on the A19 on the convenient target to


just below the 95%. That is quite some improvement for Lincolnshire.


We have not seen that for some time. So after a difficult few years,


what's it like for the crews? They are still concerned about staff


rotas and also the closure plans. My members have been through a lot in


the last 12 months, 18 months, not just the response times but we have


had the tobacco of the programme, proposed changes to sick leave, meal


breaks and the one thing that really concerns members is the change to


rotors and how that will affect the service delivery.


The unions will now meet with the new management tomorrow for more


discussions. `` the change to the working schedules.


In a moment: The Minister for Fisheries visits


Grimsby to discuss the industry's future.


The only council`run public toilets in Grimsby are facing closure, even


though ?1 million was recently spent upgrading them. North East


Lincolnshire Council argues it needs to save more than ?70 million from


its budget and they won't close until an alternative has been found.


But campaigners say there has been no consultation and a petition has


been started. Phillip Norton reports.


Closed within weeks, the signs at Grimsby's last remaining public


toilets put up yesterday. It's a move that's come as a surprise for


users... And their cleaner. Two people came and said, "I am putting


some signs up because they are closing." I have been told they are


closing and I looked at the sign and it said the 24th of March. It is


diabolical. They gave me two weeks close is that I have not got a job


any more. Those who use the toilets are angry


and have started a petition. I don't see why they want to close them. A


lot of our customers are wondering why. There are no toilets around


you. I used it when I do my shopping. They should ask people


what they want, not what they want to do themselves. They never ask the


people nowadays. The Government says there should be


proper consultation with the public over the closure of toilets. But


even the ward councillor says he's been kept in the dark. To close


toilets which were only renovated a few years back, I find it bizarre.


Now it will have to be signed off by the portfolio. One councillor who


will sign it off... That is not right for democracy. It will not


come to us councillors until the next full council meeting. That is


absolutely appalling. Just four years ago, the council spent ?1


million upgrading toilets across the borough. The closure of these


facilities and those of the market Hall will leave Grimsby town centre


without any public conveniences. Last night, the leader of North East


Lincolnshire Council said the closures were due to underuse and


budget cuts and that the public should use privately run facilities


at Freeman Street market and Freshney Place shopping centre. The


thing is that we have got alternative provision in the market.


We have spoken to the alternative provider and said, " look, it seems


ridiculous having to toilets within 200 yards of each other. " We might


as well combine services together and make it work for both parties.


Are the nearby? Yes, they are in the market. There are public toilets.


But both the market and Freshney Place have told me today there's no


agreement for the use of what it says are customer toilets. The


shopping centre saying it was unaware of the closure. Earlier, the


council did something of a u`turn. It now says Garibaldi Street will


stay open until alternatives are found. Campaigners say they'll fight


to keep them. Phillip Norton, BBC Look North, Grimsby.


Earlier, I asked the council leader Chris Shaw if council tax payers


deserve and want public toilets. Well, of course. That's why we're


not actually closing them. We are doing three re`provisioned toilets.


We've got this idea that the toilet is going to go. It's just going to


be supplied by another set of people in a different place. Yesterday, you


posted a notice on the toilet saying, " Closed on the 24th of


March. " Today, you are saying they will stay open for now. Why the


U`turn? It's not a U`turn. The ones on Garibaldi Street, it was the


contracter put the wrong sign up on the wrong toilets. Once we get the


re`provisions in place on the other side... On Garibaldi Street, it's on


the other side of the road, the new toilets, then we will be closing the


old ones. So you are blaming the contracters, not the fact that you


had a change of mind because you're worried about bad publicity today?


No, Peter. They were always supposed to put a toilet on the other side of


the road. That's what we're doing. We are working with partners to do


that. It's just a case of, you know, the sign was put up at the


wrong place so people jumped to conclusions. The left hand does not


know what the right hand is doing. I mean, Freshney Place did not even


know that the toilets were closing down. You've not even spoken to


them. Well, freshly place do know, Peter. That's the thing, they do


know. We've had a lot of consultation with them to do what we


are doing. It's the Freeman Street market where we're still negotiating


with them to get the right facilities but the thing is, at the


end of the day, I've got to save this authority 76 million. My choice


is to keep all of these toilets open and close the children's home or ask


people to walk 100 yards and use an alternative toilet. Bearing in mind,


Peter, in Grimsby town centre, in July there is a brand`new set of


toilets opening in our brand`new bus station. So you... It is hardly that


people will not have a choice. You are trying to save money by getting


people to use public toilets in the shopping centre so you can save on


your budget. That's the story, the bottom line? Well, the bottom line


is us being a more efficient council. That is what we have been


told we have to be by the Government. The ratepayers don't


want to pay an awful lot more and it is by working in partnership with


people that we can get these things done. What you are doing is trying


to push the customers into toilets in a public area and save money by


closing down public toilets. That is what you are trying to do. Why don't


you just admit it? No, Peter, what we are doing is making better use of


council tax payers' money by working with... No, what you are doing... To


give them toilets. What you're doing is closing public toilets to save


money. Why don't you just admit it? Because we are not doing that. What


we are actually doing is saving money by working with others to


supply better toilets. So if you want public toilets in your area,


you're not going to get them. It is tough really, isn't it? We've got


ten public toilets in North East Lincolnshire. We are talking about a


re`provisioning of three. Hardly doing away with public toilets! And


that will save the ratepayers a considerable sum of money that we


can put into street cleaning and into things like children's homes.


And I think that is better value for money. We'll leave it there. Very


good to talk to you tonight. Thank you very much indeed. Thank you,


Peter. Let us know what you think of this


story. Samantha says, libraries, toilets, what next question marks


the council should get their act together. This story is from


Grimsby. The council needs to save ?70 million. Is closing the public


toilets a good way to save the money? How vital is the service? We


will have some boards before we finish. `` thoughts.


I look forward to hearing from you. A 33`year`old man has been released


on bail following a dog attack in Lincoln. Armed Police were called to


a quarry in the east of the city on Sunday night, where a 22`year`old


woman suffered what have been described as life changing injuries


to her face and head. She is now in stable condition after undergoing


surgery. Thanks to everyone who got in touch


on this story after last night's programme. Lesley says, "Every dog


regardless of breed should be muzzled in public.


Thank you very much indeed for all of those.


The funeral of a woman who led the campaign to scrap tolls for hospital


patients was held today. She had lobbied MPs and lead petitions


urging for them to be of dollars `` abolished. It was attended by family


and friends. Planes from a Lincolnshire air base


are making flights over eastern Europe as concerns about the future


of the Ukraine continue. They are monitoring the situation of Poland


and Romania. They will be joined by NATO colleagues from Germany.


The former mother`in`law of the singer Amy Winehouse has told BBC


Look North that parents need to take responsibility if their children use


drugs. Georgette Civil lives in Lincolnshire and says she spent


years in denial about her son Blake's addiction. She now has


little contact with him but has written a book to try and help other


parents. Gemma Dawson reports. I look at him and he does not fit that


stereotype image people have of addicts. Here, he is my boy.


Georgette's son, Blake, was half of one of the most famous couple's in


the country. Married to Amy Winehouse, the pair's every move was


followed by the press. But despite reports of drug taking, Georgette


told me she spent years in denial. That is probably the hardest thing


for any mother to come to terms with, to say, "my son is a drug


addict. " It is the hardest words a mother will ever have to say. And it


is the most destructive denial because as long as you are in


denial, what you're doing is you are in enabling your child. You are


enabling them to continue having a dependency.


At home in Lincolnshire, Georgette's written a book sharing her


experiences. After reflecting on the last few years, she now believes


parents need to take some responsibility if their children use


drugs. I did things, not with an intention to hurt him but I made


mistakes. I was young and I made mistakes. We all say, " if I could


have my chance again with the knowledge I have got today, I would


do things so very differently." But yes, I take full responsibility that


I contributed up to three or four runs up the ladder to his rejection


`` addiction. Georgette's now estranged from her eldest son but


hopes one day, they'll re`build their relationship.


Let's hope so. Thank you for your company.


Still ahead tonight: We talk to the Lincolnshire skier on


the verge of her third medal at the Winter Paralympics in Sochi.


And celebrating their horses, the internet craze that's sweeping the


equestrian world. Pictures coming in tonight. Thank


stunning. stunning.


How are you? How are


What a lovely day it is. Bethany says she requests peter to be a


judge in her lingerie modelling competition. Are you busy that day,


Peter? 's you are on your own! If you're going to get yourself into


deep water, I am not joining in! Was like you should consider it. Fog and


low cloud at first tomorrow. It will gradually turns sunny but some of


the low cloud might be a little reluctant to clear but high pressure


still in charge. The main thing is that is going to be dry and probably


stay dry through the rest of this week and much of the coming weekend.


A nice, fairly prolonged spell of settled weather. We are in the


middle of it. The low cloud did form overnight. We had a widespread frost


but it cleared fairly readily and this afternoon has been beautiful.


11 Celsius! It is warm in the sunshine but still quite chilly in


the shade and along the coast, with a gentle breeze. Tonight, I think we


will have a widespread ground frost, even perhaps frost in the air in


some thoughts `` sunspots. There will be mist, fog and low cloud in


some places. Here is a look at the temperatures. In the countryside, it


will be a fair amount lower than those temperatures are suggesting.


The sun will rise in the morning at 6:24am.


A lot of low cloud and fog first thing in the morning. As I say, some


of it may be quite reluctant to clear. A slow process, some of that


lingering into tomorrow afternoon but the general trend will be for it


to break up, blue skies to become established and most of us tomorrow


afternoon should enjoy plenty of sunshine. Just a hint of a little


bit of sea fog not far from that coastline. The coast itself will be


quite cool, with a gentle Orange Order breeze. Inland, Tim Celsius in


Hull. 12 Celsius in the afternoon sunshine. `` 10 Celsius. `` a gentle


onshore breeze. The weekend, that is forecast.


And a mild has been sent, seeing the shirt and tie that Paul often wears,


I know now why Look North is not what gas in HD! It would be more


than the viewer could cope with. I would have to iron them then!


When HD starts, I am going! Most of the fish and seafood that we


eight is processed in Grimsby, an estimated 70% of the UK total. Today


the government's Fisheries Minister visited the town to hear about the


challenges that are facing the industry. George Eustiss offered his


support to a campaign to encourage more children to eight fish and


seafood. `` to eat fish and seafood. Crispin Rolfe reports.


Winning ministerial approval. This pack's designed to get primary


school pupils eating seafood. George Eustice is the government's latest


Fishing Minister and he's now backing the Fish is the Dish, an


education pack going nationwide on Monday. The whole thing is... This


is his first trip to Grimsby. We want to encourage children to get


used to eating is an early age but also preparing and so they are not


just buying fish fingers. The Government is also looking at how we


can promote careers in the food industry. We have got a government


recommendation that you should be eating fish twice a week. One being


oily fish and the other whitefish. We do not come anywhere near that in


the UK. That is for health, not for pushing up the profits of seafood


companies. It is for health. But will primary school pupils, even in


Grimsby, be persuaded of seafood's succulence? They might give it a try


but I don't think they would like it. I think it is a good idea and


good for the children also. It is healthy. She lost this fingers, lost


fish and chips and it is the way forward, is it not?


Grimsby's industry hope so as earlier at the minister visited its


fish market amid hopes that George Eustice can help the town rediscover


its best years as the processing industry picks up. Whether it can be


done on a huge skill, not to be done on a huge skill, not to the old days


of yore when Grimsby was the Premier fishing port... But I certainly


think there is scope for improvement, increase in business as


well. One of the things we have to be mindful of as the history of the


past. We have to build on that and look to the future. The Humber


region has a great history with the fishing and deep water boards.


Today, though, industry leaders in Grimsby have been looking to the


future and hoping this visit will boost the town's key trade, as well


as encouraging more people to eat seafood. `` deepwater fishing boats.


This fingers 40! `` fish fingers 40! Lincolnshire skier Jade Etherington


finished second in the Super Combined slalom event this morning,


at the Winter Paralympics. It means she is virtually guaranteed another


medal! Jade, who has already won two medals at the games, originally came


in fourth, but moved up after two other skiers were disqualified.


Earlier, I spoke to Jade and asked her how she felt after winning


Silver on Saturday. Her story is amazing. As long as she finishes the


course on Friday, she will win a medal.


It was quite a lot to take in. For me, it was the first race, the first


time I had ever raced at a Paralympic event. To come down and


when that silver medal in the downhill, it was so good. It was


definitely a confidence boost for me and Caroline. We have not been


working that long together. It was only a third downhill together. We


were both really happy with the performance and we tried to take


that into the next couple of races. It was a fantastic achievement. The


question that everybody has been asking me is how you do it. What do


you need to be told to be able to do what you do? I spend time with


Caroline all the time, on and off the hell, 24/7. In the actual cause,


she will tell me when to turn, is the main thing, and when the tour


bricks are. We do a lot of the communication and what they commands


will be in inspection and that is when I will look at the terrain, the


steepness, but we're going to land, whether there is going to be some


are shared. Gosh! There's quite a lot communication. That is


definitely the key to our success in skiing and also the distance. We


been really close to Caroline and telling her win to go, when to wait.


A chance of another medal on Friday? Hopefully! Are run today was quite


good but we have not been on the slalom for a while but we are going


to get up really early and, you know, try to get our energy as we


are both feeling really tired from all the highs and lows that we have


had. I think we are just going to try and save energy and call for the


slalom and have fun. Well, you have been fantastic. Many


congratulations. Good luck for the rest of the week. Lovely to chat


with you. Thank you for having me. Technique care! `` take care! 's


what a fantastic story and good luck to her on Friday and good evening to


her family, who I think are tuned in.


It has been announced that Hull City's FA Cup semi final at Wembley


against Sheffield United will take place on Sunday April 13th at 4pm.


And today, Newcastle United manager Alan Pardew has been given a


seven`match ban after headbutting City midfielder David Meyler during


a game at the KC Stadium at the start of the month.


Scunthorpe United can break a club record this evening if they avoid


defeat against Southend. The Iron haven't lost in 19 matches and it's


a record that's given them a great chance of promotion from League Two.


Our Sports reporter Simon Clark is at Glanford Park. What are the


chances of United breaking this record?


Peter, in this extraordinary week of FA Cup semifinals and Paralympic


medals, Scunthorpe are on the brink of breaking a record that took the


previous team into the Championship was a good chance. Difficult in


tonight against Southend United led by Phil Brown. Therefore has fallen


off a little bit since they were beating by the Hull city side in the


FA Cup. Great chance for Scunthorpe. I will be back to let you know how


they get on. 's, `` That match will be live on BBC Radio Humberside.


Sportstalk is on the air now with build up to the game. On AM and


online, they've got Grimsby Town's game with Hereford.


online, they've Lincoln City are at home to Welling


this evening. BBC Radio Lincolnshire will have commentary of that game.


Their build up starts at 7pm. Enjoy the football tonight.


First there was the selfie. Now it seems there's a new internet photo


craze but this time it involves horses. It's taken the equestrian


world by storm. Kate Sweeting can explain all.


This is Barry. Barry is used to the quiet life. Hello! Unbeknownst to


him, something big has happened to him recently. He has gone viral. But


do not worry, it is not time to call the vet. When I say viral, I mean


Internet viral, like many of his 4`legged friends. He has joined the


new worldwide social media phenomenon on known as


#Neighnomination. You put a post on Facebook with a picture and a bit of


writing about your horse or horses of a lift in. Then you nominate


somebody else and the hopefully do the same thing. Hundreds of


thousands of horse owners have already posted images of their


animals on social networking sites, with everything from silly sell


these to nostalgic pictures from the past. `` silly pictures. Why is


proving so popular? Is becoming because people absolutely adored


talking about their authors. They are members of their family, as far


as they are concerned. I named my son after one of my best horses.


People are like that, they just love talking about them. Even a


Paralympian has been getting in on the action. People are doing it at a


grass roots level and so are top horse riders. It really has captured


the whole of the equestrian industry. It is quite funny really!


And some of the horses certainly seem to be enjoying the attention.


Irony is very famous. He says he likes being famous. He has retired


from top`level eventing so it is quite nice that he still can be


famous in his own right, even though he is retard from being famous for


competing. So there you have it. The latest


social media crazed straight from the horse's mouth. Sorry, couldn't


resist! Horse and hound, I read nothing


else! It is 7:55pm. Let's get a recap of the national


and regional headlines. Britain's best known trade union


leader Bob Crow has died suddenly at the age of 52.


The woman in charge of Lincolnshire's ambulance service


says response times are still not good enough.


Tomorrow's weather: A grey start, low cloud and fog


slowly clearing. Most places brightening up with long sunny


spells. Maximum temperature will be 11 Celsius.


That is all from me. I will be back later on tonight. Join me then.


Goodbye. Dash`mac whilst we are on the subject of toilets, Judy says


that people will be urinating more on the street close. Ian says that


if the council wants to save money then he can start with expenses.


Another asks what happens when the market is closed. Perhaps the


council should not have spent all the money on crazy paving. Another


says that the council has the right idea because you have never used the


toilets. David says, "have I gone daft? Surely the council should have


decided to shut them before doing them up. It is absolute


incompetence. Who scored "close in public toilets is a step back in


time to when disease was rife." `` absolute incompetence. " Just


finally, Hilary says it is often the first stop after long journey.


How do they expect these poor traders and market stall holders to


survive? It will put people off visiting Grimsby and I do not think


I will bother anyone. Big response on the subject of toilets. It is not


too late to comment. Have a nice evening.


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