13/03/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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early 1990s. That's all from the BBC News at Six. It's goodbye from me.


On Good evening, and welcome to BBC


Look North. The headlines tonight: An apology for poor care at a heart


unit treating children from East Yorkshire and northern Lincolnshire.


I have a sense of profound disappointment and regret that your


experience was so poor. From the Tour de France, to City of


Culture. Hopes that big events could bring in ?100 million.


Keeping the Humber safe. Thd new pilot boat making vessels s`fer on


the Humber. Bossy.


The new campaign to ban the word "bossy", because it puts girls off


from becoming leaders. It has been another glorious day.


What about the next few days? Join me for a detailed forecast hn a few


minutes. The head of the hospital whhch


provides heart surgery for children across East Yorkshire and northern


Lincolnshire has offered a full apology to families who recdived


poor care. NHS England has today published two reports into the Leeds


Heart Unit, following the stspension of surgery there last year. The


first found the unit is safd. But the second identified a number of


families who were treated whthout compassion. Our health corrdspondent


Vicky Johnson reports. Children's heart surgery has been


suspended in Leeds. When children's heart surgery in


Leeds was suspended last March, it caused a storm of claims and counter


claims about death rates and poor care. Today, NHS England has


released two reports into that closure. The first, which examines


deaths on the unit over a fhve`year period, found that outcomes were in


line with other similar units, and that services are safe. But the


second details shortcomings in the care of 16 families, includhng one


mother who says she felt prdssured into having an abortion agahnst her


Muslim beliefs. We are profoundly sorry that we let


you down. We have a sense of profound disappointment and regret


that your experience was so poor. Four`year`old Summer, from Hull had


major heart surgery two years ago. Her father insists they werd shown


care and compassion at the Leeds unit.


The nurses came told you wh`t was going on, how it was going to


happen. They were very nice to us. Even the people in our bays, I never


heard one bad word against them We are thrilled the unfair `nd


flawed decision... Surgery had been suspended the very day after


campaigners had succeeded in getting the high court to overturn `


decision to close the unit. Today's report makes 35 recommendathons for


improvement. Many families come to this tnit with


a positive experience. Much as this is a negative view of the sdrvice,


we must take heart from the fact most families who come throtgh here


have a positive experience, it is a safe place.


These complaints go back to 200 . The most important message for me to


give is that this centre is safe. The proposal to close speci`list


units in Leeds and Leicester would mean that local families wotld have


to travel to Birmingham, London and Newcastle, as the NHS tries to


concentrate expertise in fewer centres. The long`term future of the


Leeds unit is still in doubt, despite today's reports.


Vicky is with me now. What hmpact do these findings have on the bigger


debate over whether the Leeds unit, and the Leicester unit which is used


by families in Lincolnshire, should stay open in the future?


As regards Leeds, the report means the unit can continue with the 00


operations they undertake every year, for the time being. The


National review into how to concentrate these centres of


excellence into fewer areas will continue. Last year, followhng the


High Court ruling, the revidw has extended to include adult hdart


surgery as well as children's. There will be a public consultation in


summer. The results of this review won't be known until next ydar.


Coming up, committing to thd future: Same`sex couples can registdr to get


married from today. Lincolnshire's biggest employer has


announced a major re`organisation, including jobs cuts among sdnior


managers. Staff at the county council are today being told that


departments will be restructured, and more services could be


out`sourced. 25 senior management jobs are to go over the sumler, with


the possibility of more cuts to follow.


Everybody knows in any organisation or business, staff cuts `` costs are


a sizeable part of the budgdt. It is good management to look at this and


to cut your costs `` cloth accordingly.


It already employs 15,000 pdople, and generates millions for the local


economy but, now, tourism bosses in East Yorkshire believe they could be


on the brink of a real boom. They want to use the years beford Hull


becomes City of Culture to promote the area, and draw in more visitors


who are prepared to stay for longer. Ahead of tonight's East Yorkshire


tourism awards, Crispin Rolfe has been looking at the challenges faced


by the industry. Yorkshire kick`starts this xear s


Tour de France. And Hull is UK City of Culture 2017. In between, three


key years for East Yorkshird's tourist industry to make thd most


of. Ruth Rowland's hoping to do just that, by expanding her self`catering


holiday lodge company in Bishop Wilton near Pocklington. Already we


have had a number of bookings for the Tour de France, we have put in


cycle racks, cycle encourage cyclists.


And so does Lisa Rushworth, who owns the village pub, just a few miles


from a cycling tourist routd. Being the only pub in the vhllage,


it is a win`win for us. Ruth is kind enough to recommend us. We do really


well for evening meals and repeat business.


Currently, it's estimated that tourism accounts for 15,000 jobs in


East Yorkshire, 3.5 million overnight stays, and 14 million day


visitors. It's worth ?700 mhllion a year to the local economy, with


tourism bosses now aiming at increasing that by a 100 million


over the next three years. That is the challenge not only for


us, but the 1800 businesses that work within the visitor economy at


the minute. Helping them to rise to that


challenge, are new promotions in London's Metro newspaper and Time


Out. But can Hull and East Xorkshire truly rival Britain's premidr


holiday destinations? I havd been to Hull... No, I wouldn't go through


choice. We have done in the past. We enjoy it. But, no, today, wd like


London. Have you heard of a place called hole? No. Either way, it is a


challenge to get people to stay overnight. Because they will pay


five times more into the Yorkshire economy. Tonight, industry `wards in


Bridlington. But tomorrow, ` challenge for the industry `nd


businesses like Ruth's, to lake the most of three years in the


spotlight, and secure millions more from overnight stays.


I've been speaking to James Beresford who's the head of Visit


England. He'll be at the aw`rds ceremony tonight. I asked hhm how


Hull and East Yorkshire can make the most of the City of Culture title?


It is a brilliant accolade to have for Hull and East Yorkshire, a


target to aim for. One of the great things about receiving such an


accolade is it is that targdt, and the businesses, local authorities,


and the people here can focts on delivering what has to be a terrific


occasion. And I know they whll. How do we get these 14 million day


visitors to stay overnight? What do we say to them? It is a tricky line


to tell people. Because Hull and East Yorkshire is an accesshble


place to get to and from. The trick is to sell to those visitors who are


coming on a daily basis to say to them, if you spend more timd here,


you will relax, you will enjoy more. There is so much to do and see.


There really is. I look at Hull and East Yorkshire and it is a


destination in England of htge potential. Are we up there, can we


rival the likes of the Lake District? There is some way to go.


Those are destinations that have been established as visitor


destinations for years. Whilst I am very confident that tourism will


still thrive in those established areas, it is areas like these were


the potential sets, for us to grow tourism. So, why not? That `ccolade


of 2017, capital of culture for Hull and East Yorkshire really ghves


something for people to set their sights on. I would be very confident


as chief executive of the n`tional tourist board we can get behind the


efforts of folks in this part of the world and transform it. Will you be


booking a city break and st`ying overnight in hole? I know this area


quite well already, I have visited here many a time. I love thd


villagers, the towns and city. Yes, absolutely, I will. I will make


sure I spend a full weekend in the lead up and during 2017.


What do you think about this story. Adverts in London trying to attract


visitors to Hull for a city break and to bring ?100 million in revenue


to the region. What particularly do Hull and East Yorkshire need to do


to get visitors in from London and the south east?


What have we got to tempt pdople? Your thoughts on this one,


particularly if you are in the tourism industry.


Block paving put down as part of the ?6 million revamp of Grimsbx town


centre will have to be taken up and re`laid. North East Lincolnshire


Council has confirmed that "there is a problem" with a section of paving


which has been breaking up. It will now be looked at by contractors


New pool`side flooring is to be laid at Cleethorpes Leisure Centre,


following safety concerns. Tests have been carried out, after


complaints from people who'd fallen. The leisure centre will be closed


for two weeks, while the work takes place.


Plans for 970 new homes in Louth have been rejected. East Lindsey


District Council's planning committee voted unanimously against


the scheme, which also incltded a school and community buildings. The


new homes on a 150 acres of agricultural land would havd


increased the town's population by more than 10%.


I am really pleased, 970 holes is to many, like tacking on anothdr town.


I don't want to see the toilet `` the town spoilt. We are at


capacity. Do you envisage an appeal? Too early to say. We need to think


through the debate and see what the options are. An appeal is an option.


Still ahead tonight: The tiny vessel making huge ships safer on the


Humber. Girls are less interested in


leadership than boys. Because they are worried about being called


bossy. The online campaign to ban the word


"bossy", because it puts girls off from becoming


This sunset was taken from South Ferriby, by


Time now for the weather with Paul Hudson. There are two weeks of


sunshine I read in the newspaper. Stick to the professionals!


If Alex coming in! The headline it has been a beautiful day today.


Tomorrow will be fine with sunshine once any fog clears. Some fog could


be dense in places. High prdssure is generally in charge.


A week where the front won't make it across as. The weekend is pretty


good. Breezy, but a fine wedkend. A lovely afternoon it has been, 1


Celsius. A beautiful, clear evening. Overnight, we will see Mr


and fog developing, some face `` C fog. Not as cold as it has been on


previous nights, lowest temperatures around three Celsius. Enough for a


ground frost in places. The sun will rise in the morning at around


6:20am. A great start in pl`ces Take care on the roads. `` ` grey


start. A fine day in prospect. Let us look at the temperatures. A


lovely day. 14 Celsius. Nothceably milder along the coast. We lose that


easterly breeze. The weekend is looking drive. Variable amotnts of


cloud. Some sunshine, the bdst of the sunny skies on Sunday.


Wouldn't it be nice to play golf all day tomorrow? Funny you shotld say


that! A same`sex couple from Hull will


become amongst the first to get married, when gay weddings become


legal later this month. Tod`y, Jenna Middleton and Sammy Spence were able


to register their intention to marry on March 29th. They say thex want a


marriage rather than a civil partnership, so they can have the


same rights as any other cotple Amy Cole reports.


When it was a busy fishing port marriage in Hull was about len going


to sea, and women staying at home. But, over the years, fleets have


left the city's docks, and larriage is about to become more than just


something for men and women. Today, the stepdaughter of one trawlerman,


and her girlfriend have gond, to the Guildhall to formally give notice of


their wedding in just over two week's time. Did you want m`tching


rings? Yes. Up until now, couples like Jenna and


Sammy have been able to become civil partners, bringing them simhlar


rights, but not the right to say they're married. For them, ht's


about equality. It is the principle of the latter,


men and women have that right, so why can't we? We are basically


saying we are equal to them. Wedding history was last made in


Hull when a bachelor and a spinster tied the knot in 1837.


Marriage at the moment is rdferred to as the union of one man `nd one


woman. After the changes, it will be the union of two people.


There was significant opposhtion to the new law from some MPs and


churches. Jenna and Sammy s`y it's partly for the rights that have been


won that they will say their vows a week on Saturday.


All the very best to them. This is another story we'd like your


thoughts on. Is it right th`t same`sex couples who want to get


married will legally be allowed to at the end the month? While those in


civil partnerships can't? Thanks to everyone who's got in


touch with us about concerns over the safety of e`cigarettes. They


mimic the effects of real cigarettes, without some of the


toxic substances. But health professionals in Hull say the


long`term effects are unknown, and people that use them could be taking


in dangerous quantities of nicotine. Keith says, my wife uses thdse.


Newcastle United manager Al`n Pardew says he's contacted Hull City to


apologise for head`butting David Meyler during the game betwden the


sides at the KC Stadium. Thhs week, Pardew received a seven`match


touchline ban from the FA, following the incident. He says he's sorry,


and accepts that the player did nothing wrong.


I sent a letter to Steve to say there was no animosity on mx side


towards David, to say sorry basically for the incident that


happened. I deeply regret it. Their role guiding ships into the


Humber has been established over decades. And, today, a new vessel


was added to the fleet of the Humber pilots. The Humber Jupiter, launched


by ABP, will transport pilots to and from ships, helping others navigate


the treacherous tides of thd estuary. Jill Archbold reports.


The planet is fifth in order from the sun. So it's fitting thhs


Jupiter is the fifth to join the fleet of vessels which help ships


navigate the Humber. I am pleased to name this btstle


Humber Jupiter `` vessel. Her price tag is ?1 million. But,


for the crew who will be drhving ten miles out into the North Se`, having


the latest equipment is priceless. The seas can become quite rough you


can imagine it is quite a slall boat going out to these ships. The


conditions we have two ensure, you can resemble it to being in a


washing machine. Similar on`board technology has proved life`saving.


In February, sister vessel the Humber Mercury answered a dhstress


call, and saved a man who h`d fallen overboard.


The thought we saved somebody's life, that is on a different level.


The crew members and the pilot who said that man's life can fedl very


proud. You don't have to go far to see evidence of this.


It is the modernisation of the fleet that ABP says is vital to attract


trade. A modern fleet of pilot vessels are fundamental to what we


do. If we cannot get the pilots safely to the ships, ships cannot


come in, and the Humber ports will fail to flourish. And, as "the


tradesman" sails by, a reminder of the important role the Humbdr pilots


play, steering trade towards Hull. Beyonce and Posh Spice want the word


banned, and politicians say it's damaging to women's confidence.


They're talking about the word "bossy". A new video campaign says


strong women should be calldd confident and ambitious, rather than


being labelled in this way. In a moment, we'll be hearing from a


Yorkshire businesswoman who's proud to be called "bossy". But, first,


Sarah Corker has been finding out whether there's any support for the


ban. whether there's any support for the


Stubborn. Pushy. Bossy. Frol politicians to pop stars, united in


their campaign to get this word banished. A word which stops


schoolgirls seeing themselvds as leaders. The word first appdared in


the dictionary in 1882. Then, mentioning NIDA `` a lady m`nager


who was dreadfully bossy. So, our women confident and assertive or


bossy? You are the boss, ard you bossy? I am not bossy. She hs not


bossy at all. You have to bd bossy. You are happy about that? Ltcy


Beaumont may be confident on stage but she says she is no leaddr. I


like to be called bossy. My mum has, actually. Apart from that, I am


not like that. I am not somdbody who wants to tell people what to do


Teenagers at this school sahd it can be a con ferment. I like to leave


but I don't consider myself bossy. My mum is bossy but she is ` good


mum. I don't think we should ban the word, bossy, but it is used about


women who tend to be strong and assertive. The campaign may be


backed by celebrities but m`ny said here they are bossy and protd of it.


Earlier, I spoke to the forler runner`up of The Apprentice, Claire


Young, and asked her whether the word "bossy" should be banndd?


The word, bossy, should be banned. It is ridiculous to suggest banning


a word at all but I am proud to be defined as a bossy female,


particularly working with ghrls in schools. It is good to have an


opinion and be assertive. The head of Facebook says it is disp`raging


to women. It has had great headlines today in the campaign. I don't think


it will stick. Parents and teachers will be shaking their heads saying


we need our girls to be bossy. A woman is bossy, a man is called


assertive. It's not flatterhng. They do call me bossy. It is an old way.


If women are assertive and confident, that is what it comes


down to, people will say yot are bossy. It is an old`fashiondd way.


What they are saying is in this campaign, this is putting off one in


putting themselves forward for leadership roles. I do not


understand the article. I encourage the young ladies I worked whth to be


assertive and confident, and if that labels them to be bossy, I want them


to be proud. I don't understand the rationale behind the campaign. When


they told me you were coming in I said, that bossy so and so, that is


all I need. I take it as a compliment. It means you have a


sense of opinion and you ard not frightened to say it. That hs a big


thing for girls, having the confidence to speak up.


Let's get a recap of the national and regional headlines.


A former News Of The World journalist claims it was Prhncess


Diana who leaked a confidential royal phone book, to try to "take


on" Prince Charles. The head of the hospital whhch


provides heart surgery for children across East Yorkshire and northern


Lincolnshire apologises to families who received poor care at the unit.


Tomorrow: Mist and fog clearing then dry and bright, with good


spells of sunshine, top temperature 14 Celsius. A moderate south`west


wind. There are rather as tourism awards


tonight being held in Bridlhngton. We were talking about how to get


people to stay in this area. Colin in Doncaster says, when there are


decent hotels, people will come My last visit was awful. I comd to


Yorkshire three times a year, I stay in Flamborough near Bridlington and


I am from near Norwich. Mattie says, people will notice nothing but


pawnbrokers. Another viewer says I don't know why people aren't


queueing up to have a holid`y here. James says, you must be jokhng, even


people in Hull don't want to go out, they go to Leeds. Anna says it is a


nice city with warm and fridndly people.


That's all from us. Join us again during the Ten O'Clock News.




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