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died aged 88. That's all from the BBC News at Six so it's goodbye


Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight.


Claims that an influx of migrants from Romania and Bulgaria hasn't


materialised. The message that we have got across is that the area is


so full of migrant workers that there is no extra work here.


The Government's asked to help three former soldiers from East Yorkshire


who are being held in an Indian jail.


The report that says you're more likely to be obese if you live near


a takeaway. She's done it again ` Lincolnshire's


Jade Etherington celebrates a record medal haul at the Winter


Paralympics. And there are some sunshine to come this weekend.


An investigation by BBC Look North has found that claims that a rush of


Romanians and Bulgarians would come to work in Britain have not so far


become reality in East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. Fears had been raised


by some politicians and research groups that an influx of new


migrants would put pressure on public services in towns including


Boston. But some companies who employ workers from overseas say


they're disappointed Romanians and Bulgarians are not coming at all.


Here's our rural affairs correspondent, Linsey Smith.


Spring has sprung and in East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire there are


more than the usual signs. Once we see that the flowers are going to be


ready, then we start ringing the agencies that we use and will tell


them how many pickers we think we want on a particular day. We're


right in the peak of the season now and we are up to 150. We would


really like about 200 at the moment. How many Romanians and Bulgarians


have you had? I don't think we've got any. It's not just in the


daffodil fields. We spoke to farmers, pack house owners and gang


agencies. All of which were poised for an influx, they haven't seen a


single Romanian or Bulgarian. On January the 1st On January the 1st


all eyes were on airport arrival lounges. The Home Office say they'll


be no official figures on the numbers of new migrants from Romania


and Bulgaria until May. If they had headed here you may


expect to find some here. Park Academy, Boston's school with a


glowing reputation for welcoming children of different nationalities.


67% of the pupils here don't speak English as their first language. We


haven't seen any, we've had no interest from Romanian or Bulgarian


families at all. It certainly would have been a struggle, the biggest


challenge for us would've been places. Protesters in Boston are


also worried about public services being overstretched. But even Boston


Borough Council say they have taken a couple of tentative housing


enquiries from Romanians and Bulgarians. But Liliana Demeter says


the UK has missed out. A trained Romanian nurse, she moved here with


her family a decade ago. In the nursing field, it is well known


there are lots of jobs and they need nurses. From the local hospital they


have gone to Portugal to recruit. Bad publicity around coming here had


also a little bit of an impact and especially people with kids. Why


they choose to come somewhere where they are not welcome. There are


other countries, now it is three all over `` The UK's door is still open


to Romanians and Bulgarians but in this home they feel there's little


appetite to join them. The UK Independence Party was among


those warning there would be tens of thousands of new migrants from


Bulgaria and Romania. I spoke to Roger Helmer ` the UKIP MEP for the


East Midlands. I asked him if he believes everyone wants to come and


live in Britain. Of course not everyone wants to come


to Britain, but very large numbers of people do want to come to Britain


and have come to Britain, and will continue to come to Britain unless


we get a grip on our borders. All the people we have spoken to,


farmers and employers, none have seen an influx of Romanians and


Bulgarian workers. It has not happened. If you go back to the


beginning of 2013, you will find there are about 112,000 Romanians


and Bulgarians in Britain. By the end of the year there were 142,000.


Sorry, 141,000. You have got nearly 30,000 coming during the course of


last year. We don't have good statistics for this year, and


obviously it is still nine and a half months to go. Everyone was


talking about the start of January. UKIP got it wrong. There was a lot


of scaremongering, wasn't there? Absolutely not. As politicians we


can tell you how many people gained the right to come to Britain at the


beginning of this year, and that was close on 29 million in Bulgaria and


Romania. What we can't tell you is exactly how many will come. There


was all the scaremongering. There is a quote here from Godfrey Bloom in


2012. Britain will be unable to stop the tidal flood of new immigrants.


Where is this tidal flood? We have not even had a drip since January.


We don't know what the statistics are, but we do know 30,000 came last


year, and we know the National Statistics Office is estimating


50,000 a year for subsequent years, so these are not trivial numbers.


You must want to congratulate David Cameron, because another factor


could be that the new migrants wouldn't be able to claim benefits


for the first three months. That is a well done job, isn't it? He has


made a few little gestures, but frankly in the overall scheme of


things they make no real difference. The fact is, we in Britain can no


longer control our borders in terms of people coming from the European


Union, and we need to be able to do that. Are you sad we have missed out


on a potential new labour force since the start of January, that


firms desperately need those people? No, of course. We have to get a


balance. UKIP isn't saying we don't want immigration. We are saying we


want sensible numbers that we can cope with, and we want to be able to


select people who are needed by British industry. It is about


numbers and skills. Nothing to do with race or religion, or ethnicity


or nationality. It is about numbers and skills. Other countries do this


in a rational way. Canada and Australia. We can't because we are


not very good with our borders and we are in the European Union.


Did some politicians get it wrong? Has Britain put off new migrants who


are now working in countries like Germany? Do you agree with Roger


Helmer that Britain is not very good with its borders? Should reselect


people `` should we select people? Email: [email protected] Text:


81333 looknorth. You will be charged at your standard message rate for


each message. Hull Hotline: 01482 314406 Lincoln Hotline: 01522 875184


Twitter PeterLevy. Immigration will be one of the big


talking points on this week's Sunday Politics. The programme starts at


11am on BBC One. Guests include the Grimsby MP Austin Mitchell and the


Brigg and Goole MP, Andrew Percy. In a moment: Coming to Hull ` The


city welcomes the man who could give millions to local arts


organisations. David Cameron is being asked to help


three former soldiers from East Yorkshire who are in jail in India.


They're among six men arrested last October when Indian police detained


the ship they were protecting against pirates. They were refused


bail today. They have all served their country


and now they need their country. Purslane array from Hull is a


Buddhist soldier jailed in India `` British soldier. He had been working


for an American security company when the Indian authorities detained


that vessel five months ago. There she had had sailed from Yemen


through waters with pirates. Its owners say the Indian Coast Guard


allowed to enter the port to shelter from a cyclone. But India claims


wasn't the right paperwork for the weapons on board. They had arms of


course because they have to arm themselves. They were doing a job to


protect themselves. Pressure is on the government to intervene. 100,000


signatures have been collected on a petition urging the Prime Minister


to stepping. A former paratrooper is held as well. His father says every


day is tough. It can tie you up in knots. It has had an affect on the


whole family. Everyone is concerned. We are spoken to the Foreign Office


today who says this is a difficult and important case that the primers


has raised with the authorities, but is unable to get the release of


British nationals or interfere with another country's legal processes.


It did say it will do all it can to help and stress the importance of a


quick resolution. Carroll says that is not enough. David Cameron, if it


was your son what would you do? If it was your family what would you


do? You would want to get back home. You would do the best you could to


get these guys are back home. We will continue to follow that story


if there are any developments. Engineers have started dismantling


an experimental tidal power generator in the Humber. The Neptune


was built to provide power to The Deep, but was scrapped when the


company behind it went into liquidation. People living on Hull's


Victoria Dock had campaigned to have it removed, saying it had become an


eyesore. Network Rail says a broken locking


mechanism on the Goole swing bridge was behind delays last night. Five


trains on the Hull to Doncaster line were held up. It took two hours for


the problem to be fixed. A police constable from Hull has


been to Buckingham Palace today to receive her MBE. PC Sharon Houfe was


given the honour by Prince Charles for her work developing


relationships with Hull's Muslim community and for tackling racial


bullying in the city's schools. And Greg Knight, the MP for East


Yorkshire, was knighted at the same ceremony, for his work in the


Conservative's Whips' Office. If you live near a take`away you're


more likely to be obese. That's according to new research in the


British Medical Journal. They say there's been a large increase in


take`away food businesses in recent year. For example we found out that


in 2010 in North Lincolnshire there were 102 takeaways. There are now


175. That's a 75% rise. And in that area almost a third of people are


overweight. Sarah Corker reports from Scunthorpe.


Fast food is cheap and convenient, but often high in fat and calories.


But takeaway owners say they're just responding to demand. All take


arrays have high calories, but you can get it from the supermarket as


well. It is not just us and you're giving people what they want. Almost


30% of adults here are OBEs, above the national average. Here in


Scunthorpe, I have counted 14 take arrays in less than half a mile foot


of the report today says the closer either to a fast`food joint the more


likely you are to be overweight. How often do you eat takeaway is? Five


days a week. Ie chicken and kebabs. It keeps people lazy. June and Mayo.


It is healthy `` We need between between two and 2500 calories a day.


Fish and chips with mushy peas is 604 calories A meat feast pizza


comes in at 900 calories And for a whopping 1,436 calories, you can get


a chinese sweet and sour chicken with egg friend rice and spring


rolls. `` fried. More takeaways are appearing on our high streets than


ever before. Just because there is a fast`food joint there it does not


mean you have to eat it. We have to make sure people exercise. Will the


council listen to this advice and limit the number of takeaways? We


believe interesting people. And health professionals want councils


to take more responsbility. If customers want to eat healthy baking


comb into an establishment and that choice is there for them. In Hull,


the council's encouring businesses to offer healthy options, like


grilling food rather frying it. So the message is some fast foods are


kinder to your wastelines than others. It's your choice.


Are there too many takeaways? Should councils stop new ones opening? Are


they making people obese? There is the contact details below.


Still ahead tonight: The Lincolnshire skier who's become


Britain's most successful woman at the Winter Paralympics. It was the


best race we have done together, so we are both happy. Let's take a look


at night's picture. This is a lovely picture. It is these are good at the


weekend send it in. `` if you see anything good. You said I was


bossy. Let's have a look at the weather. There'll be some sunshine


but cloud tomorrow morning. It will brighten up and LB sunshine by


tomorrow afternoon. Sunday is pleasant. It is because there is


pressure from the South and settled weather through the rest of the


week. We will start the season changes by Wednesday. More cloud


develops as we move through the course of the afternoon. It will


continue to spread southwards overnight. A largely cloudy night


developing but mostly dry one and underneath that cloud temperatures


will drop too low. Not as cool as last night. Seven or eight degrees.


We will have the problems of mist and fog. Your next high water will


be at 5am tomorrow morning. A loss of cloud around. It may well linger


until late morning, midday, but I'm hopeful it will brighten up through


tomorrow. We should see some sunny spells breaking through, but it


might be that temperatures don't go too high. It also the average of 12


or 13 degrees. It with outbreaks of quickly enough I wouldn't be


surprised to see temperatures getting up to 14 or 15 degrees. On


Sunday, there will be some low cloud around, but that should burn off and


we will have some spells of sunshine. Another dry day to come


and cool on Tuesday. We will start to see changes on Monday. There will


be some rain around. Thank you for your grandmother who dogged me in.


The head of the organisation that funds arts in England says he can


help Hull unlock its potential before it becomes UK City of Culture


in 2017. Alan Davey has already approved millions of pounds for the


city but says there are never guarantees about more funding.


Caroline Bilton met him as he toured the city today.


He came to see the cultural highlights of Hull ` This is a man


who holds the key to unlock lots of money ` so those who are behind


Hull's City of Culture celebrations were keen to bend his ear. The arts


Council has committed ?3 million but we see the opportunity to make a


difference here. His visit started off here at Hull Truck Theatre one


the main recipients of arts council funding in the city at the moment.


He then visited smaller businesses like this art gallery, who are


hoping the city of Gold estate will open new doors. `` city of culture


status. We can't extend our state is it we don't get the money. From


grassroots to big events, the city of culture celebrations come with a


80 million pounds price tag. The council is facing cuts, so what can


they promised? It is always competitive. What is happening in


Hull is special. It is special but Hull. It is special for art and


culture, so we have to get behind it and we are. We will find a way.


There are no guarantees? I can never give guarantees. Other visits in the


pipeline will happen. Conversations happen all over the UK for the city


of culture. I've met with some of the lottery distributors, the


British film Institute. They want to understand what we are achieving


here. He says the main thing he will take away from his visit is the


possibility of what can be achieved here. Of course, arts Council


funding is crucial in achieving that full potential, but he tells me


this, it'll be the first of many visits to the city.


The winners at last night's Hull and East Yorkshire tourism awards say


they're confident that they can do their bit to attract more visitors


to the area. At last night's ceremony in Bridlington there was a


determination from winners like RSPB Bempton and the KC Stadium to take


full advantage of Hull's year as UK City of Culture 2017.


It's a great time Yorkshire in general. We have the Grand Depart


this year, and we will have the new visitor centre and the all new


singing and dancing Bempton Cliffs next year. That'll go on then into


2017, and the Hull City of Culture. It is a chance for local businesses


to say we're going to have have the most fantastic year, but in the run


up to 2017 look at what else we can achieve.


Congratulations to the other winners. Village Farm Bed


Breakfast in Skipsea. Millers Tea Room at Raywell. Drewton's Farm Shop


at South Cave. Mr Moo's Ice Cream. High Barn Cottages in Bempton The


Triton Inn at Brantingham. Tickton Grange Hotel near Beverley. The Star


restaurant at Sancton. The UK City of Culture Winning Team. And Joint


Winners in the tourism event category: Beverley Folk Festival


the Freedom Festival in Hull. Well done to everybody.


Hull City boss Steve Bruce says its not good patting themselves on the


back because they're not safe from relegation yet. The Tigers welcome


to the KC Stadium one of the favourites for the title, Manchester


City who beat them in the reverse fixture 2`0 earlier in the season.


We couldn't have played any better against them, and we still weren't


good enough. I accept that and say OK, we were beaten fairly and that


is what we have to do tomorrow. We have to make sure we play well.


And the Tigers will have 32,000 tickets for their semifinal with


Sheffield United at Wembley. Our sports reporter Simon Clark has some


more details on the distribution. Simon what are the plans by the


club? If you have a Hull season ticket,


you can get a ticket to Wembley. If you have that triggered the two


seasons or you might be able to get a second one. It will like this. So


there's not a huge rush all at once, they will sell them stand`bys


stand. More details can be found on the club website. The ticket prices


range from between ?30 and ?50. 32,000 tickets as Hull head towards


Wembley. Hull Kingston Rovers seek their


first win of the season with a trip to the champions Wigan tonight. Last


week, Craig Sandercock's team were heavily beaten by Wigan's


arch`rivals St Helens, seen here in red and white, but will include


experienced Adie Gardner for his debut. The weekend of sport starts


tonight with Hull Kingston Rovers You can hear how they get on with


BBC Radio Humberside. Kick`off is at 8pm. Its Saturday Sport programme


starts with Hull City's game with Manchester City from 12.45pm. At 3pm


you can hear Scunthorpe United's match at Plymouth on FM. And Grimsby


Town's game with Wrexham on AM, Digital and online. On Sunday it's


Hull FC's trip to Castleford from 3pm on FM and online. And BBC Radio


Lincolnshire have Lincoln City's match with Braintree tomorrow. The


programme starts at 2pm. Jade Etherington has taken her place


in sporting history. She is now the most successful woman British winter


paralympian after winning her fourth skiing medal in Sochi. Jade has 5%


vision. At her former school in Market Deeping in South


Lincolnshire, pupils and teachers say they are very proud of her


achievement. Jake Zuckerman has the story.


The moment Lincolnshire's Jade Etherington make paralympic history.


Taking silver in the super`combined earlier this morning in Sochi. With


three silvers and a bronze, Jade, from Bourne, and her guide Caroline


Powell, have become the most successful British women ever at the


Winter Paralympics. We missed the silver and did go throw it. We had a


good performance. It was the fastest and best race we have done together.


We are both happy and it is a shame as it was so close to the gold. We


tried hard and said we didn't want to just finished I get the silver.


`` and get. There are 45 countries competing in the Winter Paralympics.


With four medals to her name, Jade has won more in total than Norway,


Sweden or Finland. At her old school in Market Deeping, where they've


been following Jade's every move, her success has been inspiring


current students too. I have dreams and aspirations I want to achieve.


If that is what she wanted to do for her live, then it makes me feel I


could do that as well. It is amazing to see what she has gone through.


Those who taught Jade say she's always shown great strength of


character. She was very bubbly and it can be quite challenging, because


she had very clear ideas about what you wanted to achieve, and was


determined to achieve them even though it seemed very difficult for


her. She was very determined, and that determination to succeed


clearly has led to great things in terms of her skiing. So far gold


medal position has remained just beyond Jade's grasp, but she and her


guide have one final chance to add to their medal tally on Sunday when


they compete in the Giant Slalom. Let's get a recap of the national


and regional headlines. An MP for more than 50 years and tireless


campaigner for socialism ` the former Labour cabinet minister Tony


Benn has died. There is a predicted influx of migrants to East


Yorkshire, but it fails to materialise. Tomorrow's weather: A


cloudy morning but tending to brighten into the afternoon. A fresh


breeze and a maximum temperature of 14 Celsius. We have some messages on


migration. Mike has treated. Only a small number have come to date, but


it is far to early that we should think no more to come. UKIP


exaggerate the figures. Tony says your speakerphone UKIP was select.


We have to select immigrants and choose the right ones `` speaker


from. Have a nice weekend.


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