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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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well. More details if you want to go on the website. That's


Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North.


The headlines tonight: as British soldiers return home from


Afghanistan, two mothers reflect on what their sons died for. It is too


early for them to pull out, but at the same time they do need closure.


Why more middle`aged drinkers are ending up in hospital in


Lincolnshire. This isn't necessarily a problem for


young teenage binge drinkers, were actually seeing this as a problem


for middle class middle`aged drinkers.


Tonight the Football Associ`tion is set to reject the application to


change the name of this football club from Hull city to Hull Tigers.


Thousands of spectators turn out for an annual cross country racd meeting


in East Yorkshire. And why Hull is being transformed


into 1940s London. A gloriots weekend to come. Join me for the


forecast. It's a conflict which has claimed


more than four hundred Brithsh lives, including eleven frol our


area. Now the mother of a Royal Marine from Immingham, killdd in


Afghanistan, says the UK's decision to withdraw from the countrx is a


mistake. Joan Ford insists her son would have wanted British forces to


create long`term stability there. Her comments come as the UK closes


all but two of its 130 bases in Helmand Province.


Mathew Ford was killed in Afghanistan in 2007 while preparing


an assault on a Taliban Stronghold. His mother, Joan, says he dhed doing


what he believed in. But as British forces withdraw from the cotntry,


Joan says Mathew would have wanted Western troops to stay to ensure


long`term security there. I think it is too early for them to


pull out. At the same time, they do meet closure on the time th`t they


have been there. They will `lways be heroes, but I don't want it to be


forgotten about. It ought to be remembered forever.


More than 400 British service personnel have died in the 03 year


conflict. Now, hardly anythhng is being left behind, raising the


question: what will be the lasting legacy?


I only wish people at home could see the changes I had seen. It would


feel better about the investment and work that we have done here.


For Helen, there is relief that soldiers are coming home. Hdr son


was killed in Helmand while driving an escort vehicle. I do not want


other families to go through what I had to go through. There will always


be a tiny bit of me in Afgh`nistan. Our children are still therd. What


we have lost will give the @fghani people a legacy to move for a bird.


But that is up to them and they are Government.


Helen wants non`combat personnel to be given more recognition for their


sacrifices. They believe th`t there sons have made a difference in


Afghanistan. He would have lived and died for the


Marines and loved every mintte of it.


Those who did not make it home are remembered. Sarah is here whth us


now. Why are they are such lixed emotions from families who have


loved ones? On one hand, there was relidf that


troops are heading home. A huge operation, but there are no


questions about what has bedn achieved since 2001. How st`ble the


country is, what will happen next when western forces leave


completely. Fighting contintes in many areas, but Afghan security


forces are arguably stronger now and there is a sense among families that


we spoke to today that the sacrifices of our soldiers lust not


be in vain and Afghanistan hs a safer place thanks to their


sacrifices. Thank you.


We'd like your thoughts on this story. Is now the right timd to


start bringing British troops home from Afghanistan? Is it "job done"


as the Prime Minister has s`id? Let In a moment: remembering World War


One, a memorial is rededicated to veterans from Hull.


It's a problem that's usually associated with young peopld, but


the latest figures show that the number of middle`aged men and women


going to hospital drunk in Lincolnshire is higher than any


other age group. Researchers say they're not surprised many lore


41`50`year`olds are ending tp in hospital. Leanne Brown has been to


meet a former alcoholic whose problems with alcohol startdd in


middle age. Christopher cares for his whfe, who


has Parkinson's, at their home in this town.


The alcoholism really took hold of me. I used to love red wine,


especially Merrill. Of course I drink beer and whiskey. But, I


always thought it did not do anybody any harm.


He says that the drinking ctlture is picked up from 12 years in the Army


simply carried on into later life, but then got out of hand.


I kept lying to my wife, shd had a good job and I would pinch loney


from her just to get the drhnk. When I was supposed to be looking after


our child, I passed out and he walked down the street. Our


neighbours saw him and phondd the wife.


The latest figures from the NHS Trust show that year after xear for


the last three years, the ntmber of 41 to 50`year`olds going to hospital


drunk has been higher than `ny other age group. From 2011 to 2013, 1 00


meeting attended A with a drink related problem. That is 12.5% more


than 31 to 40`year`olds and 18. % more than those under 21. The


Institute of alcohol studies says they are not surprised by the


figures. We see the middle`aged group as the


one that links the most and most frequently. We see people in


managerial and professional roles, drinking more and more freqtently to


stop this is something we nded to look at when they raise questions


about where the problem lies with alcohol in society. It is not


necessarily a problem for young teenage binge drinkers, we're


actually seeing this as a problem for middle`aged and middle class


drinkers. Christopher has now written a book


about his life experiences but he says that many people simplx do not


realise they have a problem. We'd like to hear your thoughts on


this story. What's your expdrience? Is older people abusing alcohol a


widespread problem? A farmer is to be prosecuted by his


local council for repeatedlx failing to control odours at his farm in


Louth. Southfield farm has been criticised by an animal welfare


group for keeping thousands of cattle in grassless pens. E`st


Lindsey Council ` which is taking the court case ` says neighbours


have complained more than 140 times. Hull City Council has announced the


closure of one of its secondary schools. Endeavour High School only


opened a decade ago but will shut next year. There are hundreds of


spare places and inspectors say the school is under`performing. A report


released last month recommended its closure.


The new boss of HS2 says a stop on the new high`speed rail lind


extending to Crewe in Cheshhre would benefit northern cities, including


Hull. Sir David Higgins wants the high`speed line to reach Chdshire by


2027 ` six years earlier th`n currently planned.


It is a very comprehensive `nd detailed report about how wd get


great connectivity and how we get the service faster to the North


We'll give that the proper consideration that it deserves and I


am asking HS2 and Network R`il to work on the objectives that Sir


David has put in that report today. Young people are being asked how


youth services should be run in North East Lincolnshire. Thd


department which provides a range of advice and help, including


supporting young carers and vulnerable children, is loshng


almost ?1 million as its budget is cut by a quarter.


We can never say never but we really keen to keep young people involved.


They are an important part of the Trinity.


We've had a lot of response to an investigation by BBC Look North


which found that claims that a rush of Romanians and Bulgarians would


come to East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire have not so far become


a reality. Fears had been r`ised that an influx of new migrants would


put pressure on public servhces But some companies who employ workers


from overseas say they've not seen people from either country.


Thanks to everyone who got hn touch. Russ said "I was born here hn the UK


and am disgusted by the polhtical scaremongering about Romani` and


Bulgaria. I am so sad for the farmers struggling to harvest


crops." Thank you for those comments.


142 names ` the men of Sharp Street who served in the First World War.


And as we enter the centenary for the start of the war, what better


time to rededicate this memorial? MUSIC PLAYS


Along with St Albans, Hull had the most of these street shrines, with


216 in total. But only five remain.


There are very few left. Sole were destroyed in the Blitz, somd are


thrown away, and many simplx got to the point of disrepair. It has been


renovated by local contributions, which is great. I can see it from my


bedroom window. This man has lived here for 54


yours. They decided to do something about it. It is fantastic and good


to see it back. A return today has been welcomed by


the community. Those men from the streets took part


in something which changed the world.


There are now only five of these street shrines left today. From here


on, where more than a hundrdd men went to war, they were from all


walks of life. They didn't `ll die, but many of them did. A hugd human


cost on a small community. This is a particular, personal


reference within Hull. Therd were many more of these 100 years ago and


there are not many still in existence. It is great that this one


is still here. People do get passionate about this because it


reminds us of what previous generations did for us.


Many of the men on this roll of honour may be ultimate sacrhfice for


their country. Now, the namds of these words heroes who have returned


home to Chartres Street. Still ahead tonight: the orhginal


steeplechasers ` thousands turn out for a cross`country race medting in


East Yorkshire. Back in time ` The film`makdrs


transforming Hull into 1940s London. Photo: the Black Mill on Beverley


Westwood, taken by Paul Everingham. Lovely picture. Thank you. @ lovely


weekend. Not forecast by US Commissioner


Hello. Tomorrow's forecast is not too bad.


There will be a little bit of patchy rain thanks to a cold front. Then


the afternoon brightens. Thd isobars are packed together tomorrow, so the


breeze will pick up. That whll continue into Thursday. A wdt and


windy afternoon. The night should remain dry. The odd spot of rain


across northern areas. It whll be frost free. The sun will rise in the


morning at ten past six. Sole brightness to start, otherwhse cloud


streaming in from the West. Patchy rain in places. A risk of one or two


fleeting showers. Many of us will remain dry. The breeze will be


fresh, top temperatures of ten or 11 degrees. Perhaps 13. Wednesday looks


windy but try and bright. Hhghs of 1415 degrees. But Thursday, after a


dry start, rain will spread in from the west. That will be accolpanied


by a strong wind. More than 5000 people were out in


the East Yorkshire countryshde for the running of the Holderness Point


to Point. The annual steepldchase has been taking place on Lord


Hotham's estate in South Dalton for more than 50 years. It's thd


county's only significant event over jumps. Our sports reporter Simon


Clark was there. In stark contrast to last ydar, the


sun made a welcome appearance over East Yorkshire. This tradithonal


form of steeplechase racing takes place on a temporary track. The


tradition of Point to Point dates back years. Starting off as a race


between farmers, it is now open to any amateur with access to ` horse.


Point to Point is actually the original steeplechase, when they


used to race from one church to another. That's where the n`me


steeplechasing comes from. Two people pitching their best horses


against one another. One of those racing was Joanna


Mason, who lives in East Yorkshire. She had a fancied mount in race two.


If you think about being sc`red you'd never get anywhere. You've


just got to get on with it. For one day only, this sheep grazing


field is transformed into a mini town, as thousands of peopld turn up


to see these wonderful horsds. We come every year and enjox it it


is a good family day out. It's good fun!


See the horses, put some bets on and just have a nice day out with


friends. A lovely family day out and it's


good fun! In this hamper, we have sallon, pork


pies, quiche, and plenty of champagne.


Joanna came in third after the gruelling miles aboard Royal deal.


He normally flies home but ht is quite undulating there and he just


couldn't let himself down on it I would love to have won. But that's


racing, isn't it? Today, the marquee, shops and fences


come down and this will be ` sheep pasture again.


Simon's at the KC stadium tonight on another story, some breaking news


about the plans to change Htll City's name to the Hull Tigdrs. The


BBC understands that the Football Association is going to rejdct the


application for a change whhch has been submitted by Hull's ch`irman


Assem Allam. What's being s`id this evening?


It is fair to say that the word coming from London today is probably


the most significant in the story so far. The membership committde, the


subcommittee that took submhssions from people who were for or against


this name change, they said that the recommendation after consultation


with stakeholders will be dhscussed and voted upon at a full FA Council


meeting. Hull city are able to make a further submission before that 9th


of April meeting. I underst`nd from that that the FA are not convinced


by the argument the football club have put forward.


This comes off the back of `nother twist at the weekend when it was


revealed that season ticket holders will be balloted on the isste. What


more do we know about that? It looks as though that ballot is in


direct response to this movd by the FDA. We caught up with fans


attending the Manchester City game. The best thing to do is ask the


fans, and that is what he's doing. With the greatest respect to the


chairman, generations of fans will continue to be here long after him.


I think it's fair because you pay to see your club, and just to go


against them is not fair. The 9th of April is the all day and


that is just a few days before the FA Cup final.


On the pitch, the club suffdred a 2`0 defeat against Manchestdr City.


The visitors played most of the game with ten men when Vincent Kompany


was sent off but soon after David Silva scored an excellent goal. The


game was marred by an ugly confrontation when Manchestdr City


goalkeeper Joe Hart alleged that Hull's George Boyd spat in his


direction. Scunthorpe United ended a rtn of


four straight draws with a win at Plymouth on Saturday. The Iron


extended their unbeaten run to 1 games. Dave Syers scored thhs in the


79th minute ` his tenth of the season. Substitute Hakeeb Adelakun


then caused the ball to rebound off the Plymouth keeper for the second.


The result leaves them second in League Two.


Rugby League: Hull FC suffered a narrow loss to Castleford Thgers


yesterday. It was decided bx this late drop goal. The Black and Whites


led for most of the game, btt it gave Castleford the win by 09 points


to 16. And you can see all the highlights


of that game later tonight `long with Hull KR against Wigan. That's


on the Super League Show at 11. 0pm on BBC One.


Before that, you can catch highlights and analysis of


Scunthorpe United's victory at Plymouth. That's on Late Kick Off at


11.20pm. Lincolnshire skier Jade Ethdrington


says she's uncertain about her future in the sport. That's in spite


of winning a record breaking four medals at the Winter Paralylpics.


Jade was the flagbearer for Great Britain at yesterday's closhng


ceremony in Sochi. She and her guide Caroline Powell won three shlvers


and a bronze at the games, becoming the most successful British women in


Winter Paralympic history. We've achieved so much. I think I


just need to think about thd success and really celebrate what wd have


done now. It is hard becausd you do the four`year Olympic cycle and now


we're at the end of that ch`pter. I'll always carry on skiing. I love


the sport, so we'll just have to wait and see.


Jade, along with the rest of the Paralympic team, is due back at


Heathrow Airport tonight and we ll hopefully catch up with her in


Lincolnshire later in the wdek. Filming is about to start in Hull


which will see parts of the City transformed into 1940s London.


Producers will be in Hull ndxt month making a new film called Girls Night


Out. The story sees the young royal princesses, Elizabeth and M`rgaret,


celebrating VE Day in 1945. Hull is being used because of its hhstoric


features and at the weekend auditions took place for local


dancers. Trying to impress the casting crew


at this audition in Hull. Holly Moore has come from York. She


trained as a dancer but now only does it as a hobby. How does she


think it went? It went well. I have not done much


of this type of dancing before. It was nice to try something dhfferent.


The film imagines Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret celebrating


VE Day in 1945, and next month parts of Hull will be transformed into


1940s London. The city has been chosen because of its historic


wealth. It has the correct period fdel for


us and it is still in very good condition. Perhaps other cities have


modern buildings. It is stunning. Scenes will be filmed here. This is


one of the areas of the citx that has the right period effect. The


production crew will have their work cut out, trying to disguise


modern`day giveaways, like CCTV cameras and yellow lines.


East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire have a provided many a backdrop for


feature`length films. Take the film Rush for example ` many scenes were


filmed at Cadwell Park. Pride And Prejudice borrowed Burleigh house.


Lincoln Cathedral has been tsed as a location in the Da Vinci Code,


starring A`lister Tom Hanks. And it was a double for Westminster Abbey


in the film The Young Victoria, which featured royals, Princes


Beatrice and Eugenie. Back `t the auditions and the crew will start


filming from the 7th of Aprhl and will be in the city for arotnd three


weeks. So if you see any dancers doing the Lindy Hop, you'll know


why. Let's get a recap of the national


and regional headlines: America and the EU impose sanctions agahnst top


Russian officials. Officials backing the break`away Crimean region face


travel bans and frozen assets. As British soldiers return home from


Afghanistan, the mother of ` dead soldier says the withdrawal is a


mistake. Tomorrow's whether: Mostly dry with patchy rain. A fresh


westerly wind. Some messages on the subject of Afghanistan: Withdrawing


troops from Afghanistan is not a mistake. Getting involved w`s the


mistake. Thank you for that, Simon. Jack on Twitter: I am proud of my


friend who is in the Army. Happy they are home. Richard on Twitter:


We have all done what we can in Afghanistan and it is probably job


done. We have sacrificed too much already. Sue says: Such a w`ste of


young lives. Finally, Dave says The Taliban will be back in powdr


shortly. That's all from us. Goodbye.


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