18/03/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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worth up to ?2000. That is all from us,


Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight: The


owners of Hull City repeat their threat to sell`up if they c`n't


change the club's name. Fans groups hit back.


This has never been a campahgn to remove Assem Allam from the club. We


just want to preserve our n`me. Claims poor rail links are holding


back the economy in Lincolnshire. Passengers stranded as a lock gate


tears a gash in a North Sea ferry. It had no alternative. If any


captain thinks there is dam`ge, he must stop. It was the right


decision. Faster than a racehorse ` the new


ladybird facts discovered bx a Hull scientist.


And after a windy day, we whll have some sunshine. I will have `ll the


details. The owners of Hull City say they


have been "prejudiced from the outset" as they try to change the


name of the club to Hull Tigers Assem and Ehab Allam have rdsponded


to a Football Association committee which is recommending their plans to


re`brand the club are rejected. Tonight the future ownership of the


club is in doubt with chairlan maintaining he will sell if he can't


change the name. Our sports reporter Simon Clark has been followhng


developments at the KC Stadhum. Behind these walls today, Htll City


plan their response to a decision by the committee to recommend reduction


`` rejection of the name to Hull Tigers. The statement had sdrious


accusations. Today at Wembley, FA said it was


happy with its procedures. Dhab Allam and Assem Allam say that they


will sell the club if the n`me change goes against him. Fans want


him to reconsider. This has never been a campahgn to


remove Ehab Allam and Assem Allam. It is a campaign to preservd our


name. We are happy with how Assem Allam and Ehab Allam R.N. In the


club. `` run at the club. All the fans are very stuck together


and have a strong opinion and the FA has listened. Well done to dveryone


involved. But if Assem Allam goes ahe`d, who


might buy? The current trend that we see is more investment coming from


abroad, so I would expect some sort of investment from either the Middle


East or the far east if he does decide to sell.


The family says that they whll ballot season`ticket holders hoping


that that will give them leverage. But if the FA sticks to that


recommendation, this club could be under new ownership by the start of


next season. Earlier, I spoke to the sports


writer David Conn. I started by asking him if Assem Allam whll get


the ?100 million or so he ndeds for the club quickly, if he puts it up


for sale. He obviously believes that he would


put the club up on the markdt and would put the club up for s`le. But


you do have to wonder whethdr he would find a buyer who would pay him


the price for the club itself and price enough to get... It w`s ? 2


million, as the middle of l`st year, in loans to Assem Allam and his


business. In the current clhmate and for a club like Hull City.


I gather you were quite impressed by the City Till We Die campaign. Did


they perhaps do more and make more of an effort than Mr Allam?


I hadn't seen what Mr Allam has put into the campaign. I understand that


the football club's first chairman went to see the subcommitted. But


City Till We Die, which was the coalition of support groups, did it


all in their spare time, nobody is getting paid. And there werd some


very professional people, some very passionate people. They produced a


21 page document and a film. They made very coherent argument about


the heritage and the football club, but also about the credibilhty of


this case that Mr Allam was making, that changing the name to Thgers


would give it a great commercial uplift. It is a highly imprdssive


job which impressed the FA's committee and I think they have done


themselves and football protd. Do you think that Mr Allam will back


down and just give up with this threat of walking away?


From my conversations with Lr Allam, who is a very successful businessman


in Hull ` he has been in Hull since the 1960s, he has built a vdry


successful business making industrial generators and I have


visited his factory ` I think he prides himself as being a m`n who


doesn't change his mind. But the Football Association is the


governing body of football, they have made the decision on the


credibility of his case, and he says he will walk away. But if no buyer


comes at a price that he wants, would he want to sell Hull City He


says he is a local person, he bought it for the community, would he want


to see it in trouble? I think he would not. Maybe it is time for


everyone to change their minds and get on with the job.


Contact details we will givd you in a moment if you want to copx ``


contact us. You have been commenting on this


story on our Facebook page. Lee says: "I would change the n`me if it


brings in more revenue. He has not come across well at all, but let's


face it, if not for the All`ms we wouldn't be sitting here talking


about a name change as therd would be no club." Ian says: "It's time


Allam stopped behaving like a petulant child.


He always wants his own way and no one is allowed to question his


decision. If you want to sell the club just do it. Just stop showing


yourself up!" if you want to give us your thoughts, here are the contact


details. In a moment: The couple who raised


more than a ?100,000 for Hull Royal Infirmary are awarded the British


Empire Medal. There are claims poor rail links in


Lincolnshire are a barrier to economic growth in the county.


That's according to local MPs who want greater investment in services.


It comes as campaigners call for more trains to stop at Gainsborough


Central, dubbed the worst r`ilway station in Britain.


It's been compared to a station you'd find in a war zone.


Gainsborough Central needs ` bit of TLC. Some trains would help, too.


It's locked up, apart from on Saturdays, when there are three


services. The only way that they could save


the line from closing in thd 19 0s was to put Parliamentary tr`in


service on. That runs at very infrequent times. There are not many


passengers using it, and no money to invest in the station or thd


services. And yet the station's right next to


town centre and its shops. It has been an underused line for a


long time and now we have the perfect opportunity to get lore


services to the station. We can attract more people into thd town


which will be a boost for the economy.


The town does have another train service `` station. This ond has


daily trains. But to get for `` from the high street here, it takes 0


minutes. So people want better connections between Lincoln and


Nottingham and between local stations. People say that journey


times are so another 100 ye`rs ago. There is also an application in to


get a direct link from Scunthorpe to King's Cross. The government says


that it is spending millions of pounds to improve the line. Local


MPs though are concerned ye`rs of under`investment have held the


county back. We need to revitalise the r`il


links. But the area depends on how well we are linked with transport.


Road and rail needs to be lhnked in the benefit of Lincolnshire. The


government is aware that economic well`being is at the forefront of


our minds. While back in Gainsborough, a town


with a growing population, Northern Rail says it's working with


campaigners to make sure improvements match that growth.


This is another story you mhght want to comment on. Do you think our


railways are being short ch`nged? A two`year`old boy has died after


falling into a pond in East Yorkshire. The toddler was taken by


air ambulance to Hull Royal Infirmary yesterday after the


incident in Woodmansey near Beverley, but died a short time


later. This happened at around ten o'clock


at this house. The Ambulancd Service contacted the police after the


two`year old boy fell in thd pond. He was taken to hospital, btt later


died. At the moment, the de`th is being treated as unexplained. A


29`year`old woman was arrested but has been released on bail pdnding


further inquiries. It is understood that the family are being hdlped by


specially trained police officers and I have been talking to


neighbours today, many of whom have only just found out about the


tragedy but are very shocked. The University of Hull says it's


deeply concerned about the safety of one of its students who may have


been aboard the Malaysian Ahrlines flight that has been missing for


more than a week. Yue Wench`o is in the final stages of an MSC course at


the university's Business School. Someone of the same name and age is


on the passenger list for the flight, but it's not been confirmed


that it is the same person. The Unite union has announcdd four


more strike days in the ongoing dispute with the Yorkshire @mbulance


Service. Unite says staff could work ten hours without a meal brdak on


some shifts. Managers say steps have been taken to maintain safe and


effective services. The next walk`out is planned for Friday.


Passengers were left stranddd on board a Hull ferry last night after


the ship was forced to return to port. The Pride of Hull suffered


minor damage as it left the King George Dock for Zeebrugge. But as


Crispin Rolfe reports, experts insist the vessel was right to


return to assess the effects of a gouge in the ship's side.


Stuck in port late last night. The Pride of York suffered a narrow six


foot gouge in its side as it navigated the King George Dock's


lock gates. But as repairs were conducted, complaints by passengers


that they'd been left stranded as a five hour delay became a 12 hour


one. They told us that the boat would be


going out at 12:30am. And then they changed that. It was too late for


everybody to get transport home And for day trippers to the


continent, the overnight ferry's delay means an all too speedy


return. We had to go straight back. We could


not get off the boat. So for ferry`goers time spent simply


on board a floating hotel. This morning though the ferry left for


Belgium. It had no water innovative. If any


captain thinks there is any damage, he must stop. `` there was no


alternative. Safety is the lost important thing, it was the correct


decision. Previous ferries the same shze as


the Pride of York have all squeezed through Hull's King George Lock over


the decades, mostly without incident. But P say last night's


accident came after the 180 metre long ferry was scratched by a piece


of metal. It left a two metre long scratch, two centimetres dedp in the


side of the hull, but one significantly at least six letres


above the water line. This is where it scraped thd lock,


and you can understand why, because the boat is 25 metres wide, it only


has a fee centimetres on either side to clear. The company says that all


the repairs have been compldted and they are happy with the state of


repair. The ferry company insists this has


been a minor incident, and passengers were given the choice


whether to still travel. For those day`trippers who have howevdr, it


will be a frustrating three days, as this cruise comes straight back


overnight from the continent. Still ahead tonight: Why wildlife


enthusiasts are buzzing abott ladybirds.


We are amazed that they could keep on flying for two hours without


stopping. Please send in any pictures that you


have. And here is a surprising appearance


from the weather. We will gdt an accurate forecast.


Yes, it is a nice day, tempdratures possibly 1617 degrees. And xou can


see that it will be breezy, this area of low pressure will affect us


through Thursday. Wet and whndy weather then. We have had wdt


weather today with some showers Still a fewer showers across parts


of Lincolnshire, but they whll die away and it looks like a drx night.


The breeze will ease down for picking up again and a largdly frost


free night with temperatures seven or eight degrees. The sun whll rise


in the morning at 706 AM. Hdre are the high tides will stop `` the


tides. So, tomorrow, it will be a fine and dry day with decent


weather. Some high cloud possibly moving in from the west. Thd


temperatures should be around ten or 11 degrees, so 14 or 15 degrees will


feel very pleasant. It is possible that it could be 16 or sales `` 17


degrees. But then things will go downhill. On Thursday, it whll be a


windy day. As the rain moves southwards, it will become very


windy. There will be a cold front, so it will be colder on Friday.


There will be a frost and also a view showers.


I got a message saying that they were worried about the accurate


forecast, but they were ple`sed that you were on duty.


For the last 15 years they've worked tirelessly, raising more th`n a


?130,000 to buy equipment for the Hull Royal Infirmary. Today Ruth and


Tony Knowles from Sutton on Sea were publicly rewarded for their efforts.


Both were presented with thd British Empire Medal in front of frhends and


fellow fundraisers. Our reporter Jake Zuckerman was there to see the


ceremony. The unexpected reward for 14 years


of hard work. Ruth Knowles `nd Tony Knowles had never asked for any


recognition, raising ?130,000 to buy equipment for the hospital, but


today they were the centre of attention as they were given a


medal. I was really apprehensive this morning when I woke up. I


thought, what will be day bring But every minute has been great and I


have loved it. When we started this 15 years ago, we never thought that


this would happen. We cannot thank people enough for help they have


helped us. Their connection began when their


daughter Emma was treated for a rain infection. Sadly doctors cotld not


save her, but they have helped many others. `` a brain infection.


They have helped us by lots of things that are helpful for our


patients, not the things th`t the trust might pay for, but thhngs that


are really helpful. It is rdally important that people do thhs,


because the whole point of living in a community is to help the


community. The couple say that they will try


and continue to do as much `s they can.


A petition has been handed hn to Downing Street on behalf of six men,


including three from East Yorkshire, being held in an Indian prison. Ray


Tindall from Hull, Paul Towdrs from Pocklington and Nicholas Silpson,


who grew up in Cottingham, were providing anti`piracy protection for


an American company when thdir ship was detained by Indian authorities


last October. We are here because we are trying to


get our boys out of jail whdre they are in India. We don't think it is


right, but we're not coming to shout and scream. We are asking dhplomats


to do the diplomatic thing `nd the best.


One of Lincoln's most well`known restaurants, The Barge on the


Brayford, has been badly dalaged by fire. Crews were sent to thd


historic waterfront area of the city during the early hours of this


morning. Police say they ard not treating the blaze as suspicious.


A big response to our story of a mother of a Royal Marine who was


killed in Afghanistan who s`ys that the British withdrawal from the


country is a mistake. Gerald from Lincoln says that the decishon to


join: Thank you for those messages.


Lincolnshire skier Jade Ethdrington has been celebrating her success


over tea with the Prime Minhster. Jade, from Bourne and her gtide


Caroline Powell went to Downing Street earlier after arriving back


in the UK last night. They became Britain's most successful fdmale


Winter Paralympic skiers evdr at the games in Sochi.


I think he was very happy to see us and he said that we did the country


proud and it was good for us to be here with the team and with our


colours, and we had a surprhse from James scored in, which was funny. ``


James Cord and. It was a re`lly good day.


I am hoping that I will meet her soon.


Hull City's George Boyd has been charged with misconduct by the FA


after allegedly spitting at Manchester City's Joe Hart. Boyd has


until tomorrow evening to rdspond to the charge, which was not sden by


match officials but caught on camera during the Tiger's 2`0 defe`t


against City over the weekend. Two of our local football tdams are


playing this evening. Lincoln City travel to Braintree. There will be


full match commentary on BBC Radio Lincolnshire with the build up


beginning at seven o clock. While Grimsby Town make the trip to Forest


Green Rovers. BBC Radio Humberside will be following that match which


kicks off at 7:45pm. The draw for the fourth round of the


Rugby League Challenge Cup has been made. Hull FC will play the Salford


Red Devils, whilst Hull Kingston Rovers take on Warrington. Both of


those matches are home games. Research lead by the University of


Hull has revealed surprising new facts about ladybirds. The tiny bugs


don't care about their size ` they can fly faster, higher and for


longer than was originally thought. They have long been a gardener's


favourite ` feasting on pests like greenflys and adding a splash of


colour to the average British garden. There are 46 differdnt


ladybird species in Britain. The most common is the seven` spot.


Their colour and pattern helps to protect them by warning potdntial


predators. Now a new study lead by Hull


University has shown that l`dybirds can pack quite a punch in the air.


We built a very basic piece of equipment, like a Perspex ctbe, and


we watch how they were flying and we were amazed that they could fly for


two hours without stopping. They might not look very aerodyn`mic but


they are very strong at flyhng. Research is have found that


ladybirds can reach the samd speed as a racehorse. They can also fly at


heights in excess of 3600 fdet, about the height of Ben Nevhs.


So this is an insect hotel `nd this is where insects like ladybhrds will


hibernate. Staff at this park were exchted


about the findings. It will be great to tell the children, because it


inspires them. It is great for the staff, because we see them dvery day


and to learn something new hs amazing is op.


Aside from the fun facts, researchers believe the information


can help to explain the raphd spread of the invasive harlequin l`dybird,


which settled in the UK frol Asia in 2004.


It has already spread to many consonants. Just having better


estimates about them helps ts to know how far there are likely to


spread in the future. So thdy may be no bigger than a fingertip ` but now


we have a better idea of just how quickly and how far these most


colourful of beetles can flx. It is 6:55pm. Russia formally takes


over Crimea, America says that it is a land grab. And the owners of Hull


City say that they will sell if they cannot change the name. Thex say


that there is prejudice. And tomorrow will see top


temperatures of 16 Celsius, a warm day.


Some comments about Hull City. One man says that they should not be


allowed to change the name, anyone who is allowed to put that luch


money into the team should be allowed to change the name. Another


person said that they must be allowed to continue with thd team.


Another commentator says th`t they should have the right to do call the


team what they like. One other commentator says that what they have


done it for standing up with the heritage of the club is gre`t.


Another person says that thdy should be allowed to call them Hull City


Tigers. I would change the name if they want more revenue. If they


walk, then we are doomed. Join me if you can tomorrow. Good




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