19/03/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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first look at the papers over on the BBC News Channel, but now on BBC


One, it's time for the Good evening. The Chancellor, George


Osborne, says his Budget will benefit you if you are a maker, a


doer or a saver. Some big btsinesses in Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire


are welcoming a freeze in the pollution tax on their energy bills.


One union leader says it cotld help secure the future of steel laking in


Scunthorpe. Paul Lead reports. The Scunthorpe Steel Works, the town's


biggest employer and a big tser of energy. It means they creatd a lot


of polluting carbon, so this from the Chancellor was welcome. I am


capping the carbon price support rate at ?18 per tonne. It's a very


welcome measure. We are ple`sed that the Government appear to have


finally listened to our representations and that of


industry. We do have a concdrn however that it could be sedn as too


little too late. This East Xorkshire caravan maker also largely welcomed


the Budget. Around four in ten UK caravans are made here at Swift in


Cottingham. But that freeze on taxing highly polluting forls of


energy is causing concern for environmentalists and green energy


businesses on the Humber. It does affect green energy on the Humber,


in that this Government has increasingly taken a more and more


sceptical view of renewable and it has actually sort of put a lot of


pressure on our sector to control costs and that's what they're doing


with the carbon freeze, controlling costs on manufacturing. So ht does


put pressure on. I think thd renewable energy industry as a whole


and offshore wind in partictlar really does have to focus on how it


can actually deliver energy value. In a range of other announcdments,


our local air ambulances and rescue boats like the Humber rescud and


Hornsey rescue will no longdr have to pay VAT on their fuel. Bhngo


halls on the east coast got their wish, tax on their earnings falling


from 20% to 10% after a campaign. There was a grant to the Magna Carta


Trust to support the 800th anniversary of the signing of the


document next year. Lincoln is home to one of only four surviving copies


of the Magna Carta. And for savers, a tripling to ?15,000 a year savings


exempt from tax in a new [email protected] On Hull's Osborne Street, this


reaction. I am a GP and most of my patients are probably no more than


15,000. They're not going to benefit from this at all. I ain't got 'owt


to start with, they took it all away already. I'm retired. I havd a fixed


income, so, no, it's not re`lly going to affect me. Our Polhtical


Editor Tim Iredale is in Westminster. What are our local MPs


saying about the Budget? Well some of the measures announced in the


Budget haven't led to a gre`t deal amount of party political


disagreement. Such as the announcements on pensions and


savings and beer duty and bhngo tax. If you think our MPs will stop


scrabbling `` squabbling thdn think again. Labour MPs have launched on


attack what that say is a f`ilure to deal with the cost`of`living crisis


The fact you can now put 15,000 in an ISA, I don't know anyone in my


circle of friends who have got 15,000 quid stashed under the bed,


waiting desperately to stick it into a savings plan. It is about jobs. We


need good quality jobs. People in Hull East are ?1,600 a year worse


off as a result of this Torx Government's policies. . Thd


Government has denied the accusation that they haven't done enough to


help hard`working family. The planning minister and Grantham MP


told BBC Look North that people in Lincolnshire are better off than


they were under Labour If the Labour Government had continued in office,


fuel duty would now be 20 pdnce per litre higher than it is now, because


we have frozen it for sever`l years. In Lincolnshire, we have got a


Council Tax freeze now happdning I think for the fourth or fifth year


in a row. . One measure that was not announced in the Budget which many


MPs hoped for is the confirlation this the Hull to Selby railway line


will be electrified in time for the City of Culture celebration. We have


told the Chancellor hadn't for got about it but there will be `n update


tomorrow. This could happen, the electrification of hull toll Selby


rail link, if the Chancellor hasn't spent all his money on beer and


bingo! Thank you. Research by the BBC has found some supermarket fish


` much of which is processed in Grimsby ` has failed qualitx tests.


The Rip off Britain programle tested fish at major supermarkets `nd


concluded nearly half of it shouldn't be on sale. Amand` White


reports. Sea fresh and sold at Grimsby state`of`the`art fish


market, but how fresh is it when it gets to the supermarket? We asked


people in Hull. At a superm`rket? Well over a week. A couple of days.


Three, four days maybe. BBC current affairs programme Rip Off Britain


decided to investigate. Samples from four supermarkets were testdd by


fish quality expert, Richard Chivers. Bland. There was a little


bit of off odour there. It hs neutral. Yeah, there's something not


nice there. Sorry, it's off. Five of the 12 samples were deemed


unsuitable for sale. ASDA s`id: Sainsbury's, whose scores wdre


acceptable said: If it is coming from Iceland, or


it's coming from Norway, it takes six days on a boat, it will then


spend two days in our fish processing plant in Grimsby and then


it will go to store from thdre. Fish will survive packed on ice for 1


days and can still be eaten after that. We aim to get ours to plate


much quicker than that, less than half that time. Hull fishmonger Paul


Simpson buys his fish at thd same market as the supermarkets, but can


have it on sale just two hotrs later. The perfect cod filldt.


That's what you need to be looking at. It's glistening, it looks fresh,


there is no dullness to it whatsoever. Not surprisinglx, Paul


believes fresh fish is one larket in which the supermarkets just can t


compete. Let's take a look `t the weather with Paul Hudson. Hdllo


well tomorrow will be fine hn the morning, but rain will spre`d from


the west later. For most, mtch of tomorrow will be fine. But this cold


front will bring rain towards the commute tomorrow afternoon. So it is


fine at the moment. It is whndy especially in parts of east


Yorkshire. Temperatures arotnd seven Celsius. Tomorrow morning is bright


with some good spells of sunshine. Through the afternoon clouds will


increase and from mid to late afternoon we will see rain spreading


from the west. But warm across south eastern parts around 15 degrees


around The Wash. That's all from the late team. Look North is back


tomorrow from 6.25. Hope yot can join us then. Bye for now.


night it will be heavy in places. This is the outlook: Bright enough


for Friday and the weekend but much colder and some of the showers could


have a wintry nature. Cloud coming in from the Atlantic.


When it moves through we will get cooler conditions with lively


showers. But mild overnight cooler conditions with lively


south-westerly breeze dragging cloud across England and Wales. As you can


see the heaviest rain and strongest winds overnight are confined to


Scotland and northern Ireland. Wet and windy here but it is an mild


night with the cloud cover and breeze. But, a miserable start


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