20/03/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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That's all from the BBC News at Six, so it's goodbye from me and, on


Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight:


Promises of faster journey times, as the Government approves plans to


electrify the rail line to Hull That made chicken run electric


trains rather than diesel trains, it is quicker, smoother, more


comfortable and quicker for passengers.


Relief for the families of three East Yorkshire men held in Hndia, as


they're granted bail. After "The Beer and Bingo Btdget",


claims that this advert stereotypes working people. I think it takes the


Mickey out of the poor. It confers that people only do bingo and beer.


Sometimes people who play bhngo and drink beer do not go to work.


And hundreds turn out in thd Yorkshire Wolds for the


longest`running horse race hn England. It looks set to turn colder


in the next 24 hours. Your detailed forecast follows shortly.


Good evening. It's claimed that it will ldad to


cheaper rail fares and quicker journeys, and this morning the


Government agreed to the electrification of the railway line


between Hull and Selby. Loc`l MPs have been lobbying for the love and


say they'd like work to beghn so that the improvements are fhnished


before Hull becomes City of Culture in 2017. Our business correspondent


Paul Murphy reports. Hull lhes at the end of the line and belheves it


has suffered economically as a result. It is all the litig`tion


will bring a faster and mord reliable train service. The right


honourable gentleman will bd aware of this campaign. Today a crusty


party campaign by local MPs was given the answer it wanted. ``


cross`party. I can make avahlable to 5p to take this project up to level


three. What is currently underway to electrify the trans`Pennine route


from Liverpool to Manchester to Leeds and now those plans whll go


beyond Selby, the announcemdnt today from the Government will sedk


overhead line equipment adddd to the root between there and Hull, opening


the city up to the rest of the UK's high`speed network.


The litigation brings all sorts of benefits. It is more environmentally


sound, it uses less energy, and provide small acceleration, more


comfortable trains and over`ll there is what is called a Sparks dffect,


it will attract more people. `` electrification. It has been


welcomed by the business colmunity. This business is based in Htll but


reliant on the train to say London`based clients. It is going to


be great because you have to train in Hull, it will be fast and clean


and with less disruption. Great news. The big question is whether


this work will be ready in time for 2017 when Hull celebrates its year


of culture and when more th`n 1 million visitors are expectdd to


come to the area. The reality is that the timing is going to be very


tight indeed. We need this now, not some unspecified date the other side


of 2019, the original plan. This announcement means we can start work


next year and have it compldted well before 2017.


The private company, Hull Trains, will plough more than ?19 mhllion


into the scheme. The project promises to transform the r`ilway


network in a region hungry for regeneration. Many will feel it


cannot start soon enough. P`ul Murphy, BBC Look North, Hull.


The managing director of Hull Trains is Will Dunnett. I asked hil what


benefits electrification wotld bring for passengers.


There are many benefits, Peter. Firstly, we will be moving to


slicker electric units that have greater capacity, more opportunity


for people to get down to London. The advantage for passengers is that


we can lower fares because of that capacity. In terms of a reghon as


well, it is not just about getting to London, it provides an


opportunity for people to gdt to Manchester, Liverpool. How luch


quicker will be Johnny to Lhverpool the? `` London. It will be puicker,


no doubt about it. We will work with our colleagues to work out the lives


of those journey times. The next stage is to speak to those people


and put those plans together. The question everyone wants to know


is when this work will start and could it be done in time for the


City of Culture and 2017? Is that realistic? In terms of the work it


starts tomorrow. We need to sign off on the next bit of money and that


will begin with a series of meetings. In terms of producing the


electric lines, that is certainly a possibility but we must work with


our colleagues. In terms of the procurement of begin its and


bringing electric units to the city, that has a longer time scald and


will be midway through the City of Culture, but we will not know until


we speak to our colleagues `t the Department of Transport. Prdssure is


on Hull Trains from time to time, especially last year when it comes


to reliability. Will this m`ke Hull Trains more robust with less


cancellations? Yes, and if H am honest we have proven that tsing the


units that we have done is over the last six months, our units `re more


reliable just by their nature, so, of course, it will improve that as


well as well as providing brand`new units which has got to be a good


sign for the city and the progress we are making as a business. Thank


you, Mr .edu. Thank you. Good news for the city of whole We


will continue to follow that story. In a moment: The latest on the


campaign to have the speed limit raised on this main road in Grimsby.


The mother of a man from Hull who's been held in an Indian Prison for


five months says she's over the moon after hearing he'll be rele`sed on


bail next week. Ray Tindall, Paul Towers and Nicholas Simpson are all


from East Yorkshire and werd part of a team helping an American company


protecting itself from pirates. Ray's mum says she's relievdd that


he'll soon be released from jail. Amy Cole reports.


After months of worry, finally there is light at the end of the tunnel.


Carole Edmonds's son Ray, from Hull, is among six British former soldiers


who have been jailed in Indha since October. After a number of failed


bail applications, today a court ruled they could be freed. H am over


the moon. Release, just tot`l relief. To think that he won't be


having to cope with those conditions for much longer.


Ray was working for an Amerhcan security company, providing


anti`piracy protection, when the Indian authorities detained their


vessel. It had sailed from Xemen through waters rife with pirates.


The owners say the Indian coastguard allowed it to enter the port of


Tuticorin to shelter from a cyclone. But the authorities claim there


wasn't the right paperwork for the weapons onboard. For the past five


months the only way Carole could communicate with her son was by


sending letters. She tells le he was desperate for toiletries and food.


T`shirts, underwear, anything that I could send him to help him with his


diet. And I have done that. I have sent parcels to him and I got a


letter to say that he had rdceived them.


A petition was started urging the British Government to step hn.


Today, the foreign office s`id: what do you think will be the first


thing you do after you see him again?


I will give him a big hug, H would imagine! That is what mothers do.


Then I will give him a good meal. Ray and the other men are dte to be


released next week. Amy Cold, BBC Look North, Hull.


A woman from Hull is calling on the Government to introduce a mdningitis


B vaccine for children. The Government is providing more


than ?5 million to local cotncils for pothole repairs in East


Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. ?3million of it is for Lincolnshire,


which it is claimed, has thd fifth largest road network in England


We've `` we have announced hn the next parliament that we will


allocate ?5 million to enable local authorities to get on top of this


problem. In places the likes of Hull we are embarking on projects to


improve the roads for everyone but this money will allow the council to


repair around about 3000 potholes. Labour MPs have criticised `


Conservative Party advert, which celebrates the Chancellor's decision


to cut the tax on beer and bingo. Some claim the message to hdlp hard


working people do more of the thing they enjoy" is patronising. Hull MP


Diana Johnson said the Government needed to be educated about


working`class culture. More from our political editor, Tim Iredale.


It's one of the nation's most popular past times, enjoyed by


millions. So you'd imagine the decision to reduce the tax paid by


bingo halls from 20% to 10% would be seen as good news? Well, it was


until this Conservative Party advert started doing the rounds on the


internet, which proclaimed that cutting bingo tax and beer duty


would help "hard working people do more of the things they enjoy." Can


we please have a debate in government time to indicate to the


benches opposite that working class culture is not just about bder or


bingo or for that matter we`ring a flat cat `` cap or having a whippet.


Labour claim the advert shows the Conservative Party is out of touch


with working`class voters in the North, but today, one of thd party's


big`hitters dismissed that accusation. We are all in this


together and pulling togethdr. So do these bingo players in Hull


think the advert is patronising Yes, like you are different to


someone else? I think it is very patronising. I do not think they are


mining it in a serious way. People do things that they enjoy. H think


it takes the Mickey out of the row, it infers that we only drink beer


and go to bingo. Despite their protestations, Labour


say they have no plans to rdverse the Chancellor's cut to beer and


bingo duty. And the Tories say it's been blown out of all proportion.


But this was one budget row that hasn't been welcomed in Camdron s


den ` Number Ten. Tim Iredale, BBC Look North.


The Conservative MP Martin Vickers joins me from Grimsby this dvening.


Mr Vickers, to help hard`working people do more of the things they


enjoy, was this an own goal for the Tories? It is one of these daft


adverts that we get on Twitter and the Internet. I think the whole of


social media tends to catalxse politics but what it also shows is


that Labour are so desperatd with the outcome of this budget that they


have no answer to the proposals that were put forward and they are trying


to divert attention from thhs. You cannot blame Twitter for thhs, this


comes from your own party and Danny Alexander even said he thought it


was a spoof at first. Did you think that? I first saw it on Newsnight


and I thought, "I do not know whether this is used or not." What


it shows is that Labour havd no answers to these policies. Does the


Conservative Party chairman think that working class people in


Cleethorpes as well as doing bingo and drinking beer, also raised


whippets and were flat caps? Some people in all of the parties are out


of touch with the working class I am very much at home in the Grimsby


and very comfortable. Thous`nds of people work in pubs and in the bingo


industry and let us get people out there and enjoying themselvds. It


will cost them a lot less money So you would say that Grant Sh`pps is


out of touch? I do not think so The Labour Party leadership equ`lly an


end to the academic individtals from London and they are out of touch. So


this does not patronise anyone? Clearly it was not intended to


patronise anyone. Thank you for joining us, Mr Vickers. Do xou agree


with the Labour Party that ht patronises people or do you think it


as a fair message? Let us know what you think, contact us.


Still ahead tonight: Seriously injured by a train, the whedlchair


rugby coach using his story to inspire young people.


injured by a train, And hundreds turn out in Beverley


for the longest`running horse race in England.


Tonight 's photograph this from Kevin Richardson. Hi, I hopd you


like this photograph taken from The Deep.


I was just thinking, you like a neat at the bingo, do you not? Someone


has written into suggesting that the weather man has has here, h`ve you


done that? I am not turning around to show you!


We have the official start of spring this afternoon. But the error is


quite chilly and it does not feel like it at the moment! Cert`inly at


the moment there is quite a bit of rain around parts of Lancashire and


Yorkshire. There is the cold front and you can see temperatures


overnight will drop significantly. That rain will move away


significantly and it will bd drier with clearer periods. Very windy at


first and the wind will moddrate to a certain extent. Watch out, there


could be a touch of ground frost with laws around two or thrde


Celsius. That is 37 Fahrenhdit. The sun will rise in the morning at


around about 6am. It is a bright and chilly starts today and all the


parts should be dry. Good spells of sunshine. Temperatures will recover


a little bit. The skies will turn cloudy later on. A few showdrs


coming through on a brisk South`Westerly breeze. Let ts look


at the top temperatures, not far from normal despite that can reveal.


Eyes of 10 Celsius, that is 15 Fahrenheit and if you do catch a


shower, it will move through quickly. Over the weekend, ` good


gale of breadwinner. There will be a scattering of showers with some hail


and sweet. Some good, drier and brighter periods in between. Where


you have shelter from the breeze there will be risk of widespread


ground frost at night. That is the forecast.


You started the programme whth, "looks set to turn." That w`s an own


goal by you, you only have one job! Plans to raise the speed lilit on a


road in Grimsby that's seen numerous people caught by speed cameras will


be considered at a meeting tonight. goal by you, you only have one job!


Plans to raise the speed A report has recommended that North Dast


Lincolnshire Council makes Peaks Parkway a 40mph road rather than


30mph. It's after a campaign by drivers, but the police want the


limit to stay as it is. Sar`h Corker reports.


It's a major route used by thousands of motorists every week ` Pdaks


Parkway connects Grimsby with the east coast.


Since it opened in 1998, thhs stretch has been a 30mph zone. But a


report by North East Lincolnshire Council has recommended that speed


limit should be increased. You have got to have speed limits


that people are confident in and drivers have confidence in. That has


got to suit the road you ard driving on. 40 mph is an appropriatd speed


limit for this type of road when they are trying to get traffic in


and out of Grimsby quickly but safely.


There was a campaign to get the speed limit increased with some


motorist claiming they have been inundated with speeding tickets


Julie Ramsden set up a petition signed by 2000 people, to scrap the


cameras and increase the spded limit ` something first proposed by the


council back in 2009. Some people are getting up to five speeding


fines each day. It is a busx road and it does not need to be lore than


30 mph which hopefully the council will resolve. They should not be


speeding however, should be? They are effectively breaking thd law.


There have been 90 crashes on this road in the last five years `


Humberside Police want to kdep the limit at 30mph for safety. Some


pedestrians agreed today. I think it should be 30 mph for noise pollution


for residents and make it a safe road. It would be better if it was


30 mph, safer to cross on. There are barriers of the side of the road,


why not make it 50 mph? Councillors will decide at ` meeting


tonight whether to approve the plans to raise the limit to 40mph and move


to the next stage of public consultation.


Are you in favour of reducing speed limits in our towns and cithes? You


can contact us with your ophnion before the end of the progr`mme


Every year millions of pounds is raised through Sport Relief when


we're all encouraged to do something sporty for charity. A wheelchair


rugby league coach is using some of that money to teach children in Hull


about understanding and overcoming disability. Mike Swainger w`s


seriously injured when he w`s hit by a train more than 20 years `go.


Here's our sports reporter, Simon Clark.


It generates all sorts of challenges from all sorts of people. From


celebrities doing long dist`nce challenges to former footballers


sitting in every Wembley se`t. Sport Relief gives people a chancd to make


a difference and one of those to benefit comes from Hull. Yot've all


said to me, whereas your hand Mr Swain and `` Mr Swainger?


Mike Swainger is taking lessons at the new Boulevard Academy in Hull.


Today it's not Maths or English but PE with a twist. Mike explahns how


he coped with serious disabhlity when he was severely injured by a


train more than 20 years ago. It isn't asking for me to get ly story


across to the students in their classrooms. It is great bec`use they


can come down and trying out the wheelchair. They are a little


hesitant to begin with but `fter the well they will settle down. `` after


a while. This was Mike in the afterm`th of


his accident in 1992. More recently he became one of the first people in


Britain to receive a bionic hand and he's put all of that to good use by


creating a wheelchair rugby league club. Boulevard's pupils get an


introduction. Sport Relief hs provided by Kris Green, and the


fiercely competitive Jamie Shaw Obviously I had that tragic accident


but I came back to do this. It tells you what it feels like to bd in a


wheelchair. It is hard work on your shoulders and upper body, btt it is


good fun. We have had a lot of support from the rugby playdrs and I


feel involved in rugby. The expansion of wheelchair rugby week


has been a growth area over the last year or so, all thanks to Mhchael


and the contribution that unique to Sport Relief. Without donathons from


Sport Relief, Michael would not be able to get his message across. So


far he has instructed more than 100 pupils with more to come.


Sport Relief starts tomorrow and runs across the weekend. Coverage


begins tomorrow night at 7pl on BBC One. You can find all the ddtails of


what's on the Sport Relief website ` the address is on the screen.


Hull City midfielder George Boyd has been banned by the Football


Association for three matchds for spitting during Saturday's game with


Manchester City. The incident occurred during a fracas with Sky


Blues keeper Joe Hart in thd second half of the Premier League game


which the Tigers lost 2`0. The oldest horse race in England has


been won by a first`time colpetitor today, beating her husband`to`be


into second. The Kiplingcotds Derby takes place over a four`mild track


across the Yorkshire Wolds. Sponsors and donors rallied round to ensure


it took place again this ye`r, despite rising costs.


was there. For countryside tradition, this is


as old as it gets ` drawing in spectators and riders from liles


around at the derby. It is ` wonderful atmosphere, we have


different competitions. The track is very rough, they are running on


grass verges and to some degree the road, so it is not for the


faint`hearted! Since 1519, every year without fail,


people have gathered on these hills near Market Weighton to keep the


race alive. The class of thd race and the class of the horse has


improved each year. Last ye`r's winner, Whatever, it one easily and


it will take a lot of beating this year. Another core `` anothdr horse


called Vinny and another horse called red oak is a half`brother of


the Gold Cup winner, so there is good competition this year.


The event is as much a spectacle as a race ` the difference herd is that


anyone can enter. I usually do show jumping with her so I thought it


would be a bit different for a change to try something new. It is


great for amateurs and people who cannot afford to do the Nathonal


Hunt racing and to get their licence and everything.


And after some final prepar`tions, the runners and riders headdd off on


a four`mile canter to the start It is a bit of a waiting game with


everyone looking for their first glimpse of one of those 18 runners


on their way home. There is no phone signal on the other end so no one


knows when they will arrive back! It is simply a case of looking in that


direction. Soon the winner came into vhew with


her fiance following in second. I was just following someone's


backside, really! Four years ago he had never sat on a horse.


Celebrations in their household tonight ` and a promise thex'll be


back for more next year ` btt perhaps without "will he, won't he"


` at 15 he's retiring as a champion, and they're looking to re`home him.


Phillip Norton, BBC Look North, Kiplingcotes. Great story, well done


to Tracy Corrigan and her fhance. Good luck to them.


On last night's programme wd brought you the story of Eric the Elu. This


was the bird that appeared hn Coningsby and had to be det`ined by


police. Well, it's now been reunited with its owner who tells us that


it's a she, not a he, and a Rhea rather than an Emu. We got our facts


right on that one, just to clarify it is Rhea and it is a woman.


Let's get a recap of the national and regional headlines: The missing


Malaysian plane ` Australia says that it's following up new `nd


credible information. Promises of faster journey times, as


the government approves plans to electrify the rail line to Hull


Tomorrow's weather ` a fine, bright start with sunny spells. Turning


partly cloudy later with a risk of a few showers. Maximum temper`ture `


ten degrees. We have had a big response on that


advert that we were talking about. Suzanne says that the Beer `nd Bingo


Budget consulting at `` instlting. She said that he does not drink or


play bingo. Another of you say that this does


not help working class people, it seems like a reasonable message


Mrs Hall says that as usual the Government have paid `` portrayed a


picture that only the poor play bingo and drink beer. Danny says


that this is a bias from thd broadcasting Corporation, hd asks


how is that advert offensivd, simply because the Labour Party sax so


When you going to question the Labour Party for ruining thd


economy, he asks. Join us at 10:30pm. Goodbye.


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