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chilly old week, George. Rais thank you. That's all from the BBC news


Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight. An


apology from the councillor who tweeted a picture of lingerhe models


to warn of sexism in politics. The father fighting to get his xoung


family out of Crimea. I havd two sons they are, one of whom hs a


British decision. I want thdm here, I want them safe stop Putting their


products on a world stage ` the local food businesses worth ?3


billion a year. And why a sdaside town's new streets could be named


after Beatles songs. The weekend forecast follows in 15


minutes. A senior Lincolnshire Conservative


Councillor has apologised after he posted a picture of scantilx`clad


women on social media to make a point about all women short lists in


politics. Richard Davies, who represents a ward in Granth`m and is


the Chairman of the local Conservative Association, s`ys on


reflection it was wrong to post the image but says Labour's seldction


policy of only selecting wolen to run as candidates in some sdats is


wrong. Sarah Corker has this report. It's this image of eight gl`mour


models ` posted by a Linconlshire County Councillor ` that's caused


offence today. Richard Davids, tweeting about the all`female


selection process for the L`bour candidate for Lincoln, Lucy Rigby,


asked if it was an actual photo of the hustings. To which Lucy Rigby


responded, "And people question why aren't more women in politics?


Then Lincoln MP Karl McCartney tweeted, "Guess those with sense of


humour will appreciate." Others need to "get over themselves." Ltcy Rigby


was selected in 2012 from a short list of four women. Unfortunately,


there are still some sections of the Conservative Party that havd a very


odd attitude towards women working, towards women in leadership roles,


women in politics. County Councillor Rosanne Kirk was also on th`t short


list. We want to head towards equality, and that is one w`y to get


there by using all women short lists. But what he said was very


offensive. Earlier Mr Davis told me he hadn't meant to upset anxone I


am very sorry to have caused offence and have apologised for that. What


we want is an opportunity to have a debate about all women short lists.


If you discriminate against one group of people on the grounds of


their gender, that is discrhmination and it should not be allowed. But in


Lincoln today most felt it was inappropriate behaviour. I think


he's being sexist. You have to think first before you post. Therd's long


been a push to attract more women into politics. But Conservatives


have resisted such a move to all female short lists for prospective


MPs arguing candidates should be selected on merit. There ard not


enough women Tory MPs. If the Tories have less women after the ndxt


election and stored form a lajority, it is blatantly obvious that the


people of this country do not think the Tory party is sufficiently


representative of women and they should then considered it. The


photo's now been removed, Mr Davis maintains all women short lhsts are


sexist but does admit glamotr pics don't help. Sarah Corker, BBC Look


North. We want to hear from you on this


story, and the conduct of Rhchard Davies. Maybe you have a vidw on all


women short lists? In a moment... Jade Etherington


joins me to talk about her record medal haul at the Winter


Paralympics. A father from Louth in Lincolnshire,


whose family is living in Crimea, is fighting to bring them safely to the


UK. The region is currently experiencing conflict betwedn the


Ukrainian and Russian governments, after Russia took over Crimda. Ian


Stacy says he's terrified for the safety of his wife, ex`wife and two


sons. Kate Sweeting reports. Hello Nadia, how are things? Ian


Stacy spends his time waiting for news. After ten years living in


Ukraine, he's back in Louth to get medical treatment, leaving his wife


and two sons behind in Crimda. The border control now is getting very


tenuous. At the border crossing between the Russian and the Ukraine.


Since Ian left Crimea, which was part of Ukraine, it's been taken


over by Russia and he fears stands on the brink of civil war. He wants


to get his wife, his youngest son, Timon, who is five, his elddst son,


Aaron, who is eight and Aaron's mother out of the country btt that's


proving difficult. Ian's falily lived near Sevastopol in thd south


of Crimea. In order to secure a visa they would need to travel to Kiev


for an interview and then home again. That's a 40`hour trahn


journey, the equivalent distance of Louth to Vienna. Earlier Ian's ex


wife Nadia told me that journey isn't safe.


Ian wants the Foreign Officd to wave the rules, and allow his falily to


travel to the UK and sort the paperwork out here. But the Foreign


Office said that's impossible. In a statement it said, "We apprdciate


this is a difficult time for Mr Stacy and his family. We have been


in regular contact with Mr Stacy providing consular assistance,


including Home Office guidance on the visa application process. We


stand ready to provide further assistance as necessary." I have two


sons there, one of who is a British citizen. Yes, I can go therd, yes I


can bring him out of the cotntry. But, I don't know whether you have


children, how would you feel if one of your children was ripped away


from you, if you do have chhldren? Ian wants the Foreign Officd to


waive the rules and allow hhs family to travel to the UK and sort the


paperwork out here. The Fordign Office said that's impossible. In a


statement it said... The government has to draw a line somewherd, it


can't allow everybody into TK. I couldn't agree more. I would fully


support that. But within thd rules there must be mitigating


circumstances. How worried `re you for them? Very. They don't deserve


it. I want them here. I want them safe. Ian Stacey ending that report


by Kate Sweeting. Kate's with me now. Can Ian go and see his family,


if they can't come here? Well until a few weeks ago Crimea


was part of Ukraine, but we've now heard that Ukrainian troops have


pulled out of Crimea meaning it s under Russian control ` effdctively


a part of Russia. That means travelling in and out of Crhmea


could be very difficult, particularly for Ian living in the


UK, he might not be able to get to the area at all to see his family.


As you heard in the report, the Foreign Office isn't denying Ian's


family access to the UK, it just wants them to go through thd proper


procedures and paperwork. Btt Ian says that 40`hour round trip to Kiev


for the visa application process just isn't practical or safd, they'd


have to travel through armed border crossings. He wants them to get to


Kiev, onto a plane to Britahn, where his lawyer is waiting to do the


paperwork. Otherwise he could face months or years without seehng his


family. Part of Hull's Holderness road was


closed this morning after a member of the public brought what they


believed to be an explosive device into the Tower Grange Policd


station. The device which w`s found in a nearby garden was made safe by


a bomb disposal unit. The road has now reopened.


The union representing some Yorkshire Ambulance Service staff


says they're being forced to strike because the management refuses to


meet them. It's the tenth strike arranged by the Unite union ` which


says its members have concerns over new working times. The industrial


action will end at eight o'clock tonight.


Two divers had to be rescued by the Humber lifeboat off the coast at


Withernsea after their boat lost power and drifted away from them


yesterday. The crew used thdir emergency radio transmitters and


hi`visibility markers to attract attention.


Grimsby's new bus station is being used for the first time. Moving the


station is part of a ?5 million scheme to improve the town centre.


It's also been announced a new cinema and restaurants are planned


at the Freshney Place shopphng centre.


One of Hull's museums is behng closed to the public, so thd rest of


the city's council`run musetms don't have to reduce their opening hours.


Hull City Council says it m`de the decision so it didn't have to cut


the budget of its flagship luseums. But it's not ruled out findhng money


to reopen the Hands On History museum at weekends, as Anne`Marie


Tasker reports. From next week, the Hands On History


museum will only be open to organised school trips. The city


council says the change will save ?150,000 a year, without having an


impact on the city's flagshhp museums. The demand for the others


is absolutely beyond belief. At half`time, over 3000 young people


went into the maritime musetm. But I haven't left it at that. Wh`t we're


looking at is can we squeezd the budget again in the next few months


to find ways and means of opening the museum at weekends. But people


in Hull are divided over whdther any culture budget should be cut, ahead


of it becoming City of Culttre. If they want to keep that name, they


should live up to it. The p`vements, you can trip up and fall all over


them. Campaigners are fighthng the decision, with more than 500 people


signing a petition. Food producers from East Yorkshire


and Lincolnshire are trying to boost their sales to national and


international buyers. They're at the country's biggest food show in


Birmingham. It's estimated the industry is worth ?3.5 billhon


across Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire... Employing around 8 ,000


people in this area. Lincolnshire alone produces one sixth of


Britain's crops. And the port of Grimsby handles 70% of the country's


fish. Our Business Correspondent, Paul Murphy, has been at thd trade


show in Birmingham, and sent this report.


If you can't eat it it's probably not here. This is a big datd in the


diary for food producers, a chance for them to tell their storx to


industry buyers, the people who keep the food economy going. This is


quite a challenge. Once you're outside the county boundarids it's


difficult to get across what the product is. Everybody in


Lincolnshire knows what Plulbread is and everybody has their own ideas


what it should taste like. So, getting it out to other counties is


a challenge. This Grimsby`b`sed processor has been preparing for


today's show for weeks. Chapman s fishcakes is well known in the town


but they want a bigger markdt. It's getting our name with the brand We


are meeting new clients, hopefully, as well as seeing clients that we


are already supplying. Figures published today are showing a sharp


rise in UK food exports and events like this one are giving local


producers, in particular, a chance to showcase their products to bigger


markets. Among them are the east Yorkshire farmers bypassing the


supermarkets to sell their peas There are 40 farmers in this group.


One of the farmers owns the factory. We are trying to bring to the


marketplace the first farmer`owned brands of frozen vegetables.


70% of the country's fish is processed in Grimsby. We're looking


at not just farming is a se`t on the ground, is probably worth ldss. The


value added is actually in food processing. This two`day show will


bring in thousands of visitors and our local food producers will be


hoping that some of them will become customers.


Still ahead tonight: A seashde town decides to pick Beatles songs as


names for new streets. Marjorie and Michael have s`id, we


have noticed that Paul must have a secret yearning to play the


bagpipes, because he seems to be practising with his left arl pumping


action. We are watching now. It is cold flapping. I'm gohng to be


self`conscious now. Pump away!


Shut up. Patchy rain in the West, mostly dry


and used. This weather front will grind to a halt. The caused should


stay dry and write later on. Has been a beautiful day. It was `4 last


night, but temperatures havd recovered. Watch this weathdr


fronts, because it will pollution. Clear this evening and clear first


time tonight. Let's have a look at those minimum temperatures. Down to


two Celsius, so there will be a fairly widespread ground frost. The


sun will rise in the morning at 5:53am. It's cloudy start, patchy


rain in western areas, but strive towards the coast. Some sunshine


breaking through. The top temperatures, the breeze will be


light. Nine Celsius. A lot of cloud on Friday with the risk of patchy


rain heading in from the east. Sorry, I mist the forecast, I was


looking at the arm. See you tomorrow.


Plans are being made in Bourne to celebrate the success of thd


Paralympic skier Jade Etherhngton. A Civic Reception will be held at the


end of the month. Jade ` and her guide Caroline Powell ` won three


silvers and a bronze at the Winter Paralympics in Russia. In a minute


I'll be speaking to Jade, btt first Gemma Dawson takes a look at her


recent success. We first met Jade in 2012, carrying


the Olympic torch in Lincoln. After losing her guide, success sdemed


unlikely, until she met Caroline Powell. The pair spent months


training for the Winter gamds. Jade is partially sighted, so relies on


Caroline to guide her round the course. On day one at Sochi,


success, silver in the women's downhill. I am just really dxcited.


I am an official Paralympic. Back in Lincoln, Jade's sisters watched her


compete. To get two medals hn two races, that is a great achidvement,


and hopefully she will get lore Success continued. Two more medals,


making Jade and Caroline thd most successful women in British


Paralympic history. We achidved so much, I just need to think `bout the


success of celebrates what we have achieved.


Celebrations continued back in London with tea at number tdn with


the Prime Minister. Jade and her medals are with me here


in the studio. I can't belidve I have the bees are. I did tell


people, but nobody believes me. How does it feel to be the most


successful woman in Winter Paralympic history? It's am`zing to


think I did it in my first xear especially when I didn't have died a


year ago and was suffering from injuries. It is thanks to the


support from people at home, believing in me and Carolind. And


you're back. They lost your luggage, so glad you didn't put


these in the luggage. Yes, but I got it back. I cannot imagine what it is


like hurtling down there was 5% vision. What messages are you


getting on Caroline? A lot of the time she is just shouting at me to


hurry up. She shouts Tuck, tax, tax. She says turning and ttrn and


jump or dive. You have an e`rpiece and she has a microphone? Yds, I can


talk to her and she has the same, so I can tell her when to go or slow


down. Sometimes in slalom, the radio sometimes comes off, is but Caroline


is pretty loud, so I can sthll hear her. We met in April in Lincoln and


we only started skiing in Atgust. We skied in August and I had that goal


and Caroline learns to want that goal as well. You have to h`ve such


enormous trust in that person. I am still my own person, I can stop when


ever I want, but we both trtst each other. And she gets medals `s well?


Yes, so we have eight betwedn us. And you missed called by a very


small amount. Yes, we skied hardest and we did miss out on the gold but


we still won for medals. And you've got to civic reception. Thank you


very much indeed for coming in. You had better take these. You will


certainly have muscles carrxing them around.


Hull City look to be almost safe in the Premier League after be`ting


West Brom on Saturday. The Tigers 2`0 win means they are now dight


points above the relegation zone ahead of Wednesday's trip to Stoke


City. Scunthorpe United havd moved into second in league two after a


one ` nil win over Burton at the weekend. The Iron go into tomorrow's


match away at Cheltenham on the back of an unbeaten run of 22 gales. I


spoke to the players and our focus now is Cheltenham. It has to remain


that way. The bigger picturd is obviously promotion. The short`term


goal is Cheltenham. Hull KR recorded their first win of the superleague


season with a 16 ` zero victory at home to the Bradford Bulls. The


Robins took the lead with a try from Omari Caro and remained the dominant


side throughout. The result lifts Hull KR up to 11th. A disappointing


result for Hull FC ` who suffered their first home loss of thd season.


The black and whites lost sdven ` nil to Widnes Vikings. It's the


first time in nearly three xears Hull FC have failed to scord in a


Super League match. Streets on a new Bridlington housing estate could be


named after famous songs by the Beatles. The town council ndeds to


come up with a selection of street names which would be used in future


housing developments. Beatlds songs may seem an unusual idea....but we


do already have quite a few weird street names, as Jo Makel rdports.


In Bridlington they have sole saintly streets and they have some


stately streets. New houses which could be built here on the town s


outskirts may get something just a bit more rock and roll. It's named


Strawberry Fields, so we cale up with the Beatles connection. It is


named as Strawberry Fields, so we decided to come up with somd Beatles


names. It is really difficult to think of things people will like,


will connect with. We went through lots of different Beatles songs to


find appropriate names for possible streets in this area. Penny Lane,


Eleanor Road, Rigby Meadows, etc. It is really difficult to think of


things that people will likd, will connect with, who actually will want


to live in that particular street named after. Because some streets


like this one at Ludford ne`r Louth have ended up with some verx odd


names indeed. There are whilsical ones like the Land of Green Ginger


in Hull. And there's one in Bainton near Driffield, locals belidve it


was named after the route from the court to the gallows. If yot happen


to live on a street like thhs one which has one of those more unusual


names, what's it like when xou give your address out. Ron Chipm`n's


lived on Dead Lane for 13 ydars and finds amusement in it. I don't often


say Dead Lane. I say Dear L`ne. It softens the blow a little bht. Does


it matter to you that it's Dead Lane? No, no I wanted to call the


new house Mortuary Cottage but the wife thought otherwise. But could a


strange name affect the valte of a home? I don't think it has `ny


effect on the value at all. I suppose if you had something like


Massacre Street or Stench Street, that possibly might but nond that I


can think of. I think Gallows Lane in Beverley is quite a quaint name,


after all. Back in Bridlington, the Town Council say they're opdn to


more suggestions so here's one they may want to consider.


Let's get a recap of the national and regional headlines Relatives'


grief as Malaysia's PM says hope is over for the missing flight. New


data shows it went down in the southern Indian Ocean. An apology


from the councillor who twedted a picture of lingerie models to warn


of sexism in politics. Tomorrow s weather: Cloudy with some p`tchy


rain in western areas. Mostly dry further east. Sunny spells later.


Maximum temperature 10C. Responses coming in on the subject


of all`women short lists in the world of politics. One viewdr said,


if the Labour Party had all `men's short lists, they would be branded


as sexist, so why are all `women short lists all right? Another


says, it represents the out of touch Conservative Party. Paul is watching


in whole. I don't believe in all ` women short lists. We're supposed to


be living in an equal opportunity world. Kayleigh says, I think all


`women short lists are wrong. The matter what your workers, you should


be hired for elected on your ability to do the job. Chris says, `nything


that excludes a group of individuals based on sex is sex discrimhnation.


I give watching. Back again tomorrow night. Have a nice evening.


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