25/03/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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all from us. On BBC Two, Newsnight last the full version of that


interview with Paul Flowers, Good evening. You are watchhng BBC


Look North, coming live frol the banks of the Humber. Our news


tonight is dominated by the confirmation that the energx giant


Siemens will be going ahead with plans to build one of Europd's


biggest wind energy factorids just a stone's throw from where I `m


standing right now. Siemens is investing ?160 million. It will


create more than a thousand jobs over two sites, one in Hull, one at


Paull in East Yorkshire. Working with ports firm ABP, the total


investment will be ?310 million Speaking in Hull earlier, Prime


Minister David Cameron said it would transform the regional economy. The


deal is finally done. After years of uncertainty, the Prime Minister was


inspecting the site which whll become a world leading manufacturing


centre for the offshore wind industry. It is a fantastic day for


the city, for Humberside and for Britain. We are going to be making


the turbines here in Britain. The development is centred on


Aleksandra. . There are also plans for a new rotor blade manuf`cturing


plant to the east of the city. It is a fantastic opportunity. It is going


to create 1,000 jobs. It is the hundred million pounds in modern


investment. Hopefully, we whll begin construction work on the amount of


jobs will increase. It will be a yes and I think we will find out


shortly. I have spent a lot of time on the telephone lobbying vdry hard


for this. Despite the false dawns, the news was welcomed by thd MPs of


the local area. The decision by Siemens India investment in


renewables will make the city a centre of energy as well as culture.


It was unexpected, the decision to bring across blade manufacttrer from


Denmark. It was also welcomd news for the council. I think evdrybody


feels that now. City of culture and know this centre for manufacturing.


This is a great decision th`t Siemens have made. After ye`rs of


gloomy news, there is a belhef that the wind of change is sweephng


through the Humberside region. It has taken years to get to today's


announcement. It was back in January 2011 when Siemens and ABP fhrst went


public with their plans for Hull. Planning permission was granted by


the council in May 2012, but then, in October the same year, it was


announced that the deal had been delayed until 2013. Then, it all


went quiet. That was until this morning's announcement that the deal


had finally been signed. Our business correspondent Paull Murphy


has been looking at the imp`ct this could have for jobs and loc`l


industry. This morning 's announcement brings with it a real


sense of a new beginning for Hull. ?300 million buys two factories in


1,000 jobs, but that is not all As for the next`generation, yot will


also detect a new`found sense of security. I would love to work for


Siemens. It is a huge company. It is great news for everybody. As well as


a factory in whole, they ard going to build a plate making factory


nearby. I think Siemens havhng made this huge statement, it may


encourage others, there could be a knock`on effect. Of course,


Humberside has a big industry before. The economic aspects of its


collapse are still being felt. But today, it is also about a ndw


attitude. It means that loc`l people can stay locally and hopefully get


the best jobs. I am very happy to have this opportunity. We c`n offer


a wide range of programmes which will give the skills requirdd. We


want to talk about the future and what we can do to make the college


better. Overflow 6,000 of these giant machines are planned for the


North Sea. The proposal will mean other companies will need to move to


the area to help Siemens re`lise the fact that the factory June. Looking


at Germany, offshore wind h`s taken off from bust to boom in under one


decades. Could you make a prediction about the economic impact? H hate


doing these predictions cause you always get caught out. It whll have


a huge impact, it will go rhght down into the workforce. The hard work


begins now, reinventing the local economy. The sooner these ghant


structures will become a faliliar sight and once again, the pdople of


Humberside are looking out to sea for the future.


Scunthorpe United extended their unbeaten run to 23 games, whth a win


at Cheltenham tonight. Sam Winnall scored both the Iron's goal in the


2`0 win. Meanwhile, Grimsby Town lost 2` at


home to Luton in the Conferdnce Let us get a look at the we`ther


now, with Paull Hudson. Good evening. It is fairly puiet out


there this evening. A touch of ground frost in places. 12 showers


in the south of the region overnight, but largely dry. Patchy


fog will clear tomorrow. Thd odd shower around tomorrow. But it will


go downhill later, with this weather front moving in from the North Sea.


A very chilly feel, with temperatures just getting up to


eight Celsius. That is all from the late tdam. It


is a Dave when Siemens confronted going to make a major investment in


might be wintry. Feeling chilly at 10 degrees. The outlook, it stays


chilly and temperatures look like they will pick up towards the eight


-- weekend. In early spring, a bit of sunshine


makes the difference. Today we had some sunshine in the far east of the


UK and in the far west. In Northern Ireland and East Anglia,


temperatures climbed into the teens. But for most of us, it was gloomy


and temperatures were at sixes and sevens. Single figure temperatures


will feature heavily over the next few days. We are already seeing the


weather coming in from the east pushing the weather to the West so


we will see showers continuing in the night. Isolated showers. Most


towns and cities just about avoiding a frost but in rural areas we will


seek pockets of frost


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