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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight:


Accused of trying to abduct their own children now one Lincolnshire


couple says they'll fight to get them out of care They're designed to


protect crops, but some residents want bird scarers banned.


Basically, they sound like a war zone. They wake us up early.


Hundreds turn out to welcome the country's most successful Winter


Paralympian back to her home town. I'm in Bourne where people across


the town have been celebrating Jade Etherington's success.


I never change that snappy, that nappy changed me. `` nappy.


And comedian Jason Manford is left with a ?3,500 bar bill after a gig


in Lincoln. Don't forget the forecast that


follows. A couple from Lincolnshire accused


of conspiring to abduct their own children say they're terrified they


will never see them again. The couple who can't be named had their


children taken into care a year ago, but claim they did nothing wrong. Of


the 37 cases of adoption in the county last year, only two were


carried with parental permission. They face losing their two youngest


to adoption. Tonight one MP has told Look North that major changes are


needed to make the system fairer. Sarah Corker reports The Midlands MP


John Hemming who runs the Justice for Families Campaign Group told me


social workers were under increasing scrutiny after high several


high`profile cases. A garage full of toys, but no


children to play with them. It is almost a year since this couple's


five children were taken into care. The mother says they were told by


social services it was to protect them from future risk of emotional


harm. We have changed their voices to protect their children's


identity. It is hard and painful. I cannot sleep. I am not allowed to


have any contact with my children. It is very hard, that I have to keep


fighting. Your eldest son told the school that he had been hit. Did you


hit him? No. I never hit my children. In April 2013, the


children were taken into care. The couple told me that a court ruled


that the two youngest children should be put up for adoption.


Earlier this month, both parents were arrested on conspiracy charges.


The council says any decision to put a child into care is made with the


best interests of that child in mind. Ultimately, it is a decision


for the courts to make, and one that is not taken lightly. There has been


increasing pressure on social workers since the death of baby P in


2008. Local authorities accused of not acting quickly enough. One MP


says that the system has become so unfair that parents may have their


children taken of them and they should leave the country to avoid


social services. The iMac cannot imagine it is happening in a western


country. Campaigners have raised it in the


European Parliament. So many failed, they have betrayed and mistreated


them, they have given them grief. Cases like this are held in family


courts behind closed doors. This family say they struggle to


understand the system. It has destroyed the life of my children.


Did you try to kidnap them? No. We have never tried doing that. They


have been released on bail until May and the couple told me they do not


know if or when they will see their three sonss again.


Sarah mentioned John hemming there. He told me that social workers were


under increasing scrutiny after several high`profile cases. I think


they are under pressure from Government to do the wrong thing.


Because the courts rely on evidence that is a opinion from the social


workers employed by the local authority and I know of at least one


case where a social worker who recommended that a child be returned


to its parents was actually fired because she had been told not to


send the baby home. That is why it tends to be wrong. There have been


some high profile cases recently, not least that of baby Peter, isn't


this situation inevitable with the pressure social workers have been


under? ? You have recently said that people who find themselves at the


centre of these cases to take their children abroad. Is that a


responsible attitude for a Member of Parliament to take? It depends on


the circumstances. In a case where it is lawful to leave the country, I


know I'm since a baby was born in Spain a week before where somebody


had left because she faced proceedings here. I think the baby


will probably end up safe in the long term. There was a South Korean


couple who were arrested two weeks ago, they were leaving Wales and


trying to get back to South Korea. You think the system acts against


parents because the hearings take place in secret, surely everything


has to be done that can be done to protect the children? You have to


get the balance right. Wrongful intervention is damaging to their


children, too. Every change causes psychological damage. But there are


simple things, if somebody wants to petition the European Parliament,


they should not be punished. It is their right to complain to


politicians. Very briefly, what changes would you like to see which


would stop children being wrongly adopted? There needs to be a quality


of scrutiny in the courts and the evidence has to be done by


independent people, not people who are instructed to say, your answer


is to be guest. Thank you very much. In a moment: Making history ` the


record which has finally been broken after more than a 125 years.


Gas`powered cannons, used to scare birds from farm land, should be


banned according to campaigners. There's been an increase in the


number of complaints about devices which local residents say are


disturbing the peace near farms in East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. But


farmers say they're a vital tool to keep hungry birds away from their


crops. Our rural affairs correspondent reports.


Noisy but effective. Farmers say they are essential to protect young


crops. For David and his wife, they are causing a headache, literally.


They moved to Lincolnshire for a peaceful retirement. It sounds like


bombs going off, they sound like a warzone. It sounds like they're


coming at you from every which way. They wake us up early, because they


are setting off at the moment from 5:30am onwards. In the garden, you


want tranquil conditions. It can be quite disturbing. The NFU has a code


of practice that says farmers should not use them before 6am or after


10pm. They should place them than 200 metres from sensitive buildings.


They should consider that noise travels further downwind. But they


say in the countryside, what comes first is crops, not quiet. The


countryside is a workplace for the farmers, a farmer's field is no


difference to an industrial unit, it is a manufacturing area, so people


that live in the countryside need to be sympathetic to why farmers are


doing this. But farmers need to be sympathetic to local residents. It


is important that people that live in the countryside get on.


There are online campaigns dedicated to getting the loudest ones banned.


Councils have received at least 170 complaints last year, some are


seeing a big increase in letters about Hamas' use of these devices.


They don't want to play the game. `` farmers' . We can put an abatement


on them. In the fullness of time, we could take court action, we don't


want to do that. The only way of controlling it is to implement a


total ban on them. The Code of Conduct is not working. Date would


like to see other types of bird scares take prominence. Farmers


insist that the countryside is for food production, not peace and


quiet. `` David. What do you think about this story?


Should farmers be allowed to use this type of bird scarer or should


people who live in the countryside be entitled to peace and quiet?


A 23`year`old man has been sentenced to a minimum of ten years for


attacking a man with a hammer outside a nightclub. The man who was


21 was hit on the head during a night out. Chris Bradley from


Lincoln was attempted murder.


Three inmates have been cleared of holding a prison officer hostage at


Full Sutton Prison near Pocklington in East Yorkshire. Feroz Khan, Fuad


Awale and David Watson were found not guilty of holding Richard


Thompson against his will in May 2013. However, Khan and Awale were


found guilty of threatening to kill the officer, and will be sentenced


next week. Council tenants in North


Lincolnshire, forced out of their houses by December's flooding, have


started to return home. On Friday, the Environment Agency held a


meeting with local authorities to discuss how best to protect the area


from future tidal surges. The Head of Housing in North Lincolnshire


says many tenants are choosing to stay in the temporary accommodation


they were moved to. Have have moved out of their homes, the other half


have stayed. It could be more suitable for their time in life to


actually move to that accommodation. Humberside Police are appealing for


witnesses after a woman was killed in a car accident. They were called


at four`o`clock yesterday morning and found a Blue Ford KA car had


left the road near Woodmansey. The 19`year`old driver, who was from


Beverley, was pronounced dead at the scene.


Scandinavian Airlines have begun operating flights between Copenhagen


and Leeds Bradford Airport, just days after the same route was


scrapped from Humberside Airport. When the route into Humberside was


launched, those involved believed one of the main areas of trade would


be the renewables industry. The airline said disappointing passenger


numbers meant the route was stopped after just six months.


Network Rail has announced its investing ?89 million pounds in


North Lincolnshire over the next five years. The money will go


towards work, including the modernisation of signalling systems


and upgrading trains. The company hope the funding will also help


support growth at the Port of Immingham and encourage further


business activity. She is the most successful British


woman in Winter Paralympic history and this afternoon Jade Etherington


has been welcomed back to her hometown in Lincolnshire.


Visually`impaired skier Jade won four medals at the Sochi games


earlier this month. Gemma Dawson is live in Bourne tonight where Jade


has been given the freedom of the town. How many people came out to


welcome her? 200 people turned up to see Jade and acts are some questions


and touch those famous for metals. Arriving in style, Lincolnshire's


Paralympian back at her old school to show off her medals. It is great


to see everyone. It reminds me how far I have come. From being here and


started skiing when I was at school and I would tell people and they did


not know what I was talking about and now coming back, it is really


fun. For these students, a chance to chat to her about her recent


success. Is who has been behind her from the start. It is nice to have


her back. Everyone is excited as she is one of ours. She spent months


preparing for the Paralympics with her guide, Caroline. She is visually


impaired so relies on Caroline to guide her around the course. All


this training paid off. In such is the Mothercare one for metals. ``


Sochi, the pair won four medals. I'm very proud. She's not the only


one. In Bourne, 200 people gathered to greet Jade. To think we have such


talent in our area is brilliant. She has done us proud. It brings a lump


to your throat. When you see her, and how nicely she speaks for young


girl. Everyone was so excited to see me and see the medals and gets to


tax them. `` and get to touch them. Then inside for a reception. First


time it has been done, wow, I feel very honoured. There are more


celebrations to come with an open top bus tour on Friday. As you can


see, it has been a busy day. She says she just wants a holiday. I


spoke to her later in the afternoon and asked her what she would do


next. It is a big decision for Jade, we


will have to wait and see what she has decided to do.


will have to wait and see what she The comedian who bought a round for


his audience after turning up late to the gig. A huge cheer went up,


but a lot of us were just saying, is this one of his jokes?


We still have the Jason Manford story to come. He paid ?3500 for


that bill. Paul bought a round of drinks for his loyal readers, that


is ?4 73 you will never get back. You still only for that cup of tea.


`` only. High air pollution warning today.


They'll continue to be bad tomorrow. Weather`wise, a grey start, it will


turn brighter later. It is a stagnant setup and some will have


noticed some Saharan dust on your car bonnets, and that is that the


dust has come from North Africa. It is all happening. It is fine out


there at the moment. Most of us have seen brightness. We are looking to


the South West, there is an active weather front. We will have rain


later tonight. The showery outbreaks of rain push North eastwards, there


could be a clap of thunder, but it won't but down too much rain. Lowest


temperatures coming in at seven or eight Celsius. Eight Celsius is 46


Fahrenheit. The sun will rise in the morning at around 638 am.


It is a grey, damp start. There will be low cloud, mist and fog, the


weather front will move, some patchy rain for East Yorkshire at first,


skies will slowly brighten. Many parts will be dry with some


sunshine. The breeze will just be light and variable. It will just be


light and variable. It'll feel quite pleasant want it right up. `` once.


Similar on Wednesday, a a lot of low cloud at first. It may be reluctant


to clear in places. `` a lot. There's a lead into Friday morning,


some patchy rain. What is that tie all about? That is


Paisley, I am told it is very stylish. The producer says that he


is parents has some `` had someone `` had some wallpaper like that!


It's a record which has stood since 1888, but this weekend Russ Wilcox


broke the longest unbeaten run for a new manager. His Scunthorpe United


side have gone 24 matches since they last lost a game which has propelled


them into second place in League Two. Now, Wilcox says they have to


finish the job with promotion from League Two. Our sports reporter


Simon Clark has been speaking to him.


It was a time when Victoria was on the throne and Marquess of Salisbury


was Prime Minister. This was the first recoding on film ` a scene in


Leeds and the all`England tennis club was born at Wimbledon. ``


recording. So to the Football League whose first champions, Preston North


End had gone the entire season unbeaten, 23 matches. Their manager


had ridden his way into history. The mac know quite a few years where he


was very successful with Preston. He introduced the first team talks, he


really prepared the teams he had. He was strategic, he was the first kind


of manager who would use a blackboard to prepare his side and


he was successful for a long time. That was until this man, Russ


Wilcox, broke the record, 24 matches unbeaten since he became manager. It


is an amazing achievement. For everybody involved, it is the full


group, it is myself and my staff and the players and everyone associated


with the club. Exciting times, we now have to finish the job. Wilcox


record stacks against illustrious managers. Alex Ferguson lost his


first game at Manchester United en`route to 38 titles. Brian Clough


lost his second Nottingham Forest game to Hull City yet still won 11


competitions including two European Cups. And Jose Mourinho lost his


ninth Chelsea game on his way to six trophies. Hard work is the key.


Quality in the group and if we work hard and stay together like we have


done organised, disciplined, there is quality there. It is a positive


time. This is how the league table looks today and the tantalising


prospect of promotion looms ever nearer Glanford Park.


Hull KR achieved their first Silly mistakes were responsible for


Hull City's defeat at the weekend, that's according to manager Steve


Bruce. The Tigers lost 1`0 away to Stoke with Peter Odemwingie scoring


the only goal in the second half. It means Hull have taken just three


points from the past 15 and are now four places above the relegation


zone. Hull KR achieved their first


back`to`back wins of the season, when they thrashed Wakefield


yesterday. This was the Robins' first try which was scored by


Neville Costigan. They went on to score seven more to beat the


Wildcats 44`6. It leaves them tenth in the Super League.


We've had a big response to the story that Hull could soon feature


in a television programme about life on benefits. Channel five says it's


chosen to feature Hull as one of several locations in the UK, but


there are fears it could tarnish the city's reputation. Big response on


this one. Sue in Hull sent this by text: "I am sick of southerners


trying to put Hull down. Everywhere in the country has deprived areas.


Why are ours always highlighted by narrow`minded snobs?" Simon in


Driffield sent this: "Channel five can get lost. Why do the


London`based media have such a low opinion of Hull when others,


including big, worldwide businesses, obviously disagree?" Simon referring


to Siemens there. But Michelle from Hull disagrees. She says: "A show


like this would show how much we have achieved as a city. From a low


start to City of Culture. It may not be pretty, but it is Hull. Be


proud." An agricultural college in East


Yorkshire opened its gates to thousands of visitors yesterday.


Bishop Burton College welcomed 6,500 people to see new`born lambs on its


working farm. College staff say it's a good opportunity for young farmers


to demonstrate their skills. We're behind closed gates for a lot of the


year, so it is nice to open up and let people see what we cover here.


Today is all about farming, it is great that people can come and see


what farming is about. I'm sure you had a good day there if you went.


The comedian Jason Manford has been left with a bar bill of ?3,000 after


promising to buy an entire audience a drink. He realised he was running


40 minutes late for the sell`out show in Lincoln at the weekend so


offered to pick up the tab as an apology. Jessica Lane has more. I


never changed so that nappy, it's changed me. Have you heard the one


about the comedian who bought his Hull audience a drink? Well, it's no


joke. Although, on Saturday night, many thought it might be. Huge cheer


went up, but a lot of us thought, is this one of his jokes? But it


wasn't. Thank you, Jason. It showed respect for his followers and I


think that is the biggest thing. Jason Manford had already performed


here on Friday night. Then he went home to see his family in


Manchester, which is what made him 40 minutes late. So he phoned to


apologise and make the offer to buy everyone a drink. The comedian


posted a picture of all the drink receipts on Twitter and said the


pricy round seemed like a good idea when he made the offer. But staff at


the Engine Shed have decided to give him a discount. We couldn't believe


it, it is the first time someone has done that. We matched his generosity


by reducing the bill by quite a significant amount. ?3000 he will


pay. It may have ended up costing him, it was not just his jokes that


left a smile on the faces of the 835 people in the audience.


Eye would love to know what his fears.


Scientists warn that crops motor health and homes will be threatened


by global warming. A couple accused of attempting to abduct their own


children say they will fight to get them out of care.


Tomorrow's weather ` a grey and damp start with mist and fog, but it will


slowly brighten up with sunny spells and just a small chance of a shower.


Top temperature 14 Celsius. `` 16 Celsius.


We were talking about bird scariness. Roger says I feel


unsympathetic to the folks complaining about scare is, if you


decide to live next to farms, you can expect all the things that come


with rural life. They were the usual comments saying it is the country,


what do you expect? If these viewers had to listen to


the equivalent of a firework display every few minutes all day, every


day, from 5:30am till dusk, would they be happy to put up with that?


The countryside looks as good as it does as a consequence of the


farmers' efforts, it is not some escape to the country fantasy.


It is a working environment in which sites and sounds need to be


accepted. Tony says that the bird scares would


be fine if they were used just in how was daylight. The one behind us


goes off all night. Thank you for those.


Join us on the radio tomorrow if you can. Have a nice evening. See you




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