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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight: Calls


for the government to do more to protect the supply of drugs for


seriously ill patients. Drugs that are vital to people's


well`being and in some cases keeps people alive, why is there `


shortage? A Lincolnshire wildlife park steps


in to save two tigers that were about to be destroyed.


A hero's welcome ` hundreds line the streets to greet the star of the


Winter Paralympics. And the big surprise that prompted


this reaction from Hull's fundraising Bee Lady.


I could cry. We don't want xou crying! We will have the we`ther


later in the programme. The government is being askdd to


step in and help a man from Lincolnshire who's been told a


shortage means he won't get his usual heart medication. For ten


years Colin Culpitt has takdn the same drug after having a he`rt


attack but that drug, Valsartan is now in short supply. He's bden


offered an alternative but hs worried about potential sidd


effects. Many thousands of patients across the country are affected by


similar shortages every year. Caroline Bilton reports. Colin


Culpitt suffered a heart attack over ten years ago. Since then, he's


taken a drug everyday called Valsartan. For him, it's wh`t keeps


him alive but it's in short supply and this week, Colin has bedn told


he'll have to take a drug stbstitute with no explanation as to why there


is a shortage or indeed how long it will last and he's concerned it will


come with new side effects. My concern is that drugs that `re vital


to people's well`being and hn some cases keeps them alive, why is there


a shortage? Is anybody doing anything about it? NHS Engl`nd, the


secretary of health, do thex know about this and if they do, what are


they doing about it? But Valsartan is one of many drugs that are


currently in short supply in the UK. Pharamcies say stock shortages are


becoming common place. According to the latest survey in which lore than


100 pharmacists were questioned they're spending at least two


working days a month chasing manufacturers and wholesalers to


source out of stock medicinds. It's affecting 700,000 patients ` year.


Manufacturers and wholesalers licensed to trade in the UK do have


a legal duty to ensure patidnt needs are met. And government guidelines


were published in 2011 setthng out standards for them to follow. But


those dispensing medicines say these measures aren't working. It has been


going on so long, it has become part of the job. This started about five


years ago and it is now becoming ingrained with the way pharlacies


and pharmacists run. The buck stops here. I am the guy that somdbody


brings the prescription to `nd they want it now. If they can't get it


now, they go out of the door and they go somewhere else. In `


statement, the Department of Health denied there was a problem.


Thousands of people rely on them. In fact, they are something we take for


granted but it would seem there s no guarantee all patients will receive


the drugs they want. Neal Patel is from the Royal


Pharmaceutical Society, the body which represent pharmacists. He


joins me from our studios in London. Why other companies not producing


enough drugs for pharmacies in the UK? We don't deny that the system


is, located at the bottom lhne is that pharmacists are really


concerned now that even medhcine that are quite common like Valsartan


are now becoming in short stpply. What we really need is an entire


look at the supply chain. Wd need to make sure patients to get the


medicines they need when thdy need them. Are some of these drugs


companies selling abroad and as a consequence, we are suffering and


missing out? the system is complex. We have issues with European exports


and imports which can somethmes run out of balance. There was a


consolidation in the market as well so there is less manufacturhng at


less sites so if there is a problem with one manufacturer, that can have


a big impact. Previously, there were ten or 15 manufacturers and now


there are only one or two. Do we need to accept that we cannot take


it but wanted that drugs whhch are prescribed for us are necessarily


going to be there for us? Pharmacies are working really hard to lake sure


patients to get their medichnes when they need them. Unfortunately, that


is taking valuable time awax from pharmacists when they should be


looking at patient care, rather than try to get hold of medicines. We


want the system looked at in its totality and brought back to a state


where we were a few years ago, when medicines were available whdn


patients needed them. Is an alternative is prescribed, Like is


if somebody more side`effects? When patients are stabilised on `


medicine, we don't want to change it if it suits them and that is an


important thing to consider. Also, if there is a problem with that


medicine, there are alternatives available. Pharmacists can work


collaboratively with GPs but it is far from ideal. We want to see the


supply chain working effecthvely so pharmacists can get medicinds within


24`hour Sunset is by the nedds of patients and get the right ledicine


at the right dose at the right time. Have you ever been refused xour


first choice medicine because it wasn't available? Do you thhnk


people should have to make do with an alternative to their usu`l drugs


if there aren't enough? Or should the government do more to protect


the supply chain? In a moment: Accused of proloting


the politics of hate, now a controversial Yorkshire Htmber


Euro MP is to stand down. A pair of tigers that were hours


away from being put down have been saved by a wildlife park in


Lincolnshire. 18`year`old T`ngo and eight`year`old Julia are settling in


to their new home at the Woodside Wildlife and Falconry Park near


Lincoln. They arrived last night from a Belgium rescue centrd after


the park agreed to pay a qu`rter of a million pounds to save thdm. Sarah


Corker reports. After a 12 hour, 400 mile journey,


Lincolnshire's newest residdnts were enjoying a well earned rest today.


This is tango. He is the older one. And just next door is eight`year`old


Julia. The pair were rescued from a circus troupe ` and were just hours


away from being shot. It's taken the owner of this wildlife park near


Lincoln ` six months of negotiations with three different countrhes to


save them. If we would not have stepped in, they would have been


euthanised quite quickly. They are frightened of brooms, sticks, if we


bring those things in, they are quite frightened. We can only had a


`` hazard a guess as to thehr true history. Tango was bred in the UK.


The animal then worked in the circus in Germany with his partner Julia.


And they were seized by the authorities in Belgium after being


mistreated. It has cost the park a lot of money to bring them here


This is their new purpose`btilt home. Staff have had special


training on how to look aftdr them. They will be eating six kilos of me


today. 50 beefburgers each per day. We don't want them to think that is


it. Earlier this year, a Danish Sue provide `` provoked worldwide


outrage when it killed giraffe. Then, last month, it killed a family


of four lines to make way for a new animal. Here, plenty of work has


gone in to make these new animals feel at home. To have him so close


to home as good. In parts of Europe, the days of performing an old ``


animals are finally over. Btt for Tango and Julia ` they can now enjoy


their retirement. The road under an historic Roman


Arch in Lincoln has reopened after repairs. Newport Arch was shut to


traffic three weeks ago to `llow stonemasons to rebuild parts of it.


It was built in the third cdntury and was damaged by recent cold


winters. The ticket office at Lincoln railway


station has reopened after ` quarter of a million pound face`lift. East


Midlands Trains says it will make queueing easer, and help improve


customer services. This is ` listed station and the teams that we have


worked with from our surveys is dashed surveyors through to


designers and contractors, we have had a lot of heritage work to


consider. We have constructdd and designed a new ticket officd which


gives a modern twist on the original features of the station.


Thanks for the response aftdr the Chief Constable of Humberside Police


defended her decision to cut 20 officers in the next four ydars


Lots of e`mails and texts. Thank you very much for all the


e`mails and texts. Communities around the Humbdr could


face catastrophic flooding tnless extra money is spent on defdnces.


That's the conclusion of a new flood strategy group which has just


finished meeting for the first time tonight. It comes four months after


a tidal surge caused extenshve damage to the East Coast. Otr


correspondent Paul Murphy is in Hessle, Paul, their conclushons seem


pretty clear, don't they? And who can forget the catastrophic events


of last December? Certainly not the people here, some of whom are still


clearing up. That conclusion from MPs was driving towards a strategy


that will ask the government for further funding to protect the whole


of the Humber from flooding. There is insufficient money at thd moment.


We have to use the opportunhty, all the flooding this winter, to make


the case for a new look at the budget around flood protecthon


because not to do so will ptt us at risk. Who else was at the mdeting?


The Environment Agency and local councils were involved as wdll. The


Environment Agency have described the events of last year as ` game


changer. They said there ard still tough decisions about which areas


they protect and which areas they don't even if they do get extra


funding. It is a hugely important, very unusual, very extreme dvent we


have seen which will certainly change the nature of what wd do It


will mean that we need to change our priority is a bit. It is dohng that


sort of thing. It is changing the look of what we now need to do. This


is a cross`party strategy group involving people from all around the


Humber and I get their main objective is to change the lindset


of government, to get them to realise that extra funding hs needed


to protect this bowl rural `rea `` vulnerable area. Thank you for


watching. Still ahead. Find out what prompted this reaction from whole's


famous B ladies, Jean Bishop. I could cry. We don't want yot crying!


Looking forward to seeing that in a moment. This is tonight's


photograph. I saw you last night on the telly,


looking scared of a snake. H thought you were a real man. It was just


acting. I'm sure. I'm just saying you are a hero. This weekend,


Saturday is the better day of the weekend. However, tomorrow, there


will be a lot of cloud around so a cloudy day tomorrow but a dhfferent


kind of cloudy day. We have had a southeasterly through this week and


it has brought low cloud and missed and Merck. We saw some spells of


sunshine through the course of this afternoon and it looks like a


largely fine night. As we h`d through this evening and ovdrnight,


staying dry. The cloud will be broken in a few spots and this will


allow a few fog patches to develop. A few patches of mist and fog to


wake up to tomorrow morning, a low of around seven or eight degrees.


These are the times of high waters. Tomorrow morning, first thing we


will have the brightest of the conditions. We will see mord cloud


spreading in from the West through the course of the day. It could


squeeze out some light rain and drizzle but I think, for thd vast


majority of us, for most of the day, it will be dry or both cloudy.


Temperatures have struggled this week. It will feel milder over the


next few days. On Sunday, a band of rain will spread in, some hdavy


spells of rain for a time, gradually turning more showery in nattre.


Monday, more unsettled weather, rain and drizzle and a ridge of high


pressure builds so settling down for Tuesday and Wednesday. And xou look


so sweet. I should be used to working with feminist creattres ``


venomous creatures. A controversial Euro MP who was


elected as a member of the British National Party has announced he s


stepping down. Five years ago, Andrew Brons became the first BNP


politician to represent the Yorkshire and Humber region. He


later left the party after falling out with its leader Nick Grhffin.


Critics have accused Andrew Brons of promoting the politics of h`te.


Here's our Political Editor Tim Iredale.


For the past five years, people in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire have been


represented in Europe by thhs man. He was one of two the MP Euro MPs


elected in 2009, a result that rocked the political establhshment.


who speaks for White, manual working`class parts of the


population? The BNP were thd beneficiaries of those disillusioned


voters. In the European elections five years ago, the BNP sectred the


support of almost one in ten voters in Yorkshire and the Humber. But


that support wasn't to last and the party soon became divided over an


internal power struggle. Wrhtten must get out of the Common Larket


and rebuild up relationship. Cube was a member of the National front


and later joined the BNP. In 20 2, left the BNP following a dispute


with its leader Nick Griffin. He followed her new group calldd the


British Democratic party but has given few interviews about his


record as an MEP. I said I would serve for five years, do my best


during those five years and at the end of it, retire. you only need to


see the people he surrounds himself with and his politics, the politics


of hate and the politics of division. He claims to have given


money to give `` to good catses but he declines to go into detahl about


which groups have received loney. Any group that has received money


from Aspel then be demonised. `` from this group will then bd


demonised. The mainstream political parties are hoping to defeat the BNP


at next month's European eldctions but that, as always, will bd a


decision for the voters. And that will be one of the big


talking points on this weekdnd's Sunday Politics from 11am on BBC


One. Hundreds of people lined thd streets


of Lincoln today to pay tribute to the winter paralympian Jade


Etherington. Jade toured thd city in an open top bus after winning four


medals in Sochi last month. She became the most successful British


woman in the history of the games. Jessica Lane reports.


An open top bus parade of Lhncoln lasting three hours can even take


its toll on a Paralympic athlete. My hands hurt from waving. Although


Lincolnshire's medal winner managed to keep going. This is the first


time I have been on an open top bus so it is ridding nice to have it for


me. It is really good to wax that all the schools and see everybody


come out. It is not the best day of the best weather. We are all a bit


windswept but it has been rdally fun so far. It was skiing like this


which won Jade Etherington three silvers and one bronze medal in the


Winter Games and the title of the most successful British wom`n in


Winter Paralympic history. Ht was an incredible achievement. Just to say


well done to her. It is fantastic. Because of Jade's visual impairment,


she did all her skiing with her guide Caroline Powell. Everxone is


saying that her guide is here in spirit and she is also here on the


back of this bus and people in Lincoln will be able to see the


special Jade and Caroline bts as it will be driving around the city on


certain Brits for the next xear As a country, we are reticent `t


celebrating success but she is a Lincolnshire girl, she had done


well, we have to celebrate where we have success in this county. Jade


qualifies as a teacher soon but says she still hasn't decided whdther to


keep skiing competitively. For now, she's enjoying being back in


Lincolnshire with friends and supporters.


Hull City manager Steve Bruce says another season in the Premidr League


should be secured with a winds against Swansea tomorrow. The Tigers


lost their last two games ` at West Ham and Stoke. Bruce says a win


would mean the team could then focus completely on next week's [email protected] Cup


semi final at Wembley. If wd can win tomorrow, we are virtually there.


Western had a great win at the week and got 237 points. `` West Ham It


will be very difficult for the teams at the bottom to go and get 12 or 13


points and this stage of thd season. You have to hit Chalpions


League form to try and get ht. It doesn't really usually happdn very


often, anywhere. Hull City's game against Sw`nsea


will be live on BBC Radio Humberside. The match will be on FM


and the build up begins frol 1. 0pm tomorrow. Scunthorpe United's trip


to Torquay will be on AM. Grimsby Town's away game at Kiddermhnster


Harriers is on Digital and Online. And BBC Radio Lincolnshire has


commentary of Lincoln City `gainst Dartford with build up from 2pm


In rugby league, Hull FC lost 3 `37 against Salford in the fourth round


of the Challenge Cup last nhght In rugby league, Hull FC Thd club


has also confirmed that it's pulled out of a deal to sign the B`th


winger Tom Biggs. The rugby union club were reluctant to rele`se him


early from his contract. Hull KR face a tough Challenge Cup


tie when they host Warrington Wolves on Sunday. The game is one of five


all`Super League ties in thd fourth round. Full`back Greg Eden hs in the


squad for the Robins as he continues his recovery from a broken toe. Of


course you would rather plax, that is for sure. It will have to be the


Challenge Cup, I suppose. Wd just happened to draw Warrington and it


is up to us to play the best we can. And BBC Radio Humberside will have


commentary of Hull KR versus Warrington in the Challenge Cup on


Sunday. That game kicks off at pm, with coverage from 1.30pm.


A bronze bust of the Granth`m`born former Prime Minister Margaret


Thatcher has gone on displax in the town's museum. Designed by the


artist Lisa Hawker and calldd Margaret, it's on loan to the museum


to commemorate a year since Baroness Thatcher died.


She has raised money for ch`rity and has won a pride of Britain `ward.


She was in for a big surprise as the newly refurbished cafe was dedicated


to her. This is the surprisd. The big reveal of a well kept


secret. The cafe at Hull's @ge UK Centre designed to honour Jdan


Bishop, the queen bee of fundraising. Not a clue! Not


anything! I thought they wotld show me how nice things were. Pl`ns were


already afoot for the cafe to be dedicated to Jean when several feet


of water flooded Hull City centre in December, forcing the centrd to


close. After months of hard work, staff say Jean's reaction to the


surprise was well worth all the effort. It was lovely watchhng her


face. She has raised so much money for us. It is not just the loney, it


is the fact that she is such a lovely person. There are bed clues


everywhere you look ` from the menus to the staff uniforms and


decorations. And this is a whole wall of fame. And of course, last


year's ride of Britain award. Jean is well used to attention bx now.


The event was hive of activhty full of her many friends and fans. I just


checked she wasn't going to be the MP here but that would be the end of


me so I am safe for now. Shd doesn't think she is an amazing person but


everybody else does. She is a real inspiration to everybody, she is


tremendous. She is fantastic, lovely, I think she deserves it as


well. I can't take it in. Yds, it is lovely. Well done to Jean. She


should be on every night, a great tonic!


Let's get a recap of the national and regional headlines. A m`in


railway line through Devon reopens to passengers after part of the


track was destroyed by wintdr storms.


Calls for the government to do more to protect the supply of drtgs for


seriously ill patients. Tomorrow's weather: A bright start


but becoming largely cloudy. Mostly dry but there could be the odd spot


of rain. A light to moderatd breeze. Highs of 14 degrees Celsius, 57


degrees Fahrenheit. And that film in the discussion about the


availability on drugs. Janet says, the trouble is patients do not know


which side effects they will get from new medication, especi`lly when


they have been one tab for ` time. Another person says these drugs are


cheaper. The GPs tell you they can no longer get them they are no


longer allowed to prescribe them and instead, they give you cheaper


versions. Someone else says, every month, I don't get a certain month


for my daughter. The essenthal drug is always out of stock. It hs a


constant worry. And Tracey says my son takes medicine daily for severe


allergies. We can only obtahn from one chemist in Hull. And finally,


Alan in asking ten says doctors prescribe drugs that you nedd, not


drugs that you want. Thank xou very much for all of those. Have a really


good weekend, a peaceful wedkend, look after yourself, and I will see


you on Monday night at 8:30pm.


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