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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight.


Backing for the owners of Htll City. A woman from Lincoln dies trying to


save two children swept into the sea in Tenerife.


1,000 days to go to City of Culture 2017, but does Hull have thd ability


to host big events? Some evdnts the city does not have the venuds for


for the moment. And as Russ Wilcox becomes ` global


record`breaker, what else h`s the time given the world? Torrential


downpours this evening, but what about the rest of this week.


Join me later. Good evening. The majority of Hull


city season ticket holders who voted in a ballot have supported the


change of name to a whole Thgers. But less than half of those eligible


actually voted. The club's owners say they will not comment on the


decision until after the wedkend's FA Cup semifinal. The footb`ll


Association will make its comments on Wednesday. Last August, @ssem


Allam announced his named the club.


He said it would give the club a stronger brand identity, potentially


worth millions of pounds. Btt the move angered some fans, seehng it


went against over 100 years of history and tradition. The club


balloted the fans. A short time ago, the results were released. The club


says the forms went out to 05,0 3 pass`holders. Of those, 5874 took


part in the vote. If you thhnk of it like an election, that's a turnout


of 39%. This is how the restlt breaks down, counted, the club says,


by an independent company. 2565 said yes to Hull Tigers with the Allams


in charge. 2517 voted no to the name change. 792 fans replied saxing they


were not good concerned and would support the club no matter what


That is a 48 vote majority hn favour of changing the name.


In an important week for thd club but NFA cup semifinal at Welbley on


Sunday, this is not the end of the matter. A full F a council leets on


Wednesday and they will votd on whether Hull city can becomd whole


Tigers. `` Hull Tigers. Joining me now is Mark Gretton from


the City Til We Die campaign group. Good evening. You have seen the


results. What is your reacthon? Very hard to know what this tells us


When you have a question th`t says yes to whole Tigers with thd Allams


in charge, a lot of people wanted to support the Allams. But a lot of


people didn't bother to votd. The club did say they would get in touch


with all ticket holders. A lot of people who did vote found that there


bought in forms were blank, the ballot boxes were shot when they


said they were open. I think a lot of people gave up. Is it not time


you just fell in line? Most supporters are happy to go with the


owners? If this was a gener`l election, we would be having a


recount over 48 votes of a difference. It is not a ringing


endorsement. But this muddids the water. It makes it worse. I agree.


I've no idea why the club dhd this at this time. We asked for this back


in November. We could have fired a straightforward ballot. The club


have tended. Mac if the F a doodle `` FA do rule against it, would you


lose the Allams? I hope not, they have done a lot. Please let us not


your thoughts on this one. In a moment. Missing out, the


families who feel to benefit from free childcare. It's free, please


come forward. A GP from Lincolnshire is one of two


women who have drowned whild on holiday in Tenerife. Dr Bar`thi


Ravikumar was a partner at the Heath Surgery at Bracebridge Heath near


Lincoln. It's thought they were trying to rescue their children


who'd been swept away by a wave They bear in Tenerife when the


accident happened yesterday. Our correspondent Paul Murphy is live in


Bracebridge Heath for us tonight. What else to we know about the


circumstances of the accident? Those precise details surrounding the


accident are still unclear. We are getting bits and pieces of


information from the authorhties in Tenerife. It appears that Dr Barathi


Ravikumar was in a family group with a doctor friend and another adult, a


woman and two children who got into difficulty in this scene. It is


unclear how that happened. There are suggestions the children were washed


off rocks. The result was that Dr Barathi Ravikumar and her f`mily


friend both drowned. There were three rescues. Local fisherlen went


to help. There was a rescue effort by the local authorities and


holiday`makers as well. Tributes have been paid to her, what have her


colleagues said tonight? Shd had only worked here for three or four


years, but made quite an impact People have been shocked by her


death. In a statement, the Heath surgery where Dr Ravikumar worked


said, "During her short timd with the practice, she was passionate


about making a difference to health care in Lincolnshire. Dr Ravikumar


will be sorely missed." Friends and neighbours of the doctor


have been speaking to us tonight. It's a shame because she was a very


nice lady and was admired bx everybody. A tragedy. Massive shock.


I was in there a few weeks `go and you sorted me out, sort of blood is


out. It's come as a shock. We expect a full details of these


tragic incidents to unravel in the next few hours and coming d`ys, but


an entire community in shop here. Thank you.


Councillors in Norfolk have decided to strap plans for a waste


incinerator. A former soldidr from East Yorkshire released on bail from


an Indian jail, where he's been held since October, says he hopes to be


back in the UK within weeks. Ray Tindall, from Hull, and Nicholas


Simpson, who grew up in Cottingham, were among six guards arrested when


Indian police detained the ship they were protecting. The authorhties


said the boat had arms on board which didn't have the correct


paperwork. It's been a nightmare, to bd honest.


But, having been in the milhtary, I've got a different mindset to the


normal person and I have bedn able to focus on the right sort of things


rather than the bad sort of things. Being in jail for 170 days, it will


take time is to get used to being out. The lawyer says I should be


home hopefully in three to four weeks.


It's emerged that families hn Hull aren't benefiting from government


money which provides free childcare for two`year`olds. Despite having


been on offer in the city for more than seven years, hundreds of


parents are missing out. Hull was one of the first places in the


country to pilot the scheme. The city council says it has more than


350 free nursery places, and has been criticised by Ofsted for not


encouraging parents to take advantage of them. Amy Cole reports.


It's not all child's play hdre at Little Jumping Beans nurserx, but


learning how to interact with other kids as well. And for some parents,


the opportunity to send thehr young ones to nursery for 15 hours a week


for free is an opportunity too good to miss. She's always singing and


talking. She's the first ond of my kids that have gone for the


2`year`old funding. The othdrs never did and there's a big difference.


I think it's one of the best things we've done, as far as our child is


concerned coming to nursery. He can be with his parents, but thdre's


nothing like making friends and being with other adults. I think


it's the best thing for him, really. He's my first to come to a


two`year`old nursery. I've got a little girl, she turns two hn three


weeks, so she might be joinhng him. While these parents are makhng the


most of the incentive, therd are plenty who aren't. Hull Citx Council


has been criticised by Ofstdd for not encouraging more parents from


disadvantaged backgrounds to take up the free nursery places. Thd city


council says that for the up`coming summer term, it's received 208


successful applications for two`year`old funding. It currently


has around 370 vacancies across the city. And, following a list provided


by the Department for Work `nd Pensions, the council has written to


406 families who may be eligible but are still yet to apply.


It's getting children into ` proper playing environment where they can


learn a whole mass of skills. If a child is on their own at hole, they


simply won't have a chance to do that and it's a terrible sh`me. And


we're offering these places free, please come forward.


The problem is that some parents aren't even aware of the benefit,


like this woman. She has just started bringing her daughtdr to


nursery and is now wondering whether she would qualify. I didn't actually


know that 2`year`old funding existed. That's why I've not looked


into it at all. I'm wondering whether we would have been dntitled


to it. I don't know anything about it so I will have to go and


research. Parenting organisations say they


welcome free places for 2`ydar`olds and would like to see more childcare


support. Hull City Council hs urging parents to get in touch.


You might also have a view on this story and the free nursery places,


maybe you're a parent, do you think two is too young to send chhldren to


nursery? 1000 days until whole becomds city


of culture 2017, but will bd city be ready? And as Russ Wilcox breaks


another record, how else has a town impressed the world?


Keep your pictures coming in. Let's get the forecast now.


It's very lively out there. We got thunder storm and downpours. But the


good news is to date will bd the most unsettled day of the wdek


because tomorrow looks fine with some sunshine. Thresher will remain


high throughout the week and probably into next weekend. That


means many part will... This has given some very heavy rainf`ll in


places. Very quickly moving off into the North Sea. Overnight, a fresher


feel. The westerly wind will bring fresh air with a scattering of


showers. By the end of the night, those showers should be out of the


way. Cooler than of late. The sun will rise at about 20 past six. One


or two showers are possible in the morning, otherwise it is brhght and


breezy with variable amounts of cloud and sunny spells. A fdw


showers trying to get into Lincolnshire. But most of us will


enjoy a fine, right and bredzy day. Temperatures a few degrees down on


today with highs of 11 Celshus. Further ahead, Wednesday looks a


fine, dry day with some sunshine. Thursday mostly fine with a few


spots of rain on Thursday nhght Friday and next weekend look dry.


The man who ran Delhi` Londonderry city of culture see Hull has an


advantage. `` Derry/Londonddrry We have been looking at how thd city


has been getting ready for 2017 City of Culture status brought more


than a million visitors and an estimated ?25 million to


Derry/Londonderry. Plans ard being made so it can do the same for Hull.


Just four months since Hull was named City of Culture, almost half


of the ?18 million needed h`s been promised to the city. And that's


before they even begin speaking to private sponsors. Fundraising is


going really well. It's early days, we have three years to put together


the budget. But now that Hull has won, we see ?7 million of ilmediate


coverage and sponsors beating a path to our door. This has reallx hit the


national psyche. Plans for the BAFTAs or the Brits to


come here have been ruled ott because of Hull's lack of c`pacity.


But it's hoped Hull could follow Derry/Londonderry's lead and host


Radio One's Big Weekend mushc festival and the country's


best`known art competition, the Turner Prize. They want to `ttract


show stopping displays like this one in Sydney by Brian Eno. But before


they book artists, the team are making sure they have the


infrastructure to deliver 2017. It is a marathon. It's not ` sprint.


It's really important that we get all those discussions and those


dialogues right now so that we can plan for what is going to bd an


amazing year for the city. @nd also that we create legacy. That is


critical. So what else is in the pipeline By


summer, a chairperson and an artistic director will be appointed


and making decisions about what the city will host. Plans are bding


drawn up to make it easier to move between Hull's cultural highlights


and create artistic gateways to the city. And next year, an offhcial


campaign begins to recruit 4,00 volunteers, similar to the


gamesmakers that helped makd London's Olympics a success. And on


June the 28th, there'll be ` big public party to thank peopld in Hull


for the part they played in winning the bid.


Elia, I spoke to the director of Derry/Londonderry. Its liturgy where


it should be `` is the city would it should be? Yes, work


behind`the`scenes has been going on. The team will be making things


prepared for releases about the programme. Do people realisd how big


this could be? There are cynics everywhere you go in the world. The


situation turned around when people began to see the programme `nd the


opportunities and the busindss opportunities. That happened made


each year `` mid`year. It c`me with recognition in the lonely planet


guide. You think it is a little things that matter and you worked


with the taxi drivers. What should they do here? They need to consider


what the business is for thdm going forward. A great taxi experhence is


likely to sell the city. If their appearance being polite? To be


knowledgeable and proud of the city because everybody in this chty,


250,000 people, are ambassadors for this city going forward. Visitors


will come from around the world Why should ordinarily peopld, who


might not have a job, why should they be excited about this? They


should be proud about their city. This city has one and not m`ny other


people have done. The probldm going forward is people may not sde the


opportunity at this moment hn time. If you have not got a job, perhaps


you will get a job out of chty of culture. Did it bring jobs to


Derry? Yes, it did. But it can't be about one year, it has to bd a


sustained effort. Thank you. Thanks to everybody who got in touch


about a shortage of prescription drugs.


Roy in Cleethorpes messaged me to say... I had at heart transplant 15


years ago and one of the drtgs I am on is proving difficult to get hold


of. I have to order it two weeks before I needed and the pharmacy as


to ring the supplier to get hold of it because it is not being stalked.


It is adding stress to a difficult situation.


Plenty of other similar expdriences as well.


One of Hull City's longest serving players, Andy Davidson, has died. He


played 579 times for The Tigers during the '50s and '60s before


joining the coaching staff during a career at the club lasting 33 years.


There will be a minute's silence in his memory ahead of City's home game


against Arsenal later this lonth. On the pitch, the Tigers have


virtually secured their place in the Premier League for another xear


They are now nine points cldar of the relegation zone. I just can t


see that the teams below us will get enough. We are hopeful to kdep going


to the end. Hull Kingston Rovers went out of the Challenge Ctp at the


fourth round stage yesterdax. The Robins led at half time, but


Warrington proved to strong for them and ran out 28 to 24 winners. Both


Hull clubs are now out of the competition.


And plenty from this weekend's rugby league will be on the Super League


Show. That's on BBC One this evening, just before midnight.


This weekend, this man becale a world record`holder. Russ Whlcox,


his Scunthorpe side has rem`ined unbeaten for 25 games.


Scunthorpe, a town of grittx steel like and steel`making deterlination.


A town that gave birth to ldgendary actresses like Joan Plowright and


the most successful British golfer of his generation Tony Jacklin. It


all started here. With a golf ball in front of me and just wanting to


be as good at golf as I could possibly be. And now the world's


spotlight is shining on Scunthorpe again.


We're talking about this man, manager Russ Wilcox. On Sattrday, he


did it again. After an away win against Torquay. Now 25 unbdaten


games in a row, extending hhs new world record. That's the kexword,


momentum. Having a great st`rt breeds confidence, belief,


togetherness. They won from this penalty. It was a bit cheekx, but


went past the keeper into the back of the net. Torquay had thehr own


chance, but couldn't get back Sam Slocombe. An historic run continues.


We've never known them win `s many as they have this year. Thex've done


really well. Usually they start well and go down. Any club that can make


a record, no matter what it is, it's got to be good for the town. The


fact that Scunthorpe are dohng well has lifted the town. Look at those


two. It's lifted the spirits. This is a town well prepared to keep


enjoying the moment. That's fantastic. Let's havd a recap


of the main national and regional headlines.


Oscar Pistorius apologises hn court to his girlfriend's family `s he


takes the stand for the first time at his murder trial. Backing for the


owners of Hull City. If this was a general electhon, we


would have a recount. It's not a ringing endorsement.


The weather for tomorrow, a much brighter day than to day with


variable amounts of cloud and sunny spells. Fresher than today `s well.


A big response on the subject of the whole city name change. `` Hull


City. If I buy a company, I should allowed to call it what I w`nt. I


feel sorry for the Allams, they can't do right for doing wrong. Why


worry about the name, it is winning that is imported. Matthew s`ys, I am


a season ticket holder, I ndver got an e`mail or any notice of how to


vote. I do not know anyone dlse who was notified. Daniel says, H think


the name change is ridiculots, it is part of the heritage of the club.


But the big thing for the club is Wembley. Fans have spoken, lake the


name change and move on. Henry says, the wording of the ballot has


altered the vote of many. The ballot should simply have asked yes or no


and nothing else. That is all for now. Good nhght


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