08/04/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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That's all from us. A first look at the papers on the BBC news channel.


Now Good evening. Campaigners who are


fighting to save more than 30 libraries across Lincolnshire have


been to Downing Street, dem`nding the government stops the proposed


closures. Lincolnshire County Council wants community grotps to


take over the running of many libraries to save ?2 million. But


some library users say that's not good enough and today took their


fight to Westminster. More from our political editor Tim Iredald.


A special delivery to the most famous front door in the cotntry.


This book handed in to Downhng Street today contains some of the


signatures from a petition `imed at saving Lincolnshire's threatened


libraries. Please ensure th`t libraries can stay open across our


country, so that people can self educate them so people can dnjoy


reading for leisure, so people can access Internet technology `nd


basically make full use of `ll that a library has to offer. Simon


Draper, who's a full`time c`rer to his wife Timber, has secured a


judicial review at the High Court to try to overturn the decision to


close libraries across the county. The higher you go, the more you need


a computer and these kids nded the computers and the computers are


libraries. We need the libr`ries to stay open for the kids. Thex can't


learn everything at home. In June last year Lincolnshire County


Council said it would be reviewing how library services were rtn in an


effort to save ?2 million from its budget. Three months later ` and


20,000 people had signed a petition against closing libraries as a


public consultation came to an end. The council revealed in Novdmber


that 25 of the 30 libraries could be saved if volunteers came forward to


run them. Campaigners said they would go to the High Court to


challenge the decision to ehther closed or asked volunteers to run


the service. We had an extensive consultation and we listened and


came to a decision. It is ilportant now not only for the staff who are


affected but all the communhties who are trying to develop these


community libraries that we move forward, so everybody knows where


they stand. The government says there have been many examplds of


volunteers successfully takhng over the running of local librarhes, but


the word from Downing Street tonight is that it remains a matter for


Lincolnshire County Council. Tim joins us from London. What are


the chances of the campaigndrs having any success here? Well, much


depends on the judicial revhew, which is due to take place hn June


or July. A judge must decidd whether Lincolnshire County Council acted


unlawfully in the way it cale to the decision about scaling back on its


library services. The authority says it has figures showing the number of


people using libraries in the county has dramatically declined in recent


years. Just 18%, fewer than one in five people, we are told, use


Lincolnshire's libraries on a regular basis. Add to that


government figures showing there has been a huge increase in the


volunteers in areas where councils have pulled out of running


libraries. But there is a htge emotional argument attached to the


library debate and it will be a big test of some in Westminster Hall the


big society. The rate of unemployment among young


people in Hull and Grimsby hs one of the highest in the country,


according the a report from the Work Foundation. It claims the 2012


census shows more than a qu`rter of young people in the two are`s who


are not in education are undmployed. The research organisation h`s called


on the government to do mord to help. The Department for Work and


Pensions says the number of young people claiming benefits has fallen


in the last two years. I asked the report's author, Lizzie Crowley


whether these figures showed us anything new.


Well, I mean it does reveal quite a familiar pattern of labour larket


disadvantage, so as you mention cities ` quite often cities in the


North ` cities like Hull, are shown to have very high levels of youth


unemployment. What we are stggesting is a whole range of policy


recommendations that local `reas can use to hopefully start to t`ckle


this problem. So what kind of recommendations are you suggesting?


We suggesting in the report that local authorities can be tasked with


setting up youth transition partnerships. These partnerships


would essentially bring togdther a whole range of agencies at ` local


level to map out and coordinate the employment and training


opportunities, work experience placements and so on for yotng


people. The thing is that the government says the number of


16`24`year`olds claiming job`seekers benefits in Hull has fallen by a


quarter since 2012 and in Grimsby it's fallen by a third, so doesn't


that suggest the government is actually doing something about this?


Jobseeker's allowance figurds only suggest a very small part of the


picture. Only three quarters of young men actually claim jobseeker's


allowance and that falls to around 50% for young women. So yes, we have


seen a reduction, but we should not ignore that this crisis is certainly


not over. Is it helpful using figures and using data that is two


years old? Our data is a colbined number of measures because small


area data is really quite dhfficult to come by, so we've had to combine


a number of ways of the survey to get a robust enough sample to say


something about these local areas. Thank you for joining us thhs


evening. Thank you. Work to build a wind farm off the


East Yorkshire coast will continue in spite of complaints about


excessive noise at night. Pdople living in Withernsea say thdy're


being woken by the noise, and called for a halt to the work by DONG


Energy. The Marine Management Organisation says it will continue


to investigate the complaints with the company and East Riding Council.


An announcement over the future of Kellingley Colliery near Goole is


expected within days. The government is seeing if it can help financially


towards a managed closure of the pit. It comes after UK Coal


announced the closure of ond of Britain's last remaining dedp coal


mines. Cleethorpes Leisure Centre has


reopened this afternoon. Thd pool had been closed for more th`n a


month after people slipped following a ?2 million refurbishment.


In football ` Grimsby Town twice equalised in injury time in a


dramatic final few minutes of their game at home to Woking. The Mariners


remain third in the Conference after the 2`2 draw at


Another fine day tomorrow, some sunshine, variable amounts of


cloud. High pressure is still in charge. Clear out there. Sthll quite


windy, especially across Lincolnshire. The wind will ease a


little bit. Cloud tending to increase from the west later. Lowest


temperature six Celsius. More cloud around compared with today on


Wednesday. Perhaps a little patchy rain first thing. But the elphasis


is on a good deal of dry we`ther. Variable cloud. Some sunny spells, a


moderate south`west wind. Temperature is respectable, 13` 4


degrees Celsius. That is thd forecast. That is all from the late


team. Look North is back at 6:2 am with the latest news, weathdr and


travel. I hope you can join us then. Goodbye for now.


dry. Maybe a bit of light rain on Friday. A quiet spell for us. Not so


on the other side of the world. As you have been hearing, there is not


a great deal happening in the weather over the UK over the next


couple of days. Meanwhile, we have been attacked


thing -- tracking an active spring storm in the US. There have been


reports of flash flooding and tornadoes. You can see a narrowband


which is weakening and heading out to the Atlantic. It is the Atlantic


tonight that will pick up whether funds to the north of the UK,


bringing with them or cloud and outbreaks of rain. Meanwhile,


pressure remains relatively high to the south. There is a small chance


of patchy mist and fog and low cloud by the end of the night. But




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