12/04/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Mike Wooldridge, BBC News, Lahore. There's more throughout the evening


on the BBC It's less than 24 hours before Hull


City play for a place in thd FA Cup final. More than 25,000 Tigers


City play for a place in the FA Cup final. More than 25,000 Tigdrs fans


have bought tickets for the match with Sheffield United. Our reporter


Phillip Norton is in the capital and has been speaking to fans who have


already made the journey down South. There are a lot back in the hotel.


The police will be buzzing later. `` this is


later. Here in the capital the supporters


are building. Have a meal, enjoy the atmosphere.


When it tomorrow kicks in at. I am hoping to come back for the final.


We are having a great time. I think we make when June`1. `` `1.


If the Tigers managed to beat the If the Tigers managed to beat the


opponents tomorrow. Hopefully it will be a good game.


This is not the pinnacle. The pinnacle is to get to the fhnal


This is not the pinnacle. The pinnacle is to get to the final. I


pinnacle is to get to the fhnal I am delighted for the thousands that


are going. We can only make it special if we win the match. 25 000


special if we win the match. 25,000 house of the supporters are making


the trip. You can hear full commentary on


the trip. You can hear full commentarx on the


F.A.Cup Semi Final on BBC R`dio Humberside. They'll be live at


Wembley stadium with all the build Wembley stadium with all thd build


up starting at three o clock. Elsewhere in football, Scunthorpe


United were hoping to go top of League Two today. Paddy Madden


scored their first, but Burx equalised shortly afterwards. Paul


Hayes then gave them the le`d again, Hayes then gave them the lead again,


before Bury scored in the l`st minute. But with Rochdale losing,


the Iron are now top of the table. In the Conference, Grimsby Town beat


Chester 2`1. Lincoln City fell behind at Salisbury but equ`lised


behind at Salisbury but equalised through Sean Newton before Danny


Rowe scored the winner in the final minute.


A taskforce is to be set up to help miners who face losing their jobs at


Kellingley mine. UK Coal, which runs Kellingley, says trading conditions


are extremely tough and the mines need to close. The Government has


offered a ?10 million loan, but only to bridge the gap between now and


closure in Autumn 2015. The task force will help miners re`train and


find other employment. Five dogs, including a Crufts


champion worth several thousand pounds, have been stolen during a


robbery in East Yorkshire. Humberside Police said the five dogs


were taken from a house in Lissett, near Driffied on Thursday. One of


the dogs stolen was named Bdst Puppy in Breed at Crufts last month.


A relative of Hull's most famous son, William Wilberforce, h`s


son, William Wilberforce, has returned to the city today. His


great, great, great grand`daughter, Lady Kate Davson, was in Hull as


Christians from across the country paid tribute to the anti`sl`very


campaigner. People took part in the day of prayer and Lady Davson said


she hoped Hull's future was brightening.


It is on that list of the 40 most applied cities in this country. ``


deprived. An employment. All these matters needs to be addressed.


Let's get the weather forec`st matters needs to be addressdd.


Let's get the weather forecast now, Let's get the weather forec`st now,


with Jennifer Bartrum. Lots of cloud around and the odd spot of drizzle


continuing into this evening. Staying busy easy from the


south`west. There could be a touch south`west. There could be ` touch


of frost approval spots. Sunny spells tomorrow in London. At home


it will also be a decent D. High pressure dominating next week.


That is all for now. Goodbyd. We start with a look at the latest


satellite sequence, because it shows what has been going on over the last


few hours. This band of cloud has been slipping south across England


and Wales.


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