14/04/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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calls for UN peacekeepers to be sent in. That's all from the BBC News at


Six. ?45 Good evening and welcomd to BBC


Look North. The headlines tonight: A


nine`year`old boy is critic`lly injured after falling from ` coach


on the way back from a rugbx tournament.


The parents and the coaches that were there... They were dev`stated


when they came back last night. Also on the programme tonight: Joy


for the Tigers as they win following one of the best games in Welbley


history. Celebration for Hull City f`ns as


thousands prepare for a rettrn trip to Wembley for the final.


Absolutely delighted... I c`n't wait for the final. We'll be back in a


few weeks' time, and hopefully beat Arsenal.


It has been absolutely wonddrful to be sharing it, and to share in the


atmosphere. Absolutely fant`stic. A nine`year`boy from Stamford in


Lincolnshire is still in a critical condition in hospital tonight after


falling from a moving coach. The boy had been playing in a rugby


tournament in North Norfolk and was on his way home when the accident


happened yesterday afternoon. An investigation is underway into


exactly what happened but it's believed he fell through a door on


the coach. Simon Spark reports. This was the double`decker coach


that a nine`year`old boy fell from while it was moving. The co`ch was


taking children back to Stalford after they had played in a rugby


turn it in North Norfolk. It happened on the A47 near King 's


Lynn. It is said the boy fell from a main door located near the rear of


the vehicle, suffering injuries to his legs and his head. He is in a


critical condition. Very tr`umatic for all those on board. Everyone


involved would have been shocked. The officers intending dash`mac


attending would have felt the same. This is where they were travelling


back to. There were 20 children and ten adults. No one else was adults.


Today, the chairman of the rugby club told us they were all deeply


shocked dash`mac happened.


The parents and the coaches that were there... They were dev`stated


when they came back last night. When we send teams out to play in matches


or tournaments like this, wd expect them to have a good time and come


home safely. On this occasion, but did not happen. The boy has been


moved to a specialist unit. His parents are being supported by


specially trained officers. The coach is still being Simon hs live


in Stamford for us tonight, Simon what can you tell us about the young


boy's condition now? Examined by police. His condition


remains critical. His hospital is renowned. It is one of the only in


the country which has a major trauma centre. The feeling here is one of


shock and disbelief as to how this could have happened. The cltb says


the will have to see what fdels appropriate before deciding what to


do next. Meanwhile, the polhce will continue to examine the coach. It is


in a secure compound. The focus will be that door. The information they


have released today has foctsed on the fact that, just before the


incident, there were a numbdr of people queueing for the toilet.


Then, somehow that door has opened. And the boy has fallen from it. We


will let you know what happdns with that story.


In a moment: A village wherd two schoolgirls were seriously hnjured


gets a pedestrian crossing following a local campaign.


Hull City will get 25,000 thckets when they take up their place in the


club's first ever FA Cup final. After a hundred and ten years of


history the Tigers are finally looking forward to playing hn one of


the most famous football matches in the world. The team will take on


Arsenal at Wembley next month after coming from behind twice to beat


Sheffield United. Sarah Corker reports on how history was lade


Jubilant fans singing and d`ncing along a sunny Wembley way.


Hull the favourites against lower league opposition. And that pressure


showed. A high`tempo Sheffidld going one up. Hull eventually wokd up


levelling with Yannick Sagbo's strike. But the Blades were soon


back in front 2`1. A rousing half`time team talk cued a Tigers


fight back. Substitute Mattx Fryatt quickly making it 2`2. Then some


fancy footwork from Tom Huddlestone made it 3`2. And Steve Brucd


celebrating with some of his own moves.


Then a fourth with Stephen Puinn scoring against his own club. But


the Blades weren't finished, pulling one back late on 4`3.


David Meyler kept his cool, sealing a memorable win. We deserved it We


have had some good results. This could turn out to be a tremdndous


year, if we finish it strongly. It was a very interesting one. It was


an exciting game. He fans, both sets, word great today.


Fans now daring to dream of cup glory and European football.


Tickets for next month's final will cost between ?45` ?115. It'll be a


5pm kick off. The victors pocketing ?1.8m, the


losers ?900,000. Hull City fans have been tr`velling


home after witnessing the dramatic turnaround at Wembley. Hundreds of


people boarded early morning coaches around the city for the journey to


the Capital. Earlier I spoke to Dean Windass who


scored the winning goal for Hull City in 2008 play off`final.


Tonight was a great atmosphdre, a great spectacle for the supporters


and Sheffield United had a right good go. They went 1`0 up in front,


which we didn't expect. We got the equalising goal, Steve changed the


system and we went 2`1 down but we got the equalising goal and in the


second half, Steve made the two substitutions which changed the


game. Was it just nervous? H thought the nerves got to the Sheffheld


United players more than thd Hull City players, being the Prelier


League team but Sheffield United came out with all guns blazhng on


the front foot. Steve recognised that we were getting overrun, and


changed the system, which b`sically worked. The two substitutions, with


Fryatt coming on and Aluko totally change the game. Tom Huddlestone was


probably the best player on the park, and what a fantastic goal he


scored. I never thought we would ever go back to Wembley, never mind


go to an FA Cup final. It is fantastic for the city and great for


the supporters. As you say, we are the underdogs against Arsen`l. We


have got a league game against Arsenal coming up, so we will see


where we can go. What is yotr advice for the team? I think you go there,


you do your best, everybody expects Arsenal to win but we've got a great


chance. Hull City fans have been tr`velling


home after witnessing the dramatic turnaround at Wembley. Hundreds of


people boarded early morning coaches around the city for the journey to


the Capital. Phillip Norton was at the famous stadium on a day fans


will long remember. Hours before kick`off, and `lready


the black and amber army were in fine voice.


Popular Tribfest director Eddie Faulkner got the party started with


hull`themed classics in the shadow of the Wembley arch. Outsidd, the


sun was shining and tiger f`ces were smiling. I came away from the United


States. Excited. Looking forward to the game. I am just so excited. I am


happy. I have been a Hull Chty fun all my life. You have to be there.


On Wembley Way, fans of all ages and all corners of the globe made their


way into the home of football, hoping to be part of historx Among


them, Sherard Pearson. He was there the last time Hull City


reached the semi`finals in 0930 At 92`years`old, his ticket was a gift


from manager Steve Bruce. I took a call and we won. Dash`mac I took a


goal and we won. And then there was 60`year`old


Barrie Kitching, who'd just completed the London Marathon 2 ,000


City fans endured a host of emotions during the 90 minutes beford the


final whistle blew and a pl`ce in one of the world's most famous


sporting events was confirmdd. There is a bit of pressure there,


because you want to try and get back for the game. Normally, you just


take what you get. As it is, it looks like I will see the khck`off.


New line 27,000 City fans endured a host of emotions during the 90


minutes before the final whhstle blew and a place in one of the


world's most famous sporting events was confirmed.


Today, the events of the past 2 hours are still sinking in for fans


who've made their way back north. Brilliant, absolutely fantastic


Brilliant, it has been a brhlliant day. Very good. With fans home, it


is time to start planning the return. Memories made for a


lifetime, and no doubt plenty more in just a few weeks' time. Thank you


for all your pictures. We whll have more of them when we finish.


The National Farmers Union says more than two`thirds of farmers `re


having to clean up other people s waste.


They say fly`tipping in the countryside is an increasing problem


with landowners left to pay the clean`up bill. Items that are


routinely dumped include old fridges, chairs, mattresses and


tyres. One farmer in Scunthorpe says a pig was even dumped on his land.


People reported it thinking it was one of our pigs that had got out,


but it wasn't, it was this flytipped pig, a little micropig. Norlally we


don't take on extra pigs, btt this one we retained, and it's ttrned out


to be very popular indeed. Five dogs, including a Crufts


champion worth several thousand pounds, have been been found after


being stolen during a robbery in East Yorkshire. The five dogs were


taken from a house in Lissett, near Driffied last Thursday, but they've


now been found in Warrington in Cheshire.


Almost 500 families in East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire who've


been unable to return to thdir homes after the winter floods will be


given a council tax exemption. The Government's discount schemd,


originally planned to last three months, is being extended t`king the


cost from ?4 to ?6 million. There are still 200 families out of their


homes in Lincolnshire. And 86 in East Yorkshire.


The RAF has denied newspaper reports that new surveillance planes based


near Lincoln have been grounded over safety fears. Rivet Joint arrived at


RAF Waddington last November. The MOD says they'll be operational by


the end of the year. There are fears that the closure of


Kellingley Colliery in Yorkshire could be imminent after mindrs voted


to reject a Government plan for a managed shutdown over the ndxt 8


months. They want more talks with the owners, UK Coal, and thhs


afternoon miners have told the BBC they're being pressured into saying


they will carry on working with the threat of redundancy hanging over


them. Still ahead tonight: We'll have some


the images that summed up a great day for Hull City fans at Wdmbley.


Keep your photos coming in. If you have when you are proud of `nd you


think we can show then send us. Martyn Leaning took this of


Hibaldstow Bridge. That is ` stunning picture that excitdd the


director and that takes somd doing. Thank you for that. Another picture


tomorrow night at the same time Do not tell me he is on holhday for


a week! I cannot believe it. Yes, as a special treat he hs on


holiday for week. I cannot believe it.


What about our treat? Are you going to take us to London?


I have gone red! Peter, you will certainly get a town this wdek


because we have sunshine on the cards. High pressure dominates which


means find and settled weather but it also means chilly night. There


was a risk of frost tonight and for the next few nights. At the end of


the week the high pressure will move to the east and that will allow a


weak front to push from the north which will bring cloud but not a lot


of rain. That is Thursday and Friday. Today has been pleasant and


the cloud has been cooler along the coast with the breeze but inland we


have got higher. The temper`tures will tumble this evening and


overnight. As the breeze gets lighter we could get a little bit of


a shallow mist or fog. A chhlly start to tomorrow.


There will be the odd isolated mist patch tomorrow but that will readily


left to leave a pleasant dax. Temperatures will quickly rhse after


a frosty start. The cloud whll bubble up but remain unbrokdn ``


broken. It has been quite chilly on the coast today but most co`stal


parts will still have a cool day tomorrow but in line the


temperatures `` inland tempdratures will be similar to today. On


Wednesday a very similar dax which will start with frost and the


highest temperatures will bd on Thursday `` Wednesday. On Thursday


perhaps the odd spot of rain but we continue to have high`presstre


dominating into the weekend. See you tomorrow. Thank you.


A pedestrian crossing will be put in a Lincolnshire village wherd two


school girls were seriously injured in a collision. The 11`year`olds,


who are now back at home, wdre hit by a mini`bus on the A15 ne`r Bourne


in January. The following month more than 100 people attended a public


meeting calling for a pedestrian crossing to be built there. But it


could be another year beford it s installed.


When two schoolgirls were knocked down and critically injured on the


A15 by the village of Northorpe in January the accident shook the local


community. Plans had been afoot to reduce the speed limit on the


stretch of road from 60mph to 4 mph, but they weren't yet in place. We


have been campaigning for m`ny years to get this speed limit herd and we


should have been able to get it down before because we have seen this


coming. Unfortunately it was these two young girls.


Although the lower limit is now in place. Many felt a reduction in


speed was no longer enough. A campaign group was set up to push


the County Council to build pedestrian crossings in Northorpe,


and in the neighbouring village of Thurlby.


For the past few weeks the number of vehicles passing through thhs


section of the road has been counted and so as the number of peddstrians


who are trying to cross the road. The information has been an`lysed


and the results show that crossing would be appropriate here. We always


had concerns about crossing the road for children and for all residents


of the village. The news has been welcomed by those


like John, a father of two, who was part of the campaign. But there are


questions now about how long it will take. I know there are an awful lot


of people who will happily dig holes and put the lights in themsdlves if


they were allowed to sell an explanation as to why it takes 2


months would be welcome. I share the frustration that these things tend


to take so long after the ddcision is made by regulations are


stipulated by the government and it takes a while for things to be


approved and consulted and then react proved before the work orders


going place. To get best value for money we like to plan a reasonable


way in advance. In a statement the family of one of


the girls involved in the accident has urged the council to spded


through what they see as bureaucracy. With a new housing


development underway in the area campaigners say the safety of


pedestrians is now more important than ever.


That's a story you might have a view on. People in Northorpe told us


about the crossing which is coming to the village. If you have a story


you think we should know about, get in touch in the usual ways.


A Boris Johnson of the North is needed to provide strong le`dership


to the region according to ` think tank. The study by IPPR North shows


that people have more faith in local governments than Parliament and


there is a hunger for more power to be devolved.


Mini owners from across the country have been showing off their cars in


Lincoln over the weekend. More than 150 cars gathered at the Br`yford


Waterfront for the city's annual Mini Day. Amongst those on display,


were Minis dating back to the early Sixties. The event is now in its


seventh year. People like it because it is a nice location and it is free


so they do not have to pay to come here and people meet each other


after the winter because it is one of the first events in the HPPR


North calendar. I always relember the classic IPPR North it is an


icon, `` I always remember that classic Mini. It is an icon. It is


great to see them, they put a smile on your face. They are just good


front. I am sorry I missed that my first car was a Mini.


In football, Scunthorpe United manager Russ Wilcox says he's elated


his team have managed to go top of League Two. The Iron could only draw


2`2 draw with Bury despite goals from by Paddy Madden and Patl Hayes.


But as rivals Rochdale lost, United are now top of the table. It was a


great game and a great advert for league to football. We thought we


had done enough to see it ott. All credit to Bari, they kept going to


the death and it was a terrhfic finish. A marvellous season and I


cannot see how people would be disappointed with how we ard


playing. Everyone played well. It is frustrating to give away a point in


the last minute. It was disappointing that we did not play


as well as we usually do and we should have made substitutions early


on. It could have been bettdr but we are looking forward to winnhng the


league. A lighting designer from Hull has


won one of the highest awards in his profession at a star studded


ceremony in London. Tim Lutkin won an Olivier award at the Roy`l Opera


House last night, for his work on the West End production of


Chi`merica. That is an amazhng achievement and another success


story for Hull. Well done to him for winning that award last night.


Back to Hull City's historic victory in the FA Cup. Right across the


weekend you were sending us your pictures and posting them to our


Facebook and Twitter pages, letting us know what you did to celdbrate


the Tigers' big day. Here are just some of the moments you captured for


us, both from Wembley and at home. And Hull City are in an FA Cup final


for the first time in their 110 year history!


# I got the eye of the tiger. # You're going to hear me roar.


# You're going to hear me roar. I think quite a few people were


tired this morning. Thank you for sending us all of those photos.


There are lots more of your photos online. Our Facebook page h`s the


gallery of images from Wembley. Let's get a recap of the national


and regional headlines: Ukr`ine calls for UN Peacekeepers to be


brought in as pro government activists attack government


buildings. A nine`year`old boy from


Lincolnshire is critically hnjured after falling from a moving coach.


Tomorrow's weather: A cold start but a dry and fine day with sunny spells


and light winds. Highs of 14C. Lots of you have got in touch with


us after people opposed to wind farms in Lincolnshire criticised one


of the leading figures in the industry who says they have a


negative attitude towards whnd power. This is story we werd talking


about on Friday's programme. Thank you very much for all of your


responses on this subject. Ht has been one of our most of stories on


This man says that where thdy live the programme. Martin says,


This man says that where thdy live they think the wind turbines are a


big blot on the landscape and the house prices have gone down and


local people cannot sell thdir properties. Join me on the radio if


you can. Thank you for watching and have a nice evening.


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