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in Ukraine. That is all from the BBC News at six. It is goodbye from me


and on BBC One Good evening and welcome to BBC Look


North. The headlines tonight. 37 years after becoming an MP, Austin


Mitchell decides to stand down. A lot of the game to made have been


rolled back by this government. A Government minister says Immingham


needs more flood protection, but won't promise more money, A fire


drives a couple out of the home they'd moved into after their house


was flooded, Politicians from all sides have been reacting to the news


that the Great Grimsby MP Austin Mitchell is to step down at the next


election. He's represented the town in parliament for the past 37 years.


The streets of Hull transformed into the set of a new film.


A weekend of two halves as far as the weather is concerned. I will be


back with the forecast. Good evening. Politicians from all


sides have been reacting to the news that the great Grimsby MP Austin


Mitchell will stand down at the next election. He has represented the


town in Parliament for 37 years. The Labour leader Ed Miliband praised


his "commitment to the people of Grimsby". In a moment, I'll be


asking Austin Mitchell why he's decided to retire. But first, Tim


Iredale looks back at his career. 21,000. Dot. Austin Mitchell has


represented great Grimsby in Parliament since 1977. He says it is


time to leave the political stage. It is time for change, time to bring


in somebody younger. All I can do is go away and weep quietly, which I am


now proposing to do. At a meeting last night, Austin Mitchell told


people he will carry on as the MP until the general election next


year, then he will step down. Austin Mitchell was a familiar face on our


TV screens long before he entered politics. As a reporter with


Yorkshire television, he covered serious news as well as


light`hearted stories. Not surprisingly, for a former TV


presenter, he was one of the leading campaigners in favour of television


cameras being introduced in the House of Commons, of that was


opposed by the then Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher. Most people know


Austin as the local MP. It will be a hard act to follow. He has been a


great servant to the local community. We have political


differences, of course, but our aim is always to improve the lot of the


people we represent. What do we say? Out. A fierce critic of the European


Union, Austin Mitchell is one of the few Labour MPs to support Britain's


withdrawal from the EU. At one point, he changed his name to Austin


haddock to show support for Grimsby's fishing industry. People


still say it is grim up there, but Austen has made it fun. This was the


reaction from Grimsby voters. They should've gone a few years ago and


enjoyed retirement. I wish him well. These can a lot of work for


Grimsby. `` he has done a lot of work for Grimsby. I think we need


somebody new. We need somebody with new ideas. Austin Mitchell will turn


80 later this year, by the time of the next general election, he will


have represented great Grimsby in Parliament for 38 years.


I spoke to Austin Mitchell and asked why he thought now was the right


time to announce his retirement as an MP. While, I think having an


election in May, Parliament will come to an end early in April, and I


think that is time for me to go. I shall be 80 this year. I don't think


there is we will elect a geriatric. I don't want to go, actually,


because I enjoyed the job so much, but it is time to bring in a new


face, new approach, new energy. 37 years. What is your biggest


achievement? I shouldn't laugh, because it is a sad moment. I think


my biggest achievement was getting compensation for redundant


fishermen. The Tory government had refused to pay them. We managed to


get compensation. I think that is the biggest achievement. Life as an


MP is a constant struggle. It is a struggle. The continuous run of


helping people with problems is the most enjoyable thing. You always


supported the fishing industry and the trawlermen. You changed your


name. That is right. The fishing industry asked MPs to change their


name. I was the only person that is enough to do it. I got free fish and


chips. Hansard wrote to me and said, did they want my contributions to be


from Austin Mitchell or Austin Haddock and at last point I changed


back. Will you be sitting next to John Prescott in the House of Lords


in a few years' time? I doubt it. I don't think I shall go there because


I have not made any contribution to the Conservative Party. Would you


like to? Well, I would like to. Politics continues. My history has


been constant rearguard actions, against Europe, against economics of


the Liberal party and the Conservative Party. I am not going


to wish you a happy retirement because I am sure I will see many


times before. We'd like to hear your thoughts on


this story. As he approaches 80, is Austin Mitchell right to retire. How


will you remember him as an MP in this area?


Some of you have already been in touch on our Facebook page.


In a moment: battling for bragging rights in the rugby league derby.


The floods minister says it's "critically important" that


Immingham is given more protection from tidal surges. Robert Goodwill


has been at the port today to look at the damage done in the floods


before Christmas. But he's stopped short of making a firm financial


commitment. More from our Paul Murphy.


You don't need to look hard in Immingham to get a sense of the


damage caused by the tidal surge. At the charity which supports seafarers


they don't expect to reopen fully until September. The entire building


has been wrecked. The telephone systems have got to be put back in.


The alarms have to be put back on. Skirting boards, full declaration,


the far has to be built. But the floods here did much more


than damage buildings. Immingham is a major processing centre for coal,


gas and oil. Many of those facilities were knocked out and the


Government was conncered about the nations energy supply. Today the


floods minster said he wanted to learn how the government could


better protect this port. The call that goes into those big power


stations we all see on the motorway, by and large comes from here. Much


of it comes through here. It is a vital national asset. It is


important this acid is not compromised and put at risk by


another tidal surge. The port operator does not need are simple


enough. Big, stronger, coastal defences. It said that a it would


have also helped to resist the surge. This port is at the centre of


the UK's energy supply industry. If this goes out, we have major issues


for the economy. That has been There's been no commitment given to


fund improved defences, but the tidal surge revealed just how


vulnerable the nation's energy supply is, and that's perhaps the


most compelling argument for giving this port greater protection.


Recognised. Paul is still at Immingham at the moment. What was


the importance of this visit today? I think it was significant he was


here. It reflects the importance of Immingham strategically.


Interestingly, the minister told me that during those Cobra meetings


about flooding in December, Immingham was very high up the


agenda. That tells you what you need to know about how government views


this place. No extra money announced today. That was never the intention.


You could be sure that when the discussions take place, Immingham


will forget largely when it comes to funding flood defences.


Thank you. Some stories now. Two children remain in a serious


condition in hospital after the car they were travelling in crashed into


a ditch in North East Lincolnshire. It happened yesterday on South Marsh


Road in Stallingborough. Police are appealing for witnesses. A former


care home in Hull has been renovated into flat and bungalows. This


development includes 16 flats and two bungalows, and is in great


demand already. Full city council says it has a huge programme of


housing works planned over the next 12 months that will generate


construction jobs and better accommodation for local people ``


whole city council. It is the first time in a few decades such a big


programme has been in place. We are pleased to be able to start that


construction. The chief executive of whole and East Yorkshire hospitals


have announced his resignation `` the chief executive of Hull and East


Yorkshire hospitals have announced his resignation. He had been in the


role since 2010. Modern 200 men who claimed they were


abused at a former school in market Wheaton could see their cases for


compensation come to court. Saint William school, which was owned by


the catholic school, closed in 1992. There has been a long`running


legal battle over hundreds of claims of sexual and physical abuse.


It was a residential school owned by the Catholic Church, and it is


alleged that in its 40 year history, over 250 boys were physically and


sexually abused here. In 2004, the former principal here was jailed for


14 years for abusing boys at the school. He was part of a Catholic


organisation that run the school and provided teachers. The Roman


Catholic dioceses of Middlesbrough owned Saint Williams and appointed


the brothers to manage it. In 2012, the Supreme Court ruled that both


organisations should share responsibility for the abuse, and


between them, share the cost of any future claims for compensation,


which lawyers say could amount to millions of pounds.


What has happened in this case now, Caroline? Solicitors acting on


behalf of of the men who claim their were abused totals about a hearing


at the High Court yesterday. During the hearing, the judge decided that


some other compensation claims should be heard in court and trial


dates will be set for May of next year. It is still hope that the


majority of the cases can be settled without the need to go to court. It


is one of the UK's longest running child abuse cases. Those who say


they were victims here just want it to be resolved.


Thank you for watching. A fire forced a couple out of their own


home. How a film in Hull could bring ?1 million to our city.


If you take a good picture at the weekend, send it in. Lee Wilson took


tonight. Thank you for that. Another picture next week. Good evening.


Good evening. All this talk of retirement. Austin Mitchell, Bruce


Forsyth. Anything you want to tell us?


Happy Easter to you as well. I bought you an expensive Easter eggs


this afternoon. Is that why you didn't answer my


phone calls? I was told you are chatting in the newsroom.


I was buying your pack. The Easter weekend. The first looks


nice. It goes downhill on Sunday. A chilly start tomorrow, but it will


be a bright the day. Beware, very chilly. Quite blustery out there.


Through the evening, we will see clear spells developing. It will


develop into a fine night. A touch of Frost to start the day tomorrow.


As big of a nippy start, but it will be nice. Dry and fine. Plenty of


sunshine. Things going downhill through the weekend. Very chilly out


there. Around average for the time of year. Even colder into Saturday.


On Sunday, ten and wetter. Everybody wants to know why you were


ringing me. Do you want me to tell them?


You are in bad books now. The cool family have lost the last


of their possessions after a fire in their temporary home.


Like many who suffered the surge, Geoff and Stephanie Cowling thought


they had weathered their worst look at the hands of of the element in


December's floods. The scene in their village. Just days ago, their


temporary home caught fire at the hands of the spring sunshine. A fire


investigation report has concluded bright sunlight coming in from one


of the windows behind me hate a mirror and directed concentrated


heat onto one of the sofa cushions, catching fire. Humberside Fire and


Rescue services very rare, and one almost impossible to foresee. They


just act to get my son a computer, mere computer, get a few things back


together, and we have lost everything again. We are back to


square one. The family were given ?3000 from their insurance company,


some of which they used to buy new household items, items they will now


have to buy or borrow again. Friends are wanting to come and help. Even


the builder wanted to take washing for his wife to watch for others.


Members of the community have offered what help they can. Some of


the residents have left money behind a bar for them to come in for a meal


and stuff. We have genetically as well. They were have many worries


about rooting for a few days. `` we have donated a meal as well. You can


always find a silver lining in even the darkest of clouds. I have just


got to keep myself together and hope things will come right. At least we


are not hurt. It could've been a lot worse. Somebody have been killed.


Dreadfully sad story. We wish them the very best.


The BBC has received numerous reports of tremors being felt in the


south of Lincolnshire this morning. They were the result of a small


earthquake which shook parts of the East Midlands at around seven


o'clock. There have not been any reports of injuries or damage. I


headed distant low rumbling sound. A slight vibration. Having gone


through an earthquake, I recognise the signs.


Humberside Airport have announced they will be offering flights to


Mallorca starting next summer. Thomson holidays will be running the


route to Palma from early May to mid October. The airport welcomes


Thomson's return and says it's down to local economic changes. Hull FC


coach Lee Radford says his roots in East Hull will be put to one side as


he takes charge of his first Super League derby tonight. Hull, whose


home is in the west of the City, travel East to Hull KR tonight and


his side go into the game having won three of the last four derbies.


Phillip Norton reports. He's used to the pressure as a


player, having had a vital role in many Hull derbies of the past. But


for Lee Radford, the fixture's been taken to a whole new level when


you're head coach ` especially if you live in the other half of hull.


You can see how important it is. Lee Radford was born on this side of


the River Hull, the dividing line for whether youre a red and white


Hull KR fan in the east of the city, or a black and white Hull FC fan to


the west. And with much of the city united with the football club's


achievements in the past week, tonight's match brings the rugby


rivalry to the fore once again. I live over that side of the city. I


can take the kids to school with a smile on my face if we get a good


result. It is a massive game. It's the 221st meeting between the


rivals. Hull KR trail FC by just one point in the league table, adding to


the importance for the Robins to turn around recent losses in the


derby on home turf. It will be a tough game. We will play the best we


can. A KR fan as a boy, Lee Radford's


done his bit for his native side of the


distribute tickets for next month's final against Arsenal. Season ticket


holders who went to Sunday's win over Sheffield United will be given


the first chance to buy Final tickets. Then after the other season


ticket holders have their chance tickets will go on general sale with


the same priority given to those who attended the cup semi final.


Five people have been selected to carry the


?1 million into the city. It is an industry. It is the thing people


need to concentrate on. The road closures and slight disruption is


worth every penny because of what comes back to their city. The


filming here will take just a fortnight. But with the film going


on global release next year, it will showcase Hull to millions.


Very exciting. Strictly speaking, they were not route masters. They


were introduced in 1954. Let's get a recap of the national


and regional headlines. This is the search continues for


survivors following the sinking of a ferry which was carrying hundreds of


school students. Austrian Mitchell says he used to


alter rubbers in the town in Parliament and the will stand down


at the next general election. Some of the messages for Austin


Mitchell. Doris said, I did not realise he was coming up to 80, I


hope you enjoyed retirement. Another one, he has been brilliant for


Grimsby, put your feet up and enjoy retirement. Graham says, I remember


a young Austin visiting our street party for the Queens Silver Jubilee


in 1977. This is from the Queen family. Thank you, Austin, for all


the help of the fishermen. David says, it should be Lord Mitchell, no


discretion required. He has been one with the people and one for the


people. This is from Mr Blanchard. He says, thank you for looking after


the people of Grimsby from a fisherman's grandson. Nice message.


Thank you for watching. Have a happy and peaceful Easter. Goodbye.


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