18/04/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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back with the late news at 10pm. Now, the news where


Hello and welcome to Look North. We start with the news that at least


six people have been injured in a road accident in Lincolnshire. The


A1104 between Alford and Mablethorpe is currently blocked. It's believed


some casualties have been airlifted some casualties have been ahrlifted


to Hull Royal Infirmary. People are being warned against


bogus loan operators trying to con them out of money. An East Xorkshire


man says he lost ?300 when he thought he was taking out a loan for


his daughter's wedding. It's thought operators are targeting those with


poor credit ratings. Simon Spark reports. We have got eight pages of


documentation. It seems genuine, backed up with


pages and pages of terms and conditions. But this is a scam


targeting those who look for loans online and have poor credit ratings


and it's left this man hundreds of pounds out of pocket, pushing him


further into debt. He's askdd to further into debt. He's asked to


stay anonymous because of the financial state it's left hhm


stay anonymous because of the financial state it's left him in.


They requested a security deposit, basically the first month's


instalment. Then, they said they would need a further ?199 for tax.


They said you have been scanned. You are not getting a penny back. East


Riding of Yorkshire's Trading Standards have had three colplaints


Standards have had three complaints about this particular scam hn just a


couple of days. These particular scam they this specialised hn


scam they this specialised in insisting that you pay throtgh bank


insisting that you pay through bank transfer so the chances of xou


transfer so the chances of you getting any money back practically


nil. Usually, the reputable companies will not ask you to pay


money up front and if they did, the best way of paying would be through


either a credit or debit card, but under no circumstances should you


pay through a bank transfer. I am distraught, I am embarrassed that it


has happened. I have to pay `` take out to payday loans. I'm in debt of


?600 plus the ?300. The govdrnment ?600 plus the ?300. The govdrnment


has a free money advice service and further help can be found through


the Hull and East Riding Crddit the Hull and East Riding Credit


Union. Parts of southern Lincolnshire have


Parts of southern Lincolnshhre have experienced tremors for the second


day running. It was the restlt experienced tremors for the second


day running. It was the restlt of another small earthquake in Rutland,


which hit just before 8am this morning. There have been no reports


of injuries or damage. The first carbon capture and storage


project for the UK could be built in Yorkshire. The European Commission


Yorkshire. The European Comlission has confirmed that the project


has confirmed that the projdct planned for Drax near Selby is in


line to recieve ?250 million. If approved, it'll create jobs and


provide electricity to over ?500,000 homes.


Churches in Beverley have been Churches in Beverley have been


marking Good Friday with a play to re`enact the last week of Jesus'


life. Hundreds took part in The Beverley Passion event earlher


Beverley Passion event earlier today, which is staged everx two


years. The procession left Beverley Minster in the morning and travelled


to Saturday Market. Two tigers saved by a Lincolnshire


wildlife park have been unvdiled to wildlife park have been unvdiled to


the public. Tango and Julia were hours away from being put down


before Woodside Wildlife and Falconry Park near Lincoln paid a


?250,000 to save them. Sarah Corker reports.


Unphased by all the attention, 18`year`old Tango is enjoying his


retirement in Lincolnshire. His partner Julia, more camera shy, left


him to it. With matching tiger tops, children officially opened the


pair's new home near Langworth. On the sign, this is what tigers think


of you, it says. The tigers were rescued from a circus troupe and


were just hours away from bding shot. Tango was bred in the UK and


worked in the circus in Germany alongside Julia. The pair wdre


alongside Julia. The pair were seized by the authorities in Belgium


after being allegedly mistreated. They arrived safely in Lincolnshire


two weeks ago. It has been a six`month project from first hear


about the plight of the Tigdrs. They had been kept in a small circus


style environment. They havd been brought here. They have places to


swim, climb, runabout, play. This is a brand`new purpose`built rdtirement


a brand`new purpose`built retirement enclosure for them. With fedt


a brand`new purpose`built rdtirement enclosure for them. With feet the


enclosure for them. With fedt the size of dinner plates and an


appetite equivalent to 50 bdef burgers a day, they're proving a


burgers a day, they're provhng a hit. Visitor numbers have already


doubled. Football, and Scunthorpe United


doubled. Football, and Scunthorpe Unhted have


extended their lead at the top of League Two. The Iron drew 1`1 away


to Morecambe to continue their to Morecambe to continue their


unbeaten run and open up a two`point gap. In the Conference, Lincoln City


beat Cambridge one nil and Grimsby drew 3`3 against Alfreton.


Time for the weather now with Hannah Bayman.


After a fine, dry Good Frid`y, we are expecting a little bit of late


sunshine and clear skies after dark. It will be quite a chilly nhght


It will be quite a chilly night. Temperatures by Dawn just above


freezing. First thing tomorrow, and they should be plenty of more


sunshine to come for most places. Through the day, it should stay dry.


Nothing more than an isolatdd shower with Tim Rogers Peking and 12


Fahrenheit. Bash 12 Celsius. That is all. Goodbye.


Today we have seen temperatures rising if Scotland but again


tonight, with the clear skies and light wind temperatures will fall


sharply, and for many of us, we are looking at a touch of frost. The


satellite picture tells a story nicely. This belt of cloud is


sitting in the far north-west of Scotland, we have had this cloud


bubbling up across eastern areas and with the northerly wind it has felt


cold with the northerly wind it has felt


going to melt away, we will get an easterly breeze picking the cloud


back in again later in the night in eastern areas and we still have this


cloud and rain in the far north-west of Scotland, but for most we will


have clear sky, light wind, Ness are the temperatures in towns and city,


spin it round into the countryside, you can see it is colder, close to


freezing, it could be down to minus three or four in Scotland. Saturday,


that band of cloud and rain isn't moving anywhere. We will see the


breeze dragging in more cloud into eastern areas in the morning,


pushing into the west in the afternoon. Maybe one wore showers,


more likely in the south-east, but many places will be dry tomorrow,


with some sunny spell, a pleasant enough day. Temperatures similar to


today. Not feeling so cold in East Anglia or Kent. Now,


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