20/04/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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tomorrow. That's it.


Good evening. The Environment Agency has begun pumping hundreds of


thousands of tonnes of sand onto Lincolnshire's beaches to help shore


up flood defences along the coast, work it says is vital to help


protect communities. Although beaches are replenished annually,


this year more sand is needed after December's tidal surge which


stripped a large quantity from the county's coastline. Jake Zuckerman


reports. For 20 years now, Lincolnshire's


beaches have undergone annual repair and restoration. Sand dredged from


the sea bed is pumped onshore to replace that which the sea has


washed away. Without the scheme, the beach here would be reduced to bare


clay. As well as making the beaches more attractive for visitors, the


sand helps protect sea defences, absorbing the power of the ocean.


And on and on the beach because it reduces the wave energy so also


reduces the erosion of the sea. It offers protection to 30,000


properties and 30,000 hectares of agricultural land. This year the


beach replenishment will cost ?8.4 million, almost ?2.5 million more


than normal, thanks to damage caused by December's tidal surge. It shows


just how vital the beach replenishment scheme is when it


comes to protecting coastal communities from flooding and this


year of the scheme will see 520,000 cubic metres of sand pumped onto


their stretch of beach between Mablethorpe and Skegness. Here in


Mablethorpe, businesses like this one say it's vital for tourism. We


have got a fabulous beach. If we have not got the beach for people to


travel on, Mablethorpe would be dead. It is the only reason for


people to come here. On Lincolnshire's East coast, thousands


of homes, businesses and caravans are at risk of flooding. Beach


restoration is an important part of the solution. Jake Zuckerman, BBC


Look North, Mablethorpe. A second person has died following a


crash in Lincolnshire on Good Friday. The 16`year`old boy from


Lincoln was killed when two cars and a van collided on the A1104 at


Saleby Near Alford. A 70`year`old woman also died in the crash, and


six people remain in hospital with serious injuries ` among them is an


11`year`old boy. This was a large`scale incident and


it required a coordinated approach with emergency services involving


five Ian ambulances. `` Ian ambulances. It was flagged by many


as a dress rehearsal for Hull City's FA Cup final match against Arsenal


in May. But this afternoon's Premier League


3`0 defeat has left Steve Bruce rueing missed chances and Tigers


fans hoping they can turn their fortunes around next time the two


sides meet. They are now hoping they can turn their fortunes around.


A game touted as a preview to next month's FA Cup final, the Tigers


will be hoping for better fortune come the 17th of May though. The


advertising boards took centre stage causing a delay, but despite the


disruption Hull started well pressing Arsenal high up the pitch


and almost getting their reward with this Nikica Jelavic chance. But 31


minutes into the match and the Gunners asserted their dominance,


picking City's defence apart and allowing Aaron Ramsay to put them


one up. Then they doubled their lead just before half time with a quick


thinking strike from Lukas Podolski. That same man added more misery


early in the second half picking up this rebound and slotting home to


make the final score 3`0 to Arsenal. Although the Tigers fans were


disappointed with the score, many were still optimistic about a win at


Wembley. A cup game is a different matter altogether. It is about who


wants it the most. A bit dodgy but you never know. Never lost today is


going to win the FA Cup! As a rehearsal to next month's final,


manager Steve Bruce will be analysing Arsenal's play in fine


detail if his men are to stand a better chance of bringing home the


FA Cup. Scunthorpe United could secure


promotion to League One if they win at home against Oxford tomorrow. The


Iron are top of League Two and if the matches at Burton, Fleetwood or


Chesterfield go their way they could get one of three automatic promotion


places. And you'll be able to hear commentary of Scunthorpe United's


crucial match against Oxford on BBC Radio Humberside's FM frequency


tomorrow. The build up starts at 1.30 while on digital and the web it


will be Grimsby Town against Hyde FC and BBC Radio Lincolnshire will have


coverage of trip to Wrexham. Kick off is at 3pm.


Not been so bad weather wise. Good evening. Through this evening


it will turn increasingly cloudy but most of us should stay dry with BS


got some rain particularly in western areas. Quite cloudy soil


temperatures around about 10 Celsius or quite mild. Easter Monday will be


breezy. We should see it brightening up what some sunny spells and in the


afternoon the UNESCO some showers. `` the risk of some showers. Should


get up to 16 Celsius in the sunshine and when they will start to ease


their own. The desk of showers more persistent. That's all for now. I'm


back with a round up of the day's news at quarter past ten tonight,


hope you can join me then. Bye for now.


Hello. Well, it was another lovely sunny day across the north of the


UK. What a difference over the south. The rain set in for the


course of the afternoon. There's more of that to come. It has been


getting heavy across southern England. A narrow band for London,


for the south Midlands, to south Wales and the


for the south Midlands, to south England and into Northern Ireland


for a time. Otherwise it looks like staying largely dry. A mild night as


well. Nothing like as cold as last night. Just the far north perhaps


seeing temperatures dipping away under clearer skies. A cloudy start


for many of us tomorrow. The sun will break through every now and


then. Areas bordering the Irish Sea looking good as well. You will


notice showers developing further south. As we go into the afternoon,


a zone of heavy showers across the south Midlands


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