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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight:


Bidding for millions of pounds of help as we could have two repaired


the roads will be fantastic. Usually I have two spend ?600 to fix my car.


There is still a major problem with the potholes so they need to hurry


up. It will help, but it will not cover all the costs.


Lincolnshire County Council says that it needs ?400 million to fix


all the potholes, east riding County Council need ?200 million. And


councils who can fix the potholes in creative ways may get more money.


Lincolnshire County Council are looking at new ways of dealing


potholes and are trialling a machine which can fill in hundreds of


potholes a day, as Gemma Dawson reports.


This giant yellow machine is making its way around South Lincolnshire,


filling in hundreds of potholes every day. The machinery uses an


airflow to blow out the dust and rubble. We then inject into the road


surface, and then we apply a mix at 100 miles an hour and then this


repair can be trafficked immediately. That is good news for


motorists who often complain about the state of countryside roads. Last


year, 50,000 potholes were fixed in Lincolnshire, so it is hoped that


this machine will help. For six weeks, it has been used by


Lincolnshire County Council. It is costing the council ?1000 per day,


but can repair 300 potholes. A traditional road repair team costs


of 400 per day, but can only fill 80 potholes.


It seems to deliver what we need which is more productivity and


potentially more work done the same amount of money. What about the


impact on jobs? The County Council is to deliver surface `` services.


The most important thing that we can do is to maintain the roads. We're


not just here to employ people. This is not about replacing people with


equipment, this is about getting more jobs done, fixing the road,


getting the potholes fixed. We need to look at the best way to do that.


The County Council is now looking at whether to buy one of these machines


so that they can repair many more countryside roads.


This is always one of the controversial subjects. We will be


asking for your thoughts soon. Earlier, I spoke to Edmund King from


the AA. He says that potholes are a major problem for his members.


From all our surveys, potholes and fuel costs are the main concerns


that cause problems and they create problems for the cars and injuries


for cyclists. This amount of money might sound like a lot, but


Lincolnshire County Council say that they need to spend ?400 million


themselves to fix the potholes. It will not go very far. No, it is a


drop in the ocean. It is estimated that there is a structural


maintenance back fall of some ?12 billion. So this fund can go in to


fill some of the deepest and most dangerous holes, but it will not


address the underlying problems. Do we have to accept that there were


always be potholes, because this kind of money will not be available.


We need to have more of a proactive programme. Sometimes just filling in


the pothole actually leaves a problem in two or three week's


time. And many have too resurfaced the road or it is a economy.


People always say the same thing, they said that they paid their road


fund licence for their roads, not to have their car wrecked. Yes, in my


own card the suspension was racked, it cost me a lot of money. Our


patrol so that they are caught out more and more to punctures and


wheels damaged by potholes. It is a serious problem and perhaps it is


time that some of our fuel duty was ring fenced to going to road


maintenance, because it is the number one concern of road users.


What is your message to the government?


Our message is that this will become a political issue both nationally


and locally, because motorists are getting fed up with the state of the


roads. We would like your thoughts on this.


Should the government be praised for making more money available, or is


it just a sticking plaster that does not deal with the problem? What are


your experiences? How should we deal with potholes? Here is the contact


information. We will have some of the comments


just before 7pm. In a moment: A row about shipping


waste to Denmark from this tiny riverside haven.


Karl Turner, the MP for East Hull has apologised and cancelled a


Labour Party fundraising event following a complaint that he


misused Parliamentary facilities to organise it. He's been accused of


breaching the rules set out for MPs by the House of Commons. Sarah


Walton has been following this story. Where has this complaint come


from? It's been made by a councillor who


received a flyer inviting him to an event here at The Freedom Centre in


Hull, called the Hull and Humber Economic Summit, in May. Big name


speakers listed ` Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls, Lord Prescott. But


Councillor Mike Whitehead, a Conservative Councillor from East


Yorkshire claims that information was sent from an official


Parliamentary email account while checks for the tickets were made


payable to Karl Turner. There's also a complaint that it wasn't made


clear on the flyer that this was an event aimed at raising money for the


Labour Party. An official letter has been sent to the Parliamentary


Commissioner for Standards, and it's being backed by other politicians.


People like the Shadow Chancellor and the chairman of the local


enterprise partnership need to consider whether they should be


attending and speaking at an event which has been mis`sold and which is


raising funds for the Labour Party and is being organised using


Parliamentary resources in breach of the rules. What has been the


response from Karl Turner? Well, I spoke to him a little


earlier. He doesn't want to give an interview, but we have a statement.


In the last few hours he's cancelled the event, saying it will be


rescheduled at a later date. But he also says, "I make an unreserved


apology for any oversight in allowing my Parliamentary email to


be used for a fundraising event. It was not my intention to breach rules


and I will be speaking to the relevant House of Commons


authorities and taking their advice." He wants to know what the


most appropriate course of action would be. Meanwhile, the Standards


Commissioner will now examine the complaint they've been sent before


deciding if an investigation needs to take place.


And it is raining heavily there, we will soon have the weather forecast


for elsewhere. A company proposing to ship waste to


Denmark is facing fierce opposition from people who live near the


proposed export site in North Lincolnshire. Last year, Old Ferry


Wharf Ltd, who are based in Barrow Haven, had to stop handling refuse


after locals complained of flies and the smell. But now the firm wants to


re`start operations using a new product, which it claims is


odourless. Crispin Rolfe reports. They chose to live next door, but


insist they'd never have moved to Barrow Haven if they'd known their


timber yard neighbours were going to handle waste. Last year, Old Ferry


Wharf Ltd stopped operations after complaints about the smell. Now


James Thurlow and Kathy MacDonald are worried by new plans by the


company to ship another waste product, despite claims it's


odourless. It is a real shame, because this is


a beautiful place. It is a nature reserve here, you have residential


property is extremely close to the wharf and it is at the end of a tiny


road. There are much more appropriate facilities, and I know


that this waste is being handled elsewhere more readily.


This is where Barrow Haven lies on the shores of the Humber's South


Bank, just miles from Immingham Docks. And that's solid recovered


fuel ` dry rubbish which, as the company explained at a public


meeting, would be recycled and sent from Barrow Haven to a Denmark power


plant. It is a government approved


business. What about the smell? We are told that it is more or less


odourless. A lot of the staff who work there live near the wharf,


there is no way that we really want to be involved in bringing cargoes


that are unsuitable. I do not have a problem with what they are doing, it


is how they are doing it. I want to make sure that there are


no flies and no smell and It'll be up to the Environment Agency to


grant a permit here, once plans are submitted.


That it is well contained. But if it does, the Agency will also have to


allay local fears that last year's smells won't reoccur, or the company


turn to alternative products. But what's termed refuse`derived


fuel is something we're all likely to see more of, with Yorkshire's


Ferrybridge Power Station soon to embrace energy from waste systems.


The question then for people on the shores of the Humber is where it's


appropriate to ship this refuse to and from.


A man from Hull has been told he'll have to wait until June to leave


India ` eight months after his arrest. Ray Tindall was working for


a security company providing anti`piracy protection. He was


detained with the rest of the crew because of concerns about paperwork


for their weapons. He says the charges have been dropped, but the


court won't reconvene until June. Hull has one of the highest rates of


dog bites, according to new figures. Hospital admissions for dog bites


are three times higher in the most deprived areas of the country,


according to the Health and Social Care Information Centre. A animal


charity in Hull that educates children about dog behaviour says


owners are to blame if a dog attacks.


It's understanding how dogs behave. I've just got a puppy and it is so


much hard work, unbelievably hard work and tiring, and you have got to


be patient and be a pack leader. People don't always understand that,


they let their dogs do what they like. Some people train their dogs


to be aggressive. A lot are in Hull, as a lot of people getting them for


that reason. Still ahead tonight: Air men and


women from RAF Waddington exercise their freedom of Lincoln.


And art on roundabouts ` a sign of things to come.


Please keep your photographs coming in. Here is the one tonight.


Typhoon Jet at RAF Coningsby, taken by Paul Linton who lives near


Beverley. Why am I worried about the paper in


your hand? It is an e`mail, saying that my nine`year`old son always


says your favourite weather girl is on, dad, whenever you are on.


I bet Steve's wife loves you as well. But I have not yet said his


surname. It will be mixed weather throughout


the weekend. It will be rain tomorrow, but then


brightening through the afternoon. Low pressure still persists until


the middle of next week. On Sunday, it will pick up from the east, a


lots more cloud. It will be like today but without the heavy rain. We


have had heavy rain throughout the afternoon. You can see the cloud


moving up from the south and as we head through this evening, further


rain will move northwards. You can see that there will be some heavy


rain spells through there. It will move north throughout the night,


leaving drier conditions later. Temperatures at eight or nine


degrees. The sun will rise at eight 30s `` 5:37am tomorrow. Here are the


tides. Tomorrow will have a lot of the dry weather, but then another


band of rain will move in from the South West. A wet morning, with a


breeze, but it will move to the North. Brighter spells, sunny spells


throughout the day. It will remain cloudy for the longest in the


north`east, but it will even get brighter that later. But if you


sharp showers through the afternoon. Temperature wise, not as warm as it


was earlier this week, but the highest should be 13 degrees. On a


Sunday, a lot of cloud around, quiet on Monday, then more unsettled


weather later in the week. I am sure that the boy is enjoying


that. They've served their country in


warzones around the world, but today RAF staff from Lincolnshire were


thanked by people living on their doorstep. Service personnel from RAF


Waddington marched through Lincoln to mark the anniversary of being


given the freedom of the city. Simon Spark reports.


The sky may have been grey and wet, but the city of Lincoln was a vision


of RAF blue today. Almost 150 men and women from two armed flights


marched with bayonets fixed, flags flying and drums beating.


I think it is important for the area, because RAF Waddington is part


of the area. We are very proud of them. It makes me proud to watch


them. My son is marching with them, so we have come to see the parade. I


wish it would have been better weather.


This is RAF Waddington exercising its right to the freedom of the


city, a right that was granted 55 years ago to the day. And with the


noise and spectacle that brings demonstrated today it's not


something that goes un`noticed. The rain has come down, but


everybody has been addressed so smartly. 55 years ago, RAF


Waddington was given the honour of the Freedom of Lincoln, and that is


something we are very proud of today, because we are proud of our


local community links. It is important to have that relationship


with the military, so that they support us when we are away on


operations. Many of RAF Waddington's men and


women have recently returned from operations from Afghanistan and


throughout the world, but today was a different show of strength, the


strength of its relationship with the people of Lincolnshire.


We've had a big response to new figures which show a street in


Lincolnshire has one of the slowest broadband internet speeds in the


country. People on Station Road in Swineshead have to download web


pages nearly 30 times slower than the national average. But another


part of the county ` Malvern Close in North Hykeham ` has one of the


fastest broadband speeds. Thanks for your responses on this.


Angus on Twitter says: "I live in Boston and my broadband is terrible.


But Terry in Woodhall Spa asks simply: "Did the country not


function before we had computers?" Thanks for all of those.


Hundreds of Scunthorpe United fans will be heading for the South West


this evening ahead of their vital match at Exeter. A win for United


tomorrow could be enough to earn promotion to League One. Our Sports


reporter Simon Clark is already there.


Welcome to Saint James 's. It is from here that the manager will be


controlling the team tomorrow. The scenario for Scunthorpe is simple.


If they win here, they are promoted into League One. Even a draw should


be good enough, because the goal difference is superior to their


rivals. So, how have they got to this point? Wilcox thinks it is


because of the signings of the four new players. He says that they have


been the backbone of this season's success.


Marcus Williams is another one. We have four or five players here with


great experience. You also have people who were promoted last season


from different clubs. That experience has helped the rest of


the group. This is what it is all about, this


is the hottest ticket in town. Hundreds and hundreds of fans will


be coming to look at this piece of turf here, hoping for a piece of


history. Hull City goalkeeper Alan McGregor


could be fit to play in next month's FA Cup Final. Goalkeeper Alan


McGregor ` who was injured at West Ham last month ` won't take part in


tomorrow's league game at Fulham. But he has now returned to training


and could be back for a trip to Wembley.


He is making a desperate effort to be fit for a couple of weeks' time


and I am not going to stop him. But physically he has three broken ribs


and a damaged kidney. He is doing his best to see if he can be fit.


BBC Radio Humberside will have commentary of Hull City's trip to


Fulham on FM.Coverage starts at 1:30. Scunthorpe's trip to Exeter


will be on AM and on digital and the match kicks off at three o'clock.


Grimsby Town's game at Braintree is on Digital and the website.


And Lincoln City's final game of the season against Barnet is on BBC


Radio Lincolnshire. For most of us, a roundabout is just


something we have to drive around on the way to work, but people in East


Yorkshire are about to see them in a different light. Themed art work is


being installed on roundabouts in the area to encourage civic pride.


Jill Archbold reports. If you found yourself navigating


your way to Beverley, there are a few signs you're on the right


tracks. And, as you head to the coast, a suggestion the real


shimmering blue isn't too far away. East Yorkshire council want to


improve more roundabouts like these with artworks.


It is all about pride and identifying a special area. We have


?34,000 worth of sponsorship, so the cost is cost neutral.


It is hoped that this art will give an identity to places that you drive


into. Here, windmills. But they have some way to go if they want to be


known as some of the best in Britain.


This real windmill roundabout near York was once awarded "most


beautiful in Britain" by a man who enthuses about the country's best.


It gives any local council with local pride to put a garden or a


work of art, and it would attract visitors.


But there's a knack to getting art the right way round ` this one in


West Sussex caused problems when drivers thought decorative sheep


were real. But do people in the East Riding think it's a good idea?


When we go to France on holiday, the roundabouts are amazing. It puts us


to shame. It makes the area looks much better. It brightens up the


area. It's been said some islands have an


attractive power ` it's yet to be seen if these can attract more to


visit the East Riding. If you have a story that you think


that we should know about, then contact us.


Let's get a recap of the national and regional headlines: The


government forces Royal Bank of Scotland to reduce the size of


planned bonuses to staff. All of our local councils say


they're going to bid for a share of a new multi million pound fund to


help fix potholes. Tomorrow's weather: Rain during the


morning, but brightening with sunshine and a few showers during


the day. A maximum temperature of 13 degrees Celsius.


A very big response on the subject of potholes. Margaret says, will you


please tell me where our road tax goes? We pay millions in and we get


very little out. I mentioned earlier that a lot of people say that.


Stewart says, why should those others do not own cars pay for


potholes through council tax? Increase car tax so that they can


pay for it. Another person says, councils blame the potholes on the


weather. I am sick of excuses, after all the money that we pay, and


potholes are so dangerous. And another person says, stop moaning


and look where you are going. And one more, someone says if the


government stops spending money on the high`speed rail, they could use


the money on potholes. And after neglecting the roads for years, we


now face the problems of catching up.


Thank you for watching. I will see you on Monday. Goodbye.


In for the sake of British prosperity and jobs.


I'm in because we set the global standards


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