29/04/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Thank you very much. Goodbye from me. And on BBC One


Good evening, thank you for joining us. The headlines: The family of a


woman killed by a partially sighted driver call for a change in the law.


It is just horrendous that the driver has hardly got any vision at


all. He was allowed on the road. Something has to be done.


Also tonight, opposition to plans to build the country's tallest wind


turbines in Lincolnshire. All flights are suspended at East


Midlands Airport after a plane crashes on the runway.


And, can football anthems inspire Hull City two FA Cup success at


Wembley? And it was a cloudy start to the


day. It brightened up by nicely, how is it looking tomorrow? I will have


all the details. The family of a pensioner who died


after being knocked down and killed on a zebra crossing by a driver who


was, effectively blind in one eye, is calling for a change in the law


to prevent another death. 93`year`old Audrey Noden died six


weeks after being hit to you so ago. The 70 three macro 73`year`old


driver of the car is starting a two`year jail sentence after


admitting causing death by dangerous driving. He had a serious eye


condition and had been lying about being fit to drive.


This CCTV footage shows Audrey and her daughter Margaret approaching


the zebra crossing. We saw this car and it was going really slowly. We


assumed it was going to stop. So we started out on the crossing, and it


didn't stop. A second or two later, the care were hit on this crossing


by eight car driven by 73`year`old Peter Conroy. He suffers from a


degenerative eye disease. He admitted causing death by dangerous


driving and was jailed for two years yesterday. Earlier, Audrey's


daughters told me they believe there needs to be a change in the law to


prevent this happening to anyone else. It is just horrendous that a


driver who has hardly got any vision at all is allowed on the road.


Something has to be done, probably when you are applied to have your


license renewed when you are 70, maybe you have to have an


optician's note to say that you are able to drive. Warranty, all drivers


over 70 has to renew their licence every three years. They are required


to tell the DVLA about any condition that might affect their driving. Mr


Conway should have done this. In his case it was a case of self


certification that will continue his licence. He should have stopped at


that point. He knew it was on the form, he knew it was a criminal


offence to fall further details on that form, but he continued to do


so. And this was the result. Audrey's family wanted this footage


to be released to act as a warning to other drivers to prevent anyone


else experiencing the pain they have suffered. I had to go to my


mother's funeral in a wheelchair, and it was horrible. I just wanted


to walk again. I have not coped with my emotions at all. Audrey's


daughters hope motorists will now think seriously about whether they


are safe to drive. In a moment, there is opposition to


plans to build the country's tallest wind turbines in Lincolnshire.


A two`year`old is recovering in hospital in Hull after being hit by


a car. The incident happened on Sculcoates Lane about a mile from


the city centre, just before 5pm yesterday afternoon.


24 hours later, do we know what happened? All that remains to be


seen that an incident happened here is the yellow police markings here


on the road, but we do note that it was he on Sculcoates Lane that a


two`year`old girl ran out into the road and was hit by a car. I


understand that she did live on the estate behind me, and eyewitnesses


have described to me how she ran out into the road before she was hit.


Her family were here and close by at the time, and luckily, there was a


PC as Owen the neighbourhood he was one of the first at the scene. It


was 852`year`old woman driving a blue Mercedes who hit girl, and she


was understandably shaken `` a 52`year`old woman. There was a lot


of screaming. The parents were around. There was no screeching of


tyres. She apparently run out in the road and got knocked down by a car.


The driver was in shock. She could not say anything. I have been


speaking to many who live nearby. Although they are saddened by this


news, they are not entirely surprised that it has happened on a


road like this. There is a 30 mph speed limit, but as you can see,


this electronic sign behind me, the only thing that is registering


speed, and the only speed control in this area, and many residents are


calling for a reduction in that speed limit to 20 mph. At about 5pm


you have got traffic all the way down here. You have got loads of


kids down here from the estate. It is a bad road. My daughter has had a


near miss on it. The latest from Humberside Police this evening, that


this little girl is in a comfortable condition in hospital, but we do


know that she has been treated for fractures to the body and bad


grazing to her face. Now, more than 24 hours since this incident


happened, and Elise are keen to speak to anyone who might have seen


what happened here. `` police are keen.


More stories now from around our area.


A man from Grimsby who committed a number of sex offences over a 16


year period has been handed a five`year jail term. 53`year`old


Stephen Charlotte, who was first arrested in 2012, was today


convicted by a jury at Grimsby Crown Court.


Humberside Fire and Rescue Service has put forward plans to build a


training centre to recreate flooding. The ?3 million site could


be told in Grimsby. It would be the first of its kind and include a


water tank, enough to submerge vehicles. Last December, more than


1000 homes and businesses along the River Humber were affected by a


tidal surge. It is not a question of if these events will happen in the


future, it is when. We need to be as prepared as we can be. Humberside


suffers from all the different types of flooding, including tidal surges.


We need to make sure we are the best prepared in the country. A decision


is expected this evening on plans for nearly 1500 homes in Sleaford. A


developer and would include a primary school, health centre and


shops. The council is recommending the plans go ahead, despite some


concerns about an increase in traffic to the area.


Still ahead toll on ``: Dozens of flights are suspended from East


Midlands Airport after a plane's landing gear failed.


And, the soundtrack to success. The Hull city fans hoping to send their


side to victory in the FA Cup final. We want all the fans to get involved


more all singing and chanting at Wembley. They can certainly make a


difference. Tonight's picture is a real stunner.


If you have got a picture you are proud of, do send it in.


Electronically is best for us these days because we are high`tech!


Now, the weather. We started the day of on a cloudy


note, but it did brighten up. It will be a repeat performance through


tomorrow. It was a fairly cloudy start, particularly across the hills


and along the coast. But it did brighten up and we got some good


spells of sunshine, and it did feel quite pleasant with the breeze


remaining quite light. This evening it will stay mostly dry, but again,


missed and fog rolling in once again. The breeze will remain light


overnight, temperatures not much lower than seven or eight degrees.


Tomorrow morning, the sun will rise at 5:29am. It will be a pretty


similar start to tomorrow morning. Cloudy, misty and murky with sea fog


and hill fog, and there could be the odd isolated shower as we head


through the morning. It will gradually brighten up, but it will


be a slow process. Good spells of sunshine later in the day. For most


it should remain dry with just the odd shower possible. Coolest on the


A succession of whether France on reach 16 `` temperatures.


A succession of whether France on Thursday, meaning it will be quite


unsettled. `` weather fronts. Friday will be a fairly decent day with


plenty of sunshine, but it will be quite chilly. Unsettled through


Thursday with showers and longer spells of rain. Brightening up with


good spells of sunshine, but getting colder.


An energy company that wants to build a wind farm with some of the


tallest wind turbines in the country has been setting out its plans this


Lincoln Cathedral is 272 foot tall. A wind farm development in North


Yorkshire has national importance, which means it


is Westminster that ultimately decides whether it will go ahead,


rather than the local District Council that normally rules on


planning applications. Developers need a presentation today. They say


they expect to submit a formal planning application by the end of


next year. Join me now is Matt Smith from


renewables UK, the organisation that presents the renewables industry. Up


to 22 turbines, should local people welcome this wind farm? They should


because wind energy is helping us to have an affordable source of power.


What the developers are doing is absolutely right, coming in early,


talking to the community, setting out its plans and listening to what


people say, and the planning process will test that scheme and make sure


it is the right scheme for this location. What do you say to locals


who don't want this wind farm? It is best that they look at the proposals


that are on the table and engage with what is happening at the


moment. Equally, the need to realise that wind is supported, so there is


a poll out today from the government showing that 70% of the population


support wind. Yes, you said today that public support for onshore wind


is that record levels. That is a poll that the government released


today. The government needs to take stock. Last week, the energy


minister said there was a lack of support for onshore wind, yet their


own data says there is. You say that, but the wind farm bubble has


burst, hasn't it? The Prime Minister said last week that financial


incentives should not be in place any longer than necessary. I think


12% of the population say they oppose onshore wind. People see it


as a workable, positive technology. People back onshore wind ahead of


other... At Lincolnshire has already got 22 wind farms. It is one of the


three top areas in the UK for wind farms. Hasn't it done is fair


share? The planning decision has to look at humour at its capacity. But


companies will come in, set out their plans, and they are doing a


lot of work to engage and support the local supply chain. What do you


say to those watching tonight who don't want them? Look at the plans,


engage, but be aware that wind is a big part of our energy for the


future. Thank you for joining us. We would


be keen to hear your views on this one. Do get in touch.


We had a big response to Humberside Police cracking down on begging.


Charities say that 200 people in the area have no permanent address, but


police say most people who are begging are spending the money to


fund drink or drug habits. They say some beggars make as much as ?400 a


week. We heard yesterday that somebody and ?160 in half a day.


Thank you to all your comments. " I struggle to believe that beggars


should not begin from money is quite.


Thank you for all your comments. It is hoped that flights at East


Midlands Airport will resume in the next few hours. They have been


suspended all day after a cargo plane lost part of its undercarriage


and became stranded on the runway in the early hours of this morning.


Dozens of flights have been cancelled, and thousands of


passengers have been affected by the incident.


Mike O'Sullivan reports. Sheared off of this dramatic image posted on


Twitter shows the landing gear that parted from the stricken cargo


plane. The freighter plane lay stranded on the runway at East


Midlands Airport after landing from Paris at around 2:30am. The owners


of the plane say it is understood that part of the landing gear on the


left`hand side failed after it slowed down to exit the runway. It


has meant huge disruption for passengers. Buses laid on to other


airports by operators Thomson and Jet2. Initially we thought we were


leaving earlier than this. We thought we would be leaving at 7am.


But that has been a delay, there is a problem with the coach getting us


there. We will have to wait and see what happens. The staff have been


very informative. We have been told that we have now got to get a gusty


Manchester. We are flying out of there instead. But, for Ryanair


passengers, a different story. No buses for them. They have two book


again, or apply for a refund on mine. We got a text about him it's


before we got here to say it was cancelled. We were nearly here. We


have been in a queue for nearly three hours. They have not told us


anything. We don't know if we are getting a flight today. Late this


afternoon, lifting gear was brought in to move the cargo plane, which


was carrying parcels, and operated by an Irish company. Air accident


investigators have started an inquiry.


Our reporter is at East Midlands Airport. What have officials said?


Tonight, there is hope that the lifting operation is well underway


and that flights could resume here at about 8:30pm. As you say, people


are queueing up behind B. A flight to Alicante these people now


checking in. The owners of the cargo plane has said it is a well


maintained aircraft and have apologised for the inconvenience


caused here today. A team of inspectors from the Care


Quality Commission are checking hospitals in Lincolnshire over the


next three days. It is the first time they have stood side in the


county since the trust that runs hospitals was placed in special


measures last summer. The trust believe they are making progress. I


am anticipating that the team will be able to identify the improvements


we have made since last year. But also, it is important that we get


across to them that we know we have still got further improvements to


make and we understand what those improvements are.


Plans to close 30 libraries in Lincolnshire will be considered by


the High Court in London in July. The County Council says it needs to


save more than ?2 million, so it is looking for volunteers to run the


service. In speed town loan striker Colin


Jennings has been ruled out of bed semifinal matches against Gateshead


due to injury. If they get through to the final at Wembley, they will


be just one match away from a return to the football league. It is a good


mood in the camp, quite relaxed, but we are still a couple of days away


from the game. Each hour that passes by, nerves will start to kick in. As


long as we use that nervous energy well, there is nothing wrong with


that. With less than three weeks to go


until Hull City face Arsenal, an anthem is being recorded to spur on


fans and players. It is being billed as a fun song that all the fans can


sing along to. An FA Cup final anthem for the


Tigers. Sector to the Toy Dolls version of Chamakh Nellie the


Elephant. It is a cheesy song. Nellie the elephant is the perfect


song for what we are doing. It is quite a simple song, simple lyrics,


and in a matter of two or three lessons, hopefully everyone will be


chanting it on the terraces. Supporting the band, a group of


loyal fans. I think it is nice to do it for this occasion. I think the


song is all right, and these people are working hard for it. It has got


a catchy tune. Hopefully it will be a good day and they will be singing


it when they win the FA Cup. # Tigers are roaring, destiny is


calling... # football anthems may lift the spirits in the stands, but


success has not necessarily followed on the pitch.


The England team has quite a back catalogue of hits, from world in


motion in 1990, to Three Lions in 1996.


# Vindaloo... # All did well in the charts, but England did not bring


back a trophy. Do you think this could really make


a difference? Definitely, not only are we going to win the FA Cup, but


I think we have got a number one hit record on our hands. The song is


available to download on Friday, with all proceeds going to charity.


Come May 17, those behind it hoped fans will be in fine voice, sparing


the Tigers on to FA Cup glory. `` sparing.


Every cup of the main headlines: The teacher stabbed to death in Leeds


was due to retire. Police are questioning the 15`year`old boy


accused of killing her. A family call for a change in the


law after their mother was killed by a partially sighted driver.


A big response after we talked about the plans for a wind farm. Chris


says" people in Lincolnshire are against the modern, clean way to


generate electricity. Surely not. If it was a nuclear reactor we would


have something to worry about". Jean says, " people were prepared to


halve the amount of electricity used, then maybe they would have a


case". Tom says he is sick of people complaining about wind farms,


scenery is not in short supply and we need renewable energy.


Thank you for watching. Good night.


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