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back in the 1970s. That is all from the BBC News At Six. Time now


Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight: Ten


years after the UK opened its borders to Eastern Europe, claims


Boston will never be the same again. We have had a vast amount of Eastern


European is coming into the town. Anger after one flooded community is


given charitable support rather than compensation.


I'm at Blundell Park as Grimsby Town begin their bid for promotion. The


weather forecast follows in 15 minutes. Good evening.


There are claims tonight that levels of migration from Eastern Europe


have changed one Lincolnshire town for ever. Today marks the tenth


anniversary of migrants arriving in the UK from across the European


Union. Many of those who've come to East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire say


they're happy here and have no intention of returning to their home


countries. But one councillor has told Look North his home town has


changed for ever as a result of migration. Caroline Bilton reports.


Hull's Polish community is thriving. In this one street in the city there


are Polish butchers, bakers and supermarkets ` ten years ago it was


a very different story. Angelika Durda was one of the first


to take advantage of Poland joining the EU ` she came here with her


husband ` he came to work on the south bank as a welder. She gave up


her job as a teacher and she spoke no English. It was awful in the


beginning when I couldn't speak English. I couldn't answer people.


It was very frustrating. I had a lot of help from my neighbours, from my


husband's employer and from the college. I decided to say here. `` I


decided to stay here. Ten years later and she's now set up a


business as a childminder and has no intention of returning to Poland.


Greg Futyma is an entrepreneur ` he runs a Polish website helping


businesses like this to thrive. We got married in 2004. When we moved


to the UK, we just felt like we are creating our home right here. That


is why this town, this city is so close to our hearts. In 2001 there


were just 57 Polish residents in Hull. By 2011 that number had risen


to nearly 5,000 ` a large increase but still a relatively small


percentage of the population of a city the size of Hull. In Boston in


Lincolnshire for example in 2011, there were nearly 7,000 migrants


living in the market town, making up 10% of the total population. And


this has been the result. Protest marches and demonstrations.


Magdelena came to Boston in 2004 ` she started working in factories but


she now owns a bar ` she believes more could be done to create harmony


in the town. We should look at ourselves and be the first to shake


hands and say, hello. It is not this is only need to be English people


coming and welcoming others. Over the decade, we have had a fast, fast


amount of Eastern Europeans coming into the town. It is completely


change the atmosphere and ethos in a way of the time. For these polish


migrants in Hull the last ten years have been a positive experience.


Their businesses are thriving ` success they say they would never


have experienced back in Poland... I caught England my country now,


despite being born abroad. I would fight for England if need be. I


wouldn't for Poland. What's your experience of European migration `


whether you came from Eastern Europe or whether you were born locally?


And why do you think the experiences of Boston and Hull are so different?


Network Rail has apologised to the family of a little girl who died


when the car that she was in was hit by a train on a level crossing near


Gainsborough. An inquest into the death of four`year0old Emma Lifsey


from North Lincolnshire concluded her death was an accident. But the


Assistant Coroner says the warning lights at the crossing were not


bright enough. Sarah Corker reports. Emma Lifsey, described by her family


has a four`year`old rarely seen without a huge, beaming smile.


Throughout the inquest, her family have had to relive the horror of the


day she died. Her grandmother had been bringing her home from


preschool when their car was hit by an East Midlands Trains at a level


crossing. changes more quickly. Network


Rail's risk specialist told me a programme is underway to replace the


old take data security seriously.


Water park specialists have been brought in to look at the water play


area at East Park in Hull. It was closed last year after more than a


dozen people contracted the parasite crypto`sper` idium.


Thanks to everyone who got in touch with us following our story about


plans to rear hundreds of thousands of chickens in Lincolnshire. People


who live in two villages near Sleaford fear they'll be plagued by


smells and extra traffic if a chicken farm is built near them.


Thank you for watching this Thursday night.


Still ahead tonight: After four years in non league football,


Grimsby Town are hoping to move a step closer to promotion. And


popping out for a pint to what could be the smallest pub in the planet.


Sunrise over Withernsea taken by Joanna Taylor. Thank you for that.


If you have a picture you are proud of, send it in.


Smallest pod, I suppose I am small. Listen to this. Somebody says, you


can only present the weather if you have no sex appeal at all.


We will move on. Looks like tomorrow will be right, with sunny spells,


especially in the afternoon. High pressure will build behind this


front. Look at this for Saturday. Gardeners beware, there will be a


fairly widespread ground Frost. It has been a dreary day, especially


across northern eastern areas. The chance of a sharp shower in southern


parts of our region. Lowest temperatures


at around seven Celsius. The sun will rise around 4:35pm. .


Inland, around 11. Watch out for that widespread ground Frost.


Saturday will be dry with lots of sunshine. Temperatures will recover


on bank holiday Monday. We need to cover up our delicate on


Friday night. Be careful. Yes.


See you tomorrow. People affected by serious flooding


in Goole two years ago say they're angry that Yorkshire Water has


offered to set up a small community fund rather than pay full


compensation.The town was inundated with flood water following violent


storms in July 2012. Yorkshire Water says it wants to contribute to good


causes in the town but homeowners say they want more. Amanda White


reports when Jonathan Taylor's home flooded in July 2012 it was his


second flood in a year. A failure at this pumping station


was partly blamed, and now Yorkshire Water is hoping set up a community


fund as a thank you for residents for being patient. I don't think it


is going to be enough, to be honest with you. I don't think they are


going to be liable. If they are not liable, why did they have tankers


coming down here at two o'clock in the morning?


The lack of compensation for affected households here has so


incensed one local councillor he's boycotting the whole community fund


plan. I see that as a cynical attempt by Yorkshire water to divide


this community. Yorkshire water should stand up to their


responsibilities. But a report into the cause of this


flood was inconclusive. Some homes were full of water before the


pumping station failed. The liability issues have been difficult


to prove. Yorkshire water have said they won't pay compensation. The


investigations are ongoing. But an acknowledgement isn't quite


what Jonathan was hoping for. The height was just below mining. We are


worried that we will flood again. Anybody who has been through it, it


There will be no compensation for these households, but community


groups in Goole can bid for cash to support their work. Is devastating


stressful. Earlier I spoke to Gary Collins from


Yorkshire Water and asked him why they won't offer compensation to


homeowners. The report clearly states the number of factors


contributed to the flooding in 2012. What needs to be done is to


fully understand exactly what those different factors were. The interim


report says there was a fault and failing at the pumping station,


second time in 18 months. Don't you owe it to the people to recompense


them? The interim report came out quite early after the incident. We


have been building a model which tells those about the circumstances.


What you say to the local councillor who said today it is a disgusting,


cynical gesture, insensitive and an insult? Well, I am disappointed that


he has taken a stand. I know they work hard for the benefit of the


community. We would've liked the cancer to give his experience and


knowledge of the town. Going forward, we do work closely with the


council. We look forward to continuing to do that. ?119 million.


You are offering a small fund to support charities and organisations


in the area. How much will that be? The amount has not been agreed. The


meeting will take place next week. Approximately how much? That is what


we need to work through at the meeting. Once we have had that


meeting, we'll have a better understanding and we will build to


save them. Your message to people in cool whose insurance premiums have


gone up because of this, what would you say to them? `` your message to


people in Gaul. We continue to work closely with the East Riding


Council. There has been some great work undertaken.


Very good to have you on the programme. Thank you.


And this is another story we'd like your thoughts on. The report says


it's not certain that those floods were caused by Yorkshire water so


should they pay compensation. If you were affected by the flooding, what


are your thoughts? Tonight sees an important game in


the history of Grimsby Town who could move closer to regaining their


league status. Four years ago The Mariners were relegated into


non`league football and it's been a frustrating time for the club since.


Here's Simon Clark. They want a new stadium and they


want their league status back. And that's why so much is riding on this


game tonight. Four years in non`league football and Grimsby Town


want to be back in the big time. It doesn't matter whether you finish


second or fifth. You would expect all the games to be close. Teams are


quite evenly matched. We are excited. It will be a massive game,


massive occasion. I think the general feeling is massive


excitement. The Mariners host Gateshead tonight


with the return on Sunday. If their aggregate score is better they'll


progress to a Wembley final on the 18th May against Halifax or


Cambridge for the right to earn their league status. Their defence


is rubbish. The goalkeeper is good. We need to keep him. I think we may


hedge picked. Plans for a 14,000`seat stadium is all well and


good but it will require league football to fill it. The games is


important. At the end of the day, it is not vital to the football club


but it is important to get back in the league. We have our fingers


crossed. So as the players contemplate the


future, this is more than just another game. Simon, what are the


chances of Grimsby Town ending their time in non`league football? I think


it is as good as any of the other three clubs involved. They are also


close. Take tonight's opponents, for example. Gateshead. They finished


one point ahead of Grimsby town on the table, and they scored as many


victories as the Mariners. Gateshead have plans to move to new stadium.


Grimsby need a good lead tonight. If they can get through these two, it


is another Wembley final. Thank you. And you can hear how Grimsby get on


with BBC Radio Humberside tonight. North Ferriby United were beaten


last night, denting their hopes of promotion to the Conference Premier.


The Villagers lost 2`0 to Guiseley, in the first leg of their semi final


play off. The second leg is at home on Saturday.


Thousands of Hull City fans have been queuing at the KC Stadium to


buy tickets for the FA Cup final. People who'd been to the semifinal


were able to get tickets today. Some fans had queued overnight to secure


their seat at Wembley. It is what it is all for, isn't it? It was cold at


130 in the morning, but worth it. We will be there. It is great, isn't


it? FA Cup final. Can you believe you are going to an FA Cup final?


Well, not sitting. Fantastic. People in Cleethorpes have been


toasting the re`opening of one of their favourite pubs, but it's a pub


with a difference. The Signal Box Inn, which sits within the


Cleethorpes light railway, claims to be the smallest pub on the planet.


You are looking at a success. It boasts a large number of different


ales. Why is it so hugely popular? Because it is claimed to be the


smallest pub on the planet. This is the normal sized landlord, Alan. He


will take is on a very short tour. As we arrived at the smallest pub in


the world, you come through a beautiful, well decorated entrance


to a site of alcoholic interest. You can see the different readers we


have had the previous year on the wall. You can sit down in a nice


cosy corner and few a nine hole golf course. Being only 8' x 8' square,


there is room for these games only on the ceiling. There is just about


room for me and Nigel. Cheers. Cheers. You get busy night. Cider


weekend is good fun. This is Nigel's footage of just turning


people they can serve from such a small space. It is special, good. It


is unique and different. It is not like your usual big brand pubs. So


nestled within a small`scale railway, is maybe the world's


smallest pub with the largest amount of local respect.


Let's get a recap of the national and regional headlines. Gerry Adams


remains in custody. A decade after Britain opened its


borders to Eastern Europe one councillor in Boston has told Look


North the town will never be the same again.


We were talking about migration. A big response. Thank you for the


messages. Down in Hull says, every shop in the street naming his


Eastern European. Live in this country but don't try to turn it


into your own country. Make says, I used to visit Boston regularly but I


don't because it is full of young men speaking Polish, which I find


intimidating. Another one saying, if not for immigrants, Boston would be


very boring. David said, Boston is lively and has benefited greatly


from immigration. If the immigrants were to leave Boston, it would die


quickly. The farmers would struggle to find people to work on the land.


I welcome immigrants. Simon says, I work on side Eastern Europeans and I


find them very friendly with a very strong work ethic that puts others


Brits to shame. Thank you for watching. Goodbye.


'The last two generations have been robbed of an opportunity


'And yet it has greater impact on our everyday lives than anything


'We need to put this issue to bed now,


'and not leave it for another generation.'


I want a Britain that is free to control its own destiny.


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