05/05/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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on the BBC News Channel. We are back with the latest News


Good evening. Investigations are continuing into how a fire destroyed


two businesses in Hull. It started at a plastics recycling plant on a


Saltend industrial estate. At its height, huge plumes of black smoke


could be seen for miles around. Now fire crews say they're likely to


spend two more days there, as Caroline Bilton reports.


24 hours on and still burning. These are the charred remains of two


businesses, a plastics recycling plant and a forklift truck company.


Both completely destroyed. Hundreds of tonnes of paper and plastic went


up in flames, the fire so intense it melted the perimeter fence, which


made for challenging conditions for the fire crews trying to bring it


under control. Once it catches fire, the risk for us is not only the


smoke, but it spreads very rapidly. So it's a case of balancing the


safety of our own crews with extinguishing the fire as quickly as


we can. So really challenging. It started yesterday lunch time,


captured on camera by those working nearby. The black plumes of smoke


could be seen from miles around. Everybody ran out into the street


and saw the black smoke. It was just like a big black mushroom in the


sky. It was really, really black. In the village of Preston, the fire


caused a power cut. For this local pub, it couldn't have come at a


worse time, right in the middle of lunch service, and it lasted for 11


hours. Luckily, a customer went home and brought me a massive, big box of


candles. I'm running to the old neighbours to take them them,


because nobody had matches, even. ?? WHITE It also started during a


five`hour walk`out by firefighters in a dispute over pensions. The fire


service said it tested their contingency plans did but not affect


the way they fought the fire. Their work at the site is expected to


continue into tomorrow. In other news, Six people have been


injured in a three`vehicle crash near Skegness. The A158 Burgh Road


has been closed for most of the afternoon. None of the injuries are


thought to be life`threatening. Earlier, the A15 near Lincoln


reopened after a man was airlifted to hospital following a collision


between a car and a motorbike. Probation officers say plans to


privatise part of their service will put people at risk. The Government


wants to outsource the care of medium`to`low`risk offenders and


says reforms are being rolled out in a way that maintains public safety.


Unions disagree and have held a series of strikes to show their


opposition to the plans. Emma Massey reports.


Offenders on community orders working with the probation service,


making sure they don't get into trouble again. New changes to the


service will mean offenders who've served sentences of less than a year


will now also be given support. It's been a glaring gap within criminal


justice, and successive governments have done nothing about it. This


Government has introduced provision for it, and on that basis, I welcome


it wholeheartedly. The current probation trust will be split. The


National Probation Service will remain in place to manage high risk


offenders, but the responsibility of low`to`medium`risk offenders will be


privatised, leading many probation workers to take industrial action,


saying reforms could put the public in danger. The group of people who


make up the low`to`medium`risk tend to be domestic violence


perpetrators, robbers, burglars, gang violence, alcohol`fuelled


violence. How can we be sure or confident that the public are going


to be safe? We are fundamentally against any privatisation, but we


would understand a pilot, because that would actually show whether it


would work, whether there's any evidence based on what the new


projects will do, whether there are any difficulties and flaws, which is


what we anticipate. The Ministry of Justice says:


The unions argue that these changes could have happened without


privatisation. They say they'll continue to fight against them.


Veterans from Hull have received a special torch from the Dutch to


thank them for their efforts during the Second World War. The Flame of


Liberation was handed over during a ceremony overnight. The veterans,


who helped free Holland from German occupation almost 70 years ago, will


bring the torch back to Hull later this week. At last, we have


accomplished what we set out to do. Now we have got to accomplish the


second part, which is to get it back home.


The Hull City manager, Steve Bruce, has admitted his side can now look


forward to the FA Cup Final, after securing Premier League survival.


Norwich City drew at Chelsea yesterday, meaning the Tigers cannot


be relegated. Arsenal's win also means Hull City will be playing in


Europe for the first time in their history next season. An FA Cup final


is something to look forward to, but it has been around the corner now


four weeks. It has been difficult to focus everybody. Thankfully, the


season is now coming to a close and we are safe, which is a fantastic


achievement. We can look forward to the cup final, and of course, the


added reward of being in Europe, too, is quite remarkable. The


weather. What a lovely day it has been. Very


similar tomorrow. Sunny spells, feeling born, just an isolated


shower. Patchy rain will push in from the West later this evening. It


will be heavy and persistent for a time, just about clearing the coast


from dawn. Just a bit of rain around the coast at first light but that


will soon be into the North Sea and then sky is bright. It looks to be a


lovely day. Fine, bright, some sunny spells and just a small chance of


catching a shower. Moderate South West wind. 17 Celsius is 63


Fahrenheit. Wednesday is not looking too bad. Sunny intervals with a view


scattered showers but it turns much more unsettled for those I am


Friday, with some heavy downpours expected. That is the forecast.


We are back at around 10:20pm tonight.


The sunshine today for the bank holiday produced the highest


temperature of the long weekend in eastern England today, at 20


Celsius. But to the west, the cloud has been gathering. We have seen a


bit of rain in Northern Ireland and western Scotland, but the thicker


cloud now pushing into the south-west of England is delivering


more rain. It will become more extensive over the next few hours. A


ragged area of rainfall will move east as the night goes on. If you


have yet to make your journey home from the bank holiday weekend, you


may encounter sums are a. -- some spray. Temperatures are not too bad


. The good news is that most of the rain


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