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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight. A


worker dies at the Cemex cement`making factory. Al baguette


and local reaction to the tragic incident `` al be getting.


As Hull City prepare for their first ever European competition, how will


their success reflect on the area? Clearly the value of this


competition to the city goes beyond everything.


Veterans from Hull are honoured for their part in liberating Holland in


World War II. Boston Stump re`opens after being


severely damaged in December's tidal surge. Don't forget that forecast in


15 minutes. A man has died after an incident at


a cement making factory in North Lincolnshire. It happened this


morning as he was working to repair part of the Cemex plant in South


Ferriby which was damaged by December's tidal surge. Our reporter


Kate Sweeting joins me now live from South Ferriby. Kate, what more do we


know about the incident? This is thought to have happened


mid`morning today. The man, who's a German contractor in his 30s, was


working to repair flood damage here, which happened during the December


tidal surge. Earlier I spoke to the first aider who treated him who told


me he fell, sustaining serious injuries which killed him. All the


staff was sent home early today. This factory is a big employer in


South Ferriby, and people locally have been hugely shocked. I've only


just heard the news. It is sad. You don't expect it. You think


everything is getting back to normal. What other company said? ``


have the. The company has released a statement. "All operations and work


at the plant have been suspended. We are working with the relevant


authorities to investigate and fully understand the circumstances of this


tragic incident. Our thoughts are with the contractor's family and


friends." The Health and Safety Executive is currently


investigating, as are Humberside Police. As well as being tragic,


this is another big blow to the company which has been going through


a very difficult period. Like many houses here it sustained serious


damage during Decembers tidal and repairs still aren't complete,


and it was those repairs that this man was working on when he was


killed. Thank you very much. In a moment. Worries shellfishing off the


Lincolnshire coast could be damaged by a new wind farm.


There is massive impact from these works and we need to know our


industry will be able to continue. Hull could get 'priceless publicity'


and millions of pounds of extra business after the football team


qualified for European competition for the first time in their history,


as FA Cup finalists Hull City have earned their place because Arsenal


have qualified for the Champions League. Our sports reporter Simon


Clark has been finding out what European football will mean for the


city. It's now required reading and today


football fans in Hull are pouring over the Atlas knowing their dreams


of playing in Europe have been realised. Hull City will blossom


into the Europa League thanks to their progress in the FA Cup and


opponents Arsenal's qualification for the Champions League. There is a


sense of disbelief from even the most optimistic of die`hard fans.


Those chats you have when you say, would you rather win the cup or be


in Europe. I really didn't think the second would happen. It is good for


the city. More people coming in. City of culture. Which team would


like to see most of all? Spanish teams really. Valencia, Sevilla.


Just any decent team. So what is it worth to club and city? Based on


last season's figures each round earns you a minimum of 100,000


euros, plus a share of television revenue. The winners Chelsea took 5


euros million in prize`money and when other revenues come into play


pocketed 11 million. And with an attractive draw the economy could


earn upwards of ?2 million in visitor revenue. But economist and


Tigers fan Michael Nolan says that figure will only be realised with a


decent draw. The type of teams that we might get could vary quite a lot


in terms of both their size in terms of their fan base, also the


distances involved and indeed the nature of travel and how they would


possibly choose to visit Hull. Ten years ago Hull City were being


promoted from the bottom division of English football and in that season


they played Boston United, Lincoln City and Scunthorpe United. Next


season they could be playing teams on Bilbao, Lyon or even Athens and


Hull in the East Riding is set to benefit.


Sumner news `` some more news. Lincolnshire Health Trust have


introduced parking charges for disabled drivers for the first time.


Blue badge holders will now have to pay a flat fee of ?1.50 to park at


their hospitals. Other parking charges have also been increased by


around 10%. Also the Trust has agreed that certain patients such as


those having regular treatment for cancer and adults accompanying


children having emergency treatment will be exempt.


Roger Helmer, who represents Lincolnshire as a UKIP member of the


European Parliament, is to stand for election as an MP at Westminster.


He's been announced as UKIP's candidate in the Newark by`election.


Hull's city of culture team says it will give work to Hull`based firms,


despite criticism it's using a London`based recruitment firm to


fill its three top jobs. Hull City Council is paying a national company


?60,000 to find it a chair, a programme director and a chief


executive. But some Hull`based businesses are angry that no


recruitment companies in the city were asked to tender for the


contract. Once again Hull City Council has not


had faith in their local businesses. The people who pay the rates.


They've taken the money out of the town and giving it to a London based


agency. We are more than capable of doing that. Is this going to be the


case for every single thing that happens now with the 2017 city of


culture? To get the top people we were told you need a top agency.


They have linked into people who know people as well as people on


their books, and of course a lot of the art world, the leading figures.


They tend to revolve around London. You might have a view on this story.


Should more have been done to try and use companies in the area to


fill this role? You can contact us on the


following. They are two of the most important


industries off our East Coast ` fishing and offshore wind. But


concerns are being raised about how they can work together. Plans have


now been unveiled for the latest wind farm off the East Coast. It


will cover nearly 30 square miles in the Lincolnshire Wash. But as our


Business Correspondent Paul Murphy reports, there are already fears


about its potential impact on one of the UK's most important areas for


shellfish. Hundreds of wind turbines have


already been installed off the East Coast and there are many more on the


way. The latest is in the wash, and those plans are now being shared


with local communities. 90 turbines linked by a cable to an onshore


substation, and the promise of local jobs. What we have seen in other


wind farm developments is that there are significant opportunities for


the local and regional businesses. If we look at London whrere we


recently built on the Thames Estuary, we have seen over 1000


people engaged in the construction of that project. But the turbine


field will need to exist alongside another important local industry,


shellfish. It's thought to be worth around ?35 million a year for the


local economy. Cockles, mussels, shrimp and crab. It is one of the


biggest fishing areas of its kind in Europe. But the fishermen are


worried. If we have got to fish less, if we have got to to turn


round and give ground, if we are hampered and stop going to our


normal historic fishing grounds, then we need some form of recompense


to cover those losses. The fishermen's fears are that laying


cable and driving turbines into the sea bed could destroy the shellfish


habitat. You're now going to put pylons on. What's going to happen?


Trawlermen here are already involved in a bitter legal dispute with


another wind turbine company over alleged damage to their fishing


grounds. These two industries seem a long way off from being able to work


together. But the developers say they want to work with the shellfish


industry. We are already right now building one wind farm off the east


Yorkshire coast, so we've already been engaging with fishermen further


north. We know how important it is to find a way of working together to


find solutions that work for us and work for the fishing industry.


Installation work begins next year. Perhaps this is a real test of


whether these two important industries can actually work


together. Vital for our part of the world.


Should there be more protection for fishermen in the area orders the


wind industry need freedom to develop? You can e`mail us and text


us. Still ahead tonight: World War II veterans from Hull bring home a


Flame of Liberation from Holland. And we've got some essential


information for Hull City fans considering following their team


into Europe. Neil Nicklin took this yesterday at


Blue Bell Woods near North Cave. A lovely picture. Another photograph


tomorrow night. I hope you have a good weekend. `` had. I heard about


all of the rain. Anyway there are rumours on Twitter that you got


married? Tomorrow is a bright start. It will turn showery from the west.


You can see this weather fronts here. Later in the day but certainly


the morning looks OK but we are looking at a downward trend with


increasingly unsettled weather over the coming days. It has been another


lovely day, temperatures around 16 degrees. One or two showers have


been triggered. You can see the clouds on the pictures here. One or


two showers in the next few hours, with sunny intervals in between. We


have rain in Ireland at the moment which could push eastwards. 10


Celsius is 50 Fahrenheit which will be the top temperature tonight. The


sun will rise in the morning. Mostly dry and bright start to Wednesday


when some sunshine. There will be one or two showers but the morning


is not too bad. Clouds will increase an afternoon will turn showery.


Showers pushing in on a stiffening south`west wind. Those temperatures


as taking a bit of a head, a couple of degrees down on where there have


been, with top temperatures of 14 degrees across the east riding. So,


Thursday. We will see some outbreaks of rain spreading north easterly.


Friday has some heavy, perhaps thundery showers developing and


Saturday will be rainy again. It turns increasingly unsettled over


the next few days. Jim is watching the show in Spain tonight. Even I


can forecast there. See you tomorrow.


World War II veterans from Hull will return from the Netherlands this


week carrying a special flame, which commemorates the country's


liberation. The flame is lit every year to mark the anniversary of when


Germany surrendered in Holland. Members of the Normandy Veterans'


Association were presented with the Flame of Liberation at the weekend


in Holland. It's usually sent to communities across the country, but


this year for the first time, it will also be carried back to the UK.


Gemma Dawson has been following the veterans and sent this report.


Remembering those they lost, here in the land they helped to liberate.


Very emotional. Thinking about the lives were lost. Laying a wreath


here, thinking about the airmen who drowned. British and Allied troops


arrived in the Netherlands in 1944 ` after four years of German


occupation. It was so hard to dry the Germans out of Holland and it


was a long hard battle, and during that time the Dutch people didn't


have any food. `` drive. They were starving. Now almost 70 years on,


thousands turned up to welcome the veterans back ` walking side by side


in a silent march through the streets of Wageningen. Later, the


Chairman of the National Committee of Commemoration told me people here


want to thank them for their efforts. Over the years people in


the Netherlands and other countries realise that it is important what


veterans have done. You have to honour them and that is happening


now. I'm very happy about that. Every year, to mark the day when


Germany surrendered in Holland, a flame is lit here. At this ceremony


the veterans have received a special torch lit by the flame of


liberation. It is a symbol of freedom which the veterans say is


priceless. He is going to take the fire, take the torch, keep it


burning. And marching. It's quite a unique feeling. I can't say any


more. They're still here and to come to our commemoration is an honour


for us. For us it is special, but always within the Netherlands and


for the first time that is getting back to England. As communities from


across the Netherlands collect the flame and head home, the veterans


too will return to Hull where the flame will be welcomed on Thursday.


Five months after it was badly damaged by flooding, the Boston


Stump Tower has re`opened to the public. The well known landmark was


damaged by the December tidal surge. Church officials say other repair


work to parts of St Botolph's could take another 18 months. Simon Spark


has more. Setting up shop again for the first


time since the floods of December last year. It is a long recovery for


the iconic landmark but now with the shop reopened things are starting to


get back to normal. We are happy to be up and running again after a long


time. It has been a long five mums with a lot of hard work. There's a


lot of work to do and it is expensive. As churches go this is an


attractive church. With a tower reopened people can witness the


breathtaking views across Boston and of course the river that cause so


much devastation just five months ago. It couldn't have looked more


tranquil today but compare this with the scenes of December the 5th. It


was devastating for people to see and just the volume of water that


came through. People worked so hard on the building year ensuring it is


maintained in a way that it helps the community. When things happen


like that it is about the town. There is still a lot of work to do


including the electrics, the entire heating system and replacing the


platforms. All that could take another 18 months.


Police are now treating a fire at a recycling plant in East Yorkshire as


arson. A joint investigation has begun between the police and the


Fire Service to find out how the plant burnt to the ground at Saltend


on Sunday. Firefighters have been using heavy lifting machinery to


clear debris, which is still smouldering.


At the moment we can't determine what the cause of the fire is so we


are classing it as arson. We have a joint investigation between the


police and the fire brigade and that is ongoing at the moment. So we are


appealing for anyone in the area at the time to come forward. There is a


lot of public highways at the back where people might be walking their


dogs. We are asking them to come forward if they were in the area.


Sun News just coming in. Firefighters are trying to control a


fire at a recycling plant. They were called at 6pm to a building. We will


let you know on that one. A young choir from Lincolnshire narrowly


missed out in the final of Songs of Praise's School Choir of the Year.


The students from Lincoln Minster School made it to the final six and


got positive comments from the celebrity judges, including Gareth


Malone. These students from this cruel got


to the final six of the contest and got positive comments from this


levity judgments `` celebrity judges. Scunthorpe United are


preparing for a bus tour of the town to celebrate their promotion to


League One. The tour starts tomorrow evening from 5.30pm at Glanford


Park. The bus will drive along Scotter Road, Moorwell Road,


Messingham Road, Ashby Road, Oswald Road and Frodingham Road ` before


travelling to Normanby Hall for a civic reception with the Mayor at


6.30pm. It starts off at 5pm here when we


have the trophy and the medals presented to the players. We hop


onto the bus at 5:30pm, going on a tour around the town. Really looking


forward to it. Hopefully is going to be a fantastic turnout from the fans


and they can cheer us round the route.


The Hull City manager, Steve Bruce, says his side can play their final


two league matches with more freedom after securing another season in the


Premier League. The Tigers lost 3`1 against Aston Villa at the weekend,


but their safety was guaranteed when Norwich only drew at Chelsea on


Sunday. Hull City play Manchester United tonight.


We've got Manchester United and Everton, which is never going to be


easy. So we have Manchester United, Everton and Arsenal. Big games to


look forward to but we can go and have a freedom about us, and


whenever you go to Old Trafford it's where you want to play. There will


be 75,000 people there and it is a wonderful place to come.


Commentary is on BBC Radio Humberside from 7.45pm. Their sport


programme is on air now. Hull City fans are getting ready to


clock up miles as they enter Europe. One of the further strips could be


two North Eastern Turkey, more than 2000 miles away. We sent our


reporter to see how fans are brushing up on their language skills


in preparation. Yorkshire's only maritime city has continental


influences. It has a ferry links to Holland and Belgium and has long


promoted its out to the gateway to Europe. Now with the possibility of


football matches as far as field as Turkey, Sweden or Germany, fans will


be travelling thousands of miles on their quest for European glory. Fans


on their way to denied's game were already daring to dream about


foreign adventures. Fantastic to see foreign teams come here because they


will bring a bit of flair. What can you say in German? Do you really


want to know? I would like a beer? You would like to go to Spain? What


is your Spanish light? Both lands flying the flag on the continent,


they will need help leading the lingo. How would they say up the


Tigers in French? And in Italian? And what about in Greek? Travel


agents say fans could soon be off to some unusual locations. There are


quite a lot of clubs in Scandinavia and Russia. There are places like


France where it is easy and other places where it is not easy. I don't


think we were travel very well. The flag will travel weathers. Tigers on


tour, watch out Europe. Let's get a recap of the national and regional


headlines Politicians take action over the biggest ever proposed


foreign takeover of a British company ` the bosses of US


pharmaceutical giant Pfizer and the UK firm Astra Zeneca will appear


before MPs. A man has died after an incident at


a cement making factory in North Lincolnshire.


Tomorrow's weather: A dry bright start, cloud increasing with a risk


of showers spreading from the west. Maximum temperature 14 Celsius.


A response on the fact that the City Council might be using a firm in


London to find someone to run the city of culture. Caroline says she


thinks it's disgusting. Tracy says what a surprise. No fade in our own


ability to stop Amanda asks how we expected to be proud of our culture.


The government promised jobs to local people in Hull. Why are they


using people in London? Thank you for those. Have a nice evening.


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