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combat for the first time. That's all from the BBC News.


Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight: The


mother who says she's being penalised for keeping a spare room


for her son who's on a tour of duty in Afghanistan.


When it was thrown at is that we had a backdated arrears amounted to pay,


it made it very difficult to be able to stay within our means.


Myth`busting ` the operations being broadcast live for the first time.


The plans to transform this quiet Linconshire waterway into a busy


marina. Hull's veterans who freed Holland in


the Second World War bring home the symbol of their victory. The latest


forecast coming up in 15 minutes. Good evening. A mother from North


Lincolnshire is accusing the government of forcing her to live in


poverty after changes to our housing benefit. Lorraine Seath from


Scunthorpe says she should be able to keep a bedroom spare for her son,


when he is home from serving with the RAF. But the government says if


she does, she will lose some of her housing benefit, in what critics


call the bedroom tax. Crispin Rolfe reports. An extra space for


Lorraine's son Simon. The bedroom cost the family housing benefit.


Simon works for the RAF in Oxfordshire, but comes home at


weekends to see his daughter. He has a daughter here. He has


relationships with people, neighbours and family that he comes


back to, to maintain. Why, then, could he not pay your subsidy? He's


paying his council tax and his board where he lives. Because of living in


barracks down south, Simon's bedroom, which he shares with his


daughter, is not exempt, point to put the Prime Minister yesterday. As


the Prime Minister think it is right that he has to pay the bedroom tax


to keep a room available for him to stay in when he has to pay the


bedroom tax to keep a room available for him to stay in when he's home?


If the exemption does not apply in this case, there is the provision of


the discretionary housing payment. So far, the rain, who cannot work


because of ill`health, says the council has refused her request ``


Lorraine. It made it very difficult for us to stay within our means. The


way the bedroom tax is being put into place, it doesn't make economic


sense and it Pini `` it penalises people. In North Lincolnshire, there


are not the smaller properties in their social housing sector. One


room means losing 14% in housing benefit. Two rooms and it rises to


25%, and could mean families could expect to lose between ?40 and ?80


every month. 50,000 people across Yorkshire and the Humber are


affected by the bedroom tax. These are service people working overseas


people sharing custody with their children and their parts need an


extra room for sleeping arrangements. The Department for


work and pensions says: X is a site Earlier, I spoke to


Jonathan Isaby from the Taxpayers' Alliance.


He told me there major problems with the country's housing stock which


need fixing. I think we need to look at the


availability of housing and the affordability of housing. I think


people need to be aware that soldiers who are away on operations


and intending to return home permanently, the spare room subsidy


does not apply in those cases, but this is a case where a soldier was


living at barracks and somebody simply wanted to have a room in a


home available on the off chance that her son would come and visit at


some point. The thing is, there will be hundreds of thousands of people


watching this programme who own their homes, and would love to have


a spare room for adult children or visitors or friends, but they simply


can't afford it. So the answer to the question is, yes, somebody who


is serving but is living in barracks should be liable? Yes, and I think


the issue is this, that it's not fair to ask people who can't afford


spare rooms in their own homes for their adult children or friends to


subsidise that luxury for others. But some will say, his served his


country, he is serving his country, therefore the family should get


special...not necessarily treatment, but dispensation. He is serving his


country and I salute him for doing that. The country is housing him at


barracks. He has a home. It would not be fair to ask the taxpayer to


provide two different homes for him at the same time. It's not


sustainable in terms of the number of houses available for rent in the


social sector. Briefly, is the spare room subsidy working? The spare room


subsidy is working because it's ensuring there is better


distribution of housing around the country and you're not asking people


to subsidise for others a lifestyle that they can't afford for


themselves. Good to talk to you. Thank you very much indeed.


We want to hear from you on this story, should people who are in the


armed forces be a special case or should tennants benefits be cut if


rooms are hardly used? In a moment: A fortnight before the


European Elections, the debate over whether we're better in or out heats


up. Operations in Goole are being


broadcast live to people in the town to try and give them an insight into


what work the hospital does. People have been watching knee and shoulder


surgery via a video link while putting their questions to


clinicians. Hospital bosses say it's a chance to show off the services


they offer to patients. Surgeons here in Goole perform


around 1,200 operations a year. For safety and hygiene reasons,


operations are carried out behind closed doors, but today, surgeons


have been performing what they call a myth`busting exercise. First in


the theatre list was a knee replacement, which was shown live


via a video link, complete with commentary from one of the


consultants. There is a metal tray there. I think it is useful for


people to understand what happens. The more patients are educated about


surgery and outcomes, I think the better outcome they will get


themselves. The surgery looked and sounded quite brutal. It didn't seem


to put anyone off. It is good to know what you're going in for. It


was really helpful. I enjoyed it. In a funny way. GPs found the surgery


showcased very useful. I wanted to see how the new procedure was


actually done, so patients who come to me, I can describe the operation


to them and give them some insight as to complications that can occur.


While this live broadcast is still unusual, cameras are gradually being


allowed access to all areas, from the very start of life to behind the


scenes of our police stations. Legal experts believe it would be long


before we are televising court cases, like that of Oscar Pistorius


currently being tried in South Africa. Back in Goole and surgeons


insist cameras and a distraction. It's been revealed rail bosses had


been planning to close a level crossing near the East Yorkshire


border where a man died yesterday. A I have done over 300 of these


procedures. They are normally straightforward. No pressure, it was


fine. The number of people needing hip and knee 's replacement is


expected to soar over the next decade. It is hoped the screening


will reassure patients and persuade them to have their surgery in Goole.


Now, some more stories in brief. It's been revealed rail bosses had


been planning to close a level crossing near the East Yorkshire


border where a man died yesterday. 77`year`old Eric Ireland from


Moorsholme died after his car was hit by a train on a gated crossing


in Scampston. Network Rail has told the BBC it's "in discussions" with


the landowner to shut the crossing. No`one on board the train was


injured. Around 100 pensioners and disabled passengers have disrupted


services in protest over changes to their travel passes. Services had to


stop at Doncaster after protesters refuse to pay their fares. The train


blocked a number of platforms as police dealt with the incident.


Other services were delayed or forced to re`route.


Are we better`off in or out of the European Union? That was the subject


of a fierce debate today, which featured the politicians hoping to


represent East Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire in Brussels.


The European election candidates clashed over a number of issues in a


radio debate, which was hosted by Tim Iredale.


Some commentators regard Grimsby is one of the eurosceptic towns in the


country. Listening carefully to the radio debate was Philip Evans, a


Grimsby `based firm which exports of British groceries to overseas


retailers. The point about the EU is to create a common market, and that


is what we benefit from. The Lib Democrat policy is that we are


better off remaining part of the EU. We believe that so many jobs depend


on membership of the EU, about 3000 in this region. So much depends on


the single market. That is not the UKIP a few. UKIP wants Britain to be


self`governing. British people should be governed by a British


government. We don't need to be part of a union, a political union.


Labour said the European Parliament does make a difference to our daily


lives. We are taking decisions on things that affect people, like food


labelling, air quality, how many holidays you have, paid holidays.


The Tories have promised and in out referendum on our membership of the


EU in 2017. The Conservative policy, which is we would like to remain


within a European Union, but one which is very much reformed and more


suitable for the British people for the future. It was a lively debate


between the Yorkshire and Humber Euro election candidates. What is


the Grimsby businessman's view? It has made me worry that it will not


educate all offers before the election comes up. The hope these


debates will help everyone. It will help us make a decision. On the


basis of a very emotional debate, I Duncan Weir getting very far. You


can see a list of the candidates standing on the BBC website.


Thank you for watching. Still ahead tonight: Plans are


revealed to transform this quiet Linconshire waterway into a busy


marina. The World War II veterans who helped to free...


Yorkshire Wildlife Trust reserve at North Cliffe near Market Weighton.


Josie Latus sent it in. Another picture tomorrow.


How are you? I am fine, apart from the smirk on


your face. Kerry says, I love Peter's Silver


shared, but I couldn't tell where his hair finished and his share


started. The headlines is an unsettled one.


Some torrential rain across Lincolnshire. The very unsettled


weekend with showers and longer spells of rain. Quite windy


tomorrow, with a scattering of showers. We have had some rain this


morning and some very heavy rain now. Boston is very wet. We could


see a bit of evening brightness. From the West, scattered showers.


The sharp showers return towards dawn. Lowest temperatures, nine or


ten. A breezy nights to come. The sun will rise around 5:30am. Showers


from the word go across East Yorkshire Lincolnshire and North


Norfolk. As we head through the afternoon, the showers peter out.


Quite a few places and up dry. You is a windy day. Top temperatures


across East Yorkshire, 13 or 14. Saturday will be very unsettled. The


rain clears to showers on Saturday afternoon. That is the forecast.


I know you have been making the weather show today. Is there another


debate on the rain? We talk about the Antarctic.


I will mention The Times tomorrow. See you tomorrow.


Plans for a new marina along the River Witham at Woodhall Spa are


being welcomed as a chance to secure the future of tourism in the town.


Local councillors say the proposals could attract thousands of new


visitors. But some local residents worry the area could become


overdeveloped. Sarah Walton reports. A quiet day out on the water and a


chance to watch the Lincolnshire landscape as you pass by. But it's


hoped a marina beside the River Witham here could tempt people to


stop and visit nearby Woodhall Spa, spending their money in local


buisinesses. British waterways are opening up every day. It is


important we are open to that market. The marina would be about a


mile from Woodhall Spa and house 300 boats on a pool linked to the river


with a new canal. The site would also include 200 homes as well as


shops. Plans are at an early stage, but 30 miles away you can get an


idea of what it might look like. Burton Water near Lincoln sits on


the same river and does attract visitors into the surrounding area.


Pop into Lincoln, then go to other places. But back in Woodhall Spa,


the Parish council is worries a marina with shops could take


business away from town centre, and on the high street there's a mixed


reaction. I wouldn't have thought people here would be very happy with


the extra influx of visitors in this village. From where it is going to


be, I think Woodhall would benefit from it. Overall, brilliant I day.


Probably a good idea for businesses, but it might spoil the character of


the town itself. This is why we like it here, because it is quiet. The


developper says he does understand, and hopes to work very closely with


the local community. I live 100 metres away from this development.


We always wanted a project that was good forward all Spark, and we would


build a cycle path into the village so that people would go into the


village and use things there. The next stage is to survey the land


here and draw up more detailed plans. If approved, building could


start in about four years' time. The a 15 is closed in both directions


this evening after a serious accident involving three vehicles.


East Midlands are rampant and attended the scene. That is the A15,


closed in both directions at the moment.


Project got into difficulty above the airfield at RAF Waddington. They


say that emergency procedures were implemented before it made a safe


landing. Permission has been given to build


25 new homes on the former site of Winter Gardens in Cleethorpes. The


site has been empty since 2007. Council officers voted in favour of


plans. A Hull museum which was being closed


to the public to save money will stay open following an online


petition signed by over 3,000 people. Hull City Council says the


Hands on History Museum will open on alternate Saturday afternoons. The


cost will be met by reducing opening times at the Spurn Lightship. You


might have a view on that story. Thanks to one who got in touch about


the critical report into the Hull and East Yorkshire hospitals we


talked about last night. The CQ CQ watchdog said staff shortages were


affecting patient care. There were also allegations of bullying. Thank


you for all the messages. It symbolises the freedom enjoyed by


people living across Europe since the Nazis were defeated in 1945.


This, the Torch of liberation, is tonight in Hull after its journey


from the Netherlands. It was handed over on Sunday following a special


ceremony. Amanda White watched today as it was welcomed into Hull.


Having been in the care of the captain on the overnight ferry this


morning, the Flame of Liberation was handed back to the Normandy Veterans


Association on British soil. It had been presented to chairman John


Hainsworth on Sunday in the Dutch town of Vargeningen as its people


celebrated the anniversary of their liberation from the Nazis. Take the


torch. Keep it burning. And Marge. And much of, yes. Thank you. In


Hull, it was welcomed by the students of Archbishop Sentamu


Academy, who sang of the freedom hard fought for in Western Europe.


There were thousands that been starving and were absolutely


begging. I had just been issued with cigarettes. I gave over 1000 away.


As the torch crosses the Hull whole `` the torch crosses the river


Hull, you can see them behind me. At Hull's Guildhall, thoughts turned


to the freedom this flame symbolises. We have never been


occupied. We don't know what occupation means. We have freedom of


speech, freedom of movement. In Ukraine, in Syria, in Africa, even


Afghanistan now, there are still parts of the world where freedom is


not something normal, it isn't you have to work for and think about.


That is what the flame of freedom is about. We honour those who from the


city and region heeded the call to leave these shores, to fight for


those who had endured years of oppression and discrimination.


This liberation flame will burn on, and so too hope that its essence


will never be taken for granted. At the moment the flame is in the


Princess key shopping centre. Let's get a recap of the national


and regional headlines: Barclays is to cut 19,000 jobs in a radical


shake`up of its business. A mother from North Lincolnshire


whose son is on a tour of duty in Afghanistan says she's being


penalised for keeping a bedroom for him.


Tomorrow's weather: Response on that story of the mother whose son is


with the RAF and she's keeping a spare bedroom for him.


Mark in Lincoln says, not my responsibility or anybody else's


responsibility to provide accommodation for anybody else who


is working. Mike says, tax subsidise many MPs, serving soldiers should be


exempt from this tax. Callum says, I am a serviceman in the Royal Air


Force and I think the bedroom tax is a scam. As for the man saying the


taxpayer pays for our room on the military base, it is drivel, we pay


for our accommodation out of our monthly wage. Thank you for


watching. Good night. No-one would have believed, in the


first years of the 21st century, that Britain's affairs were being


watched and scrutinised With the help


of our three political parties, who lie to the British public


about their intentions, minds immeasurably


more bureaucratic than ours slowly and surely drew


their plans against us.


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