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indecently assaulted one of his daughter's friends


Good evening, and welcome to BBC Look North.


The headlines tonight: Anti`fracking campaigners set up


camp outside an oil drilling site in East Yorkshire.


The region has become the focus for a national debate, and there is no


sign this protest will end any time soon.


in East Yorkshire. New plans to keep


cars out of bus lanes with surveillance cameras.


The World War II movie filmed in Lincolnshire that's being


re`released to raise money for veterans.


Enjoying a Chuka at the KC Stadium as Polo comes to Hull.


Their are torrential downpours, but what about the rest of the week?


Join me for the forecast. Anti`fracking campaigners


from around the country have set up camp outside an oil drilling site


in East Yorkshire. They arrived last night at


Crawberry Hill near Walkington, despite assurances


from the company working there that That's the controversial process


of injecting high pressure water into shale rock to break it up


and release gas, which can be used as a source


of energy for homes and businesses. Despite the promise


of cheaper bills, not everyone Caroline Bilton is


at the site this evening. What message are the protestors


trying to get across? The protesters are protesting over


the national issue that is bragging. They've chosen to pitch their tents


here at a site where at the moment, no fracking is taking place, and the


company that owns this site says it has no intention of doing so. This


comes off the strong message of the government that fracking is the


future of the UK, and is helping to fan the flames of distrust. The


protesters are getting their message across early before they take his


company changes its mind. Setting up camp, these protesters


are planning on being here a while, and they have come from all parts


of the country to get their message What we've seen throughout all


of the communities we've gone to so far is that the other 50% don't


even know what this issue is. They just think they will get


cheaper energy bills, But they've chosen to set up camp


outside a site owned by a company which categorically states


it has no intention of fracking. There will be no fracking in either


of these places, regardless They are trying to claim it's not


fracking They only have permission to drill


for conventional oil and gas here. If they want to do more, they have


to apply for further licences. It's messages like this


from Government that are driving The government says fracking has a


future, so how is this situation going to be resolved? Some of the


protesters have devoted their lives to spreading the message about


fracking. Then here is one such person. How long are you willing to


stand this out for? Witham I will be here until fracking is banned in the


UK. The government says this is the future. Are you fighting a losing


battle? This is not the future. It is not safe. How long will you be


her? I will be here until it is outlawed. David Cameron will have to


ban fracking. This company says they will not be fracking here. Do you


think they are lying? Won they are lying. The only difference is they


are not using sand. The rest is wordplay. You have been here through


the thunderstorms today. You will see this through to the end. The


company saying they have no company saying they have no


intention of stopping what they are doing here, and the protesters say


they have no intention of leaving. Thank you very much. We would like


to know what you think about this. Other protesters doing the right


thing? The company repeatedly stated they are not fracking on these


sites. The e`mail address for your thoughts on this one.


Why East Coast resorts are being told to get


The man in charge of transport in Hull says new bus lane cameras


being installed on two of the city's busiest roads are NOT


The number plate recognition cameras are being trialled


because the council says motorists are ignoring the restrictions.


However, some drivers have told us today they don't think


This wrote in Hull, an area where motorists are set to break bus lane


rules and public transport. Within a few weeks, new cameras here will


catch drivers who use them to skip rush`hour jams. It is not an


exercise in making money for the council. Far from it. We want to


know whether there is a need for these cameras on a permanent basis


or whether there is not a need. The best thing I would say to motorists


during this trial is that they should avoid the bus lane. The bus


companies have been asking for enforcement to keep timetables


reliable. We don't want motorists to be fined, we just want them out of


the bus lanes. Many towns and cities have bus lanes which are enforced by


cameras, and how really does not need to be different. It will


certainly help us operate more efficiently. Despite being in place


for a number of years, there is still confusion about the use of


these bus lanes. They only operate a few hours a day, with traffic going


in and out of the city during rush hour. Despite being entitled to use


them, most drivers are staying out of them, Inc causing annoyance and


frustrations the summer. When you come in and out of town, so many


people don't know when. It should be more clear. It seems to be a quick


way of money making. The I think they should because there are a lot


of drivers who do drive in the bus lanes. I think it is important.


Stains have been controversial. Liverpool is coming to the end of a


trial in which got rid of them altogether. In March, Birmingham


City council reviewed 18,000 disputed bus lane finds. Tribunal 's


downsides were clear enough. The RAC says enforcement should be fair. If


the council will make money from these cameras, they were to


motorists to have operators with the discretion to actually understand a


minor incursion of the zone was not intended as someone trying to break


the rules. The council is supported by the main Liberal Democrat


opposition and says it will assess the results before deciding whether


a wider roll`out would benefit the city.


Earlier, I spoke to Martin Mancey, who's in charge of transport


in Hull, and asked him how much of a problem there is with car


We have had complaints from bus drivers and motorists. The whole


point of this trial is to establish exactly how big a problem this


season. Then we can determine whether or not cameras on a


permanent basis are required. So I go into a bus lane, had to `` how


long do I have to be there to get find? You shouldn't be there in at


all. If the camera catches you in the bus lane during the hours of


operation, you are liable for a fine. What will be the find? You


like it will be ?60, although reduced to ?30 for prompt payment.


dispute that. There is a small dispute that. There is a small


number of motorists that break the rules. The bus lanes operate for


limited periods during the day. They would not be sufficient numbers to


justify the allegation this is a cash cow. Is this the bus companies


the shots? Sometimes you see other lanes you could go into, and the bus


doesn't go in there. We are working with the bus companies. We want an


effective, reliable public transport system, and this is one way of


ensuring the bus operators can operate to timetable. Will it work?


That remains to be seen. We can't prejudge the outcome of the trial.


This is going on in other towns and cities. I caught `` I got caught


doing this in Leeds. Ella mac in other cities, they have far more bus


lanes. How is only operate at the peaks. But we don't really have a


peek? We don't have much of a rush hour. It is not Leeds or Manchester.


I think motorists using Beverley Road coming into town, they feel


there is a lot of congestion. The average motorist watching TV, or


they say this is good or bad? I think the average law`abiding


motorist will have no problem. The small minority of selfish drivers,


that is a different problem. Thank you very much will stop another one


you might like to comment on. Is the council being too heavy`handed? Or


is it right that drivers who use the bus line should be analysed? If you


want to get in touch, there is the e`mail.


Fire`fighters in parts of Lincolnshire will also be


driving ambulances from July as part of a year`long pilot.


The scheme is the first of its kind in Britain,


and Fire Service managers say it will help improve response times.


Three new ambulances will be based in Stamford,


But the Fire Brigades Union says it has concerns.


We think it will be good for communities in Lincolnshire,


however very real concerns about the fire cover that is left


when these ambulances mobilise to incidents and then go on to accident


There are delays already, and the communities will be left


A 9`year`old boy, who was seriously injured


when he fell from a moving coach last month, is still in hospital.


Sebastian Goold fell from an exit door of the coach on the A47.


He was returning from a rugby tournament with his team`mates


Officers say he's in a serious but stable condition


Seaside resorts on the East Coast are being told they can no longer


rely on their "fish and chips" culture.


Instead, they should help the local shellfish industry by offering


At present, 95% of locally`sourced shellfish is exported, but industry


leaders have met in Bridlington today to try to change that.


Our business correspondent, Paul Murphy, was there.


East Coast lobster and crab is worth millions to the local economy, but


it is more likely to be exported to the restaurants of Paris or Madrid


And to many in this industry, it is a cause for growing frustration.


95% of my lobster that I catch ends up on the continent,


which I think is a crying shame when we import tonnes of lobsters


There is something not quite right somewhere.


Today, shellfish took centre stage at a food conference


as the industry plotted to get more of it onto local dinner tables.


This culture of cod and chips, that's what we expect from seafood,


and when the shellfish industry came onto the scene,


So nothing is being done to promote it locally up to this point.


Taking shellfish to the people, a mission to win hearts and bellies.


It doesn't look very appetising, but it does taste beautiful.


They are missing out on what is on their doorstep.


This is world`class quality local produce, and the people of East


Bridlington and Yorkshire should be appreciating and enjoying it.


And there is a belief that this is about more than just food.


You come to a place and you remember what was there, and if you come to


East Yorkshire and you have crab and lobster, at least you will remember.


Expect to see more of these creatures on local menus


All part of the campaign to promote the delicacy on our doorstep.


The Second World War movie filmed in Lincolnshire that's helping to


Why horses are replacing Tigers at the KC stadium in Hull.


Don't forget, as the weather gets better, send us a picture. This was


taken by Chris James. Thank you for that. Good evening, young man.


Always the bridge in the background. You were spotted on the bike this


weekend. Did you have a nice trip? I don't know why you don't use the


bus. I don't know what is so funny about me being on a bike. Let's the


weather. It is unsettled. Scattered spells of showers. They will be less


widespread than they have been today. We have had thunderstorms


with lightning and howl. Here is the reason why. We have a trough of low


pressure tomorrow. High pressure will build on Wednesday and from


midweek to Thursday and Friday, and much of the weekend, a lot of fine


and bright and warm weather is expected. You could see the speckle


of clouds on the satellite. They have been some meaty showers. There


is a big one coming through hole right now. There is another swathe


of showers and run the wash. These will keep going. Torrential


downpours. They will lose energy overnight, but there will be showers


left by dawn tomorrow morning. Lowest temperatures at seven or


eight Celsius. Eight Celsius is 46 Fahrenheit. The sun will rise in the


morning at 5:04am. There are your tide times. A lot of cloud hosting.


Still some showers from the overnight period. They will split


southwards and fizzle out. Sky is bright and from the North with


sunshine and scattered showers into the afternoon. One or two will be


heavy, but they will be less widespread. Once we have those gone,


it will become dry. Let's look at those top temperatures. Coming in at


around 13 or 14 Celsius. Then from Wednesday, for the rest of the week,


it is fine, bright and warm. This does not get you out of trouble. I


went out at six o'clock when the weather show was on just to miss it.


See you tomorrow. A World War II film made


in Lincolnshire in 1941 is being re`released to help raise money for


war veterans and their families. Scenes in One Of Our Aircraft Is


Missing were filmed in Boston and It's one of a series of war films


being re`issued to raise money Here's our arts correspondent,


Anne`Marie Tasker. It's supposed to be wartime Holland,


but look carefully and Boston Stump In 1941, the town was used to film


One Of Our Aircraft is missing. You can see the Stump beautifully,


can't you? Hazel Tomes


and Jane Kent remember them coming to film the story about a British


aircrew bailing out over occupied Jane's cousin was among more


than 100 extras from the town. We were very peeved


because we didn't get We thought that was a shame `


why didn't we? They'd been asked to provide I


don't know how many RAF recruits. There were one or two German


soldiers wanted, not many, but they had a job to get anyone to volunteer


because they didn't particularly Boston Swing Bridge,


patrolled by German soldiers, was the final obstacle as the


aircrew tried to escape Holland. doubled up for the Dutch


countryside. The Boston Memorial Hall in Wingate


hosted a wedding party. Rereleasing


the film made here is helping raise It makes a massive difference,


especially with a big`name ` Universal Studios,


everybody has heard of them. It is really exciting to be linked


to here in Boston in Lincolnshire. But in the '40s, this film


was more than just a story. Aviation historians say it was


a tool for propaganda. You could nearly buy two Lancasters


with the budget from that film, but in the box office in dollars,


it did over $600,000. But most importantly,


the only return they were interested in was a boost in morale


of the British public. It is hoped this project will raise


?25,000, in part thanks to Lincolnshire's


film and wartime heritage. That is great. Let's hope it raises


plenty of money. Hull City manager Steve Bruce says


their disappointing end to the Premier League shouldn't affect


their performance The Tigers lost 2`0 at home to


Everton at the KC Stadium yesterday, and only finished a couple of


places above the relegation zone. Their manager says the poor run


shouldn't carry over into Saturday's final at Wembley ` something


the Everton manager agrees with. The FA Cup final will look


after itself, I'm just disappointed with how we've


limped along for the past few weeks, because some of the performances


have certainly not been us. It has given the team


a real tactical know`how, Hull Kingston Rovers earned


a point with a draw against Salford The Robins in blue led


at half`time after tries from Kris Welham and Kevin Larroyer,


but they couldn't hold on. Hull FC were beaten 16`44 by


Wigan Warriors at the KC Stadium. A try from Gareth Ellis helped


the black`and`whites to an early lead, but Wigan were


ultimately the stronger team. Their next match is Derby


against Hull KR Normally it plays host to


Premier League football and Super League Rugby, but today


the KC Stadium in Hull has been home Our reporter, Crispin Rolfe,


has been to find out more. A ball on a football pitch, hardly


surprising until you see the hooves. Quickly returning in defence. Jo


North coming through. This is KC Stadium, posting polo at a football


arena for the first time ever. For those watching, they would be used


to seeing something different. Still in play! The play here is


tremendous. It is something else. Awesome to see them ride into a


stadium like this. You think it is very different to the grass Apollo


we are used to. You would normally associate this with football or


rugby, but this is a ring up all over the first time at KC Stadium.


It is a once in a generation experience. The pitch is being


relayed for the first time in 12 years. That is the only reason the


horses hooves are allowed to get on it. You like the football pitch is


being replaced at ?1 million, so we thought was the perfect opportunity


to trash the pitch playing polo won it. It is the sport of princesses ``


printers, but allows a left`handed Prince William to play with his


right hand. For others, the tougher challenge is keeping the horses


fresh. You have to be fit and ready. You can't have much of a break.


We're not at the KC, Apollo would normally be faster and more furious.


On a pitch ten times bigger with horses going 30 mph on the ball 100


mph. It is the fastest team sport in the world. If you have a story we


should know about, tell us about it. Let's get a recap of the


national and regional headlines. A video is released which appears to


show more than a hundred of the missing Nigerian School girls


kidnapped by Islamic militants. Tomorrow:


Anti`fracking campaigners set up camp in East Yorkshire and say they


will stay until practice is banned. Tomorrow's whether:


A cloudy start in places, brightening up with sunny spells,


although heavy showers are possible in the afternoon.


Maximum temperature 14 Celsius. Thank you for your responses on


fracking. The drilling company involved have repeatedly stated that


they are absolutely not fracking. A response then Festival. How about


asking this bunch if they have jobs and are paying taxes or are just


living off the backs of the rest of us? Who could do with cheaper fuel?


That was after we saw the protesters. The Luddites protesting


finally got real. The future of this country is at stake, and the


government should encourage this and was the exploration companies to


escalate this. Mark says when the protesters believe the site, they


will leave a lot of the tough for us locals to clear up. On the subject


of cameras in bus lanes, Carol says most of whole's bus lanes are only


bus lanes for 1.5 hours. It is ridiculous to install cameras which


will be unused for most of the day. The major problem is motorists who


never use the bus lanes even when they are permanent. Join me on the


radio tomorrow if you can. Have a nice evening.


# A Christian land of over a thousand years


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