13/05/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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chilly. That's all from the BBC News at six


so it's Good evening and welcome to


BBC Look North. A council faces thousands of pounds


in compensation claims from people Tough decisions lie ahead


about the future of the crumbling They've set up camp in


East Yorkshire, but just who are Football's most famous trophy comes


to Hull as fans prepare for the Thousands of pounds in compensation


claims could be made against a local council by people who've


fallen on controversial new paving. It's called a shared area,


where people on foot, on bike and in vehicles are supposed


to move in harmony, but there's been We highlighted concerns


about changes to this main town centre route in Grimsby back


in January. Now there there are calls


for a review into the works. Emma, can you show us what


people say the problem is? Now all sins, no signs, everybody


has to mingle and get all of that. It has a part paving. It is this


small part, which is causing all of the problems. I had a big lump on my


head. I broke my nose. The injury suffered by this woman when she


slipped on eve optionally invisible kilt. It is an accident waiting to


happen. They should open their eyes. She was here in Grimsby when the


accident happened. It is designed so that vehicles, and pedestrians can


navigate the earlier. You are taking your life in your hands. The car


drivers do not know real bear. This man is registered as quaint and has


had difficulties negotiating the earlier. I have to look up words. It


makes my eyes all funny. Her husband broke his wrist. I am in agony. If I


try to move it the pain is ridiculous. This weekend work began


to replace some of the paving but the council has defended the plan.


?7 million has been spent and that has been some teething trouble with


this. E`petition has now been started to the council to the


design. We have spoken to some solace of those who said it is very


difficult to claim against the council. They have sent that the


average claim if successful would be between two and ?5,000.


Ben Hamilton`Baillie is a street designer who's created shared spaces


He says people will get used to them and grown to like them.


I asked him why he thinks they are a good idea.


Certainly in most towns or cities where we need to accomodate all


sorts of activites, as well as the movement of traffic, share space


But if people are falling over and injuring themselves it doesn't


Well, people fall over and injure themselves every day in every day.


If that's to do with the streets being shared is another question.


But we've had pavements and roads all of my life,


Why do we have to be trendy and get rid of them?


In any Accident and Emergency unit, any day of the week,


you'll find several people, particularly elderly, who have


But they're saying they're dazzled by the pattern


Aren't we being a bit dismissive of people who've got problems?


Clearly, the design of the kerb is very important.


We put a lot of effort into that, to make sure they're as visible


as possible without being a barrier between pedestrian


I don't know the particular scheme in Grimsby, I'm afraid.


Perhaps it's not been designed as well as it might, I can't say.


One of the people injured said she would like ?10,000 in compensation.


Do you think people should be compensated?


It's a dangerous road when you assume that every time


an accident happens, or a slip occurs, it's somebody else's fault.


But trips and falls happen every day of the


I think it's a mistake to always assume it's somebody else's fault.


The we would like your thoughts on this story. With us now.


The political parties hoping to be dealt a winning hand


Tough decisions must be made about the future of Europe's


And now East Riding Council is about to start looking at whether


it should save land near Withernsea and Hornsea which currently doesn't


At stake are peoples homes, roads, farmland and caravan parks.


Our correspondent Paul Murphy has the story.


Defending communities from the sea is a never ending challenge on


But some here have no defences at all ` including caravan parks


If this Econ is round the back then it is sensitive. I am not very


happy. If you are insecure. The council constantly monitors


erosion on this coast. But now it wants to look at two


specific communities at higher risk. The areas being studied are


from south of Hornsea down to Mappleton, where the council


is concerned about caravan parks And south of Withernsea where there


is an undefended housing estate, a caravan site and Yorkshire


Water's water treatment works. At this cliff top caravan park in


Hornsea they lose large chunks of We are very concerned. We are unable


to replace the places that we lose. It brings six ?7,000 a year into the


economy. The council is making one thing clear, protecting everything


is not an option. It is not environmentally acceptable. To be


realistic it is not going to happen. You have some tough choices? Very


tough. The sea is always the winner


in this contest. But the hope is that


at least some of the vulnerable communities along this shoreline


coast can get better protection. An Iranian family who were found


in the back of a refrigerated lorry in Spalding


have been discharged from hospital. The couple and their two young


children were discovered last Thursday after people heard


them banging while the lorry was Hull may be gripped by FA Cup fever,


but there's another contest being played out on the streets


of the city. Local elections take place a week


on Thursday and Hull's politicians are campaigning for votes ahead


of polling day. Here's our


Political Editor Tim Iredale. In Hull it's fair to say that


politics isn't the only game But for the city's politicians,


the stakes are always high Labour council leader Steve Brady


is hoping a recent raft of good We have had a phenomenal year. We


are the city of culture. We have got ?5 million of much`needed council


money and we have put that into the docks. They were impressed.


In recent years, the chips have been down for


the Liberal Democrats after a series of poundings at the ballot box.


By backing the weather will Democrats people will be voting for


people who want to serve them. We will provide the valuable


opposition. glamorous, but that is what people


want. This is a vote for change. Fresh ideas. Working hard. We are


asking what opinions are. Could this be the year more


voters play the Green card? Here are some of your photos. Thank


realising it. Here are some of your photos. Thank


you. After last night, there was a revelation you were seen on your


bike. But apparently it was deleted. Here is the weather headline. It is


not a bad run. Mostly dry with some sunshine. High pressure coming in.


It is going to be a short spell of somebody with. On Sunday it could


breach down. That is going to be some nice weather in the next few


days. Some thunderstorms in the short term. Risk of localised


flooding. The skies were clear from the North with temperatures coming


in at six or seven Celsius. The high water time is just after succeeding.


It should be a lovely start to the day. The temperatures will rise.


That is the risk of an isolated showers. Most of us will be fine and


bright. For hospitals of sunshine. Afternoon temperatures of 12


degrees. 16 in the West. The Steelers drive. Temperatures are


peaking on Friday and Saturday. It is time to dust down the barbecue.


They are asking where you got it from. A charity shop. Buy one get


one free. See you later. David Cameron said everyone flooded


during the winter can have ?5,000. It's for the clean`up


and flood proofing for the future. My message to


the country today is this: Money is no object


in this relief effort. Whatever money is needed


for it will be spent. But the BBC has found out that


of 600 people flooded in Boston in Lincolnshire only 23 have


applied for the cash. Jake Zuckerman reports


from the town. When flooding her Boston last year,


the government promised to help. Properties could apply for up to


?5,000. But so far only 23 households have applied for the


money. Councils are worried that hundreds must risk missing out. I


want people to come forward. It is not too late. You are eligible. We


would want you to come forward. This woman is still feeling the effects.


We have water coming through. The money would be so useful. The


Citizens Advice Bureau is offering to help people fell in the forms. I


am concerned that people are not claiming what is due to them. It is


wrote about ?4 million from the government. I want people to get all


of that. Many of these houses were affected. The money from the


government would help for improvements like Windows and raised


political sockets. The challenge for the council is to make sure that all


those eligible claim the money. An incredible response to our story


that anti`fracking protestors have set up two camps in East Yorkshire,


where a Canadian company has been Rathlin Energy denies fracking


for gas is on the cards. those long as it takes. But who are


these group of protesters? I am in the middle of studying for an


environmental master 's degree. I have seen what this gas industry


does, the devastation. With two children, this man is convinced that


he owes it to them. I do not want them asking me what I did about it.


I don't want to have that on my conscience. This woman has a


background in conservation and has protested at other sites. If Frost


found out about this through a friend. They told me what was


happening. I started doing some research. I feel that I did not have


a choice. I feel responsible. Some people did not want to be on camera


but told me of the jobs they have given opt to please you. The speed


of the Internet now beams that protesters can organise themselves


for effectively than ever. BBC Radio Lincolnshire has won


a national radio award. Lipdub Lincoln ` which shows around


500 people miming to songs from Take That ` took the gold at last night's


Radio Academy awards ceremony. The manager


of Scunthorpe United has received Russ Wilcox took his team on a


record undefeated run after taking over late last year, securing their


promotion to league one next season. He's been named manager


of the year in League Two ` by The most famous trophy in English


football was in Hull today. The FA Cup ` with two minders `


was taken on a tour ahead of this weekend's final between


Hull City and Arsenal. And there was a long queue at the


KC Stadium this afternoon for a chance to see just what's up


for grabs this weekend. It was a whirwind tour for the cup,


starting off at And one of those legends has


high hopes for the match. There was against Sheffield United


because they were favourites. But Arsenal haven't won a trophy


in nine`and`a`half years Hull City has known great times


at Wembley, back in the 2008 playoff, and just a few


weeks ago at the FA cup semi`final. Standing in their way this time


will be Arsenal, who had their own This afternoon it was


off to Sidmouth Primary school, where there was much excitement


and no doubt about the result. The children have been told they


must not touch the FA Cup, but we'll find out in four days if Hull City


will get their hands on it! I will be outside Wembley Stadium on


Friday night. Come and find us if you're going to the game.


Let's get a recap of the national and regional headlines.


A man has been arrested in connection with the death of Claudia


wants. North East Lincolnshire Council


faces thousands of pounds in compensation claims from people


who've fallen on new paving. The weather, staying dry but


temperatures getting up to 17 Celsius.


We were talking about shield early as earlier. A big response. Then


says he has seen if you people walk off the page down onto the road


without looking because they are not the same. No markings. It is an


accident waiting to happen. Mark says it is insane. It should be


clearly defined. If you are mixing them you will get accidents. Dan


says that people should look really are going instead of thinking about


compensation. Mark says I was in them speak this weekend and I think


it looks amazing. Adam says I am a delivery driver and I think it looks


better than before. I stop to let people course. People will always


complain when the busy change. Join me tomorrow. Thank you. Good night.


Can I make something clear to you? UKIP is not against immigration.


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