15/05/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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missing. That's all from the BBC News at Six - so it's goodbye from


me - Good evening and welcome to


BBC Look North. After 11 postponed court hearings,


a man's sentenced to life after The victim of the attack


in central Hull says more attention The City Council making thousands


of pounds a year from drivers who From crazy paving to swimming pool


closures, the issues in the battle From near financial ruin to the


FA Cup, we look at Hull City's more than a year to see her attacker


sentenced has criticised She says more attention is given


to the offender than the victim. The judge described the delays


as unjustifiable. Caroline Bilton joins me now from


where the attack took place in Hull. This attack lasted for up to half an


hour. She described the pain that she felt as she was dragged


physically across the concrete. She said it was the most horrific thing


she had ever felt in her life. The attack had a history of mental


health issues and what he did to her left both and mentally scarred. He


had me physically pinned to the ground. I try to pull myself back


up. He just pushed me to the ground again. Only the arrival of the


police stopped the attack. He said the amount of skin that had been


scraped from my legs and knees and particular was quite a large part,


but that was due to being dragged across the concrete. I still have


got scars over a year later, and I've been told that these scars


would be with me for life. Rowlands prize pleaded guilty to the


attempted rape last March, but it has taken a year to sentence him.


The case here at Hull Crown Court has been adjourned 11 times, due in


part to an NHS dispute over who was responsible for paying for his care.


I feel like I have not been treated as well as I should have. I feel


that victims from Mike 's Berry and her not treated as well as the


offenders themselves. Victims of crime must come first in our justice


system. That is what the justice system is meant to be for, it is


about fairness, but Justice must begin to the victims who suffer


terrible crimes. The judge today described him as a dangerous


individual and he said that he will serve life in a psychiatric unit and


imprisoned. What did the judge say about how long this has taken to


come to an end? He said that it was unjustifiable, he said it had also


added to the victim 's distress and it had made her dead the criminal


justice system. He will receive mental health care in the UK, but we


have spoken to the Ministry of Justice today and they say that it


is likely that he will be likely considered for deportation back to


Latvia. The money goes in, but the only


way any comes out again is if you Overpay


and that your tough luck because And that is how easy it is


for the City of Lincoln Council to From the BBC's Freedom


of information request, the city of Lincoln Council took


an extra ?95,000 last year on the ?3.2 million it takes


annually from car parking charges. That is an extra 3% on top of what


people should have paid every year. I think that is taking advantage


of people unnecessarily. I work in the pub industry,


if I overcharged by 3%, So why are


the council allowed to do it? Parking,


you have got to pay for it anyway, I don't agree with not giving


change, but then it is very difficult for them to give change


in a machine like that, isn't it? One motoring organisation doesn't


think the technology is an excuse. Councils should make it easier to


park, not more difficult, not hanging on the money that they


are not entitled to. It is not as if Lincoln hasn't got


the funds available to invest in new parking machines that might give


change or offer an alternative way Lincoln does offer other options,


you can pay by phone or use a card, some of the reasons why


the council says the amount of annual overspend has actually


decreased significantly since 2010. The British Parking Association says


providing machines that offer change means bigger machines


and more staff to maintain them. And they are more vulnerable


to vandalism and thieves. So for the people of Lincoln


and her visitors, for now, rising up to technology is


your only option if you do not have Let us know what you think of this


story. Is it up to the drivers to make sure they have the right change


or are Lincoln City Council wrong to have these machines which don't give


change? Get in touch. We asked if the council were guilty


of overpaying? No, people can pay by credit card, they can pay over the


phone. A huge amount of money over paid into your pocket? We have been


the amount overpaid last year was a the amount overpaid last year was a


figure of under ?67,000, and we have worked hard to reduce that all along


the way. We can put people on the moon, why not have a machine that


gives change? Most machines are pay on exit machines, they are larger


and more complex and we usually have one machine in one car park. Why do


you not do that smack the RAC has said this is not an issue? Well if


you did your research, the pay and display machinery, they do not


provide pay and display machines that give change. That people have


not got the money back, it is tough luck, ?300,000 tough luck? ! I would


say that any money that is overpaid is reinvested in those car parks and


in those public services, and that is far better than I would suggest


in what goes into pay and display machines in private operators when


it swells the profits of the company. Do you want to get people


to do away with money? No, not at all, we encourage people to use


car parks, we offer different ways car parks, we offer different ways


to pay and that is what we will continue to do. We will continue to


do term when the machines, for renewal if we should move to pay on


exit, that is something that local businesses and committees have been


asking for, but to do that, it would need an investment of about ?1


million to switch to pay on exit. Two people have been arrested during


an anti`fracking protest at an East The arrests took place as protestors


attempted to block the entrance to Around 30 police officers were


called to the site after protestors tried to prevent a number of waste


water disposal tankers entering. The protestors,


who've been camped there since the beginning of the week, are claiming


that the owner Rathlin Energy plans to conduct fracking in the area


in order to extract shale gas. To local people, a husband and wife,


very brave people, they're here to fight for their community. We will


continue to follow that story. The family


of an elderly cancer patient claims she was forced to die in agony,


because of problems with the end Enid Smith wanted to spend her final


hours at the nursing home where But her son


and daughter claim failings in the care service meant her death was


needlessly painful and distressing Our health correspondent,


Vicky Johnson reports. Two months later, the family are


still distressed by the way that she died. She was begging over and over


again, help me, help me. Enid had suffered from cancer and she was


assured by the local palliative care service that they would help to have


a dignified, pain`free death. It was not to be. She was told she would


have a peaceful death and she would sleep away, but it wasn't the right


amount of medicine she was given, because she still woke up. Good


palliative care should provide pain relief according to a hospice in the


city. Often, we would prescribe medication in the event of the


patient having distressing symptoms. That can be done in any health care


setting. But even it was not cared for in the hospice, it has been


claimed that staff shortages meant she was not given the support


needed. The health care partnership that runs the local palliative care


service has said they launched a detailed investigation into the


complaints from the family, but they complaints from the family, but they


say they will not share their findings on the other family have


been informed. More than 350,000 people in England need palliative


care every year. Around one third still do not get any. And of life,


that should just be compassion and care, and that is what it should be


about. Some charities are calling for resources to be diverted into


the community. We know that a lot of people, it is quite clear, they


would prefer to die at home, and given the choice, they would like to


be able to do that. It would be great if some of the resources could


be directed in that way. This is the week when all of us are encouraged


to make plans for our final days, to make plans for our final days,


but for some people like Enid, the support simply is not there.


The North East Lincolnshire election battleground...


From "crazy paving" to swimming pool closures.


From near financial ruin to the final of the world's most famous cup


competition ` Hull City's journey to Wembley.


If you have a photograph that you would like is the sea, send it in,


tonight?s photograph is of grim Skippy `` Grimsby. Hello, time for


not recognise a book, and accept not recognise a book, and accept


that was played to a book, and accept that was played Hugh at


tea`time on radio Humberside? Unless you wrote the book yourself? ! It is


one of five I have written in the last few years!


The headline for the next 24 hours, it is a very good one, sunny periods


and warm across all parts of the region through tomorrow. 20 degrees


today, 21 possibly tomorrow, 22, possibly. High pressure in charge.


For most of us going to Wembley, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, if you


have a long weekend, it is beautiful. Temperatures in the low


70s Fahrenheit. It looks pretty good for we are, we have had some cloud


coming from the north`west in the last couple of hours, but it is


still a fine evening. Some sunny spells and then overnight, it looks


set to be dry with clear periods developing. A very light breeze,


some Mr Ness and some patchy fog in the valley by dawn. Lowest


temperatures around 9 degrees. That is 48 Fahrenheit. `` some missed. A


lovely start to the day, some patchy cloud, but essentially it is dry and


bright with some long spells of sunshine. Temperatures rise, some


patchy clouds developing, but it will stay bright, warm, further


sunny spells in the Friday evening. The top afternoon temperatures,


generally around 20, 20 1 degrees. Western parts of Lincolnshire, 22


degrees tomorrow. That is a very nice 72 Fahrenheit. Very similar on


Saturday, the chance of an afternoon shower, and some showers could break


out later on Sunday, but the weekend is looking fine and it turns much


more unsettled next week. It was very dark today, was that forecast?


That was cloud! I think your eyesight is going!


From the so`called "crazy paving" scheme in Grimsby to the proposed


There's no shortage of issues in the political battle for control


Elections take place next Thursday and our Political Editor Tim Iredale


has been speaking to the main candidates.


It is that time of the year when conversation turns to the price of


fish to who will win the upcoming election. Voters in Grimsby will


have their say on how the local council can improve their lives? May


be some better, cheaper parking. Lower the rates for the shops and


filled the streets up with decent shops. Have decent places for young


people to go, so they can do things rather than hanging around the shops


and drink. The politically choppy waters currently look like this in


north`east Lincolnshire. Labour are in control of the Council, the


Conservatives have 11 councillors, you give have three councillors. ``


UKIP. Labour claim to have created many new jobs in the area. We have


brought in new jobs and regeneration, and lots of new


redevelopments. New hotels being developed as we speak. The town


centre is being redeveloped. Meanwhile, the Conservatives are


council that is not exactly swimming council that is not exactly swimming


in cash. The idea to move the bath and rebuilt elsewhere at a cost of


millions, whereas a refurbishment of the existing pool could be done for


the quarter of the cost is something that the Conservatives have spoken


about for some time. You part `` UKIP, they want to look at cutting


some of management. The Lib Dems say a controversial block paving scheme


in parts of Grimsby town centre is an example of why more consultation


is needed. It seems to be an ongoing situation where they have to dig up


large sections of the crazy paving and people are beginning to say,


what is going on with this local authority? These political leaders


have just one week left to convince the people of North East


Lincolnshire to vote for them. Thanks to everyone who got in touch


after our story about Grimsby's MP Austin Mitchell who refused to


apologise for comparing a US pharmaceutical company to a rapist


over it's takeover of a UK rival. Many of you got in touch


and overwhelmingly were Andrea says,


"They should leave Austin alone. Learn the English language


and stop trying to point score. Austin is the only MP I know who


speaks the truth and speaks sense." Cheryl says, "It's getting


ridiculous in this Country. You dare not say anything


in case someone complains." Judy says, "Austin Mitchell


has nothing to apologise for. The point he made was true


and the Tory woman who objected A new scheme is underway to help


protect and encourage the otter The work at Tophill Low Nature


reserve was started after otters were forced out of


their homes during recent flooding. Yorkshire Water have built new dens


and installed cameras, to offer a safe place to


the animals and a chance for members After the flooding of 2012, a lot of


the river banks went underwater, and we saw the footage of a young couple


who was washed out of his home, and we wanted to create a new home they


have some receive to breed in. Museums and galleries across


East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire are preparing to open at night


as part of a national event. The 2021 Visual Arts Centre


in Scunthorpe is one of almost 700 nationwide taking part in 'Museums


at Night' over the next 72 hours. A lot of people do not have time


because of working to go to the museum, we are working after hours,


but a lot of the time, visitors to not get a chance to visit.


To find out which museums near you will be open as part


In 48 hours from now, we'll know whether or not Hull City


Unless there's extra time and penalties!


It's the most famous club competition in the world and not


many City fans would have predicted a place in the final when it went


Our sports reporter Simon Clark plots their remarkable rise.


It may be hard to believe in this special week,


but 14 years ago this month, Hull City staff found themselves locked


It was a complex wrangle between leisure centre magnate


David Lloyd, who woned the stadium and a group taking over the running


Matt Barlow covered the darkest days for the Hull Daily Mail.


To think about anything that happened since is amazing.


Wembley is going to be such a fabulous location


and everybody connected with the club and especially all the fans,


I just think they deserve it, after everything they've lived through.


And following the team through many of the lows, and a few of the high


One year later, Leeds businessman Adam Pearson bought the troubled


It was 20 minutes from going out of existence.


It was in the bottom half of the bottom tier of the football


But it had a core of supporters that was loyal to it


and kept it going, and I knew if I could buy into that passion,


The eventual appointment of Peter Taylor as manager yielded


I think it was just everybody working extremely hard and I


honestly do look back at the time and I am of course pleased


with the promotions, delighted with that, but I'm more pleased


Taylor had gone before it?s favourite son Dean


Windass, this week showing off the FA Cup, fired them into the Premier


When I get a bit fed up, I watch myself and I even cry


It was just a memorable day for myself, I scored a goal.


It is one of those defining moments in my life.


From the locked gates of Boothferry to the open gates of Wembley, this


has been some journey for a club that at one stage had no future.


The story of Hull City has been one of football 's fairy tales.


Tomorrow night, we would be reading out some good luck messages, and if


you would like your messages read out, get in touch tonight. Send us a


text or you can e`mail us. You can also follow us on Twitter. Tomorrow


at 6:30pm, we would be just outside Wembley and if you are in London


tomorrow and are down early, then, and the us outside Wembley tomorrow


night from 6:30pm for the programme life.


Let's have a re`cap of the national and regional headlines, grief turns


to anger in Turkey as more than 100 men are still missing in the mining


disaster. At 11 postponed court hearings, a man is sentenced to life


after the attempted rape of a woman. Tomorrow, dry and bright, a


warm day and stop temperatures in the afternoon getting up to 22


parking machines in link in that parking machines in link in that


unit give change, a big response after our guest from the city


council. Clare in Lincoln says I disagree that they should give


change, people should be organised and bring change with them. Katie


says, of course the council will make up excuses, they are reaping


the benefit of people not having correct change. Philip in Lincoln


says, funny how the parking charges are never 50p or ?1, if like me you


never have small change, you have to pay extra money, it is


at the European elections on May the 22nd.


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